Why New Affiliate Marketers Need to Focus on the Customer Journey

the bonus idea here for you today is that you need to start thinking about helping people with the entire Journey way too many affiliate marketers are just trying to get that best chef knife page to rank so they can get eyeballs on those two knives that they have Amazon affiliate links on that page for you can make some money doing this but that's just taking one swing one it back when you help that user if you know they're interested in knives you know they're going to be cooking if you know they're going to be cooking maybe they want knife skills maybe your 5day knife skills thing that you offer as your opt-in that's going to start to help them on the journey the Journey of being a great chef from home and where does that start it starts with knife skills and you can build up from there and if you meet someone at they're looking for a knife and you take them on the journey from choosing the right knife then building their knife skills to then learning how to make an amazing romantic dinner you are now their trusted adviser in the kitchen and they will buy just about everything that you recommend as long as you help them with the journey

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