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watch me live as I set up an AI based website to make money right in front of your face nothing's going to be left out nothing's going to be hit you are going to get to be in on the entire process starting with this this is a domain name that I purchased at auction just a couple weeks ago you can see right here that Google actually started re-indexing the site I created just yesterday that's right I took three keywords from the competitive SUV Market put some AI content up and it's actually starting to get results so let's go back in time a couple of days and I'll show you how I set up this content how it works and why it's starting to rank so quickly and how I plan to make money okay so first we're gonna go over here to New which is the domain we're going to use for this AI test what we need to do is take the domain that I bought at auction over at GoDaddy and point it at our web host so that we can build a site and actually make this thing work we're going to be using WordPress so first what we need to do is go to DNS and make sure that the name server records are pointing to whatever our host is so we're going to click on name servers like this now if the name servers were not set to Bluehost we would hit change and set them to Bluehost or HostGator or whatever it is we're using then once these are pointing we should be able to go to the website like this new and see the Bluehost welcome page it's actually very simple next what we need to do is log into our Bluehost go into domains and we're going to click assign domain this is going to tell Bluehost that this is the domain we own and the one we want to use so we're going to use new SUV right like this and it's going to check and see ownership verified we're going to choose add-on domain and then we're gonna scroll down and hit assign this domain should take a couple of seconds and then we'll be able to put WordPress and all that fancy stuff on our site so that we could start to make money with our new SUV site and if you click this several times and nothing happens it's just a little glitch it should show up in just a couple seconds right like this and we could see here that new SUV is added as a unassigned domain and then if we refresh this a couple times it should show up as an add-on domain eventually there we go new SUV add-on domain next what we're going to do is go to my sites we're going to click on create site and we're going to put a title in here now you're going to want to title this based on your keywords so we're going to go ahead and use ahrefs right like this to see the keywords that new ranked for as you can see this ranked for tons of different keywords which means this will be pretty easy to use so if we're going to go through this here and see the best SUV that's definitely something that's working we will do a title like choose the best SUV for you or just choose the best SUV that'll work all right then we can have a tagline SUV let's do something like top SUVs reviewed in detail or something like that top SUVs compared let's do compared right like that okay so we have choose the best the best SUV top SUVs compared that should work fine then we're going to go to next we're going to choose the domain that we just added on then we just choose new SUV right here make sure this here is blank we're going to click all these little add-ons off we don't need any of those and then we're going to hit next then we're going to skip this step right like this and we should be able to Now log into our WordPress now we should also see that on the new SUV site where we had the Bluehost welcome page like this it should now have a WordPress coming soon right like this so what we're going to do is go back to our Bluehost right here and then we're going to go to staging I think it is I think there's a way to turn off that welcome to my blog thing let's take a look here maybe it's under settings yeah there we go so under settings what we're going to do is look for the coming soon page here and we're going to turn this off right like that okay once we turn that off that should change it let's see it should have status right like this and the status is now live what that'll do is it's just going to make it an actual live WordPress blog there we go pretty simple okay next what we're going to do is we're going to go over to simple we're going to download the simple Blog theme right like this so you just put your name here Marcus at new you're going to put your email though and we're going to go ahead and download our Blog theme which we'll download right like this to our downloads folder we're going to go ahead and hit extract all right like this and that's going to give us this folder with a bunch of files all we need to do is edit two files and we'll have a custom Blog theme the two files are under images and then it's going to be under my logo my logo large and Page sorry it's actually three files so what we're going to do is we're going to open up my logo large right like this in our favorite image editor it's going to look something like this then I can go ahead and go to my favorite clip art or image website or I could even use something like mid Journey or whatever right and we're going to search for SUV and what we're going to do is we're going to make like a nice little logo out of our image here so let's see we need an SUV this guy looks good so we can do like this we're going to download it as a gif and we'll do like 600 pixels because it doesn't need to be too big and that'll download it right here so what we're going to do is we're going to take that file all right like this and drag it right into our image editor right like this okay pretty cool so we'll have it like that and then I'm just going to put some white space behind it right like this move this to the back and then I can put new SUV or whatever new okay right like that now I kind of want the car on the other side so I'm just going to do this image arrange flip horizontal I think it is yeah there we go so right like that that way he'll be on this side and the text will be over here somewhere so here we go let's see there we go new boom don't overthink this the logo is not super important what's more important is the actual traffic okay so we're gonna do that get our white space back there move it back like this and then we can make this bring to the front new right like this make it a little bit smaller here like that new okay now we have our little uh image here Let's do let's make the outline the dark green color and we could do a little bit different let's do the green like that maybe yeah there we go so that's looking kind of cool and then we can have it stand out like that or something it doesn't need to be too fancy and then if you want you can put another one of these cards the other way let's flip him again Boop right like that and then we'll put him the other way and we'll have like two cars with the new SUV logo right in the middle of them which is kind of cool right there we go it's something like that right it doesn't really matter again so um I'm gonna go with one car I think that was fine again don't overthink it you're good there we go okay so now we're just gonna save this save as we're gonna save this as right here my logo and my logo large we're just going to save it as both of them save as my logo large and save as my logo my logo there we go okay next what we're gonna do is get a background so we're going to go back to clipart and we can do background Outdoors right like this and I'm going to choose a photo because I think a photo would be better so we'll do like Outdoors right like this and let's see yeah these are kind of cool some mountainy so like if we have this here we could do uh jpeg 2400 that'll download it right there right like this and we could do show and folder open with our favorite image editor and then we can just do file save as and we're going to save this as page and make sure it asks you if it wants to overwrite it that's very important then we should have our folder with our logo and our other stuff as well so simple Blog theme if we go into images we should see those three images we just made SUV SUV and page so my logo my logo large and Page very simple then all we got to do is go here select everything send to compress zip file that's going to make a little compressed file we can call this new SUV okay super easy right then all we got to do is go to our WordPress here we're going to go to themes appearance themes upload choose file and we're going to choose that file that we just made called new SUV dot zip install and then what this is going to do is it's going to change our page from this here okay we hit activate then it should change it to our fancy SUV theme and there we go so we got our SUV here we got our mountains here this looks like a site I want to buy an SUV on so very simple then what we're going to do is we're just going to go ahead and secure the site the way we do that is by going to settings and we're going to put an S right here at https once we save it now it shows now it shows as it is actually secure which is good you want to have it secure that's super important for customer trust and everything like that and so they don't get any Flags in their um in their browser or whatever it is then what we're going to do is change up the way this looks a bit so we're going to go settings we're going to go to reading and we're going to choose home page displays a static page and we're going to choose the sample page right here that is going to change it from this blog page to sample page right like that super simple now what we're going to do is start adding AI content over here you can see I'm using an AI content generator to create different posts I have best SUV visibility which have the best interiors and again these are based on keywords that this domain used to rank for now since we're going to have the home page like this what I'm going to do is I'm going to have a bulk article created about the best SUVs and I'm gonna see where it ranks right we're going to kind of see where it gets picked up and then we're going to link from the home page to these posts and lots of other posts that we're going to be doing with AI as well so you're going to get to see the test live we're going to document everything and show you exactly how it works for right now what I'm going to do is I'm going to go through and I'm going to try to find one of the key words that had a lot of volume that we ranked for kind of good so we have luxury mid-size SUV with we were ranking number 59 and it has a lot of searches so that could be a good one although it is a little bit competitive let's try something like luxury midsize I do like that one and we can do fastest as well so what I'm going to do is I'm going to use this keyword here we're going to go over to our AI generator I'm going to do from a keyword next what do I want to rank for luxury mid-size SUV we're going to choose 3 000 plus words please write about the top luxury SUVs mid small and full size include specs prices and luxury features in each vehicle okay then we're gonna go ahead and do that so we got a good luxury mid-size SUV I'm gonna title it the best luxury SUVs and hopefully we'll rank for that as well again this is a testing game we want to see where it comes up so we're going to hit create content now and we're going to hit yes create a post now while we're waiting for this one it usually takes like two or three minutes I'm gonna go ahead and put these up as posts so I'm going to go here and I'm going to do Post add new right like this okay this is going to bring up the new post maker thing which looks like this I'm gonna revert back to the old the old uh editor so we're gonna go add new plugin and we're gonna do classic editor install and we wait and then activate what that'll do is it's going to make the post Creator the old way which is a lot easier to work with it looks like this okay so what we're going to do is we're going to put our Title Here this one is best SUV visibility now our keyword was what was it it was uh visibility I think it was under traffic here worse SUV okay SUV with the best visibility okay so we'll call This SUV with the best visibility seven options to consider okay then what we're going to do is we're just going to post that content that the AI wrote for us I'm going to get rid of the table of contents because I don't think I really need that so we'll just put this in here like this and you can add images as you go along as well put all of our different cars here right like this and let's see where did our link go there we go put this down here and then we can go ahead and hit publish okay we can we can shorten this up too we could just do SUV Dash visibility okay boom right like that and actually what we want to do is use the old URL slug so this here safety Dash best that would be ideal so what we'll do is we'll put this under here best and worst visibility SUV right like that that should do the trick and make that work for us we might have to do a little bit of tweaking yeah okay so that worked perfectly um so that slug is working the next piece of content I had was which SUVs have the best interior so again I'm going to get the slug for this one let's see inter interior there we go I think I found it down here where did it go interior there we go best SUV interior so this one here is best SUV Interiors okay so we're just gonna go like this add new post SUVs with the best interior with price or we could just put SUVs or the best interior right like that okay then we're gonna go ahead and get our content here so SUVs with best interior we're going to change that to match exactly what we had there okay then we get our content for that one again I'm not going to have the table of contents I mean we can make that later if we want but I don't copy it here because it's going to copy some weird link structure okay we'll copy the other content here then we're going to go through boom we're gonna hit publish okay and then I'm gonna get rid of all these little tweet things too I don't want these tweets okay make sure get rid of these and we'll just get rid of all the tweets like this I don't want those that's just going to link them to Twitter which I don't want to do that I want them to read our site and I want them to click on ads so right like this good update now we have two posts that are looking really good for this stuff now what you're going to notice is you can't really get to those posts from the main page so we're gonna have to do a little bit of tweaking here and again that's why we have that content being written on the home page for the best SUVs and it should be looks like it's it's still working on it so we'll see how that goes there in the meantime what I'm going to do is I'm going to go dashboard we're going to go to uh plugins right like this add new and we're going to do classic widgets so we want classic classic editor and classic widgets install and let's see here so there we go activate what that's going to do is we're going to go to appearance widgets and we're going to get rid of all this weird stuff over here recent post and all that okay very simple we're just gonna go drag these over here that should get rid of some of them there we go pretty simple and then if you want the archive and stuff uh we can do that as well that's probably in one of these there we go archive get rid of that and then we might be able so first bottom widget area I could put recent posts in there and that'll automatically keep the post see how it's got the post that I just made so that's a cool way to have them on your on your main page as well now what we're going to do is we are going to wait for this piece of content to be written we're going to put this as the home page and then every new page we make with AI we're going to use our keywords we're going to keep the URL slugs this thing should start ranking very quickly and you guys are going to get to watch live as we do it also so stay tuned for that make sure you make sure you smash the like button subscribe all that fancy stuff and we're going to walk you through this entire process as we build this site out with AI you're going to get to see if it succeeds or fails and I got a good hunch it's gonna do really well and it looks like now that big article with all the top luxury SUVs is actually created for us so what we're going to do here is we're going to go back to our blog right here I'm going to go to Pages all pages and I'm going to go to sample page and we'll go ahead and call this top luxury SUVs let's see what was the keyword I think it was like luxury SUV or something like that luxury mid-size SUV let's see what it came up with let's see what I came up with with the uh okay so top luxury mid-size SUV I think that's actually a pretty good title so we're going to stick with what the AI gave us okay then I'm going to put the content again right like this boom and then skip the table of contents go to the next part and right here we should have this post I'm just yeah the conclusion is fine I'm going to change conclusion to what we found what we found boom right like that and then I should be able to update this and then you should be able to see what the site looks like right here top uh new it's got the different models here and then down at the bottom it has our recent post and then we could fancy this up and add text and graphics and all kinds of stuff like that but what we want to do is see where this thing starts to rank it's going to be important so keep an eye on this we're going to load up a bunch of other content actually upgraded my account so now I'm paying over two thousand dollars for this uh AI content and we're gonna see how it does that way you know you can see if it's money well spent if this thing works if it ranks makes money stay tuned you're gonna see exactly what happens okay so now you know how I set up the website got some content and everything like that next what I'm going to do is have one of my employees set up over 50 pieces of content for this website we're going to load them onto the blog as post and we're going to follow along each day check back and show you exactly how this thing is ranking so if you want to follow along with the process so that you can do this at home and hopefully make some money smash the like button subscribe and let me know in the comments if you want to see part two

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