What you fear is not real

oh that [ __ ] [ __ ] that's what I was thinking I was bulletproof I practiced in the mirror like all this time and my heart just dropped it just went in my mind everything I had worked up to and came up to this point I'd gotten good grades in high school i' taken the aps I went to a great College I had all the right Majors business marketing every everything I had done I gotten a good job I switched out for a better job and I did everything correct in my job and I was moving up and I was doing everything I was helping the company grow I felt pretty confident going in because I felt like I had a bulletproof case for asking for a raise so I went in I had you know a little sheet prepared of you know just kind of some numbers and some charts and uh some of the some of the actual data that I was going to reference and I went in and I made my Spiel which was short I thought I kept it good and open-ended I didn't ask for a firm amount I said hey I'd look like either raise or some sort of incentive plan moving forward so that I can be on track to earn six figures his answer was the one answer I actually hadn't prepared for which wasn't really an objection but what he said was or what he was just being an a-hole what that question meant to me cuz he was saying you want a raise or what are you going to do and what I felt like he was asking me to do is actually put my balls on the line and say or I'm quitting I don't think that was his intention the way I interpreted his response or what I felt he was forcing me to say is the job path for you or do you have to go a different route I want to give my boss a month notice so I gave myself 60 days to say I'm out whether or not I had the income to support going out on my own I knew I had to do it and I knew I just had to really just resolve it in that moment and just move forward because otherwise I'd create too many obstacles to keep myself comfortable being an entrepreneur and defining my own sense of selfworth it was scary but I realized I would live a life of regrets of constriction of being on somebody else's term of being a comfortable slave if I allowed my sense of self-worth and my worth to be determined by somebody else and at that moment I made a decision that I can determine my own happiness I can determine my own freedom I can determine what I get from this life but once I had that goal in mind you see I was able to problem solve my way to get there you don't need to let anybody else determine what you're worth or where you're going in life that you have full control of that and it doesn't need to be a boss a teacher or even a relationship you're in you determine where you're going in life you alone have all of the power in the world world to figure this stuff out for yourself you're in a prison of your own mind what you fear is not real and it's really bitching over on this other side you can truly make it [Music] happen

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