Why Most People Fail at Making Money Online

knowing the three reasons why most people fail when they try to make money online is going to help you avoid these costly mistakes so you can be one of the one percenters who actually makes it to full-time online income number one is shiny object syndrome also known as distraction this happens when those greedy gurus with their YouTube ads their Facebook ads and their emails get you on their webinars making you doubt your plan to start working on their plan which just gets money out of your wallet into their pocket you got to stay focused laser focused on one strategy long enough to actually get that reason number two is perfectionism right people who are hesitating to publish that video or that blog post because it's not quite perfect yet successful entrepreneurs know that imperfect action taken frequently over time that's really truly the path to success number three gets most people and that's giving up because it takes a lot of time and a lot of energy it's not passive the greedy gurus are lying to you and they say it's easy but when you stick with it long enough and you publish enough you can get there

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