Why 99% Of Affiliates Fail (& The Secret To Success)

the sooner new affiliate marketers figure this one thing out the faster you'll be able to grow a full-time income online okay here's the big idea affiliate marketing is not a business you see affiliate marketing is just a monetization strategy and it's a monetization strategy that works really well inside of media businesses and that's why I take time just about every day to create content there are billions of people online every day looking for answers for solutions for recommendations and what are they actually searching out they're searching out content this often shows up in the form of blog posts or YouTube videos or even shorts or tick tocks like I'm doing right here and now so when you become the person who creates the useful content that they're looking for the algorithms connect those people searching with your content so here's the modern media business plan publish useful content that's optimized to attract you an audience and then help those folks get what they want through your affiliate link

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