Top 5 Tools to Create and Sell Your Online Course

if you want to create and sell online courses there are five tools you absolutely need stick with me while I explain each one and what they will do for your business the first one is descript this is what I recommend you use to film and edit your online course lessons you can use this tool to film you on camera just like this or you can choose to film you and your screen with you in a small little circle or just your screen what's brilliant about this tool is it makes the editing process 10 times faster if you can edit a Word document then you can edit a video now thanks to the script and for online courses specifically if you ever need to make an edit or update in the future it's really easy to go back into that file make the update hit publish and have it automatically update inside your course and obviously you want your online course videos to be high quality rather than having to go out and get a super expensive care camera I recommend getting the Logitech 4K webcam and for your microphone this one right here that I love so much this is the Shure mv7 microphone you can connect both of these tools to descript which makes it really simple to film now let's say that you already have lessons that you've filmed that's absolutely fine you can still use descript as the editor so here's a video that I filmed on my phone I can drag that into descript and then I can continue to use the editor I have done a full video on the script so I will link to that for you in the description below the next tool is canva this is an easy to use graphic design software that is so handy and you're going to be able to use it for multiple different purposes for example I recommend you use this to create all of your lesson slides it's going to allow you to create on-brand professional looking slides but it's also going to allow you to create any graphic that you need in your online course for example when it comes to promoting your course you can use canva to create a mock-up like this when it comes to promoting your online course you can use it to create Instagram content like this and you can use it to create any other graphic you want to include on your sales page and not just this you can use it to create gorgeous worksheets for your students the next tool is kartra and this is what I recommend you use to host your online course so this is where your students will actually log in and watch your lessons now the reason I recommend kartra is because not only does it host your online course it does everything that you need as well to Market and sell it and it is so handy having all of this in one place so you'll also use kartra to create your sales page this is a really important sales element it's where you're going to include all of the details about your course and where people will actually check out and purchase your course then you'll also use kartra for for all of your email marketing needs so you can use it to grow your email list which is super important in terms of then selling your online course and you can use it for any automated sequences you may want to send out for example every time a student joins your online course I would recommend sending them an automated welcome sequence and that is something you can do in kartra the next tool I'd recommend is called chatra This is actually a live chat tool that you can embed into your sales page that you've created in kartra so this one here is fantastic it's going to allow you to easily respond to all questions and inquiries about your online course and because we have this tool we convert so many more visitors into students so I highly recommend that you set this up as you can see here here is one of my sales Pages for my online course up level with Asana as soon as someone lands on it after a few seconds a little pop-up is going to to appear from me letting them know that I'm there and available to answer any questions and then what's cool is that chatra has an app so it connects directly to my phone and I never miss a message and finally the last tool I want to mention is Asana Asana is a free project management software that is going to allow you to keep on track of big projects like this and ensure that you actually complete it and get your course done so it's amazing for that purpose but it's also fantastic for actually mapping out your course so if you are in the early phases of just figuring out what you're going to include in your course I highly recommend that you do this inside of Asana itself so you're going to sign up for a free account and then once you do create a project and then flip into board View and use each of the individual tasks as your actual lesson title this way you can brainstorm you can move them around and you can figure out the exact flow an order of lessons that you want to include in your course it's how I've mapped out every single one of my courses and it's really helpful all right those are the top five tools I recommend check the description below for all links also this is just the beginning if you would like to learn my strategy for how I sell online courses in my sleep click the link in the description below to watch my free training next thank you so much for watching let me know in the comments if you have any questions at all and I'll see you real soon with another video thank you [Music]

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