What Is Web Hosting? And How To Choose A Web Host?

what is web hosting web hosting is like the virtual real estate that your website lives on so if you're building a WordPress website you're going to need to have web hosting and web hosting is the space on a server in a data center that is maintained and managed professionally and it's online 24 hours a day seven days a week so if someone goes to your website at 3 in the morning and your home computer's off your website's still online because it's living on a computer Compu in a data center that's always online and these aren't just regular computers right this isn't like your laptop or your desktop at home these are highly efficient web servers um they're designed to be incredibly fast and really have a lot of resources compared to what our websites have excuse me what our home computers have so the way it works on a web server is generally you're going to start with a shared web hosting and what this means is they'll partition out one web server and they'll give maybe 500 or a thousand different websites an equal amount of said web server so you're effectively sharing the resources of that computer now the benefit of this is it's incredibly inexpensive to start but the challenge of this is that you get kind of stacked on there with other people someone might be a resource hog or someone might be spamming or doing something a little bit shady and your IP address will be similar since you're in such close proximity to where their website's stored and that could negatively affect you so I know all this because I worked in the web hosting industry for about a year um from 2003 2004 Range I did sales for a web hosting company and while I was there something really interesting happened my little kind of mom and pop web hosting company that I was working for got bought out by this larger conglomerate known as EIG and right now there's two big conglomerates in the web hosting World buying up every little web hosting company they can and they kind of squeeze them to maximize the profits GoDaddy is one of them I do not recommend GoDaddy I don't recommend them for domain names hosting nothing stay away the other one is this company EIG so here's what happens right so Mom and Pop start a web hosting company they build it up through great service they don't overload the servers everyone has a really good experience and when they submit a ticket mom and are there to take care of their customers and boom the problems get resolved quickly everyone's happy mom and pop get a multi-million dollar offer for their web hosting company and they're like that's it I've made it they Cash Out EIG moves in EIG does three things almost every single time and I I'm telling you I witnessed this because I worked at a company that went through this number one what had happened is they gutted the support staff the fastest way for a bigger company to make more money off a smaller company is to reduce the amount of staff period you see it in hostile corporate takeovers all over the world and this is exactly what EIG does so support wait times can go from seconds and minutes to 20 30 minutes or an hour plus when I started working with this company your tickets would be answered within about 5 to 10 minutes when I left that company it was literally an hour wait time to speak with someone in support that's not even getting your problem solved that to explain your problem so if your website went down it would take you an hour to get on the phone with someone who would then be able to potentially research and rectify the problem and get your website online terrible terrible terrible the number two thing that EIG does every single time and GoDaddy every time they do it with their own servers they do it when they do a buyout is they double triple or quadruple the number of individuals on every single shared server and what this allows them to do is service the name the same amount of customers with a lot less resources saving more money so you the End customer get less resources allocated which means your website slows down and the chances of you being cuddled up with a spammer and getting your website blacklisted because of the actions of others goes up significantly again they come in they walk in the door paying a million dollars they're going to go get their money out as quickly as they can labor costs and servicing the customer fees are the first two things to go number three what they do is they increase the affiliate commissions to a point that is absolutely ludicrous so you might notice and maybe you've seen some of these income reports by people like Pat Flynn Pat Flynn is so proud of the fact that he makes3 $40,000 a month from blue host blue host is a terrible host at this point in time they used to be the mom and pop hosting company that cared about their customers and offered good service they have been bought out by EIG and now for a $70 sale they'll pay Pat Flynn $125 to $150 so they're paying him double so he's financially incentivized to recommend this company that has [ __ ] service and really isn't there for the customers it's a big numbers game so when he's rubbing in the fact that he's making $40,000 a month referring hosting clients to this subpar thing he's literally rubbing it in people's faces that he's promoting something that subpar he's doing it for the money he doesn't really care about you but he's making his money so everybody should be in awe of what he's doing that oh man just it frustrates me so much to see that going on because that puts you potentially in a position where you're getting on with a company that's kind of shady uh blue hose another one HostGator used to be great I used them back in the day eye power used to be good back in the day they're all falling apart because they've been bought out by these big companies and The Squeeze is on so let me first explain I'm going to explain two companies now right I'm going explain the one I recommend and I'm going to tell you the one I use right because I want you to understand that I don't use one of these for a specific reason so who do I use I use big scoots big scoots specializes in Virtual private servers and dedicated servers right a virtual private server is essentially a way they cut down to like instead of hundreds of people on a single server there's maybe four people on a single server so you get a lot more resources you always have a high volume of dedicated resources and a dedicated server which is what I'm on is literally that's my computer there's no one else on that server it's just me I pay a lot of money for this but my website delivers you know 15 20 million page views a year um I serve over 10 million visits uh probably in 2017 10 to 12 million visits I'll be serving and my site has over a thousand pages on it and we have a lot of plugins so I I have a heavy site and I've grown into that right I started with shared hosting and as my site grew and I started seeing these spikes of 200 400 700 visitors on my website at the exact same time I had to expand from shared hosting to Virtual private server to a dedicated server where I'm at now they do offer web hosting just basic shared hosting it's a very good value but they don't have a WordPress specific hosting option and they don't necessarily install WordPress for you it's really easy to do um so if you look at big sco.com and you think it looks great and you're in that's who I use um but if you're just getting started out and you're looking for a host to build your WordPress funnel and your WordPress website on A2 hosting has a WordPress hosting system that costs literally like $4 a month I think it's four or five bucks a month it's incredibly inexpensive when you buy it they install WordPress for you which just saves you a few confusing steps and they do something that's called hardening your your WordPress installation and hardening your WordPress installation is essentially doing some security patches to your database names and they just make sure it's locked down to make it as difficult as possible for hackers to try to get in and get access to your website now as a new site that's a very small problem or a very small chance right they go after bigger sites like ours um because there's more of a value for for the hackers in the long term but that's that's a really key and integral part um A2 hosting is still owned by a private company they're in it for the long haul they have years and years and years of great service under their belt their support answers quickly they will help you out with problems and they're just they're one of the good guys and that's who I recommend I've got my affiliate link below full disclosure it is an affiliate link but I'm in no way shape or form promoting them because of the financial incentive in fact if I went with another company like some of these passive income people out there who are just pulling your leg to make a buck uh I could make more right so I'm personally consciously specifically choosing to recommend a company that is in your best interest not my best interest and very few people seem to be doing that online if you're going with click fils you don't need web hosting that's built into the system if you're going with WordPress you need web hosting um A2 again if you buy out a year I think it's under $60 for a year if you want to do it monthly I believe you can get it as low as like seven or eight dollars a month maybe maybe lower um it's it's pretty amazing at how inexpensive it is to build an internet business in this day and age now one last thing you only need their base version which is good for one website uh you don't need to upgrade right away for anything you can always upgrade with a phone call in the future the one add-on you might need at some point is what's called an SSL it's a secure socket layer it's essentially the ability to run https and have a little green bar up top and the little lock signal like my hand signals here um the only reason you would need https getting started is if you are doing transactions if someone is actually putting a credit card number in on your website to purchase if you're being an affiliate or if you're using a thirdparty system like thrivecart or Sam cart in order to manage your checkouts you don't need an SSL again you can always add that on later an SSL you have to buy it for a year and it's $50 for a year so all said and done if you need in SSL and hosting you're talking about $100 for the year which breaks down to an incredibly low price you compare that to clickfunnels it's $297 a month for their premium package and there's a significant difference there it puts that barrier to entry very low for you you'll need to build your WordPress funnel I'll put the link to the WordPress funnel training Series in in the description if you're jumping in get started get WordPress going build out your first funnel and just run with it uh but really with the web hosting side of things be sure you're in alignment with a company that has Integrity because that means they're in it with your best intent with your kind of like best goals and needs and Desires in kind of in their best intentions and a lot of these companies don't do that it's kind of shady interesting that I used to work for a company that went through this and I saw it happen um very frustrating experience to go through as an individual than I was a part of them uh last thing probably the third time I said last thing and I do mean last thing if you're on with one of these comp companies like GoDaddy or HostGator or Blu host or one of these kind of shadier companies a you probably didn't watch till this end but if you did and you're on with one of these companies stay there it's probably more beneficial for you to continue to publish content every day and do a 90-day challenge right now and then shift your site over at the end of 90 days than it is to go moving your site around there's no sense wasting that time if you're not experiencing problems but if you have downtime with them if they're not responding to your tickets in an effective manner that's why go to A2 and just just make the move happen it's not that big of a deal um you could hire somebody on upwork to move your site for you for probably about 5 10 bucks and it should take them maybe an hour or two as all and your site will be live in the same place and everything will be up and running um nothing changed so that's my little diddy on web hosting I hope you understand now what web hosting is why it's necessary if it's necessary for you and you know the options that I recommend if you have any questions that's where the comments come in leave me a comment I'm happy to answer your questions if you like the video a thumbs up helps me get the Reach Out which is my only goal here and if you have not subscribed yet do subscribe I have some great stuff on the way for you and I will see you on the next video

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