What AI Tools Am I Using Right Now?

which tools am I using for my workflow right now koala is my go-to miles.com kaala they have it's like pre- prompting it does the prompting for you it allows you to write the basic rough draft of an SEO optimized blog post extremely fast I've bought a large enough account there where I use chat gp4 for everything it takes more credits to get chat gp4 and they also have one where I can give them a link to my YouTube video and it literally goes and creates a blog post based on that um on my blog if you search on Google miles Beckler comma chat GPT SEO you'll find my 10-step process that is literally I go here because there's another tool I use called phrase or Surfer and that helps me optimize because the AI doesn't know how to optimize for search because the AI can't really go look at today's rankings and and for search you need to go look at what's ranking right now to have an understanding of it um so that that's the place I would I would go um for my exact step-by-step process

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