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to start I want to share one idea that you should start thinking about in your business and this idea is all about creating multi-step campaigns for your audience now this can work at every level in your business okay so a five-day challenge is a wonderful example of this you could do a five-day challenge in your Facebook group you could do a five day challenge through five consecutive videos on a YouTube channel you can do five day challenge through blog you can do a five day challenge anywhere Instagram Tick Tock etc etc but you can also do it on your email list right that can be a lead magnet if you just think about what I'm doing here and what we're doing here this experience between you and I is a part of a multi-step campaign and this multi-step campaign goes back over a year and a half ago when I was making my templates which I do promote and sell inside of the book and then at the beginning of this year I did a big eight-week coaching program for people for sales funnel masterclass that's also promoted inside of the book and then obviously I created the book and now here we are are after a big marketing push and the intention is to help you see the value long term in linking the little things that you're doing together an example of this in my business would be my DIY sales funnel video series that I did probably five or six years ago now um I taught every step in the process right and video one was the first step video two was the second step and on and on and on and as you create more Journeys and Pathways for your audience that help them get what they want versus a one-off video that just connects and engages with people like we need those but you when you're able to link that one off video to the next step in the process to the next step in the process and your users who follow all of those steps actually see results and outcomes everything in your business is going to work better and that's really where I am kind of like wanting you to start to think about um yes massive amount of content is what we need to do yes we got to take Massive Action but when you strategically make sure that you're building out those little steps that help people get the results they want organic content email sales funnel that's really the big picture of where you want to be long term so for some folks just getting started this is just a seat of thought right now but for other folks who have put up their first 120 150 videos it might be time to go back through and start to build pathways through all your videos and those could become email autoresponder sequences that walk people through step one step two step three for other examples of this you can go to milesbackthair.com I have a start here post on the very top of my navigation and if you notice my navigation actually takes people from start here start your blog choose your Niche grow your email list I think choose your Niche and start blog was right it's start Niche blog email list because those are the steps I want people to go and hopefully you'll start to notice through a lot of my actions on all of the different platforms that I'm publishing on that there is an intention of creating a pathway or a multi-step campaign versus just haphazardly creating content which um to be honest I I get haphazard with it from time to time we all do right you got travel days and busy stuff going up we just do what we can um again stoked to have you all here in the chat start putting in your questions uh there are character elements I will find it we'll work through it I've done quite a few of these live streams here and um it's the top of the hour so I'm gonna start going through here uh be pampered happy to have you here as well Renee Brown are there any advantages to using social media to recycle blog content blog YouTube snip to tick tock ylc Facebook Etc absolutely and to be honest with you I think one of the um ways that I'm leaving a lot of money on the table maybe not money but a lot of exposure on the table is by not having someone go back through my old YouTube videos and finding those moments when I go on a rant or when I really say something clever um and turning it into what I would call vertical videos which would then go on YouTube it would then go on it's right it could be a YouTube short it could be an Instagram reel and it could be a tick tock I think I can also sneak it on um LinkedIn if I so choose so I think that yes that does make sense but there's always that thought that you have to consider like at what cost right um I have a budget to do it for me my constraint is hiring someone like going and actually finding someone who um will do this for me and vetting them and I don't know I just don't feel like taking the time because I don't necessarily think that it's going to do more value for my brand than writing another book than putting together another course then building another lead magnet and crafting more ads so with the yes that is a good idea to do it's also important to think of the other things you have going on in your business because those actions of recycling content it's a low value product it's a low value process that doesn't it's not super close to the money okay and I'm I'm trying to focus more of my actions in my business closer to the money and that's where if you're like okay I want the result but I don't want to do it you start to think the question who not how and then who can do it for you you that you could just pay some money right you can find somebody in the Philippines in South Africa in Eastern Europe there's a lot of pockets of talent all around our globe that are very inexpensive and then you can get someone doing that work for you cost you 20 30 40 50 100 bucks a week whatever deal you come up with to get the volume that you want coming out you keep putting forth that new fresh content you create those new campaigns while other people follow behind you and get all those bits and pieces in the right place that's the perfect potential outcome but as an entrepreneur there's a million one things we can do and we have to focus ourselves on the most important and uh that's that's that's the game right like that ability to to focus from there um Johannes high miles in which channels would you promote psychological self-help eBooks on fake Facebook LinkedIn Pinterest Instagram what are my experience with guides priced between 10 and 15 bucks most of the products my wife and I have sold have been below 27 or below 47 we sell an extremely large volume of products for everything from five dollars all the way up to 17 I would say that's been our sweet spot for years uh so a lot of experience there if you have an actual ebook I would definitely look into Kindle um clearly you're here from a Kindle promotion right like it's the only way to join me on the live stream so the reason I like Kindle is people are literally actively looking for Solutions books things to read and they're buyers their customers now all of the Kindle books should have some sort of a call to action to the rest of your sales funnel so I think publishing a Kindle book is publishing a lead magnet where Amazon makes all the money on the front end I'm gonna spend any profits I get on Kindle back back into Kindle ads to get more people to see the Kindle book and the byproduct of that is some people finding my email list and some people buying my other things once you have that working and that's up and running Facebook ads are still my number one advertising platform that I focus on with my ads YouTube ads are my number two advertising platform that I focus on um it's so much easier to create and spin up a dozen Facebook ads right I can take four or five images a bunch of different text and Stitch it all together and boom I've got a bunch of Facebook ads um on YouTube I actually have to create video ads usually I'll create a video ad and I'll cut it up into three or four variations if I can I'll um add like a money back guarantee at the end this at the other to test but um YouTube's a little slower but I think that also means that YouTube ads has a bigger moat around it meaning if you get a YouTube ad that's going to work really well the odds of you getting knocked off or ripped off and copied by other people it's it goes down because some people aren't willing to get on camera a lot of people just aren't going to see it and they don't have the ads Library so what I would recommend you do actionably Johannes will be to go in to the Facebook ad library and go find competitors in your Niche who are selling products and Go reverse engineer their products go look at what ads are they running where are they sending people to what is the big promise on that page are they going to an opt-in for a free ebook are they selling the ebook for seven dollars I would try to understand what is already working in your Marketplace set it another way I would try to understand what your audience is already exposed to from an offer and a promise perspective and you want to be kind of in alignment with that but you want to take a different direction okay so if everybody wants to make money online I'm going to go and not make money online kind of Direction but I'm not taking a passive income approach because that's what everybody does right oh it's easy passive income so I've taken a different angle and a different approach into that same destination and I like to use the word automated income instead of passive income and these are ways for me to try to differentiate myself so when people find me and get into my content they know I'm different but it required me to know where my Marketplace was going it requires me to understand the offers that my audience is exposed to in order for me to create something unique from there um Brian McBride your brand new glad to have you here I hope that's the dude on your uh picture uh you haven't even selected a domain so you worry about your Niche being too narrow I'm an expert in water filtration and you think you could write blog posts endlessly on the topic no and honestly I think it's better to start very very very Niche the more Niche you start the easier it is for you to get momentum on your side which momentum just makes you feel good like to be perfectly honest right so if someone was going into like weight loss of a huge Niche and if you're like I'm going to go into weight loss I'm going to be a weight loss expert I lost a bunch of weight I held my friends lose a bunch of weight and that's where you're going it might take literally two to three hundred pieces of great content before you start to get traction but if you're down in this like sub niche of like weight loss for German shepherds right like for a dog variation and there's like three other people who actually teach that sort of stuff man it's not going to take you much time to get on the first page of Google with some great blog posts about weight loss for German shepherds now I wouldn't do the domain name weight loss for German shepherds.com but you can enter through that German Shepherd and then you could expand out to beagles and Corgis and then you might be able to expand out to and I'm being kind of silly at this point in time with this Niche idea but then you could potentially kind of become weight loss for pets and you could talk about cats too and then you could even potentially like grow into loss for humans the idea is that it's easier to get momentum on your side in a smaller Niche and just with your domain name leave it broad enough that'll allow you to go to that next ring out that string out that next ring out if you think of an archery target there's the bullseye at the center and then there's another ring outside and then there's another ring outside we start by going hard in that one little ring because none of the big water filtration corporations that are heavily funded and they have paid social media marketers and they have paid content marketers on their team none of them are going to go after the keyword phrases that get 10 searches a month 20 searches a month or 30 searches a month they're too good for that that's the opportunity for you so you go gobble up those and as you start to feel like man I've I've covered it all in this little tiny circle of home water filtration maybe it's time for the fridge water filters maybe it's time for whole house water filters maybe it's time for reverse osmosis maybe it's time for how to remove fluoride from water and then go through fluoride and Arsenic and all of the other bits and pieces but in one of my early um how to brainstorm keyword phrases uh I did actually water filtration was one of the niches I think it's a great Niche idea I think our water situation in a in most cities is absolutely horrendous and I don't think it's getting much better and I think we're adding weird things like glyphosate to Mass Water Supplies to the point where I live on 20 acres with a private well on purpose like and I have I have Municipal Water and PRI I have two sources of water to my home here this is a very conscious decision on my part I think I'm uh four ahead of a lot of people in thinking these types of thoughts but I think you can actually help a lot in that area um Esther thank you thank you for being here I do appreciate it um as I scroll uh please I apologize for the pauses but I have to kind of keep track of where we're at in the comments here uh prison planets when promoting affiliate products on Pinterest would you put direct affiliate links in the pin or funnel people to a personal blog site article first always always always always I'm going to direct them to my website where I have some additional content whether it's a review post whether it's a here's how to use the thing post for example keyword research okay so let's say I'm pinning about keyword research as the secret to success for bloggers I could link people back to a keyword research tool review post but I could also link people back to a seven steps to effective keyword research post both of those posts could promote my preferred keyword research tools this way you are becoming the brand who is delivering useful utility value to the audience versus simply trying to be a middleman that connects people simple middlemen that try to connect people people get eliminated by lower value labor right there's if you you know people in Indonesia don't earn that much money and they're willing to race you to the bottom of the spam game whereas you as a keyword research expert can put together long form blog posts that are super useful for people promote those on Pinterest those posts promote the product itself now you're on to something to take it to 2.0 I would have them from Pinterest to a how to do keyword research post and then at the end of the keyword research post I would have a five-day keyword research challenge that would be an email challenge I would have them opt in and then I would get start to promote the affiliate product because once they buy the keyword research tool I might be able to promote semrush I might be able to promote an AI writing tool there's there's several other things you can promote after that first product and by really owning the relationship through crafting long-form content and multi-step campaigns you can end up helping them take six or seven steps on that path meaning you can earn six or seven potential streams of income from every lead versus simply direct linking someone um how many hits do you need to start putting Affiliates on your site none technically you don't need any but obviously you're not going to get any work uh you're not going to get any traffic until then um what I like to tell people is all in on content marketing and Publishing whether it's YouTube or SEO for blogging and keep going until you're getting a dozen people a day on your website once you're getting a dozen people a day on your website the numbers start to actually work if you're already a part of the affiliate programs it might just be just as easy to add those affiliate links right away and from a process standpoint that might be the easiest process but you might not be ready to apply for them you might not have actual affiliate links or affiliate programs that have approved you yet because you don't have a website yet perfect just go all in on content and if you publish 30 40 50 blog posts or videos until you actually start to grow a brand it's not that difficult to go back through and to update the links and you just look at what ranks you don't have to update links in every post just the ones that are ranking and getting traffic which you can see relatively easily um Randy good to have you here my man I really appreciate you I love that smile um it's creobe um how would I approach promoting a product where I have to State there are no refunds the products you have in mind are digital and would be copied and used and returned which isn't ideal um so like is this hey I would just question if what you believe to be true is true so what you said is how would you approach promote a product where you have to State there are no refunds so if I'm promoting somebody's product as an affiliate like like the terms of the sale I don't have to talk about that at all right as an affiliate I'm I don't have to talk about that or share that at all um so I don't think you actually have to now if you're saying that you are going to sell products and you don't want to give your customers a money back guarantee I would highly encourage you to test that at a bare minimum and some people do these like oh you need to prove that you took all these steps and then we'll give you your money back guarantee type thing um I think you'll see a lot more sales of your own product having a money back guarantee where you stand behind your actual products then not having a money back guarantee um people are going to steal your stuff anyways like whether you have a money back guarantee or not like there's Shady people in this world who are going to buy your products and then they're gonna go sell them on Reddit they're gonna go sell them everywhere my all my stuff is sold everywhere it's downloaded and sold and and there ain't nothing we can do about it it's the world that we live in so I don't know like I would just say don't let fear stop you from taking action um I like to think that all those spammers who are selling my products to their audiences are just giving me brand share and brand value and it just kind of is what it is and when their customers get my courses and through the shady means that they all obtain them to they have this moment of like wow I stole this kid miles of stuff and boy is his stuff good let me go follow him on YouTube Let Me Go engage with let me go get on his list and eventually they'll probably turn into actual customers um Jamar you went to Kyle ceases transformation transformational humor based business conference I love it um you could build a YouTube channel that blends affiliate marketing comma comedy and humor Centric content absolutely right I think that there's a lot of opportunity okay let's go this way um why do people use the internet right it's to learn something or to be entertained and if you can merge those hashtag winning right like that just means you're going to do a great job so one of the reasons I've been able to stand out quite well in affiliate marketing is how much time and energy I've spent in explaining this stuff I've been I made my first dollar online as an affiliate in 2003.

I've been trying to explain this game to friends and family members and everybody like I was convinced that everybody could and should do this and for a while I was going around and I was just trying to convince everybody and here's how it works and so I had a lot of experience explaining it so my skill is kind of taking these complex ideas and breaking them down to simple to simplify things um whereas I'm just not that entertaining right like every once in a while I get like I make myself chuckle but that's about it but I think that the one of the things that comedy can really help you do and this is one of the things I think Kyle sees does is it's all about the timing it's all about the setup and the delivery it's all about building the anticipation for the punch line and I think that gosh YouTube like the title the thumbnail the intro the hook the lead if you get a laugh from somebody you're already winning I think it's a brilliant idea and I think it's going to take a fair amount of work to find your flow which you know if you want on Netflix right now like or not Netflix if you go search Roku you can find some of Kyle sees his old stuff and it's it's cringe man like he's just been he put in a lot of material and what he's doing today is very different than that kind of sweet spot of comedy and transformation uh so everyone's on these weird evolving paths where we do different things over time and I just say go all in I think it's a brilliant idea um because you can stay focused on helping people get what they want but you can do so in a way that entertains them and if you're as informative as the next person but you're more entertaining you're going to get the click more often than not I think is is the way it works inventory optimization Pro uses WordPress what apps should you use to sell digital downloads and host online courses on your website the absolute simplest tool is one that's called it's by tips and tricks Dash hq.com it's called their e-store plugin I believe it's at milesbeckler.com forward slash e-store e-s-t-o-r-e it's 49 one-time fee it plugs into WordPress and you got to manage it from there um it can help you create the delivery it's the most basic system it's where we started I sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of products on that tool when you're ready to elevate above that I think Thrive cart and Sam cart are the two options if you watch on YouTube just go on YouTube in another Tab and type in Miles Beckler comma Sam cart comma Thrive cart and you can see my review I just did a review on those two platforms like three weeks ago so it's like really really really up to date there are reasons why Sam car is better there are reasons and times when Thrive cards better I'm using thrivecar for the miles back of the brand my wife's brand that does more volume than I do uses both uh her main products are on Sam cart and then her memberships on Thrive cart um Laura does increasing your domain depend on the amount of content you produce like how do you improve it I'm assuming you mean your domain Authority and generally yes that is it but it's also backlinks how many people are actually linking to your site to point to you as the authority on a topic and when we get to the world of backlinks there's a gigantic fork in the road there's people who are like go aggressive build back links you have to game the system to build your Authority quickly and then there's people on the other side who are like don't do it don't build backlinks it's dangerous you could blow things up um there's a guy named oh goodness gracious I'm connected with him on Twitter um at SEO Gods I think is his name Charles float f-l-o-a-t-e he's from the UK I think he lives in Thailand he is like probably the most aggressive on the black hat gray hat buildback links rank fast parasite SEO you're gonna have to find what's comfortable for you the truth of the matter is when you put out content that's so good people will link to it it really is true if you put in the time to create really really really great content you don't have to worry about backlinking your Authority will grow over time yes a part of it is how many posts have you published but it really is a lot about how many people are linking to you my wife and I have done very very minimal backlinking throughout our careers her website has reached something like 50 million people um it does work you might need to be a little bit more patient but you don't really run the risk of blowing up your website and doing something out of um out of order there so Randy would I build a coaching business the same way I build an affiliate site I.E content to grow an audience on YouTube Blog then build an email list then offering coaching yes asterisk um asterisk asterisk um if you have money to invest in ads I think you can shortcut that a bit and you could probably do both at the same time but there's so many people who go add to opt-in list to coaching program and that that does work and that is a faster approach the challenge is coming up with the lead magnet and the and the ad that works so well together like because when you're when you're only working on these two little bits and pieces you got to be a pretty good copywriter to make that work at some point you're going to take that challenge on whether you go down the route of putting up lots and lots of free content first or not so for example the miles Beckler brand I mean I was what like four years five years of just content content content it did a few things number one it it was like brand positioning it built the brand of Miles back there but but folks know how I differentiate like how I'm Different right so I have that like wiggle room to when I start to make offers my offers didn't have to be like super dialed like copy wasn't like extreme assassin sales copy because I had so much brand value that when I pitch something people like dude I love this guy I'm in right so um I think ultimately you need to build both skills let's get into uh let's get him a prop shall we okay so I did a video on this it's called the 50 million lead magnet highly recommend watching the video this book right here it's fat book we're in the 90s here 1997 or so um this book sold for 27.95 it was sold on a three pay right so they sold it for three monthly payments of like nine dollars or something like that money back guarantee how did they sell this 50 million dollars in sales on this book so this is your coaching program right like I'm just we're we're thinking we're we're extrapolating the idea to what we're talking about here they sold it with this okay so this is a booklet that was mailed out so you can see there's the mailer here pre-made pre-written and inside of it it's just got like table of contents it's got this little thing here's your free medical guide and thank you for taking a few minutes uh chapter one natural remedies for whatever alsu chapter two secret healing triggers chapter three how to instantly get second opinion or third or fourth or tenth uh chapter four for a lifetime of Greater Health try this and then they got all kinds of buzzwords in here chronic fatigue um moisturize your skin and hair from the inside so it's all these like little promises and so somebody gets us in the mail like oh what's this and it was taped here and they're like oh this okay wow this looks interesting no more drugs no more surgery no more Disease an overview of today's safest most powerful natural remedies from the top MDS alternative healers let them help you lower cholesterol and headaches back aches pain live longer relieve arthritis so just just benefit after benefit after benefit after benefit people open this they read they get to the end of the thing and it just it's like literally here's the coupon that you would actually cut out mail in yes I'd like to preview the new choices in natural healing for 21 days free of charge or purchase no obligation if I decide to keep the book I'll pay four installments of 6.99 each it was a four pay of seven bucks each plus post-digit handling otherwise I'll return the book at my own product plus there's a free bonus okay so let me pull this back together like 50 million dollars in books sold from pamphlet like this okay so he's one of the best in the world that's Gary Ben savanga marketing bullets.com he's written some stuff dude's retired now the best in the world can go straight from add to it and it's a skill that's worthy of practicing so even if you're doing five bucks a day on Facebook ads keep your content machine running play both games at the same time is what I'm actually saying because because you're gonna get better explaining things you're going to build brand you're gonna have content people can go look at you're gonna find new bits you're going to see data from like organic content that works and you're like man okay so that worked can I make like a video about that in ad form that kind of uses that hook because it works so well on and you start to merge everything together the faster you can get people onto an email list the closer you are to making full-time income online whether it's coaching promoting other people's Stuff Etc et cetera Plus getting them on an email list first is your way of not everyone wants your coaching but they might want to learn how to set up a Blog through you or they might want to get all those other ancillary things that would generate multiple streams of income for you um get at it man I love your energy uh you're just so positive like to hear that you're gonna be out there coaching people in this world is like yes like more coaches like you for sure um prison planets what are my thoughts on using a site like sub stack to host and manage a Blog so to me substack is a newsletter platform it is not a blogging platform so I wouldn't necessarily use it for blogging if you're in the financial world or the financial industry crypto trading um macro analysis it kind of makes sense because people are already used to it but I think that if you want to drive organic traffic and grow a big audience using a WordPress blog is going to be far superior if you just have an audience on Twitter and you're trying to monetize that audience through a Weekly Newsletter it makes sense because that is what that product is so just understanding what is that tool actually for and then overlaying that with what are your actual goals and make sure you're using the right tool for the job if you want to blog to drive traffic organically from Google use WordPress like it it still is the best performer today um it's open source man that means there's a thousand nerds thousands of nerds working on this all day every day to make it better and better and better no Squarespace no company in the world has the team behind it that the open source project of WordPress does um Chaz thank you my man thanks for being here I appreciate you do I recommend a hone Down Deeper to refine your Market once you have it dialed outside of magazines for your specific Niche to understand the deeper behaviors of your ideal customer Avatar so like kind of the best data that you're ever going to get from your customers is will they pull out your credit card to buy your thing yes or no that is the best data in the world but maybe you don't have products yet okay so what's the next best data will they enter their email address in exchange for your free thing yes or no and maybe you don't have an audience yet okay so what's the next best data point will they click on my video when someone searches how to do keyword research will they click on my video or are they going to click on a competitor's video right so it's the same concept through all of them of am I actually offering them what they want in a way that highlights what they're going to get quickly to where they take some sort of action yes or no right it's it's those moments what this did so well it gave people exactly what they wanted so well they were like how much do you think this cost to mail out three four five bucks per piece 20 50 million I think actually it was 50 men I did the data it's in the video but 50 million dollars of thirty dollar books sold y'all like insane so why did this work it's because this gave people exactly what they wanted they wanted a way to try to break free from the I can't even say the far um was it to call War I can't say those words on YouTube anymore um but this also it gave them new choices for natural healing right like a way to heal outside of the the system if you will so this gave people what they already wanted so efficiently it generated massive amounts of cash flow so that's that's kind of the idea for you is once you know enough of who you're talking about just go create what you think they want create what you think they want create what you think they want monitoring so in my 90-day challenge for this YouTube channel when I started out of all the things I did Facebook ad videos just spiked and it was like okay so I didn't do market research to find out that there was a gap in the overall YouTuber sphere in content about how to do Facebook ads I stumbled on it because I was like I'm doing a 90-day challenge I'm gonna try everything I'm just doing content content content right and I stumbled on it but it was looking through the data that I saw a spike and what does that Spike represented is a lot of people said yes to my video in that moment when they had a choice and so I did a lot of videos around that the antithesis is like mindset videos they just I don't my spikes in the data are down right I put up a mindset video and it's like eight of ten nine of ten or ten of ten whereas like how to you know like like Facebook ad hacks would be one of ten almost every time so that's kind of how through once you have enough of an idea it's all about taking action and really running forward and then just doing more of of what you see Works through the data and then the comments people will tell you what they want more of in the comments from there um be pampered you're in the same niche as me awesome how do you digitize your holistic healing knowledge as a holistic health case practitioner in reflexology essential oils massage therapy for over 20 years so there's something on Google called the ymyl um it's your money or your life and Google doesn't necessarily want us to talk about natural healing right Google is a part of the industrial censorship complex that is a reality of the world that we live in today um I would say Kindle books I would literally start to publish books as quickly as you possibly can sometimes publishing books is easier to write a big outline and then look at everything in your outline as a blog post go write all the blog posts and then mash it up together and put it out as a book when people find books as free front ends or cheap front ends 99 299 front ends they're easy to buy and then you're able to leverage Amazon which does not have the same censorship challenges for us creators as YouTube and Google does also in there's a lot of uh Facebook groups you can you can start to engage with people on social but even there like is I mean Facebook is clearly a part of the the um industrial censorship complex unfortunately so my wife and I we just started blog keyword phrase blog keyword plays blog uh now she does a lot more YouTube than blogging I think YouTube is a wonderful approach I would look for kind of Indie folks like yourself I don't know if you're actually an MD it doesn't actually matter but I would look for people who are doing really well on YouTube in fact go through my YouTube um course it's the it's the full YouTube course it's right on top of my channel if you go to miles or youtube.com milesb um in that main YouTube course I teach you how to build out your um your spy account so you can spy on the other people creating content that's working and if you search your keyword phrases that you think you want to rank for on Google and then on YouTube I would pay attention to where has Indie Publishers because you might see on Google it's all like WebMD Mayo Clinic and you're like you're not going to rank with you're not going to rank against them right and but if you see a bunch of Indie bloggers then you can be like oh maybe I can't rank over there because when my wife and I started it was all Indie bloggers in our space so we just stepped up as one of the Indie bloggers who really went for it but if you see more independent people on YouTube tube versus on blogging that's the Market's way of telling you as an independent content creator in the space YouTube probably would be a better platform and for those who care two of my three books and the third and fourth were essentially videos that were transcribed and edited into book format so you can do video content first and then transcribe that and have that reworked in a blog post or books from there um Chaz I'm happy to help Amanda Weston which tools am I using for my workflow right now um You Found Me When Jasper was the it tool and Jasper's coming out with some really cool stuff to be perfectly honest with you koala is my go-to so koala has it's koala.sh or milesbeckler.com koala they have it's like pre-prompting it does the prompting for you essentially and it allows you to write the basic rough draft of an SEO optimized blog post extremely fast um I've bought a large enough account there where I use chat gpt4 for everything it takes more credits to get chat gpt4 and they also have one where I can upload or not upload I give them a link to my YouTube video and it literally goes and creates a blog post based on that on my blog if you search on Google miles Beckler comma chatgpt SEO you'll find my 10-step process that is literally I go here because there's another tool I use called phrase or Surfer and that helps me optimize because the AI doesn't know how to optimize for search because the AI can't really go look at today's rankings and and for search you need to go look at what's ranking right now to have an understanding of it um so that that's the place I would I would go for my exact step-by-step process I use chat GPT or what open AI I guess is the other one that I use I've looked at Claude c-l-a-u-d-e I have not had time to dig into Claude but I know a bunch of smart people who are using quad for Content um Josh Fillmore so new to aweber do I have or suggest training for setting up campaigns through them yeah Josh so um in YouTube here um miles Beckler comma aweber Automation and I show you exactly how to go step by step to set it up on my blog on milesbeckler.com on the top there's a link that says how to grow your list click on that it tells you how to set it up and the reason why I recommend aweber is the number one is they have 24 7 live chat support from folks in the USA so if it's 11 30 at night on a Saturday and you finally have a quiet moment to dig in here and you're like man I'm stumped literally you have someone there that you can chat with to get help with even if you're on the Free level which is super powerful um mind shampoo I love that phrase um you want to use my system to sell your products Hypno recordings Hypno sessions perfect I love it and high ish ticket one-on-one programs how narrow does the blog need to be I mean as narrow as possible without ruling out segments of your target audience so it could just be your name right and voila you can get started as your name and you can help people with hypnosis with NLP you can you can broaden out you can test different things um but I think I think ultimately the concept of Mind shampoo is kind of an interesting unique bit like if you have that like that would Encompass all of it right you could this is the cool idea we were talking about earlier is you could start in on that hypnosis Niche and you could potentially work your way out to like NLP and other type manifestation potentially other sub niches and it all kind of would technically fit well under that mind shampoo so what jobs are projects from freeze dry business would I hire out if I had the money to do it but not the time yet whatever is whatever you're working on in your current day-to-day business right so what needs to get outsourced is a byproduct of what needs to get done and what do you need to get done it depends on where you're at in your business and what kind of a business that you're attempting to build so for me in my business I Outsource customer support I Outsource my copy editing and my proofreading like the little bits and pieces is that comma in the right space is my your your or did I got my yours correct um I Outsource all of those things my ad guy I just Outsource things to him because he's very analytical and he's measured but but like the only reason I'm Outsourcing those things is because it's like a part of my business processes so phase one in your business is to build your business processes right you do that through doing the work and when you get to a point where you're like man this task like I said in four hours a week doing this one thing every Bingo that's what you Outsource okay um there is a concept of who not how right I'm I want to sell my courses I have a great course um if you have a great course but you don't have a great sales copy you can Outsource that but it's super expensive and then you can Outsource ad copy and the ad creation if that's the type of business you build but it's Outsourcing in and of itself is simply a way for you to get other people to do the things that you need to get done to grow your business that you don't have time to do yourself but you still have to like you're the CEO you're the chief executive officer you still have to strategically plan the entire business and have it all built out in a way that they can actually like to tell them what you have to teach them what to do right um unless you've got like absolute light money on fire money but I've never seen many people build businesses by just throwing money into an empty pit of outsourcers I've seen people waste a lot of money in that path foreign so Johannes asked uh would I sell the ebooks through a list yep which you still have to build yep are there successful email lists where you can do mailings on a commission basis um I don't think so um no so so it sounds like you're at the list building step so a five-day campaign a template uh cheat sheet a free video that reveals a free case study think about the thing lead magnet that your audience would want just before they buy your thing and go build that out and start that really really get focus on list building is the most important thing in the world there were like three YouTube channels I know of in the Bitcoin space that were just shut down in the last couple of days one is Max Kaiser who he used to be on like Reuters or ft like this dude's like a mainstream news media guy he just got shut down hundreds of thousands of subscribers gone from YouTube uh what I'm getting at is you gotta build your list like like your list is direly important um Lee I know you write and create oh goodness sorry my scroll jumped around I know you write and create videos based on your experience and learning the hard way first what did you do in the beginning to produce relevant helpful content plr right from scratch or so in the beginning I was just in the trenches right I was just like so my path to this moment is currently over 20 years so from 2003 to 2009 I failed at 13 different business models I was flipping houses I was selling T-shirts out of a backpack I was a photographer at one point like I've tried all poker chip Palace website trying to drop ship poker chips all kinds of different things um so I was paying my dues I was learning things that didn't work from 2009 to 2016 I was all in on a niche site with my wife growing that we grew that to make millions of dollars hundreds of thousands of people on our list just massive audience 975 000 organic fans on Facebook for our fan page et cetera et cetera so then when I started teaching I just taught what didn't work and what did work right so if you're trying to go into the make money online space it's easier when you have a story already and if you don't have a story excuse me for bumping my microphone if you don't have a story yet then start a niche site and go build your story right I knew I was going to be in the make money online space long time ago right I but I didn't have enough skills I didn't have enough stories I wasn't interesting enough I wasn't well versed enough I hadn't paid my dues yet to go teach it if you want to teach people how to get on the PGA tour you need to go get yourself on the PGA tour okay so if that's where you're at you're like oh I want to be a make money online person or I want to teach people how to do network marketing successfully you have to become a successful Network marketer first and then you teach what you did so right so be your story first and then you just just share what you did to create that transformation that you did Gary vaynerchuk says that you can document the process I don't know to me that's that's three times as difficult I think you would be well served in going into the copper magnet bracelets type thing I don't wear these when I live stream because I feel like I just keep banging them on the desk the whole time I feel like you'd be better served going into like holistic bracelets and dominating that Niche and then once that thing's been out 10 20 30 40 Grand a month it's completely automated because there's very low competition then shift over to make money online because if you want to come play in this space like you're going up against some assassins in this space I am not the most skilled marketer and I'm pretty damn good at what I do here and if I'm misinterpreting that feel free to uh follow up I'm going to keep moving through this Nick thanks for being here my man we got 40 people on interesting yo I got 27 reviews on the book right now and we got 40 people on the live stream I welcome you all I'm blessed to have you guys here I just find that an interesting data point for all of us here Nick Nick excuse me uh do I have any tips on getting post indexed by Google you have 120 but only 40 are actually being served on Google should you take your focus towards more specific keywords even if there's less volume so I'm I'm going into your Google search console and your site map and I want to make sure technically speaking that your XML sitemap is working correctly that it's tied into Google search console correctly I want to go and where are you getting this uh you have a 40 being served on Google so like I want to know if they're indexed okay and so I think what you're saying is if you type in site colon your domain you only see 40 results come up but if you go into search console does it show that they're actually indexing all of your pro all of your posts do you have errors so that's where I'm at okay so search console and sitemap is like phase one once you are like Okay Google's showing up and Google is indeed indexing everything I think it's an internal linking solution so what that means is you need to to connect your content together so every post you have on topic a there's gonna be sub topics and you create content clusters and so I would go do a bunch of internal linking there's a paid tool by Spencer Hawes that's called link whisper link Whisperer Whisperer whisper I know something like that and it's like an automated I tried it I don't use it long term um but you need to do more internal linking so what that means is when Google enters your website to re-crawl it every day or every week whatever your crawl schedule is it goes to the home page from the home page are they finding your top level silos your top content clusters and once they're in those content cluster posts or Silo posts do they find the sub posts I have a video uh one maybe two videos here on YouTube if you search miles Beckler comma silo or SEO Silo you'll understand more about how that works um Yakov how can you be sure your Niche is not too crowded you can't you never can you're thinking a medical device which is a big seller it has a lot of health information content but that you could write about what's the best indicator your willingness to persevere for the next three to five years regardless like you have to just outwork everyone in the space if you're looking for like specific data on like data numbers they're extremely difficult to get right uh so you can go into semrush and you can search for keyword phrases to see what the difficulty I would just start doing keyword research and if you have like three potential niches you could go do keyword research for the three potential niches and you'll see supply and demand right you'll see how many searches and how difficult the search phrases are um but from it's just there's there's no way to know like the internet marketing space before miles Becker brand showed up was overcrowded I shouldn't be here uh you know like like every sign was saying don't go down that place but I was committed to showing up for three to five years to being the most helpful person in this space no matter what and like just as long as you have that go and then don't look back and just keep going and that that literally is the absolute path um Miguel I'm sorry to hear to hear that you lost your marriage my man um you got product Sam cart Jarvis move Texas to California oh you were the other way okay good um you got two Niche ideas you don't know where to start blogs YouTube channels digital products so Miguel you need to start publishing publish like it's your job and what you're doing when you're publishing is you're learning the skill of content creation you're learning the skill of keyword research you're learning the skill of crafting SEO optimized posts you're learning the skill of ranking content once you have that skill you can go apply that to startups all over the country and you can go make a lot of money selling services or literally being a Content marketer for a company that is the fastest way to making money with these Online skills but to get there you choose a niche you write your first blog post that's based on a keyword then you go write your second blog post that's based on a keyword then you'll write your third and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and that's the same as go to the gym and walk on a treadmill go to the gym lift one way you know we start just as long as you keep going to the gym your form will improve you'll learn how to use all the mechanics you'll learn how to use all the weight training gear at the gym itself um but you just gotta kind of to keep going um Simon happy to be here Santiago beautiful day to YouTube glad to have you here um freeze dried you know it's different for everyone but the financial point at which you would say you need to go full time at what point did you personally say I'm done with the W-2 job yeah um it was early for me I I had so I'd just Fallen flat on my I went I hit Ground Zero like I ran out of money had to move back in with my parents at the age of 30.

um so that was Zero like I wasn't even paying on my student loans at that point in time so we hustled up jobs and I hustled up a side income and I quit like six months later because I was literally already used to living on nothing so my willingness to take the leap I was like post college-ish I didn't graduate college until I was like 26 27 I took a very long time to get through it because I was on side hustling things um for most people so so my story is not necessarily like super helpful because my risk tolerance was high I had no kids you know my wife and I both were were you know we're still beans and rice kind of people I eat peasant food I grow most of my own food right here in my big old Garden it cost me like nothing um so I might not be the best example but for most people you need to look through it on two lenses first lens is cash flow okay so how much does your life cost right now each and every month okay so you have to obviously be generating more cash flow through your business than you are through your day job and you have to keep in mind that you're going to pay 30 you got to expect 30 of what you're making through your online business is going to go to taxes the money you make from your desk job or from your day job has taxes removed from it money you earn as an affiliate or from ad revenue does not have taxes removed so so you need to make sure the cash flow for how many months are you comfortable with right some people want to see that cash flow doubling up for 12 months straight to where they know that the business is generating more cash flow and then there's the second one which is kind of like your nest egg your War chest or your emergency fund a lot of people say you need to have six months to a year saved up so if your life is five thousand dollars per month that means your business is generating what's 5 000 times thirty percent that'd be sixty five hundred bucks a month so if your lifestyle is five thousand dollars a month right now I would want to see 6 500 bucks a month coming in each and every month for several months in a row plus you've got at least 30 to 60 Grand in savings that's that's unencumbered and a lot of people do um like they'll play both right they'll get both spinning up and they'll just pay down debt right so if you have any debt at all I recommend most people not any debt so mortgage is I wouldn't necessarily expect you to pay off your mortgage but like if you got car loan debt if you got seven percent you got credit card debt if you got like student loan debt and stuff like that just run both of them at the same time for a period of time and pay down that loan I paid off my student loans in eight months when I got serious about it student loan payment was eight thousand dollars sorry it was like 500 then the next one I put a thousand then I put two thousand I put like because we were scaling our funnels for the first time ever so I was just like directing all of that money at my student loans once it was done I had all this extra money that could then go to other things so it's it's a very personal thing that you you do need to dig into yourself but just get really comfortable start to the the thing I would actually recommend everyone do is really track your numbers how much is your business making how much you make it through your day job how much are you spending in your daily life run a ledger like keep like a like a a ledger right like like do accounting for your daily life know where your money's going know where your money's coming in from and just get comfortable looking at your numbers each and every month and it's that comfort with knowing your numbers for your lifestyle that's going to get you confidence in pulling the trigger when the time's there but like man run them both at the same time print some money right if you want to go buy an average house in America was that like a 120 140 000 down payment like you wanna buy a house cool would it be faster if you had five grand a month from online and five grand a month from the desk job are you gonna be able to build up that down payment faster like absolutely um that's just how I wanted to go about things um Simon elaboration on digital oil wells please on the one hand you say to contract trade on one Niche for a few years however on the other hand you say create digital oil wells and that takes time too absolutely so the big idea from digital oil wells from Kevin huddo is which if you haven't seen it's a full series on the channel just search Digital oil wells I have a playlist for you so he wants to see customers as fast as humanly possible okay so I like building content based Brands because the brand value of Miles Beckler at this point in time is far greater than how much money I'm making right now but huddo takes a different approach to business and that's why I had him on because I like to have different approaches I do not think there's one right way for most people so I am like a gardener okay so in my my fenced in Garden area I had to build a fence I had to run water lines I had to plant trees I had to bring in soil it's taken three to four years before I am getting my fruit trees I got some peaches about to go crazy I'm about to be in Peach Heaven over here three to four years of work to build these fruit trees that will create fruit for me and my family for the rest of my life okay so I installed a system to automatedly bring me food for the rest of my life on my property that has two sources of water you get what I'm saying like there's some deep stuff going on right there in if you analyze what I'm talking about now huddo is kind of like let's go make some sales I want to make some sales because if you start making sales and you find things that sell you can sell more things and you can sell more things and you could sell more things that's the hunter approach I'm gonna go out in the woods with my bow and arrow and with my rifle take my 30 30 out and go find me a deer and blow a hole on the side of that thing and then drain it and skin it in Bingo right so some people like or the fisherman approach right I'm gonna go stock up and down a river and I'm Gonna Keep testing testing until I find that fish hole and when I find that Fish Hole I'm Gonna Fill I'm gonna limit out I'm gonna hit my limit of fish when I find the fish whole it's not my style right so so a big part of this is style and it's personal preference are you more of like the fisherman and the hunter or are you more of the gardener if you're more of the gardener I think you can go down the content direction if you're more of the fisherman the hunter you can go straight into selling things and ultimately we all end up doing both over time so if you start selling things you find this pocket of products that sells you start to create content that brings more people over to buy more of your stuff right but if you start with the content thing and then you find the things that people want to buy through content then you start to go create funnels around the content to sell more of your stuff so ultimately they're just different entrance points to the same basic destination uh glad that was helpful Brian what's the best way for someone who's never done it to build a funnel any recommendations or links um so leadpages is the easiest thing in the world for me I just I use leadpages um my DIY sales funnel video series is a very deep dive on WordPress if you're if you're used to WordPress you can literally look for um DIY sales funnel miles Beckler here on YouTube so don't be confused with cell phone it's not something fancy it's a series of pages you can do it on your blog right so page one is the opt-in offer page two is your one-time offer page three is a one-click upsell you could do it all on Sam cart you could do it all on Thrive cart you can do it on WordPress you can do it with leadpages so the tech is kind of like if you already know a piece of tech that allows you to publish pages online just just do that don't go add on new tech you definitely don't know you need to go get a click funnels account or anything um it's it's thinking about each page is a step towards the ultimate decision of them making a purchase and we want to overcome their objections and we want to make big promises and we want to get them making little yeses on the path to making that big yes is how it works um I also I'm going to write this down I find that to be a very good question because I don't feel like you've heard me probably rattle off a bunch of YouTube videos recently and I don't feel like I have a great resource for that and there are so many people in the funnel space who just all they do is promote their overpriced funnel software tools and I hate it so I've I've slowed my content in that world but I think I can come up with something there um I'm writing a note real quick I will let that marinate in my subconscious and see what comes out here so John Dobbins John O'Donovan says to that point about the water this year is providing proving to be the worst in the Southeast Arizona where they normally get 13 inches per year usually by September but so far you've only had one inch yeah the the monsoons have been weak at best um and John like I don't know if you know my story I was living in Arizona I went to school at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque for eight years grew up in California with droughts all grown up so like I I'm not going to sit here and expect you to change like oh you need to change your life because of the way no no no shit's changing like like like like things are changing and everything has ups and downs and cycles and Ebbs and flows the moon gets bigger and smaller the tides go in and out everything changes so I need to go align myself with a location where I can secure my water and food for the rest of my life like I don't know it it seems logical to me but for a lot of people it's like a crazy thought like to think that so I don't know uh random Brian McBride I've also lost 110 pounds in two years ago and you maintain that weight with the carnivore diet Niche Absa freaking lutely Brian go look at the meat Mafia guys um go look at the beef initiative uh the meat Mafia you guys have a podcast um Max lugavier has a great brand around red meat and the benefits of red meat and Alzheimer the whole podcast World dude like if you're if your story Brian is uh that you lost 110 pounds two years ago and you've maintained that weight that that story is the strongest hook into a niche ever and I I generally follow stories uh in my Niche Navigator course that I go through one of the big things is story how do you hook in what's your story to hook into the niche I would absolutely and I would go find all the influencers get on Twitter if you're not on Twitter um you're probably gonna become a bitcoiner which is a good thing because bitcoiners and carnivore people like like they just all everybody ends up in both of those at some point in time um Chaz Levine what do I eat and what does my diet consist of including every other life habits that I have so much energy every day uh matcha latte is one of them so I have some caffeine in the mornings um I eat Whole Foods so every day pretty much almost every day is like oatmeal for breakfast sometimes we'll do pancakes and eggs pancakes we're gonna use we're gonna make from flour ourselves use like mung bean flour which is very high protein um Whole Foods so my lunch is out of the garden right so I'm eating salads I'm eating zucchinis I'm eating squash I do eat some meat at this point in time more red meat mostly bison from wild idea Buffalo um did you know I might have rice or quinoa and some whole grains just like simple like like a vegetable maybe last night I had uh some shrimp that were sustainably caught shrimp from Northwest wild Foods I'll do salmon from time to time and try to cook over an open fire out on the barbecue and vegetable rice ice grains healthy stuff I do intermittent fasting as well so I'll I eat from nine to five and then I sleep very regularly as well and I get a lot of exercise I think that um the amount of like wood chips and soil that I've lugged around I live on a very hilly property I walk my property like every day multiple times so just that like I think creating energy is is something that people don't think about I do Qigong in the middle of the day from an online Qigong thing before doing a daily meditation but um like actual Foods right like nothing comes out of boxes for nothing processed nothing process like Ultra processed foods are the absolute enemy so like I'll eat potatoes right I'll eat rice or quinoa or like squash you know like really really simple stuff and I think if you want to think back like like my grandparents uh had a farm in North Dakota in the 1930s and 1940s type thing so I just kind of eat like what grandparents eat um drug foods thank you for that I appreciate it so Amanda Weston um says I would like to see how you build out those flows to go from one product to the next so I I will I will go on a limb and assume that most of y'all think I'm more strategic in the moment than I actually am I don't sit here and draw out these complex funnels I'm just publishing going going publishing publishing going and then at some point I'm like man I got a nut like oh I could like whoop I could make this into a course okay and then once as a course I was like oh I could transcribe that and turn it into a book and so the dots you could see how the dots are connected when you look back but in the middle of it half the time I'm like what am I even doing right now like there is this Aura of continuing to move forward through little bits of confusion I've got like three or four notes on a whiteboard right over here of things that like of like directions I could go into and then the other thing that I will caveat this with is generally in most niches there's like three or four themes okay and so some people call them like content buckets and so for me it's kind of like Niche right like how's the game work choose your niche build your grow your audience grow your email list sell stuff so so all of my stuff is going to fit in each and every one of those and sometimes I'll just what am I inspired to work on and then I link them together and then when things get old and outdated like my my how to choose a niche content the videos that were on YouTube and the blog post I have was like three years old and I looked at it one day and I was like it's time for me to like to do another version of it and I just made a new one and I just made it premium it's like a nine dollar course so um it is very intuitive and mildly haphazard the one thing is my Relentless Pursuit my Relentless execution I just don't stop like it's Sunday like guess what I did yesterday I worked guess what I did the day before I worked like I work every day but it's not a lot I'm always thinking about I'm in the garden and I'm like oh I could do that so is that working um I don't I don't think so but maybe and this is where that whole like passive income it gets really weird but you know my wife and I are out on a walk and we'll we'll kind of get an idea for that next email or that next theme that I'm gonna get onto and so now at this point it's another way of saying it another thing is okay I'm taking action in the here and now so I published three Kindle books recently there's the how to choose your Niche um the sales funnels and it's like okay so I'm doing this and now I'm about to start teaching my process for creating the courses I created that turned into the books because I've been talking about that so it's just I'm in In This Moment having this but I'm also thinking about okay so from here there's a segment of my audience that wants to go farther what am I creating for them and then I'll get to the point where I'm done two weeks from now maybe I'll be done talking about my process for creating those courses and selling those low ticket courses that are really I'm getting a lot of customers coming in my business this year the digital oil well concept then I'm probably going to go all the way back to the beginning again and I'm going to start to talk to people about blogging SEO YouTube growing your audience and then I work my way back up through and in one regard if if you've been on my list for any length of time I'm repeating my myself over and over but they're good reminders because I'm still on the path you're on the path everybody needs to stay on the path so I kind of like work my way forward to the advanced folks which there's fewer of them on my list and then I go all the way back to the beginning and then I'll be audience okay now the audience is going well we gotta talk about your email list and then okay then we gotta get to get you to sell stuff and okay I hope that's helpful um Esther why do you get comments on WordPress that or your description of a tag or a category I have no idea I turned comments off comment spam is too aggressive um so I've turned people off on that Lance tingy good to see you man uh feels like your affiliate post site has been stuck at about 100 people per day for a while now even with uploading content more regularly any tips for changing things up if it feels halted can you go get on other people's podcasts so for me my back linking strategy for a very long time was to just show up on people's podcasts because then generally they're going to give me a backlink if they don't I email them be like yo would you mind putting a link to milesbeckler.com and then make sure your home page has internal links to all of your core content pages okay and so you should have four or five core content Pages we just talked about the same process so you got these four or five content each one of those should have 10 sub content Pages the sub content Pages link up to the core content page the core and they link to each other go watch my SEO Silo video I won't get into to it too much but go watch the SEO so make sure your content is structured in a way that from the home page people can get to everything okay if you want to get super geeky on this there's a tool called uh it's it's a frog essay oh I can't remember what it is it's a SEO crawling tool I'm literally gonna find it um screaming frog screamingfrog.co.uk it's a software tool that will crawl your site from the front and it'll help you understand where things are not getting crawling warning hyper nerdy stuff like really technical super nerdy stuff which is is Good from time to time so make sure your internal linking and your site architecture is dialed and then go get people to link to your home page so generally I like doing this by going on people's podcasts it's such an easy way because it gets you brand exposure you get to kind of leech Their audience if you've got a really good call to action for a freebie that leads people into your sales funnel that can go right on top of the home page when they ask you where should people go and find learn more you send them over to your home page from there um so Simon how do you know when the site ID is not working and then have time to leave it to go on to something new so my first question is have you even made it to 100 blog posts yet or 100 videos because if you haven't made it to 100 you haven't even started okay so on my affiliate site that I built from day one it wasn't until we had 125 posts that traffic started to really turn up so if you haven't done a hundred to and if you haven't done it before it might actually be 150 posts but then you've got that internal thing like are you actually ready to work on this site in this Niche every day like it's your job aggressively like someone's chasing you down trying to overtake you are you willing to be that aggressive for the next three to five years if you're if you know now that you're not going to be that engaged and involved in this for three to five years it's worth starting to find that Niche inside that the you are super inspired about if you're into music and you love music and you're in the music Niche it's gonna be a lot easier to stick with the challenges long term which is my man Lance who has just talking about right so it's very personal um I don't like people changing because when you shift Niche you're going to go back over to zero but I know that a lot of people choose niches for reasons that aren't necessarily Soulful not not in them there so you need to make sure that you're in a path that you can stick with for three to five years because it's going to take three to five years and it's probably going to take 300 to 500 great blog posts which means you're going to need to do 100 posts per year for three to five years which means you should be publishing a post every two or three days adminium plus you should be growing your emails like it's it's a lot of work but like it's worth it in the end um Coach Dave you've heard many bloggers say that you need a business address a business phone number a writer schema on your site for Google to trust you and index you quickly um kind of right so an address can be with a mailboxes Etc address you also need that for your email list you don't want to use your home address on that so that will help put that in the footer phone.com if you can get a phone number for for 14 bucks a month or something like that you can have an 800 number so check check done next right um go write a book get in books on Amazon right link in your Amazon Kindle books that can help as well um you're in a third world country getting U.S funding will cost you money you haven't started making money from a new site so if you haven't started get your first hundred posts up right it's it's like it's not a constraint it's not actually a limitation sure at some point it can help you optimize something that's far along but if you've got zero there's nothing to optimize right so what you're what we're talking about is how do I steer my parked car and I'm like yo get out of the car get behind and start pushing the car and yes it's pushing it uphill but once you get momentum once you're getting 100 visits a day once you're getting cash flow from ad Revenue then go out those things and watch your traffic go up from there um Jamar yeah reach out um for the podcast interview uh just email support milesbeckler.com say Miles said to email here and we'll we'll get that figured out um would I ever consider doing a stand-up set sometime dude I've actually thought about it like I have no clubs near me I'm in the middle of nowhere up here and like that is like the most daunting seeming thing in the world to like here's a group of people who are drinking alcohol and expect you to be funny go stand on stage in front of them and be funny um scary as hell man like uh that's just something else like mad props to you and everyone who plays that game because like I I just I get it um used to go to the um the punch line off Battery Street in San Francisco for their Open Mic nights on Sundays it was like five bucks to get in back in the 90s and stuff dude and like dude just I've watched some terrible Comedians and it was just such an enjoyable night and then you see like pros show up on and test material and just kill and just like what a what an amazing world that is um so Renee what's my advice concerning analysis paralysis perfectionism imposter syndrome please go on YouTube and search miles Beckler comma imposter syndrome I have a 20 minute video it will get you over it like everyone feels like an imposter do it anyways the people who become experts do so because they publish 300 500 pieces of content nobody comes into this game already knowing everything they know some stuff but the process of teaching others is how we gain Mastery this is what most people don't realize about the miles Beckler brand I'm gaining absolute Mastery over marketing taking time to work with each and every one of y'all to understand y'all's problems to help you overcome your it makes me a better marketer right so so just go find those and um yeah go go find that video and watch it it's from the heart you'll love it when you start an email list um when you're seeing on your blog a dozen people a day showing up on average for a week straight then it's time to start with the email list uh Randy glad to have you here KS what plugins are absolutely necessary for a Blog in my opinion do I use rank math or schema markup Luke I don't use rank math I would if I was starting new I use yoast still because that's what I use back in the day and it's still there and I know how to use it um word fence is another one um WP rocket is for caching is another one that I use man other than that I'm like can we do this without plugins I really don't want to use plugins um Thrive leads is how I display my pop-up right but I'm on the Thrive themes family um so that's that's like the basics I I don't really do schema markup but I'm not like aggressively optimizing my blog because it's so much easier for me to make these videos that I'm more aggressively focused on creating a YouTube content right here now um but with plugins man like the bare minimum the better because each one creates a security risk for your website and each one potentially can slow down your website and nothing worse than a slow website um Simon is it possible to promote paid ads to subscribing newsletter without any brand site content beyond that does it matter if it's affiliate or a niche business yes it's possible how difficult is it going to be and would your success rate be higher taking a different approach those are the questions I would actually want to ask there if you're a copywriter and you're good at the game like we've seen an example earlier of the 50 million dollar like um you know the 50 million dollar lead magnet like it's possible but you got to be really really really good at the game so generally speaking I like to run ads to an opt-in page from the opt-in page I'm going to offer them something of value I'm measuring the conversion rate on that and then I'm promoting something afterwards I'm measuring the conversion rate on that I set up one I run traffic I monitor the numbers I'm immediately working on the next one I monitor the numbers when I have something that's working really well I'm trying to go render myself obsolete I'm not going to be like oh this works cool I don't have to like test anything anymore because I have something that works no no no that just means someone's going to go rip off what I'm doing and improve upon it I have to be the one ripping off what I'm doing and improving upon it in order for me to stay as the absolute leader um so it totally works it's a great path it's totally possible um you need to be I would I would encourage you to remember that these are people that you're talking about so when you get a bunch of people on a list you need help those people get what they want if you want to think about that as a niche great but you need to go help people get what they want is the key um Lee what is my opinion on quizzes and surveys to find out what they're struggling with so I I run them a lot I use tally dot so t-a-l-l-y dot s o it's free it's super easy to create a a simple uh one people will tell you one thing on a survey and then they'll do another thing with a credit card so you just have to know that but like so making an offer and seeing if they buy is better data than asking them a question and reading their answer is what I mean now that doesn't mean that you shouldn't go ask them a question and see what their answer is that's helpful but sometimes they'll give you all these answers you're like oh my God everybody's asking for this you go make it and nobody buys it you're like ah okay it just happens so another tip that I would recommend if and when you do have a good survey response if you've got 30 50 100 survey responses plug it all into chat gbt ask chat gbt what are the common emotional threads here what are the common pain points what are the common challenges what kind of solutions would work well for these people chat gbt will come up with all kinds of super insightful ideas based on your survey responses I actually went through and spent an afternoon going through all my old surveys I mean I'm talking surveys that were like four or five years ago like old surveys and plugging them in and pulling out the hot buttons and letting chat gbt because chat gbt is a big language model so here's a bunch of language help me understand the emotional hot buttons the pain points the challenge you know like that's exactly what chat GPT is and does um what's my recommendation for software to create your first course um so I I don't know like uh Google docs for writing an outline and then are you going to do it in video like you could just you could hold your you could put your cell phone on a tripod in front of like a whiteboard I do use a screen recording tool they change the name on it um screen pal it used to be called Screencast-O-Matic it was like 30 bucks it was the cheapest one-time purchase thing and I still use it to this day and my wife makes fun of me because I use like these you know old cheap tools like I'm not going to upgrade like I'm making enough money to but I don't have the time to go learn a new interface right um so bare minimum uh minimum viable is what I would get at so you need an outline and then you need to communicate the outline it can all be done in written word you can like write the whole thing out and your product could be a PDF document that you literally create from free Google Docs or you use your phone and a whiteboard or you screencast and record on your screen um through something like this screen power or Screencast-O-Matic but those would be mine um Coach Dave unlike your blog that is named after you yours is not oh I lost you Coach Dave hold on I'm coming back here sometimes when I scroll the comments it jumps foreign there you go so you're trying to figure out the name that you would use for your email list so the name of your blog you think that would not yeah I mean I don't really think of it um so if you're talking about the actual email address I would just whatever the domain name that they opt in through is right so if it's um like you know one domain I own is like the laptop startup or something like that uh like if that's where all my content was I would that would be what my email address would be the app would be my email address you want congruency from where they met you to where they continue to see you so they don't get confused like wait a minute this was something over here and now it's this over here like who is this I don't know this person you want them to be like oh yeah I remember this person I was on their website with the same exact name John O'Donovan happy to have you here my man um are there people who WP is absolutely not meant for if they get frustrated by the tech hiccups is Wix better for them to get started with any thoughts on that absolutely like at some point you can make because you're the CEO of your business and you can make the executive decision to choose something like Wix or Squarespace because I'm not publishing on WordPress due to technical difficulties and if I have these other things I would actually publish therefore publishing more is better than being on the most optimized thing because if you're on the most optimized thing but you don't publish regularly enough you're not getting the value of the most optimized thing so it's there's like this nested list or this nested um hierarchy of thing considerations for you and frequency of publishing so yes if you find something that you can publish on much more regularly much easier go for it and just know that you might get eighty percent of the SEO optimization for each post but if you're able to publish three times as often eighty percent of 3x is a lot more than a hundred percent of 0.3 make sense um is it just natural healing being centered or spiritual energy healings too so what are some of the things I've seen on spirituality is a lot of big brands are coming into the space so like uh Readers Digest uh competes with us now when they never used to Forbes competes with the USA Today has spiritual articles so it's not necessarily A censorship in the spirituality world it's just that it's going more mainstream which means more mainstream publish Publications are showing up which means our competition is drastically stronger but here's the thing that Readers Digest will never do make a YouTube channel that's a pro tip for you there so that that's how we have to kind of keep thinking about where the market is and where it's going um who should be your ta for digital downloads and online courses your current referrals are from accountants and bookkeepers for do it for you financial analysis service and you serve e-commerce owners who should be your T I don't know what you mean by ta who should be my ta my technical analysis um technical analyst yeah I don't actually know the question so who should be your blank for digital downloads and online courses current referrals are from accountants and bookkeepers for do-it-yourself financial analysis so I mean like if you can start an affiliate program to where you go get a bunch of bookkeepers and accountants to promote your course for a 50 commission rate bada bing bada boom you've got a an automated system that could bring in lots of new customers and you're only paying for people who actually drive Revenue to you which is that's one of the great things about being a vendor do I use project management tool to keep me and my team on track with all the projects task on track no not at all um I've tried a song I've tried them all um I have a document on my computer that I use sometimes that has like the three things I'm working on project management like what am I working on I'll go sit outside with a notepad what the hell am I working on like what am I doing where am I okay we all get in the middle of all of it and some of the things I was working on I Let Go what's important what's not important um so I do spend a lot of time analyzing my priorities and what I'm working on I spend a fair amount of time thinking about what's worthy of my time and energy to go create what's going to move the needle what's going to bring build a better pathway but I actually don't really other than like I jot notes down on whiteboard I jot notes there I dropped my notes on the back of everything like like it's kind of messy I'm one of those people so um if you if you could see what I had going like I make this this looks clean right wifey helped me make this look nice and clean but like the other side of what you can't see it's a mess and and I'm I'm just I just blaze forward in my chaotic mess um um Sean two-part question would I recommend Kindle books for golf instruction yep and do you know why Google don't index some posts or does it take some time yeah there can be a technical reason so you're always needing to go inside of um like search console and make sure search console is connected up to your site map you can also actually plug in the URL inside of search console uh I have a YouTube video It's called like how to force Google to index your blog so that's one way to go but yeah it does take time Google does not trust new sites um and that's because there's a million one spammers out here Amanda says FYI Amazon wouldn't let you leave a review for the book even though you purchased it totally get it I appreciate hearing that um Amazon does weird things sometimes Shauna says I would love to I would love my Niche to be something I love do you think that retiring on a budget which would include everyday activities yeah to be too broad so it would be too broad to start with but I think it's a great umbrella that can hold a brand so what is one of the areas that people who want to retire on what's one little area so there's the f-i-r-e movement right Financial Independence retire early that's a wonderful Niche and it's under what you do it's it's in this like you're an overlapping circle with them on the Venn diagram but they've taken a little bit different of an approach there um so early retirement retiring on a budget uh I don't think that's too broad I would look at the content that's working really really well in the space and figure out how you can go create your variation of that how you can create your Twist on that um Nick Hilton to clarify his question only 40 points are showing up as index on Google search console with the other 80 showing up not as index focus on internal linking make sure your site map is working correctly um because if your site map's not working correctly then because Google reads your site map and then I would even go plug in one of those posts that aren't showing up into search console and forcing re-indexing of it to see if that helps um what do my wife and I do for health insurance um that's a really interesting question so we are on a like Health share program that we use as a high deductible emergency situation so beyond that I'm kind of self-insured but we have it's essentially kind of like a million dollar health insurance but it's not it's not insurance it's definitely not insurance it's a religious Health share program that would cover us for upwards of up to like a million dollars um I think it's actually over a million dollars and so so we pay for that but it's it's effectively High deductible catastrophic experience because like the only way I'm going in is if something happens snowboarding or right like if something catastrophic happens I don't I don't go to those places um for for little reasons um so Christine you follow classes at a Blog perfect you've been posting for females you haven't seen any organic traffic that's okay you're not doing anything wrong um So Christine I my my analysis is have you made it to 100 posts yet and I know that sounds like a lot and it is but Google is playing defense for new blogs because so many people try to spin up spam blogs that you have to stick with it long enough and then from there are you starting to engage with the other influencers are you making Roundup posts where you're like here are the top 10 people in my knitting Niche that you should follow on Instagram and then go reach out to each one of them and say Hey you made it into my top 10 Roundup posts and send them a link and you can start to get engagement and and stuff that way but but it is Brute Force I mean it took again on my last affiliate marketing build it took 120 something posts for the traffic to really turn up and I mean each one of these we were like we were super focused on this um KS wants to start a blog in Polish but you don't know how to check which Niche would be profitable in the Polish market how to do the market research how would I go about it it's the same process as in English like find something that you're willing to work on for three to five years straight right how who can you help and what can you help them with that's that's the analysis it's not like if I find the right Niche then I'll be successful like no no if you go build 500 focused targeted well-researched well laid out thoughtful useful posts okay 500 thoughtful researched well laid out useful posts in any Niche you're going to get there so what's the niche that you're able to relatively quickly create thoughtful helpful posts on generally it's a niche that's based on something you've been doing for a while like when I started doing this I had 13 years of experience as a digital marketer before I started teaching how to do digital marketing so all I had to do was go pull on that past idea and I was like even in video one I was like you know I even said something like I have the three to five years process let's see where this goes right and that's it 700 videos in six years and voila I've made a lot of Headway on that so that's really what I'm looking at if you have a great story like my man he lost 110 pounds and he's been able to keep it off that that's that's it you're there that's enough Blaze forward now it's time to outwork everyone um what about thread site uh yeah I started it and I canceled it immediately um uh it's not going to be a long-term traffic source for me some people you know some influencers will figure it out but I like creating content that can drive traffic and leads into my business for years which YouTube and blog are the only two platforms that really work on that side um mind shampoo huge problem with water in Spain Wells are drying out or they're polluted by nitrates uh literally did not buy one property because they have water source for sure it's important so um okay Randy want to see more content about funnels okay good to know um Chaz I appreciate the con words so who or what do I recommend for the best transcription Services there's a tool called descript d-e-s-c-r-i-p-t I kind of hate it because it like bogs my computer down but it works really well um Brian you couldn't write as fast as I talk could I repeat those resources on Carnivore um the meat Mafia guys podcast uh they're on Twitter as well and then the beef initiative which is in um it's a dude out of Texas Texas slim and it's like the the convergence of regenerative agriculture overlapping with those um meat resources and then I think it's Max lugavier um and he was on Joe Rogan one sec I think I might have that Max lugavir on Joe Rogan I gave it to my friend because it did an Alzheimer's study um Joe Rogan number one eight seven zero Joe Rogan 1870 is Max lugavier he's great as well um book funnels I'll buy a 99 cent book from you even if you write about potatoes and rice that's it I love it um wondering if this live session will be available later on playback yes this is this is my video for tomorrow so this video is going to get live I'm going to cut off a little bit of the front and then the rest of the world is going to get to watch this video um damn we are already at 90 minutes and I feel like I got a lot I'm gonna go lightning round here I'm gonna try to get through as much as I can uh Lance it's great to see you too mind shampoo where would I look for a nice budget geek to help you with all the nerdy stuff and many others so upwork probably would be my number one place to go to codable would be more expensive but they vet everyone um onlinejobs.ph is somewhere you could go higher but I think upwork upwork.com is where I would find someone um Christine shakard is it best to only post one new blog post per day yes I do think so it is one per day is all you want to do you could build a queue you can draft them up and eventually you're gonna go take like three or four days off of the family and you're like oh thank God I had those four posts because then you could post those while you're away and one a day just if you could do One A Day for two years straight that's 700 plus post two years it's a rough two years like I will acknowledge that but ain't nobody in your Niche is going to put out that much content especially if it's good in that short of time so you can go from Zero to Hero faster if you could just up that frequency and my wife and I we woke up at four o'clock every morning to work for three hours before we went to work and then we got home and we worked every evening and we took every and we just we grind it for like a few years to just get past that one point um yeah oh God Chaz is encouraging me to do open mic dude that would be horrible uh I just I just could see myself bombing and it would be a humbling experience I probably need in my life to be honest um all right speaking of colony miles most Comedy Club goers are not drunk they're too small or alternative audiences you have your own club in Austin oh no way I'm helping a Big Brand open a new club in Dallas in October cool uh I might be heading down to Austin if you do I was at a I was at a club in Austin it was downtown man this is a little dark dingy little room uh it was pretty funny man I like comedy I like laughing laughing is healthy freeze-dried business would you run ads to promote very good blog posts with high commission affiliate links or create an e-book for the content and use it in an ad I like the ebook that they have to opt in for but I do test running ads to long form content you got to be able to measure it really closely if you're getting someone on a list from an ad you're going to have a higher likelihood of earning your money back from that ad so I would say it's just like a blanket statement make sure your ads are driving people at least to an opt-in and then reveal the process in the book and the process requires the use of those tools that you have affiliate links for um would I suggest taking a copywriting course okay Esther Wolfson I want to see if I can find this here so five hour copy yep so there is I'm going to put this in the comments right here and now there's a five hour copywriting course called the secrets of copywriting from the copy that channel I haven't emailed this yet and I just posted it in the chat below so Esther that's the course I would recommend going through as a copywriter to get started um and then obviously I have templates to help you along the way um who do I surround myself with today trees uh who are the people you should look for in contact that can help become a better online marketer online business yo honestly I don't pay attention to anybody I don't watch no videos I don't listen no hipster podcasts I do a little bit in the world macro I just bought another real estate investment property so I keep my eye on macro Trends and stuff I think I nailed the bottom earlier this year I think housing is going back up which is a crazy thing to think but but I don't I do not let marketers and hit man there are so many hipster marketers out there who are saying oh this is dead and they're all just trying to get attention so they can run ads and do all the things we're talking about here so I'm blinders on and and my who I surround myself with is data so I got my ad guy and my wife and we we go through our YouTube data all the time we go through our blog data all the time we go through our click through rate our subscribe rate data data right like that that is my I spent a lot of time with data so it's me and with the trees I got my fruit trees I got my vegetables I got a cat I I live a very very very quiet uh very quiet life up here I've been out to eat in in this area I'm in like up in the Rockies like I've been out to eat like five times in the last like three years maybe maybe like I literally and and I like that some people can't handle that that's okay um start a mastermind if you need but like ultimately publishing like it's your job and then looking back through the data to see spikes in the data spikes in the data means what works and then do more around what works is is the idea um Chaz go see the link I just dropped in for copywriting resources realistic how many Niche affiliate websites a full-time solopreneur can handle one honestly most people can handle one and as you get to two three and four you see a lot of people they would make a lot more money being all in on that one Niche and really stepping up as that one person in that one Niche then splitting their focus down from there uh notepads are great I agree spend more time thinking I love that yeah that is a great podcast so I do have a podcast called spend more time thinking that was a good one um Johannes I'm happy to help Simon about the newsletter or course you met with the opt-in and give him some guide how do you choose the right paid ads platform to send traffic to the opt-in page start with Facebook ads because it's easy can you rely on AI to get your 100 posts with confidence absolutely is there a workflow that you'd like to check for articles for AI detection or plagiarism so yaakov on my blog miles go to go to milesbeckler.com it's it's maybe like the 10th blog post down at this point in time it's the ultimate guide to chat GPT for SEO so if you go type in Miles Beckler comma chat GPT for SEO you'll find it it's my 10-step process I don't look to see if AI can tell it's AI because I don't care but I do use a plagiarism Checker that I show in that process there yes you can use AI to write your first hundred posts but you should be going through each and every one of them to make sure that they're actually useful for people which is what I cover in that process there [Music] um Christine says she also uses koala to help with the content is it true that that Google doesn't like AI content therefore it doesn't no that's not true and they they changed their tone a while ago they don't actually care either way and they can't actually tell um water filtration versus 110 pound Carnival weight loss um man Brian like like like it feels to me like a is there a way to do both right water is life my man like in a major way but like your story around I lost 110 pounds and I'm fit like man that is that is really powerful that story so to me if you look around most people in this country are obese right now and like if you lost 110 pounds you were obese at one point in time and you broke through and like I think you could do more service in this world for people who seriously need it in that space and I like to think in terms of like how much of an impact can you have and that story every podcast about Fitness would want to hear that story over time right like you have a very like there's a book there already in it right and hopefully you got some pictures of what you were like you know bigger and then now and then I would even say like get super ripped what's it and then so as you're teaching people the carnivore to where you are what's your next thing so one thing I'm super into right now is like all these minerals and and like phosphorus and magnesium and we have we have so many deficiencies in a lot of these things and finding ways to get these into my system naturally and then what's and like blood work stuff like like so you need to keep going on your Advanced path like I'm working on the all these Advanced sales funnel stuff and the stuff we're doing my wife's brand like y'all don't even know like like it's really really really really really really advanced stuff and I'm teaching all like I'm trying to get a huge group of people up to the sales funnel thing So eventually I can keep teaching more and more people these Advanced sales funnels tactics which it's in my sales funnel masterclass but yeah like 50 people signed up for that thing alive right like I got millions of people I'm connected with and only 50 people signed up for that live so you need to have that you're working on that next level thing where you're at because you're on a path of you know Perpetual optimization of yourself while you tell those stories to help people go from obese to like a healthy body index and then you help them go from a healthy body index to maybe it's longevity that's something I'm really into that's why I look into a lot of that stuff is longevity so I hope that helps um can I elaborate on how my time management flow how practically are you doing this so I wake up I have a bit of caffeine in the morning and I work then I go for a walk I have some oatmeal and then I work and then I have like lunch teeth Qigong meditate and I go back to work and then I do dinner by 4 4 30 and I usually go back to work and at least one of those work sessions I jump over here on My Little Sim racing rig because I got like a six degree emotion rate I actually race with like uh in a in a interesting I race live with real people um so the best racers in the world actually use the same system that I'm on so that's it like I wake up I work and then like all of my stop breaks are either for like nutrients or exercise and like yeah I gotta clean a house in there somewhere and stuff right I'm in the middle of nowhere so we don't have house cleaners over here all the time but that's it like wake up work fill myself with good energy work go get exercise to build me up with energy work lay down and meditate because my brain's just going a million miles a minute it doesn't always shut off but that's fine that's what meditation is go back to work get up do some exercise work and like sure I might take that work session and actually clean the house type thing uh or I might just go sit out on the back Daddy like I don't work that hard every day anymore but when I was on the hustle man that was just that was it like work energy work energy work energy work energy and it's Energy Management it's building energy it's consuming energy it's all of those things um yeah appreciate each and every one of you on here um wow we made it to the end here when Facebook ads have been blocked how to get back into Facebook ads ooh so you got to get a new account you can use a spouse's account uh or get onto YouTube ads that might be what you need to uh tobogo I'm in a nail fungus Niche and I would like to create a product for my audience do you have any suggestions I hope you're on your list I'm going to reveal how I've been creating my courses um for creating products it always starts with an outline when you nail the outline when the outline is like okay folks are here their toenails are are green and fuzzy and I'm gonna get them to hear where their toenails are clean and like kissable like wow okay come up with a better bit than that but like step one step two step three step four step five that's it like like that's it so so the core of it is always in the outline um your daughter has tons of pictures of fat Brian Brian like like tune in like do you want to go help like like think of the life you have with your daughter how much more energy you have with your daughter now think of all of the benefits you've seen in your life from losing that weight like don't you want to go help the world with that like find that thing inside of you that's like I gotta get this out and it might be water you might be like miles this all makes sense but like yo like floor I don't know I understand the challenges of water but it just seems like there's there's a lot of potential there um is MailChimp a good email autoresponder no I don't recommend it um I recommend aweber um if you go to milesbecker.com on the very top navigation you can see uh all my step-by-step how to get started for free 100 free getting started on that um John davidin John O'Donovan I do appreciate that um mind shampoo do I batch create no I don't um you feel with your life you would need a batch create big time and schedule posting do the 90-day challenge Beyond do you go roll um I'm a deadline fan so Sundays because I publish Mondays I'm like last Sunday straight up y'all I'm like I don't know I don't know what I want to do I'm not on the back patio of my wife like man I'm tired of this YouTube thing like I don't even feel like it's working blah blah blah she's like shut the [ __ ] up dude go go create something and I came up with a video and I just made it and if it wasn't for that deadline I wouldn't have made it right so however you that's because I know my personality that's how I was in high school when it was time to get that English paper done that I had been ignoring they they assigned me the English paper day three in class and I'm literally doing the whole thing on the very last day so like if this is my pattern let me leverage that for me to make sure it gets done and I have not missed a weekly part like like on my schedule when I was every day I didn't miss when I was three per week I was so sick once I mean I was literally recording three videos with the flu I had like 103 degree temperature the videos are still live up here um I've never ever ever ever ever missed a deadline and I won't right because I've changed my I've changed my publishing schedule consciously but like that's how I guarantee that I keep going because once you miss a deadline it's so hard to get back going again um dude the race stuff is awesome Simon I was racing Formula Four today uh Max verstappen who's like the best uh Formula One racer in the world so this dude Formula One is like Elite level like arguably the best drivers in the world in the most competitive field in the world arguably I think the dude's race in Nascar at the highest level my hat's off to those guys too right so everybody racing at the top level is is an incredible person but um max verstappen is like literally the best in the world right now at formula one right now which is an incredibly intense competition the dude like won at Austin okay so he won a real race in the real car three hours later he's logging on to iRacing which is this virtual racing simulator that I'm a part of and he goes into a different class and he's dominating people at iRacing and I look at people like this who like he lives it he eats it he sleeps it he breathes it you know how many kids around the world want to be a race car driver this dude is like you know how many people want to be a content creator a YouTuber an internet marketing teacher a make money online guy a lot of people want what I've got how do I get I just keep showing up I'm Relentless so I look at people in those positions and how they live and how they work and how they build their life and a lot of people grow their brands and they get too good to host these kinds of things for 27 or 34 or 40 people and like ah just like keep showing up keep doing the fundamental things in your business in your life and you'll get amazing outcomes and I bet Brian if we dug into it with Brian is Brian he says domain name selection is difficult can you get Brian mcbride.com like just be you and go forward um but like if you look back into Brian McBride losing 110 pounds through carnivore like yes there was a strategic shift at some point to like consume different things but I bet it was a fundamentally simple shift that he just had to like relentlessly execute on for an extended period of time in order to get that result of losing 110 pounds the same is true for me learn how to race I'm not as bad as I was right now in this season on Formula Four I'm one of the top 800 drivers in the world okay that's that's pretty rough but it's a field of 12 000.

Okay so I've stepped up a bit but I'm still pretty bad right I got a long way to go but if I keep showing up and racing every day I spend 45 minutes to an hour on the rig a day that's it I don't overwhelm myself if I keep and I do that for 10 years straight guess who's going to be pretty damn hot in 2033 when it comes to sim racing this guy is going to be ripping right and that's the trajectory I'm on and I hope you understand that's a business truth that's what I did in 2016 when I started my YouTube channel and I was like if I just keep showing up and keep doing doing this eventually like people will know my brand and it's the same thing we did with my wife's brand and this is one of the reasons I really like for people to focus in on one brand that they love because it's that that repetition of doing the fundamental simple things over extended periods of time and nothing's extremely difficult in the fundamentals it's confusing at first but once you figure it out once your site map works and everything works you're beyond that you don't have to think about it much anymore but doing those little fundamental things day in and day out for four years straight is tough I mean we've all lost people recently right like our world has gone through astounding chaos right I feel the emotions Beyond this I've lost mentors I've lost family members like I didn't stop showing up I got sick I got laid up with a flu multiple times I didn't stop showing up and if you look at professional football players like you'll see it man they're playing the football I was like wow your mom just died and you're here playing like they're professionals they they play sick they play plate hurt they play tired they play When the chaos is going on in their life they show up and they don't just play they bring it and when you take that approach to your business and come hell or high water you're going to show up for your audience and you're going to bring it every day for them and you're going to stick with it for that long period of time a you're showing them what it takes to get the results that they want because that's the path no matter what it is if you want to get wealthy if you want to build a great relationship if you you want to become fit if you want to get six-pack AB you want to lose weight if you want to you know re-program your subconscious mind through hypnosis it always comes back to this fundamental things done consistently over long periods of time so we need to like teach it and then act it at the same exact time um Bryson oh yeah uh Bryson dechambeau shot a 59 LOL yes that's a golf reference that dude changed the game for sure um aweber versus Wix aweber all the way so if you have a Wix site I would never trust Wix with all aspects of my business I don't like all-in-one systems I don't want any one tool to be in control of my future right and so if if Wix starts messing up with me I can get rid of Wix the web Builder but my email list is still right there safe and secure so my content lives on one platform my email list lives on another platform and my sales take place on another platform and if any one of those fools start in sketchy they're out I replace them with a replacement and that but if you're in an all-in-one Builder it gets kind of risky from from there um Randy approach business like a pro athlete used to play competitive baseball so you feel that yo Randy you want to hear something cool the median okay which is the middle like the exact middle point person not the average middle but the middle the median NFL player earns like 800 000 a year dude I'm I'm making more than the median NFL player and I just like show up online and talk like and I probably pay less in taxes than these dudes do as well like it is astounding and it really truly is through this pro athlete Focus I think that that I don't know have you found Jermaine Curtis he's a student of mine he's in the baseball niche as well he played Pro for a little bit and he teaches baseball he's got a little YouTube channel growing and like my wife played division one college basketball and now she she just really does not enjoy basketball at all like like don't watch it don't think nope nope she can shoot when we play with the nieces and nephews like she was a shooting guard um but she so she played D1 ball and then we met right after she got out of college and there was something about that work ethic and that discipline that is unteachable and she had it and we focused all of that and instead of running liners on the court which she hated she was writing blog posts for SEO and we just literally we focused that energy that discipline and boom it created everything which is why when I started my YouTube channel I was like I have to take this pro athlete approach to this game in order to ultimately succeed and it's powerful it really is powerful how that works and um yeah that's it so uh well we went a little over 90 minutes but yo I kept it under two hours which to be honest for me that's pretty good like um I appreciate you guys so much thank you very much for reviewing the book funny part is I'm gonna have a whole nother book coming out here soon that I'm working on um I got something cool and now I'm gonna have to figure out some other creative way to get you know some folks to to help me out with this one as you're watching my videos since you all made it to the end here and y'all are clearly some of my folks who I appreciate you can leave me comments in the YouTube videos I see the comments I only see the first one so if you leave me a comment I'll see it and I can hit you back but if you reply to my reply the way that the app works it's gone and I got way too many of those open threads so if you watch a newer video if you watch a video and you're like pop me a question odds are I'll be able to respond to you in the comments of the YouTube videos uh that's a pro tip for you there um I appreciate I appreciate each and every one of you I'm gonna take this idea of doing a comedy routine to heart um scares the hell out of me oh there's javar right there um maybe I can even just show up and see a set from there but um you can do it it's consistently showing up to help other people get what they want and then being strategic about how you do that it takes hundreds of posts if I wanted to be a pro comedian such a great analogy what would I do if I wanted to be a pro comedian I would put myself I would arrange my lifestyle to where I could go to Open Mic nights several times per week and I'll probably move to Austin to be perfectly honest with you because I know there's a lot of clubs down there and I would do open mics on I know Mondays here Wednesday and I would test material test material test material I do five minutes here 10 minutes there I'd find one little thing that works I Gotta Laugh holy [ __ ] I Gotta Laugh and then I would go build on that and I would test something else and I would test something else and after doing what I would assume would be hundreds of Open Mic nights where I got hundreds of crickets and most things didn't land I would find a few things at work and I'd be able to link them together and build upon them in a way that I could go put together a 10 15 20 30 minute set that actually works it would be through the fundamental show up do the work show up do the work show suck at it suck at it suck at it I don't really suck at it I still kind of suck at it I don't suck about that but oh I'm actually almost kind of sort of thinking I might be getting good at this no I suck at this hundreds of times um that's it that's the path virtual open mics oh God Jamar I don't know about that man uh I'm I'm excited to learn about what you're doing Jamar uh I'm excited I'm really grateful to have you all here I'm gonna call it I'm gonna get out in the garden for a little bit go pick some lunch here and we will uh keep going from there right reps rewrites expert feedback it's brilliant man I really appreciate you guys this has been a lot of fun I'm gonna do more of these and I really like that it was small I actually made it through all of the this is the first time I've done it this way and the comments weren't blown up by randoms who don't understand the bit yet um so thank you guys very much I really do appreciate it and uh hit me up with questions you have in the comments and we're going to keep you guys moving forward as I keep moving forward and lots of great stuff to look forward to here's my best conspiracy theory for all y'all everything is going to work itself out and it's gonna be okay so let's build ourselves an abundant future because everything's gonna be great like like it's gonna work I don't know how it's crazy but that's how it all works all right on that note I'm gonna catch up with you guys be well thanks

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