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Bloggers and Email Marketing

One of the few positives for writers who are out of work-either because they've been laid off from spiraling newspapers and magazines or because they can't find paying work either in print or on the web-is the ease with which they can begin blogging. Platforms such as Blogger and WordPress are free of charge and are so easy to operate that an entrepreneurial writer can be up and going and continuing his or her career in a matter of minutes.

3 Marketing Tips For Improving Your Email

Effective email marketing tips are like money in the bank considering you already have a list of subscribers. Building a email contact list requires that you immediately also begin building relationships so people don't unsubscribe! Read on to see 3 simple tips that will help you develop long lasting and profitable relationships with the people on your list!

The 5 Best Free Services To Create A New Email Address

Having an email in today's digitalized world is extremely important. You need an email account for just about everything, for example maintaining your social and business lives, talking to clients, marketing your products and even making payments.

How To Create Email Address With Your Own Domain

Usually, when we own a website we feel like having an email address with the same ending. For example, if we own a website or domain with the name, we would definitely like to have an email like paul(at)blah

How Often Should I Email My List?

I get asked all the time – how often should I email my list? I often answer “as many times as you can get away with.” Listen – the more they digest and consume your stuff and you educate them with your content – the better.

How Many Free Offers And How Many Paid Offers You Should Send To Your Subscribers

When you build up an opt-in list of email subscribers and you send messages to those subscribers, there are basically two kinds of messages you can send to those people. You can send them free information, free downloads or free offers. The other kind of email you can send is a paid offer, a link to go get something to buy.

Transition Your Email Subscribers From Free Content Into Paid Content

It doesn't matter what niche you're in, it doesn't matter if you are providing a product or a service, the biggest and best boost you can make to your online business right now is to start a mailing list. It can be as simple as posting a forum on your blog asking people to sign up for updates or it can be as complex as capturing the email addresses of your buyers and even giving away something for free in exchange for signing up. But once someone gets onto your email opt-in subscriber list, how do you get them to start responding to your paid offers again whether this is a product or a service and buy from you?

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