Write Affiliate Product Reviews That Rank & Sell Using AI

[Music] hey what's going on everyone austin distal here and today i am joined with jessie navarro from clickbank he's the development rep there and has been able to build a really cool culture of affiliates making a ton of money and that's what we're going to talk about today is how to uh market affiliate products using jarvis and he actually has this template that we're going to give everyone today which stay tuned probably about 10 minutes in here we'll we'll just drop the link in that you can save it and uh yes there will be a recording it will be live um but in the meantime i'm gonna be manning the chat and i want you guys to to let me know where are you watching this from because i know here in austin it is 11am but for you it might be midnight um and jesse why don't you share where you're calling in from yep calling from boise idaho lived in seattle majority of my life moved here about a year and a half ago but uh i love it up here it's like 10 o'clock over here right now 10 am yeah yeah i love i i love all your pokemon in the background guitar yeah yeah anyone likes pokemon play a little stratocaster over there i got a lot of people here from all over the place india india's like like 12 13 hours away i spent time in pakistan for a little bit and that was like it was 12 hours so there was times where i was like working with my team over there uh at midnight and it was like 12 p.m over here um but i'll make somebody's cool people here get paige jeff what's up jeff uh chef uh gal sh i think i saw shelbum i have a really good friend and chef um martin man so many cool people here i'm super excited about this heck yeah heck yeah y'all um well so we're just gonna hop into these some of the feedback that i've gotten is they want these trainings to be more concise and also keep it fun though and so what the the goal of all of these trainings is to help a very specific use case and around how jarvis works and so if you look at our past trainings if you go to uh jarvis ai slash academy you'll see things like how to market your local business uh on google my business to rank outrank your competitors that's one training then we have like direct response facebook advertising trainings uh we have how to grow a blog training so uh each one of these is very specific use cases on how to use jarvis to write better content for you and uh today's training is all all for um helping affiliate marketers market other people's products and gain recurring income on that uh and so we'll bring in examples and physical fiscal marketing field products digital products sas products like jarvis um and if you don't already know about clickbank it is the premiere marketplace to find affiliate products and uh that's why i brought in jesse himself uh to share at he has this you know higher level of view across all of the most success all the most successful affiliates to figure out how are they marketing and he's going to masterminds all the time in fact we actually just got back from the jarvis mastermind in maui did you enjoy that bro dude that was a ton of fun man i got to meet so many cool people over there um get to uh learn about jarvis we had we had to talk with dave a little bit too which was nice learn a little about the future of jarvis what uh what's next yeah a lot of exciting things um but we won't get into that today you're going to uh i'm just gonna sit here in the background and man the comments and uh if there's a really good question then i'll show it on the screen and uh and jesse and i will talk about it here live uh but in the meantime uh jesse i'm gonna give the stage to you man and uh sit here in the background cool awesome so um real quick so i actually started an affiliate marketing uh 2009.

So actually clickbank 2009 by the way i saw someone made 500 bucks on a review post super cool uh and a product software products yeah we'll have some examples of software products here as well but i'll tell you affiliate marketing is pretty interesting if any of you have not i don't really have an introduction affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is basically you just refer someone a product and they buy it you get a commission which is pretty cool so it's a cool business model because one you don't have to create the product you don't have to really create the marketing around it there's no video sales that are in your crate or anything of that sort there's no fulfillment like you don't need to create the product you don't need to send the product out you don't need the customer service like literally there's nothing you need to do you just need to like have someone buy it refer someone and they buy it and you get the money which is a pretty good pretty good business model and so there's business models inside of clickbank uh we're very specific where they use review sites to be able to uh refer uh different products whether digital or physical products uh majority of clickbank users use uh things like facebook ads or google ads that sort but there is a small niche of people at clickbank or affiliates at clickbank that use review sites and they do very very well so um so anyways my background real quick uh i actually started clickbank in 2009 i made my first dollar on as an affiliate in december of 2009 and kind of just grew up from here so um but it's been super super exciting so let's get some questions you had to write your site for amazon affiliate can jarvis pro produce post related latest launches uh let's see here so make sure i get some questions down real quick all right so here's here's what we're gonna go over here and austin feel free to jump into if uh if if you have a question or or if we need to redirect if someone has a question of that sort uh but uh here's kind of the basic idea uh let me share my screen here real quick so let me share a screen uh let's see here here you go share okay so here is kind of the basic uh diagram if you guys can see that austin can you see that yeah i can let me see if i can uh change this so that it's maximized there we go here we go perfect all right so generally here's how it works you have a facebook ad that you can create and you could use that the facebook ad headlines or the facebook ad primary text that will land in a root landing page or a review page and then from there you could use the ada framework perfect headline or the poll questions multiple choice question which is pretty cool and then that leads over to the affiliate offer so your affiliate link and so how it tracks is they'll each person will give you a link to an affiliate little track right here actually let's move this over here so i can see what's going on still see the questions um let's see here boom all right so uh landing page and then i'll go to the affiliate offer from there then there's follow-ups and sequences afterwards um uh follow-up and sequences afterwards that that they if they enter their email in and if they purchase then come the money comes back to you and you collect a commission which is super cool so that's kind of the general gist of ideas how to do this now where do we start from here and this is what makes it very interesting because with these types of offers especially at clickbank the commissions can be as high as up to 75 80 to even 90 percent i've even heard some people just kind of give away the first product for free meaning if the first product's like 40 bucks for example you get full commission 40 it's pretty wild they do a lot of things as an affiliate it works really well because the seller the main goal is the seller is to create a customer and if they can create a customer at no cost or maybe just make a little bit to create that customer uh you know they'll be super happy so they tend to pay affiliates very well because of that so um how do you sell sas products perfect we're going to talk about that as well so sas products so the process is about the same as a physical product as a digital product uh as a sas product uh the process is about the same so you can kind of follow along you know as if this were a sas product or is this this were a physical product or a um a digital product so you know i'm going to look at just kind of a real brief of this recipe that uh that it created now austin's going to give you a copy of this here in a moment but the very first step at clickbank anyways you just be take a look at the product find what products you want to sell now you don't necessarily have to go to clickbank but this is just an off an example here so this link right here will take you to the marketplace in the clickbank marketplace is here and to find the top offers at clickbank is you just hit this little button right here and that's it and you find the top offers it's really really that simple um and then you go through here and it ranks from the top best offer to the worst offer the very last page will be the worst offer out there so you probably want to look at the first couple of pages to look at uh like okinawa flat belly tonic a lot of the first pages are supplements now this is no different than like if you were to go out on your own trying to find an affiliate product so if you have a product that you use and you like a lot like jarvis for example this process will be pretty similar uh if you're creating something for like a sas like a jarvis for example but we're just kind of using this as a cool little tool to source products to be able to uh write review sites to make commissions on so let's take for example if you look at this okinawa flat belly tonic a lot of these offers here will go to a vsl now the upside and down side of a vsl uh the upside is you could create bridge pages ahead of time and the reason why you want to create bridge pages ahead of time is one um if you are running any facebook ads facebook ads bridge page kind of helps protect the ad account so it doesn't quite shut down the account so if you put an affiliate link ahead of time uh inside of a a facebook ad facebook doesn't like that so sometimes it'll shut down your account but also two it gives you an opportunity to put in an opt-in opt-in forms to collect their email their name and email and that really helps build the business that you can remarket to those those individuals later so now that you know that this is kind of the general idea what you want to do is you want to find uh ways to give jarvis uh information so if we're here in documents for example um in or in the templates for example we need to give jarvis some information like the data framework you know we need to know you know what sort of uh product description that we want to give what sort of tone of voice we want to give and so we find here all right what's a product description that we want to find so let's go take a look here we'll go into back in the marketplace and a lot of these will have what's called an affiliate page here so if you look at this affiliate page okonomi uh tonic.com for slash affiliate so if we click here it will give you the exact product description what is okinama flat belly tonic well it's it's uh it's a new kind of weight loss uh tonic supplement it helps men and women burn fat using simple 20-second japanese tonic so that's there you go that's your product description now there's ways you could modify this product description as well because sometimes if you use facebook ads they're not gonna allow you to use words like weight loss or fat burn uh things of that nature so you can go in here and a lot of times it will give you examples of what to use instead so for example um you know terms use avoid terms like weight loss and fat loss or belly or promise or cure because a lot of the times that will um uh facebook will will not like those terms but you could use instead they tell you what to use instead cravings or unusual breakfast tonic so that's the cool thing of this there's not a lot you really need to think about in terms of copy but just so it takes a little bit of legwork to find replacements and but a lot of times they'll give you ideas and replacements just really cool so then on here we can do just copy this guy pop this guy right in here in ada framework and then let's just copy and paste take some of these out and we'll copy and paste this here and what we're going to do in this entire thing is we're actually going to we're actually going to build the thing which is super cool so you're actually going to work along with me to build this entire thing which is super awesome uh and then you know at the end you'll actually know exactly how to build these these guys so let's go back over here to affiliates and what did they say they said there was two uh words let's see here questions waiting for the session this is awesome method amazon ryan says hey guys what's up okay cool uh he's podcaster jarvis and brilliant when they're interesting because i thought not that i've never thought of jerusalem political narrative interesting all right cravings so so let's choose cravings or unusual breakfast tonic instead all right so let's go back in here in a uh okinawa flat belly tonic is a new one of a kind sort of weightless tonic supplement we just copy and paste that as a unusual breakfast tonic so super cool helps when a woman burn fat fast using simple 20-second japanese tonic so instead of burn fat fast we could say uh helps curb cravings so cravings are here um we can even say helps curb cravings fast um there we go curb cravings fast using a 20 simple 20 second japanese tonic cool so let's pop in and what you're doing here is you're giving jarvis information about product you're trying to sell yeah and it's about to spit out a really good uh ad copy email copy or landing page copy that uh you can use so the better that you arm jarvis with information about the product so that's what jesse's doing right now is is copying and pasting what the founder of the product has written about it and so then we're gonna put that now here in the jarvis and let's see what he says awesome yeah exactly so and so the whole the purpose of this exactly what austin says is we want to give this as much information as possible and the the downside is it takes a little bit of leg work but the upside is you know we could really get this thing going and scaling once uh once we have this uh tone of voice uh you know i always think of like all right what's a good famous doctor that we could use as a tone of voice right i think of dr oz like the first person that comes to mind so we just pop in dr oz and then we just create uh generate an ai content and see what it spits out and then from there well that's loading so remember we're going back over here to the recipe um we want to create the ada framework and then write the perfect headline and once we're at the perfect headline there's three different types of article reviews that we could write for it you know one is what type of article view so here's what happened after we use this or why you know like for here's why you know i haven't been losing weight right or then how uh you know how i've been able to lose this much weight in this much time and so you know so there's three different types of article reviews you could actually write all three if you want um but usually i'll start with one and then kind of build from there uh and then uh the next step we'll go over the next steps but there's a few different ways you could write for someone uh someone who's completely cold uh meaning they don't have a clue who uh who you are or what okinawatonic is uh whether they're warm they know a little bit about weight loss or hot they know everything about the product so those are three ways to write around it so we're going to write around the cold area right now because we're going to just assume they don't really know anything and so i'll show you guys exactly how to use jarvis right for someone who's cold brand new doesn't really know anything um so let's go back into here let's see what they did i feel like i'm cooking things up right now you know these recipes so you know it's like here for like a host in a cooking show let's go see what that's what's at the oven right now uh and here's what's important thing about this too here's why i love this type of stuff like the blog post or things because it's you get because you're controlling traffic so any way that you can control or manipulate traffic it's like the new uh it's like the new way to print money i mean it really is like the new form of money uh is bitcoin just joking no it's it it's traffic so it's gonna make sure everyone's there still listening uh it the more traffic that you can control uh the more money that you can make i mean really it's it's really that i see the more people that at clickbank the more traffic that they have uh the more access to things that they have more access to other offers that aren't on the marketplace platform that do really well that they get first access to um because they can drive traffic they can manipulate traffic and so the more you can manipulate traffic the more you can drive traffic uh the more money you can make you just print money it is btc it was a joke but yeah maybe it is though it could be uh all right so let's take a look at this ada framework so attention do you want to lose weight okada flat belly tonic is the new con one of a kind usual breakfast tonic helps men and women curb cravings fast in 20 seconds this product will help you get in the best shape of your life naturally it's not too bad uh desire you'll finally say goodbye to the extra pounds that have been bothering you for years with an amazing product it's never too late to start living happier uh living happier and healthier no more fad diets or expensive gym memberships dude this jarvis puts out some good stuff just drink this delicious tonic every morning and watch this pound melt away effortlessly plus our money back guarantee there's no risk in trying an incredible product today don't wait uh another day order now supplies run out so okay cool so let's look it's a couple ones lose weight yeah that that's pretty good copy for right cold audiences that have never heard of this product and they have the pain um and they are trying to solve that with a product that they've never heard of jarvis now just connected those dots exactly so uh dude i i love this stuff man and then all right so let's duplicate this here the very next step is let's write a perfect headline uh for this information so all we need to do is speak right now hey jesse yeah so uh what you have here go back to that recipe so if you guys are new to jarvis the world of jarvis there are these things called recipes and these are basically standard operating procedures or repeatable patterns that you can give jarvis and this is a really new feature that i'm super excited about because it will allow you to move so much faster imagine if you could give your your teammate your assistant your employee a set of directions to follow and you become the boss and now they follow these directions repeated day in and day out so if you're an agency owner or a professional affiliate marketer who wants a repeatable process to market products you could use a recipe and so jesse has put a lot of effort here to this recipe um and jesse you want to talk about you know your your theory here at a higher level and then uh i'll give them this so they can actually download it into their account yep exactly so the the theory overall objective of this recipe is be able to recreate this over and over again now remember i said this there is a subset of affiliates at clickbank that use review sites and what they do is they just create review sites over and over again so that some cases they have dozens of different review sites from different products and all they do is they click commission checks as soon as someone makes a purchase which is really cool so this is kind of the start to finish of what you of how to how to start a review site and how to finish it you know first is just this again this is repeatable anywhere else first just find a product to review i gave a link to the clickbank marketplace but you could really find it anywhere uh and so that's the that's really the only thing specific to clickbank but everything else you could actually write even if it's outside of clickbank too so then get the product information write the ada as we talked about in different types of reviews um and i'm going to go over this a little bit like dig in amazon.com now there's some if you're having trouble finding information about a product or getting that cold cold traffic you can actually go into amazon and amazon will will basically look under the reviews and amazon will tell you everything what the pain points someone is having with a specific type of product so you can look at competitors of that product which is super cool um and then also number five i'll just kind of review kind of kind of overall uh you know write for long tail keywords and i'll go over that in detail but actually let's do it right now so for example if you're writing for a blog post and anthony says how do you get traffic to it though so you know one is you're you're creating an article uh for google to potentially rank and read and rank right so but the problem is if you write for example uh how to lose for how to lose weight right and those are the keywords that you're ranking for now i'm not an seo expert but i know a little bit about seo you're competing against nine billion people nine and a half billion people who are writing the same thing right how to lose weight but the long when i say long tail keywords i mean just the more words you write after this uh so let's take a look here so if you have uh how to lose weight and then you have how to lose weight fast let's see here is that 9.

5 billion go down to 5 billion still a lot right so but it's a lot less competition so okay so that's still a lot so what do we have next so how to lose weight fast without working out so maybe those are your key terms so now you're 5 billion right 5 billion results right here let's see what this is right now you're at the 469 million it's still a lot right because you have a lot of competition it's just the weight loss is always going to be a heavy heavy competition uh but you know you're not competing against nine and a half billion people at that point so what that means is you're going to be able to rank a little more faster than as opposed to uh you know writing just how to lose weight in general so what that means is a lot of the the when it comes to seo you know some of the big players think of seos like a good example i've heard of seo was like um was this by association so for example if you're if you're uh if you're at a party and you're hanging out with like mark zuckerberg and tim cook uh you know all these guys people are gonna say oh hey what's going on this guy's hanging out with mark zuckerberg hanging out with tim cook like this guy must be pretty important right and so google thinks the same way you know so if you're but as opposed if you're hanging out with a bunch of like shady characters for example right you're in a street corner like hey what is that guy doing over there right uh google's gonna you know if you're hanging out with a bunch of other you know uh sites that aren't ranked well right they're gonna de-rank you uh and so you wanna be able to align uh your your information or your site as much to as bigger websites as possible and so uh so that's that goes in a whole other thing of keywords and and different things uh and backlinks but um but what the whole point is is we want to be able to write in a way that we could have a longer tail keyword or keywords a little bit longer if we write this out maybe for women i don't know clue i've never done so for women let's see what this does [Music] so it goes back so like sometimes longer keywords don't help you because if you write for women you jump back up to uh eight billion so uh so you you're gonna have to you know watch this very quick uh carefully and how you wanna write this uh working out there we go so anyways well sure so yeah i want to give everybody this recipe here so um you put a lot of work into this and a lot of the research that you've learned from the industry uh and how to apply that to an affiliate blog post so if you guys go to uh jarvis.ai slash cb then that will redirect over to the recipe which you can then download directly into your account um and so this is going to be great for if you're in boss mode you can actually just run this and you'll go through it kind of like how you would any set of like you know procedures you would you know start at the beginning fill up that and then jarvis is going to be reading that in the future for better context so maybe you start off with a how it works and then a personal anecdote story and then testimonials and reviews and you go on like that right so you'll read uh the the uh why don't you bring it up here the uh full jarvis recipe and can you zoom in your screen here so we can see exactly how this will look when they save into their account uh let's see here you mean like the link for example yeah so it is published but just zoom in here so they can actually see the individual lines right so at the beginning uh it's find a product review to review and then you'll use the aida framework put in the product info and see the beauty of this is that we can actually keep updating it and so in the future it'll be even better based on yours feedback um and you can find this along with a lot of other recipes here in uh in the jarvis recipes if you actually go back out jesse could you uh follow along here and click on recipes tab in the top left yep uh let's see here you go right so there's all these other recipes here from you know uh blog post recipes to cold email facebook ads so just give you context of what a recipe is the one that you're downloading today is for writing an affiliate blog review affiliate review uh in the form of a blog post all right and now we're gonna go through uh actually reviewing a blog post is that right yep so uh next step is let's go back to recipes all right so now next step is you know writing the actual review article right so if we go into here go back to affiliates again so a lot of it will a lot of a lot of the times they'll give you information on how to write something like this right or they'll give you some high converting swipes already that you could build on top of uh to get different angles so drink this uh breakfast i've drink this before uh breakfast burns one pound a day i just look through subject lines that's really all i do you know big stomach drink before breakfast burns one dollar one pound a day and the reason why i go through some of these subject lines is because these guys already done such a really good job selling to their audience this is what's going to be interesting to their audience so if you write a review post or a blog post right around something like this we know that this would be something interesting that their audience would be would want to read so uh so a lot of again a lot of the work is really done for you which is really cool um uh and so there's not a whole lot of work other than just finding information uh that you need to do which is really awesome so now that we got this right here right so let's go back over here sometimes i forget what to do next that's why i kind of look back at it here so we have the ada framework perfect headlines we'll just build the perfect headline and once you have the ada framework and the perfect headline i mean you're you have the majority of what you really need so if we go in up here let me just go to perfect headline uh new content data framework here we go and let's go into uh the dashboard and let's go to templates and let's use the perfect headline uh oh i should have saved that one i didn't let's see here we could find it where'd i put that picture styles let's see here you can search it at the top let's see here i lost it there we go there you go there it goes all right jarvis losing here already cool so just copy and paste this guy and here correct name avatar so let's just say men and [Music] woman want to curb [Music] their cravings and then a voice she's dr oz again [Music] generate ai content all right well that's building up cool so let's see here use this japanese tonic 20 seconds for breakfast lunch and dinner eat less food and lose weight faster uh i kind of like this a little bit it's it's kind of in the warm area because they have to understand you know a japanese tonic uh stop cravings instantly like that's a good one right there um and so that's that's uh that's a good one because it still is compliant if you ever want to use it on facebook but also at the same time it's uh um it's it's cold enough of a of a copy where people can instantly understand that so stop create stop cravings instantly and so all right cool so now we have the perfect headline and now we have the ada framework here which is really cool uh let's well actually let's go back over here to history there you go now we have the data framework here so we now have everything we need basically to start the uh start the blog post now we have the long tail keyword here uh but once you have that then you have basically the base you've created the bridge and then from there you could actually start building out that information so let's script more information out of jarvis here so let's go back into uh back in here let's duplicate this i like to duplicate them because i just like to have them in front of me you don't have to do it but that's just my own way of using jarvis so let's go into documents go into boss mode and now we have this here let's um let's just give let's give jarvis some information to write on and see what they say and this is just the exact process that i would do i just go through here i copy this guy go in here i paste it here right above all right i'm going to say write a blog post about the information above go and then ctrl shift enter return and see what it fits out and so this is called a jarvis command and so you're actually speaking directly to the ai that has already read 10 of the internet and so it has a lot of knowledge about you know how a lot of knowledge about your niche but it also has a lot of knowledge um about how to shape words that are compelling and we've been teaching it uh you know how to write blog posts how to write facebook ads how to write emails and so that's the information that it's using to generate this high quality content and by the way it is original and it's plagiarism-free and you can use like third-party software's like copyscape to verify that and i do want to make sure that everybody knows this is a creative writing tool and it's not to be your fact checking published you know just uh for your phd or anything all right this is here to be a creative writing tool for you to sell products and for you to um grow your business and so i want you to make sure that you fact check everything first because jarvis has creative freedom um but it has read you know many many articles about the subject that you're writing on and so it is pulling a lot of very credible evidence not from any one direct source so it's not quoting anybody but it's compiling all of the knowledge across all the sources it's read to write the information you're seeing here yep good point and then carol has a good question says from an seo perspective shouldn't the product name be included in the title and you're up so you're right now a lot of times the the vendor or the seller um doesn't like it when you use their exact name so then because you're competing against key terms that they're competing against so a lot of the times we don't use the actual name um inside of it so you just have to look through what their terms of agreement agreement is so before promoting please be aware of the following promotional guidelines um you know sometimes most of the times it says affiliates are not prepared to use any after before and after photos so um phillips cannot run any um um ppc brand camp campaigns includes on the google property so or bid on any okinawan flat belly tonic brand keywords um so in this case i mean it's this is common in the world of affiliate marketing like for for our partners we don't allow them to bid on any branded keywords either yeah so you know just stay on the safe side i tend not to to um i mean you could use the words inside of it but it's not a key term that you're trying to really rank for um so i try to avoid that uh because what can happen is if you violate that um uh you you basically can forfeit your commission so that's a that's a pretty it's not a good thing when that happens so anyways so that's kind of the gist of uh the gist of it um and then from here then i just go through and i just kind of continue to edit and continue to write the article and then once that's done we go back to the recipe and then awesome now you have a bridge page that you could actually use and then you could actually run traffic to it facebook traffic or google traffic uh potentially could increase the rankings if there's a lot of traffic that goes to it but then you just repeat it for multiple offers uh and again it doesn't have to be on clickbank i'll use only as clickbank as an example it could be literally any product that you you love and feel comfortable with in fact it might even be easier for you to write a review product on something that you use every single day so uh so that's that's basically the recipe right here man uh that we have and just kind of copy repeat and do this over and over again and then at some point you'll you'll get to a point where you have dozens of these review sites and every one of them is making a little bit of money and it's you just have multiple streams of income that's coming through from these review sites thank you man uh and i see isabel here had a good question how do you ensure the affiliate product reviews you write via jarvis actually rank and i wanted to share here a um a cool integration for with jarvis uh called surfer seo and i'll share my screen yep let's see [Music] do you guys see me uh my my page here in jarvis i can see it here okay cool uh so i can no longer see the chat um so this this is what the mode this is a focus mode that jesse was just on um and i just went to maui and so i'm writing a uh a review guide of maui but also including some affiliate links here and there and so uh to make sure yes i'm writing a lot of personal stories so that you know uh it's from my tone of voice it's on my personal website um but also i believe that including personal stories in your review of a product is a really good idea to build you know connection with your reader um and you know separate you from any competition you know i i think your journey and your story with those products whether it's a supplement like okinawa tonic or if it's an experience like how you know i had a really good experience with my helicopter ride over molokai island um you know i can talk about that and then share that in the review but just as isabelle asked what can i do to ensure that it's uh it's ranking well well then i put in surfer seo mode and this is a a another software uh that i believe starts at like 29 bucks a month uh but totally worth it when paired with jarvis it can produce some really amazing uh results here i just want to make sure i'm full screen so you guys can all see this correct jesse can you read the comments and make sure that everybody can see this here says uh one person can't see your screen austin can't see it what did i miss um let's see here if you guys wanted to shoot a comment if you guys can see it one person said yes um but i could see it here it looks like it's good to me so i'm gonna continue going okay um sweet so what this does is it has i've i've told it that i want to rank for topics like what's the best time of the month to go to maui do you have to quarantine maui was she not missing maui these are great for faqs i'll put at the bottom um and in order for me to rank for visit maui and maui hawaii vacations hawaii best adventures in maui then i have to include these words within what jarvis writes and so for example here i could say something like let's say i'm trying to you know west maui mountains uh jarvis write me a paragraph about the west maui fountains all right jarvis is now thinking and it's reading all the context here above it to write this paragraph do you guys see how easy this could be if you wanted to write a blog post very quickly you know pulling in information of what it knows from the internet and now i've started to increase the likelihood that it's ranking so it's actually already included this two times now it recommends three to ten so i could you know very casually you know talk about the west maui mountains again and this uh and so the score's gone up from i think it was like 28 before now it's at 34.

I continue to do this and you know make sure i include more headings more words and then later the one that will be the cherry on top is images and coming soon jarvis uh editor will include the ability to embed images into uh into this blog post that's a really cool yeah a really cool way to ensure that you are very likely to start ranking for your competitive keywords um and so this is why pairing jarvis with surfer seo is is a really brilliant move yeah do you guys have any questions about this there's tons of seo tools out there but this is like the coolest because as you're writing it it gives you immediate feedback on you know what what the ranking could potentially be and what you're missing so you know isabel i think i met isabel we have met before isabel uh isabelle's uh she's into seo too so she knows some cool stuff she could probably teach me seo stuff yeah very brilliant well um that is the gist of the content we have prepared for you uh if you have any further questions continue writing them here in the comments and if you could tag jesse and me in that then for sure we'll get a notification um the this replay will be live on our youtube along with all the other trainings and if you guys haven't already applied for our own partner program um then you can do that at jarvis.ai slash partners and and i'll review that we're looking for people to partner with that help educate the blogging world the direct response marketing world uh and others that write content for a living and make money from that content so maybe that's you and uh if you want to figure out how to write blog posts that rank with jarvis um then go through our youtube channel especially the bootcamp guys the bootcamp is so good go to jarvis.ai bootcamp and you'll really enjoy these these are punchy very straight to the point trainings on exactly how to use jarvis and you can complete the entire bootcamp in less than 45 minutes um they're really fun and i think kyle's just done an amazing job so um with that do you guys have any other questions here i'll start to go into q a now uh as we finish up here yeah isabel had a question in terms of affiliate marketing do you recommend writing listicles of products i'll tell you i love listicles i was writing realistically uh before i even knew they were called listicles i was right like in 2015 i was writing listicles and i was showing a buddy of mine what it was and he's like oh it's a listicle okay i didn't realize that's what it was uh but yeah the cool thing with listicles is you could do list goes a couple of different ways uh one uh each number of that basically what a listicle is if you get on a listicle is it basically it's an article of like one to seven like seven could be seven ways to lose weight or seven fun things to do in maui and every single one of them has a link of what you can do o'malley and that link is an affiliate link happens to be an affiliate link which is really cool um yeah so list schools yeah i've seen some of our top affiliates uh at jarvis use listicles for example they'll make a youtube video about you know their top seven favorite blog uh writing tools and jarvis will be listed in one of those and each one of them in the description of that youtube video will have a link they'll then repurpose that video for a blog post put the youtube video at the top uh so then it's like rich media and uh and then they can be featured in snippets uh on google when people ask questions like you know what what are some of the best blog writing tools uh pieces of their blog posts will then be featured in google their youtube video might be featured especially when it now i love this new feature that google does where it will find it's especially if you transcribe it which i always recommend you trans put captions on all your videos so that google can do this it will then bring the reader to the exact point in the video that you have talked about that uh search query so um i just think that the use the multimedia approach where you're re repurposing what jarvis has written for youtube scripts for blog articles and then for social media content all driving uh promoting your affiliate product is a brilliant approach to making recurring income yep uh bradley says is it possible to use jarvis basic plan to write quality affiliate product reviews without boss mode and long form assistant yeah i have uh i had that list i think if you have um you know the perfect headline and the ada i mean that's a good start and then you could use i think there's a couple other um templates uh like a blog type templates that you could use or content improver that you could use um so yeah you definitely can it's just it's a little bit more of a manual process because um it won't spit out uh really cool content for you just by using the command but um honestly i think that's probably a really good way to start uh that way you have a good idea of how to write and read uh an a affiliate review post uh a blog post and then by then you know the hope is you have enough money you upgrade to boss mode and uh and you can just run these things through uh one after another uh yeah and i'll show you guys here kind of the difference between the starter plan and the bossman plan so starter has access to all 50 of these templates that have have been trained training jarvis on very specific brilliant use cases so for example uh this review responder this is for your customer success team to respond to reviews and it is trained with the tone of empathy and kindness um and so if and if you're looking to write like original replies that are very empathetic and kind and you can talk about this here then it'll reply with that so it's been trained on all these really good replies to reviews um for example this video script outline is trained on a whole bunch of different uh really good outlines training jarvis hey duck duck goose if you do these two things the third thing is likely to be a really good mimic of that behavior so if you want to understand more about how jarvis works go into the into uh the bootcamp that's jarvis.

ai bootcamp all right and you can understand how jarvis thinks in this video but that's what the starter plan is and then on the pro plan and boss mode you get access to documents and this is where you're able to write long form and what this will allow you to do is move quickly here pulling in directly all of these templates so you could do for example copying this into your blog right here and uh you can move quickly so let's say like next after i do my aida i want to run a creative story um and then i want to simplify things and explain it to a child all of these can be used very quickly and so to enable power mode seo mode and focus mode you'll have to be on the pro plan or boss plan um all right let's uh hop into any other questions and if you guys don't have any more questions here then uh it's time to hop off let's see let me find all the all the rest and if there's more questions you have anything like affiliate marketing at all just let me know or put it in the comments uh later in the uh in the chat and i'll do my best to go through and answer those for you yeah so the way to find for max here uh the way to find the recipes is i'll share my screen again so go here to the side recipes and you'll see at the bottom are featured recipes and uh coming soon there will be community where uh you'll you'll see a bunch of of people being able to publish their recipes to um to the marketplace and uh this is what's really cool so you can actually make a recipe download it and uh let me show you a really cool one i like if you guys want to write a book i think darby did an amazing job at creating this recipe on how to write a book a nonfiction book with uh with jarvis that's a really good one and then let's see here's a good one by amanda also on how to write product review blog post so pairing this one with the one that jesse uh did today which by the way if you guys haven't already gotten it go to jarvis dot ai slash cb click bank and uh it'll forge you right here where you can save this looks like 41 people have already saved today which is sweet cool and then you can also run it all right so um that is where to find all of the recipes here and uh if you guys have any more questions happy to uh just tag me and then i will hop in there all right that is all for today's show thank you for uh for tuning in and go ahead and uh watch all of the boot camp and if you want to go the extra mile and get certified then uh go through the boot camp and then there's a few more steps like writing actually using all the templates writing over 20 000 words with jarvis and um and then you can apply for the certification there so we certify people uh every tuesday and uh that proves that you are brilliant at using jarvis and uh and it's a badge of of trust that you can put on your linkedin profile or other places uh to show that you are truly an expert at using jarvis um with that hey jesse where else can people go to learn about how to be an amazing affiliate uh learning the skills it takes to become a great affiliate and find also great affiliate products to recommend yeah so uh i'll put the link is in the in the um is in the recipe to find products uh the if you'll go to clickbank.com um there's some training on there as well lots of other information different blogs that you can listen to um or you can find me as well uh i think i'm on here it's somewhere on facebook so just feel free to friend me and send me a a instant message or something a messenger saying you saw me on here so i'd so i know i know what to relate to or my instagram is the jesse navarro.com i always have some cool copywriting and affiliate marketing stuff on there as well but uh i appreciate it man awesome thank you so much for having me on board super excited about this heck yeah man it was a pleasure having you on and uh i will hopefully get an encore with you here in a few months to uh showcase even more that you've learned about how to use jarvis to rank affiliate products cool let's do it all right see y'all thanks for tuning in talk to

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