YouTube or Blogging for Affiliate Marketing in 2023?

YouTube or blogging for affiliate marketing in 2023 which one is right for you the first step is to commit to a media so you're either going to write lots of words or you're going to speak a lot of things out on video and if you can look back at your past your history kind of just your style and your personality what comes easier to you are you a better writer were you a better writer at one point in your life or are you kind of a performer were you like a kid who just like to talk and perform all the time that should be your Guiding Light because to build an affiliate business you have to put up a lot of content over time so you want to choose the medium that's most in alignment with your DNA because that has the highest likelihood of you sticking with it for the long term which is required for long-term success if you're having troubles choosing then go with blogging because the opportunity on blogging is drastically larger than YouTube simply because Google gets trillions of searches per year and its magnitudes larger not to mention you can leverage chat GPT AI to help you with the written content easier than you can with video today

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