What tasks should entrepreneurs outsource?

what jobs or projects would I hire out if I had the money to do it but not the time yet whatever is whatever you're working on in your current day-to-day business right so what needs to get outsourced is a byproduct of what needs to get done and what do you need to get done it depends on where you're at in your business and what kind of a business that you're attempting to build so for me in my business I Outsource customer support I Outsource my copy editing and my proof reading like the little bits and pieces is that comma in the right place is my your your your or do I got my yours correct um I Outsource all of those things my ad guy I just Outsource things to him because he's very analytical and he's measured but but like the only reason I'm Outsourcing those things is because it's like a part of my business processes so phase one in your business is to build your business processes right you do that through doing the work and when you get to a point where you're like man this task like I got I spent in four hours a week doing this one thing every Bingo that's what you Outsource

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