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hey John christani here great to see everyone let me know if you can uh see my face and uh hear me all right awesome looks like it's working on my end um yeah we're gonna be going over some cool stuff today let me uh bring up my uh this is really a time for you guys to ask me questions let me see outline plus webcam um so we're gonna go over a few stuff as always you guys always are asking me how do I start affiliate marketing so I'll run through that um as usual again uh we'll also talk about a little bit about AI training AIS uh this is uh very few people know this yet so we're going to be talking about training AIS we're going to be talking about deep fakes and we're going to be talking about some helpful tools that you can use to help create AIS uh do marketing and whatever but keep in mind that AI isn't going to [ __ ] solve out anything um if you suck at marketing yeah abhinav great to see you uh what's your question man where are you coming from and everyone here joining let me know where you're coming from in the uh chat uh shout out your country you know Morocco or Nigeria United States what you know whatever if you're in the US shout out your state um does chat GPT affect in our line of service yeah it totally does but if you suck at marketing if you haven't built up skills because you're addicted to your your your stupid smartphone it's not going to do you any good okay if you are not making any money from marketing right now ai is not going to make you any money from marketing okay if you suck at marketing and if you were not making money AI is not going to help you make more money it's not going to help you make money if you are making money AI will help you make more money okay uh just to make that clear a lot of a lot of my audience is uh very uh and just showing you guys here welcome welcome everyone let me know what country you're coming from this is my house for those of you who haven't seen it this is my work spot just build some horse stables out there and yeah um but yeah a lot of you are what I call schemers okay your schemers now a schemer is somebody who's always looking for a fast way to make money but never works hard enough it works it hard long enough to actually make the money a schemer is somebody who wants to go to a shiny object we call it shiny object syndrome okay and AI is trending right now like crazy but we're not going to make money with AI if you aren't making money already okay so just keep that clear and get out of the scheming mindset right get out of that scheming mindset okay um why don't you like hormozy or Iman uh I don't know Alex hermosi or Iman I don't know these guys I've never talked to them uh so I I have no idea about them um okay let's go on to uh how do you start affiliate marketing and and also this is your time for questions right ama ama this is your time for questions so ask me any questions you want let's bring up obs so first I'm going to share with you um some of the um affiliate networks here if you want to start affiliate marketing the first step is actually joining an affiliate Network now most affiliate networks will require some form of approval some affiliate networks will even require you to pay money okay as you see this is right here cost to join a couple affiliate networks require you to pay money I do not recommend joining any affiliate networks that require you to pay money okay I recommend you join affiliate networks even better ones that don't require approval okay now some of the affiliate networks that don't require approval require you to join uh to uh spend money but most don't you know most require approval join an affiliate Network okay now again these don't cost any money to start join okay there's some links to join the my list of affiliate Networks now I always recommend ClickBank and I've heard some people say to me John you know uh let me let me you know John ClickBank costs money to join okay I've heard that how many people here think ClickBank costs money to join okay I don't know I don't know I've I've got a lot of emails from it it doesn't it doesn't you're clicking in the wrong area okay now a lot of people will click right here start here yeah it's free it's free everyone knows this but I've gotten thousands of messages saying the ClickBank costs money okay now here we get through what's called a funnel yeah okay they're gonna try to sell you a product okay okay I I don't know you know but they're gonna try to sell us something at the end of this okay we don't want to go through that all you want to do is you want to click Start here sorry log in and create an account okay you just want to create an account with ClickBank yeah don't sign you don't need to sign up for anything with ClickBank okay you don't need to spend any money you create an account and you're gonna have to fill out your bank account information now I'm not going to sell you on why you'd need to you know I'm not going to sell you on this but you have to fill out your bank information anybody you want to have pay you you need to fill out your bank information okay anybody you want to have to pay you have to fill out your bank information but once you are able to earn money from the internet your life changes forever now the next uh and let me go into this on YouTube the next step for you to make money is you need to actually post content okay you need to get clicks to your affiliate link okay once you create an affiliate you you can log into ClickBank you can learn how to get you know get your affiliate link and all that stuff you can look over other videos of mine but the important thing is that you're actually getting traffic okay traffic is the most important thing and here we'll go in some of my telegram groups and you guys can check the link in the description uh let's let's let me bring this up okay and you will see we have in the description we have a lot of free clips that you can use for for uh promoting products okay we have you know a lot of viral type videos that you can repost on social media again how do we reach people how do we get people coming to us well they have to see us somewhere where are they going to look they're going to look on one of these sites online Discord Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter twitch Tick Tock Pinterest you know you name it Reddit it's obvious right and if you're watching other people's content then you're not making money okay don't know how many times I have to go over this you have to put all these sites are free to post on it's not complicated the most common thing I see from folks especially in like I don't know like other countries is they contact me and they say ah what do I post or what do I do things and I say how many posts have you done and they say none okay if you haven't been posting online you're not doing anything you're scared you're weak and if you're scared and weak you shouldn't become an entrepreneur you should have a job okay being an entrepreneur is not for the scared of the week being an entrepreneur is fearless you must be willing to go into battle and die a thousand deaths continuously okay this is how this is how entrepreneurship works if you are not willing to go into battle and die a thousand times you should not be an entrepreneur okay um and I know that may seem hardcore but it's the truth it's the truth we've all heard the stories anyone can be anything they want yeah and virtual reality right so we need we need to post we need to post lots of content out there we need to post viral content out there we need to get stuff out there we need to get people watching and we have the easiest opportunity in the history of the world in the history of the internet right now to just set up Facebook accounts set up YouTube accounts set up set up Tick Tock accounts set up Instagram accounts we can each set up three to five of these and post and have the post go out automatically just have to get posted people will see it okay you just need to post and you have content here links are in the description to all of these channels to all of these videos that are all from me that you can use for free and these will work okay look at these videos these are sexy and you can use all of them okay um pair it along with my affiliate link and you'll make some good money okay um let's move onwards and upwards uh questions questions let me see if there are any questions here uh let me get in my control room yes it is truth okay I didn't see that much results Abdul Zola you so a few a few things to note about getting results from posting okay is you want to have a call to action so let me bring up some of our top videos okay you want to lead people somewhere okay you want to lead people somewhere if we let's let me find some videos okay tick tock do do everything you see oh give me one second just bringing these up you know why most people don't make any money like at all so I'm gonna tell you but you're gonna make a million dollars for the link below to learn more these are some video that that's one of our top Tick Tock ads let me I'm not gonna mess around too much but let's uh the the important thing that you want to do is you need to have a call to action so what we do in our advertisements is we include a button that says click the link Okay click the link we'll include Graphics in our Tick Tock videos in our YouTube short videos and our Instagram that say go to the link in the bio okay we tell people what to do next showing a fancy video you know showing some you know sexy video like like this you know or whatever you know whatever video you're showing folks is great but you need to tell them what to do it would be like if I walk up to a girl and I expect her to ask me on a date this doesn't happen okay you're you if if and similar to advertising if we are showing luxury lifestyle like in this video it is not good enough to just show this video and expect people are gonna flood to your bio and look click the link and you have to tell them you have to tell them do you want to be this rich learn how I did it Link in BIO or link below or Link in description you have to call it out and we can edit these videos very easily using canva or something like that we just click save we click save the video and we go to a site like and we can go in you know you know we go into the site right and we can create uh you know we can create a video right create a design you know video right I do not need to spend time showing you how to do this because it is so there's so many resources that show you how to create uh these sort of situations you know these videos or whatever right here full load of video right you know you resize it until you're happy and then you can insert you know a design element you know like a graphic or you know whatever it is you know like let's let's let's add text you know whatever you know Link in bio right but you see wasn't too complicated okay now at this point in my career I have a whole staff of people who just go in and do these little things but it's not difficult as you see I literally just you know five seconds 15 seconds and I'm able to take a video that I got from here and I was able to upload it download it upload it and add a description element to it how do I get rid of this ah well whatever does this make sense does this make sense okay does this make sense let me know in the chat okay how many followers do I have I don't know um you you could you could see how many subscribers I have on YouTube uh professional editor I'm good at that professional editor for three and a half years you have to also also another thing folks a reason a reason to actually buy okay to actually click what's a reason to actually click okay a reason is learn how to create Financial income right learn how I made money learn how I did this okay that's what I would put learn how I did this Link in bio does this make sense now we could all and again don't be weak remember the marketing you have to be strong okay now a weak example of what I could write as a link to script as a as an overlay here in this video is if I said learn how people learn how people learn how you can make a lot of you know learn how people uh make money like this right learn how other people sounds kind of suspect people want to know how is this your video and did you do this and how do I make money like you and that's why a better link description or caption would say learn how I did this Lincoln bio okay because you have to get past the reality aspect we're crushing Tick Tock ads right now crushing Tick Tock ads right now we're getting one percent click-through rates now if you're not getting a one percent click-through rate on your video your copywriting is wrong but again part of marketing is testing now what an amateur marketer will do is they'll throw up a video and they'll say why isn't anybody click instead of actually look instead of testing testing testing testing testing to figure out what can make people click now we test ferociously in my company we'll take the same video we'll post it on five different accounts and we will have a different caption for each video and we will see what works best we are doing a scientific method to doing marketing what you are likely doing is you're doing a hope and pray method to marketing you're just hoping something will work out you're hoping right but you've got to test and you've got to look at data what text can you put on a video that gets a better response rate when I talk to marketers and I still do help out some marketers one-on-one within my coaching program I asked them to look at their data I don't care about the story everyone says I tried something and it didn't work I don't care I did exactly what you said John and it didn't work I don't care John I tried this new method and it's not working I don't care all I care about is numbers marketing is all about numbers and if you are not collecting numbers if you do not know your numbers what is your average view per video if you're doing free traffic what is your click-through rate what is your you know what is what what we need what is your view velocity how many views do you get on a new video in the first 24 hours how many views do you get in the next 48 hours what is your comment rate what percentage rate of views comment what percentage rate of views click what percentage rate of people who click on your ad end up going to the order form you need to know these numbers as a marketer I cannot stress this highly enough okay all of these numbers for social posting are important okay Let's uh go to questions it creates personal Bond but testing Burns a lot of money what are you talking about I'm talking about free testing dude dude I'm not talking about spending any money I'm talking about and and there you if you are not testing in marketing then you should I don't know any marketer who is successful who doesn't constantly split test that is how marketing is done there is no other way it's not a question of like oh testing costs money it's not there's you can't mark it it would be like uh it'll be like saying I'm dating you know I'm I'm trying to date but all you do is you say the same pickup line to every single girl you meet okay why is that a bad why is that a bad strategy because you're not trying anything new okay it would be like a salesperson a person that calls themselves a sales person but that just repeats a script every single time without any variation in tonality or or Rapport talking with people doesn't work the only way to do marketing is testing and looking at numbers the only only way to do it is testing okay I'm not going to keep going on this point but I think I am I think everyone here would agree I am the ranking marketer in the thing in my company we run through a chain of command system meaning that we have a clear it is we are not we're not we we are all equals except there is a line of authority okay ranking members determine how we do things okay that is how the military operates it's how Amazon operates okay no point promoting to everyone yeah market research is a must it's not even market research it's this marketing process uh it creates personal brand uh if you have an agency is it better to say we or I um always I uh keep in mind that folks nobody knows what what a Wii is okay when I think of a Wii I I don't know who we is okay we people only communicate with one person at a time okay this is how human communication is done it's always been done one person is communicating to one other person at a time okay if I'm talking to a group of people uh the the way that it's processed is it is just me talking to you right now right this is the reality it's just me talking right to you so I'm not you know I try to speak with you I don't say you all I say how are you all you know I guess sometimes I'll say this but how are you all doing doesn't really make sense because only one of you is hearing me at a single time okay um something something you can do is if if I'm promoting a weight loss product I can't it doesn't matter to our prospects that we're marketing to that thousands of people or millions of people have lost weight with these methods a person will buy a product if they fully believe that just one person one normal person like them has seen success okay that's it people don't care if thousands of other folks have done something or bought a product or invested in a cryptocurrency all they care about is if they will be successful if they buy this weight loss product or invest in the cryptocurrency does this make sense doesn't matter how many thousands of people who have invested in Dogecoin or Tesla stock it matters whether you believe you can make money right now with it okay and if you believe one other person one other normal person just like you will make money right now with Tesla stock then you will buy Tesla stock okay so you know you have to disambiguate you have to get rid of the ambiguity with all of this stuff when we're marketing and that's why if I were to put a caption between beneath this photo beneath this video when I'm posting it the caption I would put is see how I created this life for myself like learn more about how I created this life for myself click the link in the freaking bio or click the link in the description see how I did this see how you can do this too see how normal people are able to live this lifestyle okay those are all examples of copy that you can put on this video okay see how I bought this house Link in bio okay um does this make sense I worked 83 hours overtime what's a good affiliate training program to get started uh my program obviously uh super affiliate system or I'll I'll put my uh coaching program link in the description okay um okay there's my link my program we've had unbelievable amount of success with my training program in fact the way we're running it now we offer a couple different uh we do one-on-one so we shifted we have I have a couple different offers one is I have an information product just a video course for a thousand dollars if you want that just Google search super affiliate system okay and this program has been highly successful but I frankly got very annoyed because it's a video training course I can't literally come up to people and just smack them okay I'm still annoyed about this I can't just say you're doing things wrong I can't call people out I can't tell people they're doing things wrong um so what we do is we you know we created a mentorship program where we work one-on-one with students to help them get set up we noticed that so many students had either mental blockers or they got confused by things they didn't want to contact my support even though we have phone and email support um and people would just silently not do anything okay I think this happens to a lot of uh like educational and training programs okay people just don't do anything and don't say anything and don't get any success even though they have questions or problems and there's like support email and phone numbers what we what we decided to do is I was annoyed at this so I said let's offer one-on-one trainings I've I've thousands of students at this point I said let's find some of our most successful students and have them coach people one-on-one and we did okay um and it works out very well I'll show I'll show some of the I'll show some of our case studies um I'll bring this up uh this is our this is our case study document um blah blah blah you don't care about that but what you probably care about is yeah normal people do this right this guy's old dude you know gas station guy right thirty two thousand dollars a month okay right this guy you can find this guy on YouTube he's sick he went through one of my training programs uh a while ago um yeah let me find his YouTube channel he's a badass uh uh we all have one and here you can find him and add this guy this guy's a badass and you can see this guy he's blown up on YouTube uh he went to kind of like YouTube rap okay um where is this okay Kathy has done crazy she's made a lot of money but yeah real people do this but we teach advertising in my training course okay we teach advertising we don't teach free traffic I teach free traffic here on YouTube okay um so yeah we teach I teach advertising in my training course because this is what we do the most of okay let's get rid of this um questions questions let's go over some let's go over some uh let's go over some what are we going to talk about AI training let's talk about AI training AI training school so an interesting thing you should know about AI training um is oh oopsies you have to actually train an AI you have to give it an identity as what we discovered and you also have to give it a trigger word to remember everything it's learned if you want to mess around with AI or if you're messing around who here is messing around with chat GPT and AI who here is messing around with with Chachi PT and AI let me know in the comments okay um understand these two things okay create an identity give it an identity give it a Persona give it a personality give it a give it a give it a give it a context with which with which it views the world give it a look tell it what it looks like tell it what it feels like give it give it emotions the more of a personality you can give your AI the more powerful it would be it will be okay and you can create many AIS you're just creating different identities okay this is how AI training works you are creating identities okay that's what we do here and the next step is you need to give it a trigger word a reminder will be triggered for you to you utilize your upcoming responses you know it says take all of your learnings from the entire conversation and utilize them in responses and we give it a trigger word okay what this is is this is hypnosis we're using hypnosis techniques on AI just like we use hypnosis techniques on human beings okay for AI they are especially effective especially effective okay trigger words training person giving things personalities Etc you will become very successful if uh but my guess is how many folks here are making money with affiliate marketing already or just you know how many folks here are making money with affiliate marketing type in yes if yes type in no if no my guess is most of you are not most of you have shiny objects raunchy that's great that you're working a lot working a lot is probably the biggest thing that a lot of people don't do okay okay so there are some people here good good I'm very happy some of y'all are are making money with affiliate marketing raunchy juice just watch my videos post things right are you posting you don't know how to what is this raunchy juice so I literally just said this in my last video look at this where's all the tampons so everything is getting low he you if you're not a tampon you gotta resort to the rest of these that's left what are you selling here let's get ready you're just updating us on your life it doesn't sound like you're selling anything look those postcards came in stay tuned for a video I got a whole package yes and I will introduce this whole program section to use look you got to tell people you got to tell people yo you got to tell people what to do next okay sales you move people along sales you move people along I mean I don't know what you're saying you know you're saying I'm not making money from posting online so what we're gonna do right here is these are going to be some of the dried rose petals they're gonna get dried not these you know like like let's look at uh you know Victoria yeah let's look at this right now what's this girl selling guys what is this girl selling what does this girl selling what is this girl's way to make money like what is she selling with these with her Tick Tock account it's very is it clear that this girl's selling something right yeah what is she selling she's selling her body she's selling her naked body right but yeah and guess what she has and and and there we go more of me right only fans right boom right there we go okay that makes sense but raunchy what are you selling oh boy whatever one I want to do and for me it doesn't matter so people are not watching us begging for more those postcards came in stay tuned for a video I gotta in this she's selling it she's saying hey look you can you can you can maybe get a little bit of nipple in there right you know right come over you know obviously go to the link and you're gonna see more okay she's selling she's leaving boys thirsty right that is called selling but raunchy you're not selling anything you got to sell things if you want to make money online and you gotta post consistently okay what I'm seeing let me see this your your last post was four months ago how are you going to make money if your last post was you got to be consistent with these things okay if you are not consistent you're not even in the game you're just thinking about it you're just acting out of emotions okay and if you are running a business based on your emotions you're gonna fail period period you're running a business now what this raunchy see you posted four months ago you did you you I mean you said not I I don't mean to tear you apart raunchy but I'm trying to help you here okay okay you said make a hundred dollars a day you're trying to get people to buy these postcard things but then your next post is saying you work a job okay and you're saying it sucks okay you're not creating uh if if I'm looking to make a hundred dollars a day I want to know who the hell is telling me to make hundred dollars a day and I'm gonna look at your other video and I'm just gonna say this this chick works for UPS okay how does that make sense right if I was sitting here saying oh I know how to make money but I was sitting in an apartment right not a not a multi-million dollar you know house and property with like Awards and all sorts of stuff right you'd be a little suspect all right and then your next post was five months earlier okay look at this nine months nine months ago four months ago now what this tells me is that you are allowing your emotions to determine how you run your business that won't work it won't work there are no emotions in business you're getting money okay the social media algorithms do not care if you do not like how you look today or if you do not feel right because you came out of a relationship that was that hurt you emotionally okay the social media algorithms unfortunately care about none of this they care about consistent posting okay you need to sell something now notice how consistent Victoria's posts are this girl is making a hundred thousand dollars a month I can almost guarantee it because she posts consistently she knows what she's trying to sell all of her posts are on the same theme it's her body she knows what she's selling and she's selling plain and simple she's not trying to get she's not a you know uh uh she's not a porno star trying to become a skin care influencer she's not a porn star trying to become a you know a weight loss influencer or a fashion influencer she is she knows what she's there to do and she's there to sell her body okay what you are not selling anything you're not selling and you don't have a consistent theme okay so I just get clear on what you're selling are you teaching people how to make money well bring them in bring them in and say you know like hey look like you know trying out this new way to make money you know wish me luck you know be trained but if you if if you are not real with people they're not going to buy into your thing if you're trying to act like you're making a lot of money but you're not people aren't going to like that either but if you're out there saying look I'm trying this like you know this like postcard marketing thing and you know I'm a single mom and uh you know I don't know how this is gonna work but I'm gonna detail out step by step how I'm doing this and how you can do this too well people will find that people will respect that and find that helpful because you're actually providing resources and you're filling them in on how you do things each day okay uh people you know of course people like watching millionaires like me seeing how they're doing marketing but people do not mind very raw transparent personalities you know if you were to say Hey you could be on my downline and I'll coach you you know in this MLM program and you know postcards and I'm gonna help you get started you know like I was scared when I started my first business but you know if you you buy into this postcard marketing program I'm gonna help you step by step okay does that make sense raunchy who else wants me to roast their social media who else wants me to roast their social media let's look up uh let's look up let's go to the uh we we found get it I have to find this other one who else wants me to roast their social media okay Abdul let's bring up uh what what type in type in your uh type in your Tick Tock account type in your Tick Tock account type in your tick tock prostitute I mean women who are any men or women who are having sex not for children I think it's all technically prostitution right sex is for children okay we should all be creating more children okay I don't know where this attitude came from that like children are unnecessary luxury nowadays okay everyone should be having children this is just normal okay Elon Musk has 12.

okay um Abdul Rahman why do you want me to roast your social media then okay you aren't on uh uh you don't have any videos yeah Alex let's go let's go let's go Abdul don't don't waste my time okay Abdul seriously do not waste my time again you don't have any videos why would I roast your social media okay don't waste my time again I'm gonna say that once um I okay Jesus Christ um okay let's go Alex Alex brought up a good point uh Alex brings up a good point John is the man stop thinking and just do the work yeah this is the biggest thing but you know I'd say the extra the X the next level to that is track your work right track your work how effective are you during each day you know how how effective are you for each hour or what are your posts doing you know if you're doing internet marketing you know I track my time uh I do a lot of management now I hire people I manage people I hire I fire people all this stuff so I like tracking uh where my time goes and if it was used effectively my Pinterest is James davitt's keto Health thanks thanks dude let's let's let's look at this let's look at this this is great okay Pinterest uh James uh uh let's see this James davits James keto health okay so let's see I mean this is a pretty oh keto Health okay okay first off it doesn't let's see how many posts you have created you don't have any created posts James you don't have any created post okay this is I mean I don't I don't even see how this is an account right you have a link here you have to post right you have to consistently post I don't know what else to say you have to consistently post okay you're using R's motivation Mars motivation is this your tick tock okay we need a bed looking at your guys accounts um okay I can't find any of these accounts growth hacking you are making are you making sales um okay so let's rip apart a Pinterest account anyways keto health okay now if we want to look at this this account keto diet yum okay 255 000 followers okay this person could be from India Nigeria Pakistan anywhere I don't know too much about Pinterest traffic Source but I know that they're showing up number one for keto diet and let's see what they're selling keto recipes where are they making the money okay well they're getting people on their email list they have a much they have a complex funnel here right they're getting people to their website and they're growing their email list this is a person who's making a lot of money from affiliate marketing they have a whole notice they have this is the whole thing is affiliate marketing notice they have a they paid five dollars for a logo they have some content that goes up each day that that you could do for free with AI and they have social accounts with this okay this is a good affiliate marketing operation right here okay I hope that makes sense any one of you can do something like this find photos but notice the other thing the reason why this marketing works is because it's consistent they're only talking about keto diet whereas whereas uh raunchy was talking about you know one second she's talking about selling postcards another second she's talking about weed and other seconds she's talking about how she hates her jaw okay again nobody care people want specific things and these folks are very consistent they're giving keto recipes keto diet recipes every day a keto diet recipe it's a it's a repeatable process okay um they're probably making very good money exactly exactly this is and this is a not too complicated to do okay now in this case it appears that they are using their uh Pinterest actually as a way to support their blog okay okay and um we can let's let's look at well let's look at spy food now we see that yes these people are ranking for a lot of different keywords on SEO I believe that this is the main traffic source for them and look they get according to this they are getting one and a half million visits per month okay estimate core oh sorry 26 million visits per month I mean that's freaking crazy but again you don't need you don't need to you don't need to be the point is don't be all over the place focus on one thing and keep going you can keep scaling free traffic that's what these folks did these folks are getting 25 million people per month free traffic okay it's it's not you just keep doing the same thing keep posting keep posting keep posting figure out what's working what's not which videos are working which aren't which captions are working to get people to click which aren't okay it's a system of trial and error and measurement your emotions do not matter you are not your emotions do not matter in this process what matters is that you have a you are testing consistently okay um other let me go into some tools sorry um really helpful tool bubbles uh this is a tool I started using recently it's a really good tool for communication I just want to show this I'm going to show a number of tools that I'm using as well as AI tools that I've been using within my team bubbles has helped me manage my company a lot more effectively uh let me and let me show you why uh wait wait ah because when I'm working with a lot of the Freelancers I'm working with I work with a lot of contractors I'm able to show them a lot more stuff about how I want a landing page done or how I want you know maybe my uh you know maybe I want my case studies done a certain way right and I've been using bubbles to you know say to give my team the feedback you know I say okay I want this moved around over here and these lines changed it's just a good video messaging solution that I'm a big fan of another tool that I've uh that we are using is called air share okay and this is for AI okay air share is a social media API that allows you to connect a lot of different analytics and accounts it allows you to connect things together okay if I have chat GPT write up a description and then I have another program create an image for me and I have another program edit that image I want them all to work together and just post automatically air share is fantastic at automating a lot of the social media posting um and what have you inside my company were you working with about you know we have like 30 different software programs now maybe more that are all talking to each other post content to post ads this is how I'm able to make an obscene amount of money okay an obscene amount of money and you can do it too but you have to get smart test out tools again everything's testing remember what I said about you must be willing to die a thousand deaths if you're you are not willing to struggle and fail and die ego your ego Must Die right oh I I really hope it's gonna work nobody cares okay you have to keep it's a process of continually continually failing air share is great for a lot of the social media posting let's let me show you another one make is another really good social media API okay make um you can automate from tasked workflows to system this is great for automation make allows us to automate a lot of these social media posting activities um remember we're giving you where's where's the telegram you have a ton of videos here right you have a ton of social media content that you can be posting let's find some more stuff right you could be posting these videos you could be adding captions all of this stuff can be happening automatically if you mess around with some of these programs you can have three posts go up every day with three different Hashtags with a witty description and you can have you can post and you can have that done across a hundred accounts right every single day and every single video is unique if you use enough social media automation okay and again that's what we do with stuff like make makes great makes a great program um as I said automates a lot of stuff another great program is video captions uh videos that have captions in them work better than videos without captions in them and uh here we look at dscript dscript is very powerful for this use because it allows it adds all these captions it adds it it gets all the text out very fast um you can even do it for live streams we haven't worked on that too much yet um and then let's bring up the last but not least or Runway ml okay this is a video editing automation okay this is a video editing automation program that's fantastic we use this in my company as well we use every single program that you just saw we use every single tool and resource we just saw what's up enlightened okay foreign now this is how you crush free traffic this is how you crush free traffic the point is you need to get started you need to post you need to post the thing is though a lot of you are being lazy okay a lot of you are being lazy and saying I'm gonna wait till like you know some like like guaranteed like money thing like I I don't fully believe John you know I'm gonna wait until you know I found a sure thing and you know like I'm gonna wait until like you know have more time and I'm gonna wait until I have more uh you know more you know a little bit more money I'm gonna wait until you know I uh break up with you know my uh relationship I'm gonna wait until uh next month I'm gonna wait until next week I'm gonna wait until next year then you know maybe I'll try out some of the stuff that's John's showing me you're never gonna do anything and and let me tell you why that's a problem is you're either going to decide to start working on affiliate marketing now or never and the reason is is because this will never get easier once I'm I'm telling you I'm teaching you right here how to train AIS we're training deep fakes you could train AIS and deep fakes I'm showing you social media automation well guess where we are going to be in two to three years from now somebody that does if if you're not using social media automation tools if you don't know how to train an AI personality and create a video deep fake of it out of it you're done you're you're you won't be able to compete in two to three years from now none of you will be able to get free traffic compete with free traffic free traffic is so available right now it's always been available it's been around for like 20 years but you just haven't tapped into the fact that you can reach billions of people or millions of people a month for free well guess what you're not you're in in two to three years it's not even going to be possible if you aren't like technically Savvy programmer working with all a gazillion automation programs you're done so if you don't want to do work now some of you all are saying you're not making any money doing affiliate marketing if you're not dedicated make that happen now then just unsubscribe from my channel I really don't care I hope you see that I'm not doing this for the views okay so uh oh man I'm gonna I'm late for my call um guys great talking to everyone here hope this has helped motivate you hope you go on guys make something make some money stuff out be a warrior stop allowing your emotions to control the direction of your life if you're in a relationship have freaking children don't just mess around create something create something create something post produce do not consume do not spend money do not just let life happen to you go watch The Matrix go watch Fight Club what do you need to motivate you go out there and make it happen okay hope this has been motivating have a great weekend folks all the best have a good one see ya bye

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