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let's go what's up John castani here hopefully everyone can see me and uh hear me all right just let me know in the chat uh type in where you are coming from in the world if you can see me and hear me all right I need to make sure there's no technical problems folks we're gonna be talking about money we're going to be talking about how to make unbelievable ridiculous types of money completely removed from the Matrix okay so we're gonna have a lot of fun today we have a cool a lot of cool topics uh to go over uh let me set up my OBS here and uh uh yeah there we go so we're going to be talking about a number of things today but as always the most important thing is that you ask questions you will not get value from me from life from anybody if you do not ask questions if you are coming in here thinking that you you it's a waste of time understand this I've made tens of millions of dollars as an affiliate marketer as a business person as someone who's purely conducted business through the internet with zero advantages you can stick you can take away everything from me you can take away all of my money all of everything I have and you can stick me in a room with a computer and an internet connection and I will make money a lot of it very quickly and I'm here to help you be able to do the same thing sincerely now smash that like button let's go let's go we're going to be talking about a few things I love your questions I always prefer your questions over anything I have to talk about honestly um but we're going to talk about a few things we're going to talk about 100K a day Lone Wolf Affiliates did you know that single Lone Wolf affiliate marketers with no team can earn as much as a hundred thousand dollars a day this can be you but you need to just Implement and do the work okay we're also going to talk about how I um went from making 25 000 in a month I changed my income I changed my income the amount of money I was earning this is in my early 20s I was able to go from an income of twenty five thousand dollars a month again without a job or anything like this I was able to change my income from twenty five thousand dollars a month to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a month and I was able to do that in one single month and I'm going to tell you my story we're also going to be going over free traffic methods that anyone can do okay I've done a lot of videos on this um and it's very simple and we're going to go over some of some tactical advice if you are ready to start actually earning money online I'm going to give you a step-by-step explanation of what to do you know joining an affiliate Network getting content to repost and then reposting it okay and we'll go through this on my computer step by step and if you're one of those folks in the audience where you're just skeptical of everything you're watching me but you're not really listening in and you're kind of like you think all this internet money stuff is just junk and really the only way you believe to get money in this world is to uh you know lie cheats steal or work a job forever be born rich or something well I have a book for you I have you know if if you wanna you know you're like I don't trust John I have a book that I'm going to share with you on what to do and we have a lot of other topics we can talk about how's that everyone is that a good agenda or is there something that is pressing on your mind where you're saying John none of that is valuable I need to understand this specific thing or else it's all Bs how to get sales well how to get sales that's a great question let's discuss let's unpack this okay how to get sales okay I love that great question let's let's let's really unpack this how to get sales okay hey can uh people comment yes or no if that's a good question uh and let me know in the chat um you know or maybe you have a clarification there okay maybe you have another question that you think is more pressing let me know in the chat just type in yes or no okay if you typed in no please ask uh please bring up a ques a question that you'd prefer okay good question okay cool so the first part of getting sales is we need to get traffic okay now this is obvious number one getting sales right one is getting traffic right eyeballs okay the first step to get traffic is eyeballs and it's pretty simple oopsies right we have a few places we can that there's a few websites that people are using on the internet one is called Tick Tock one is called YouTube one is called Instagram and one is called Facebook okay now these are our sources of traffic okay whether you're posting on YouTube and look at all this content and it's all the same content it's like girls dancing around guys talking about you know guys showing off you know uh you know sex or money or you know health and fitness you know whatever you know so we have a lot of stuff like this with tick tock [Music] now in order to get traffic right this this might all be kind of obvious to you get traffic right to do that we have to pulse on social media post on social media we need content and if we need content we're either going to do two things we're going to create it or edit it okay is anyone is is this news to anyone is this news to anyone right this is the first step is this news to anyone you all knew this you all knew this so let's go into and unpack why you might not getting and and and and actually who's who's who's asking these questions um the successy I need you I'm gonna need you to engage with me okay the successy now what is your problem here is your problem has your problem been that you are having a hard time getting getting traffic has your has the hard time been getting content has your problem been you're posting content but nobody's viewing it has the problem been that people are viewing your content and clicking on your affiliate link but nobody's ending up actually people are clicking on your affiliate links but they're not buying what is the problem here so and and and folks let's get to webcam in order to be in order to improve you need to ask the right questions and the right questions are highly specific it's not going to be how do I get sales John it's going to be more along the lines of how do I get my conversion rate higher on my affiliate clicks or you could say how do I get more people buying from my affiliate clicks how do I get content to repost how do I get you know uh you know how how do I how do I post on social media it's gonna be a more specific question so the successy what is the more specific question within there okay what is the more specific question because I'm pretty sure all of this is quite obvious to you how many here how many folks here are posting content on social media daily how many folks here post reposting content on social media daily type in I am or type in no okay um all about sex yeah a lot of a lot of you know it's um okay let's go deeper the success I can't help you if you're not engaging okay okay but this is this is the first step of getting sales okay you have to get traffic once you get traffic get clicks [Applause] right from your posts on social media you're either leading people to a link in bio right you're leading people to DM you know into some sort of DM funnel right like DM me and then you're eventually posting a link to a website or a place they can buy something right or you're just posting you know posting a simple site Link in your videos write for example you're posting something like you know like uh you know join you know join right I might say go to right and I'd put a big link you know in the in my video I'm saying this is the link that you go to to lose weight now go to and join me on my 30-day weight loss journey of how I you know and I'll show you know join my email list right something like that right does this make sense folks okay the successy people click link but nobody buy how many links how many clicks are you getting um so get clicks and then the third step is you have to you have to convert the clicks you know get sales and getting sales now that you're getting traffic is you should be using some sort of uh you should be using a top converting offer right now this this you can do this by uh looking for how do we find top converting offers folks type in the chat how do you find top converting offers right what are some methods you use okay could look at gravity above 100 on ClickBank okay that's a good one right on ClickBank or Digi store just look gravity above 100 on ClickBank or did you store very easy right you could join an affiliate you could at you know join an affiliate Network [Applause] and ask you know ask their support or affiliate manager okay or you could like join a join a community group or attend an event with other affiliates and ask okay does this make sense so the first thing is you need to top converting offer okay or a high converting off okay right you have three methods here High Gravity and really it's just asking someone my offer converts very well and I'll show you a few websites you can join when if you want to promote my offer right I just posted some links in the description okay three affiliate Networks I work with and I highly recommend are Max bounty cash Network and Guru media and in your application form on these websites right let's look um you know you would so let's sign in don't have an account register do you already have an account with Max Bounty no you know uh uh um but you can use me I I'm not going to go through this whole thing but you can use me as a reference uh point or you could just type in your application that you are looking to promote my offer John christani's offer okay so that's a simple thing you know you can do just ask again very simple let's go back to this does that all make sense so first we need first we need traffic clicks and then we need to get sales now once we have a high converting offer what else can we do to get sales well now we have our high converting offer if we're getting clicks but no sales what's the issue you might use a landing page use a landing page okay use the landing page if you are getting clicks but no sales you are probably using a bad landing page or you are not using a landing page in almost every single circumstance I've run into the affiliate marketer was getting clicks but no sales because they were not using a freaking landing page successing are you using a landing page I'll ask you this okay are you using a landing pitch okay the other major mistake I see Affiliates using okay well successy that's the answer okay get a landing page now maybe your issue is you say how to find how to how to create a landing page right maybe it's how do you create a landing page okay is that the issue successing you're saying ah this is too complicated for me I'll use my program well you use one of my Landing we have hundreds of landing pages we have hundreds of landing pages in my program okay in my software uh let's let me how do I do this uh web webcam um okay let me go into uh let me find this well we have tons of landing pages right and you should and we give you a domain so successive are you simply not using our software and not using your domain oh you you are promoting my program okay now let's go over a few options okay for landing pages so use a landing page how to use a landing page Google Docs create one create one with Google Docs okay we could also say you could create a Community right create a community right use that as your landing page like a Discord group you could you should have a longer DM funnel okay if you are dming folks you should have multiple steps that somebody has to go to go through in order to get the affiliate link okay now an example of this is I can create I can create a DM funnel and I could say hey yo text me and I'll give you like a 30 day like just text me like right now like send me a DM me you know John christani send me a DM right now and join my 30-day affiliate marketing challenge okay and every day I'm going to send you information on on a short a short five minute exercise to do to create an income from affiliate marketing okay and over the course of five day you know 30 days I'm sending you information maybe on the fifth day I actually give you an affiliate link of a program to join okay so that's an example right of a DM funnel or a fitness challenge maybe you do a 30-day fitness challenge and you say hey text me you know and I'll be your personal AI you know like Fitness coach over 30 days and if you want to become a client after 30 days you know you can become a client you know but again pitch them on being a client every day you know or every other day you know but get them into a challenge tell them or just tell them it's a challenge and just text them every day or DM them every day or send them messages okay does everyone understand this right because if you get somebody to DM you and they say you know they they want more information maybe your fitness challenge you give them testimonials you know something like maybe when somebody DMS you and says you know like yo like I saw you're talking about John costani's program but like is that really work is it really for me and then you just DM him and you send them some like you know you send them some screenshots you're like yeah Lo yo check this out like this was like somebody I just like I just talked to and uh you know they just they just woke up to two sales here you know here's you know here's a video that somebody just sent me of like all their sales they got right you like repost this and you send this to someone right and say hey look this is one of my students that went through like John christani's programmers this you know you send them information you send them a text message you send them a screenshot does this make sense folks does this make sense so you could use a landing page you could use a DM funnel you could DM them a bunch of times does this make sense if you are getting clicks but no sales it means folks are not bought in enough to buying the product your job is to get them wanting to buy whatever product it is you're promoting okay successy you need to use a landing page you need to use or you need to use a very long automated DM funnel okay okay good good good okay now another way I liken this too everyone here knows I use a lot of uh a lot of uh uh a lot of kind of dating analogies here and it would be the equivalent of if you meet a girl at a bar and then you ask her immediately to go back to your place and sleep with you sorry it's it's you know yeah you ask her to just go sleep with you immediately right what's better what's better to do is if you meet a girl at a bar and then you take her like somewhere else after the you know maybe somewhere else after the you know you say hey could I get your phone number right like you have more steps right instead of asking her to sleep with you in five minutes take some time learn about each other go on a date take her to a different location or him or whatever okay you need to spend time with the prospect if the prospect is not spending at least a couple minutes engaging with whatever it's an ad or a landing page or DMS or a community you built or something like this then it's the equivalent of meeting somebody and saying hey can I get your money does that make sense a better approach is to meet the person and chat for a little bit give them some information feed them information on a landing page or a Google Document or a PDF or a series of DMS or you know engagement within a community some tasks some exercises before you give them the link asking them for their money does this make sense they're not warmed up enough you're getting clicks but you're not they're not warmed up enough okay okay cool do you still make Big Money uh yeah I do all right yeah I mean look look look where ah you know I have a pretty nice house I have a lot of land I have more land back there I have a soccer field I built on on a lot I bought there I uh I'm overlooking Malibu Creek um you know uh yeah I do all right um I make yeah I'm not I'm not gonna go too deep into it but I do all right I do well one top one percent okay um uh I see let's go into this okay other questions other questions how to get your post read again you post stuff on social media people will see it right tags consistent posting interesting content the reason why I tell I'm telling you to repost content that's already proven to work is you know just edit it is uh you have to make engaging content if you create it yourself um most most most most people on this live stream are lonely and introverted okay generally speaking everyone listening into this right now is lonely and introverted um so I'm guessing most of you do not want to create content okay um that's why I really talk about reposting content that's already working okay now we Supply people with content to uh repost in my um you know one here oh well actually uh you know so one one great place to get content for reposting is uh you know Andrew Tates group right he has this promo box right this is money you know these these sort uh let's let's look at let's look at uh examples of you know content like this is you know money right right we uh we teach we share if you CH if you join and I encourage everyone to join the telegram links in the description but you'll see we have a lot of clips that we offer folks uh let's let's find some you know so like here's some content that we've been sharing with people for you to repost you know and what you do is you take this content you download it on your phone you upload it to tick tock you use the tick tock editor and you post it you write something along the lines of like yo see how I did this Lincoln bio okay does that make sense you'll see how I did this Lincoln bio any consistently post content on many accounts over a long period of time I'd suggest you do this with five accounts you have five accounts and you post content that's proven to work and you direct them to dmu or Link in a bio you can create DM funnels work really good um I encourage you to uh have some sort of automated bot you know over time that eventually leads people to go to your affiliate link makes sense okay great do you utilize Tick Tock yeah we're we're spending we're spending about six so we do uh we do two things with Tick Tock we are posting Tick Tock is the ultimate money machine if you are looking to get rich right now and you have no marketing skills no experience doing marketing no Technical know-how and no money just post and repost content on Tick Tock consistently for 30 days and do it on three accounts around the same Niche and lead people to the link in the bio and you will get views you will get traffic and you can start earning money no matter where you are in the world okay now we do this across many accounts you can see this we encourage my Affiliates to do this as well here is an example of uh we have a lot of organic content going up on Tick Tock let me find it and we also are spending six figures a month we're spending over a hundred thousand US dollars every month buying advertising so more people view our Tick Tock content every dollar we spend on tick tock comes back to us three to six x that means we are operating off of a three to six x row ass return on ad spent okay so yes Tick Tock is the ultimate thing that is working right now and if you are not doing this I you're crazy okay um do I do mentorship uh uh let's bring this up yes so let's go into more questions do I do mentorship okay um so the question is do I do mentorship and yes the answer is yes and there is a link in the description the students that I've showed you have gone through my mentorship program the people that are getting you know that you know the people I'm pulling these screenshots from have all gone through my mentorship program the people that are you know that we're taking complete newbies have gone through my mentorship program it is not cheap okay but it works and what we teach is we teach paid advertising my business has always been around spending a dollar to make back two or three because the way my business started I never cared to put my face in front of people I just wanted to make money that's it that's all I care about you know that's all I care about make money I don't want to put my face in front of people I want to be anywhere in the world I don't want to have to act and dance around like a monkey okay just make money with a computer and we teach people how to buy ads and make that money back okay as you see here this is almost two to one spend two hundred dollars to make 350.

And then we teach folks how to scale that up so they're spending two hundred and ten thousand dollars a year to make back three hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year okay um if you want to learn more about my mentorship program the backslash learn you can go to this link here and learn more about the business okay this is a podcast ah okay so go to this page John christani backslash learn if you want to learn more about my mentorship you will go to this page which is a podcast where you will learn about my story about a more like honed in background of what I do and after 30 minutes of watching this you will be able to fill out an application and uh you know talk with somebody on my team and we do not accept everyone okay in fact we accept only about 10 percent of people who apply and we do this for a good reason we do this because not all folks are actually willing to work hard are motivated are coachable have money to do an ad based business okay not everybody's a fit most people are not a fit for various reasons okay many most you know the American propaganda system is very hard uh on people's brains um and we cannot help people who do not want to help themselves you sell the same product uh no this is a this is a mentorship program um so what we do in um and I'll show you some of the case studies of it this is a mentorship program where we actually walk uh hand hold people um step by step through uh through starting an affiliate marketing business okay people working with us are spending uh basically the different packages it's like five thousand dollars for group coaching ten thousand dollars for uh one-on-one coaching and then twenty four thousand dollars if you want us to actually set everything up for you and get you your first sales set up everything and you just watch us make money for you okay um so that this is this is a hand-holding program this is different than just my Straight video training course and uh we have a lot of success stories from all ages and ranges this is kind of funny my staff put this together but that guy's rolling a ballant while he's uh while he's uh uh you know the picture they used of that guy um and we give you all sorts of you know like like it the results are absolutely insane and the folks that come into us are pretty are very very inexperienced very normal uh sort of people okay so these are some of our results just to kind of show you what's going on behind the scenes other questions um I'm in your super you talk about how to promote CPA offers is that program still accessible and can I get it uh I don't really talk much about the super affiliate system anymore but yes you can still you can still get it just go online and search super affiliate system John christani and you'll find you'll find information about my video training course my video training course is a thousand dollars okay but all almost all the information that I talk about on the super affiliate system you can also find in various places on my YouTube channel okay um let's go into uh more questions okay do I utilize Tick Tock how do you still make Big Money I already answered this do I have my own software yes so the ultimate way to make the ultimate business model is selling investors High net worth individuals I'm talking folks who have over 10 million dollars let me throw this in do I have software and this is something I've been continually working on and failing with okay I've failed over I think I think seven six seven eight times building software okay um I guess I have a couple different software actually we have software associated with my training course um where we give you a landing pit we give you a website domain and we give you lots of landing pages and we also generate your uh we also generate oh let me show you this this is really cool um uh uh where's my software ah check it out um let's see I'll kill him all right this is just an example obviously so this is another this is another software program we uh created within um within my uh coaching and mentorship course which allow which is actually a AI that generates keywords that you should be bidding on on Google and also ad copy that you can use for your ads and you'll see what the software is doing is you put in a very a very simple um you know prompt you tell them what offer you want to promote and you tell them what the product does and then it will generate the ads uh the ad copy for you and this will generate the keywords for you so this is software within our coaching program I'm also separately I'm also working on building uh building my own software company um and the way we are doing that is um it's called advance pay um and what we're doing is we are going um we're working on making uh add by uh sorry higher the hiring of content creators programmatic okay of doing influencer promotions right it's a pretty nascent space okay other questions other questions let's go guys come on let's see some freaking questions um now I really hope all of you understand that you can all make absolute massive amounts of money but you need to stop freaking being addicted to social media okay again generally speaking everyone here is lonely and introverted what you have to realize is that your biggest Crux will be mindlessly scrolling your life away on these things okay okay you know who you are and if you want to make money you need to do a few you you could follow these steps okay now let's start if you are skeptical or unmotivated right maybe you know that you are you know you you learn a lot of income methods but you don't put in the work okay maybe you know that you you watch a lot of videos like of people like me and you just are still skeptical and you're just like you're like John you know like is this guy just scamming me you know like all these people they they they have something special that I don't have well if you are skeptical or unmotivated and let's let's talk about a problem that you know you have which is this thing okay this thing right here okay the first thing you need to do is get your focus back right you're going to continue to be skeptical and emote demotivated because you are addicted to this thing and you have no attention spare the solution is reading a book literally it's reading a book a physical hard copy book buy this one okay start here it's easy it's easy it's simple and it will help you a lot reading books is the way to reclaim your focus from the American Chinese Russian propaganda machines anybody wanna anybody wanna argue with me on this point okay so this is the first thing if you just have problem like implementing things right if you have watched a if you have watched videos of me and you have not implemented go read a book okay or unsubscribe from me immediately and never watch a video of me again okay thank you for all the people that left now if you are not that person then do this okay Step One is join top CPA here I'm going to go over a step-by-step way to start making money with affiliate marketing okay with affiliate marketing here is the step-by-step way to make money with affiliate marketing one join top affiliate Networks okay and I have some affiliate networks for you right here step two to making money with affiliate marketing is join our community groups and our telegram channels and our Discord so that you are getting consistent content fed to you daily that you can download and repost anytime you want now that you have content to repost and you are getting traffic from social media it is to move on to step three which is actually posting that content on Tick Tock and on Instagram and leading people to either DM you where you will share your affiliate link or to put that link in the freaking bio that is how you start affiliate marketing and you start making money if you have no experience no money and no technical skills and here is an example of one of these sorts of sites and just to show you how powerful reposted content can be who here is skeptical and thinks that if you repost content that you cannot get views or traffic who here who here who here is thinking of themselves hey John you know you know that sounds nice and all but you know something's going on behind the scenes you're just you're just wasting my time you know you're just you're just you're just trying to trying to trying to get me to waste time you know on a wild goose chase rabbit hole that's gonna go nowhere I don't trust you I'm listening to you but I'm watching what you're doing John and not what you're telling saying me who here is in this boat in the skeptical boat just type in me where he's saying I'm listening I'm I'm watching what you're doing John but I'm not listening to what you're telling me to do who here who here who here and and slam the like button if you were there at some point well here's example of re I guess nobody's skeptical here this is great this is great this is a great audience um let's go folks let's go guys we're gonna create some Warriors here okay we're gonna create some Warriors here we're gonna create some Warriors some keyboard keyboard Warriors here so here's here's reposted content of me this is not my channel this is in no way associated with me and what we are seeing is hundreds of views thousands of views hundreds of views 91 views you know thousands of views you know I saw one video here go viral you know where was it yeah look at this one one you know 879 000 views right all this is reposted content folks okay it's possible okay you could do it now as you start going who who here thinks that's amazing right type in amazing in the chat if you think that's freaking amazing okay it is it is okay and they have a DM funnel here I think a Lincoln by okay so they're doing a Lincoln bio funnel okay see right here okay but you have to get out there and do it now after you start posting content you want to actually spend time thinking of what works best and what works differently um let me think of a good example okay we all do this normally in our lives we all do optimizations in our lives one optimization is maybe at one point you ate at a restaurant and the food tasted horribly do you go back to that restaurant okay type in the chat your answer it should be enough right do you go back to that restaurant no okay now if you post a piece of content and if you post a piece of content that has no text in the actual in the actual video thumbnail and it does it gets not it doesn't get a lot of views are you gonna post content similar to that in the future no okay and this is the part of the process of optimizing social media there's no Rhyme or Reason to it you may find that in India the best time to post is 8 am maybe the best time to post in America is 11 am maybe the best time to post in Nigeria is 12 a.m okay just experiment around do people like text in the image do people like this do people like that do people want to see luxury do people want to see you know like I don't know sexy girls do people want to see pictures of money you know you know test things out and start to use your brain to draw conclusions okay nothing nothing that is worthwhile in in anything you do to create a business there will be no programmatic like it will not be the same thing for everyone you have to adapt and change and draw your own conclusions okay um questions questions um questions okay um who here would like to uh who here would like to have breakfast with me on a zoom call I was thinking of setting up a uh something called the breakfast of champions my friends doing this thing who here would be interested in doing breakfast with me on a uh Zoom call I'm thinking of starting a small group of people um like 10 people and having breakfast uh next week would anybody here be interested in this okay down whenever okay let me put out a form uh uh okay let me think of a good time okay let's do Monday okay I'm going to uh [Music] uh let me uh let me create a real quick Google form and we'll we'll set up the breakfast okay breakfast of champions um okay I am going to Breakfast of Champions can you can you make our breakfast at 9 30 a.m on Monday on Monday what's the date Monday May 29th I'm on Monday okay yes no okay cool cool um required and then what should I have like another question like look you understand you can't spam everybody or something I don't okay I'll just share this form ah okay this is good send link copy copy okay here's the uh Breakfast of Champions okay okay that's the register for The Breakfast of Champions this is a uh this is a little thing I'm trying out we'll see how it goes um we'll do this via Zoom call everybody uh uh uh the format will be roughly everyone kind of introduces themselves and I'm thinking of doing it in 10 minutes I'm sorry 30 minutes uh breakfast or maybe an hour uh 10 people we all introduce each other and then uh we all introduce ourselves and then say what our big problem is okay or we need help um that's roughly the format I'm thinking of uh then we just get people coming together and trying to help each other okay it's just kind of an idea um and uh cool I I think that'll be interesting if you can make the breakfast what we'll do is uh we'll all just be eating whatever our breakfast is or whatever food it is in your time zone um uh hi Angelia uh and we'll just you know real briefly talk for a minute you know I uh I will you know or someone else I assign will be the timer right we'll we'll make sure like nobody sabotages this meeting where they start just talking about themselves for like 30 minutes right how many folks here have done that or know somebody who does that right type in type and I do you know type in yes you know if uh you know we don't want this to be one of those things where it's like I'm working or you know and we don't want people selling each other right we don't want it being like hey I'm working on this crypto project and like you should get in and like blah blah blah blah blah it's like screw you man like I will you know uh I just want to be simple you know hi I'm John I'm looking on finding uh I'm looking at getting Venture Capital investors for my new company and I'm struggling with this um and you know I I run a I run a coaching business in a software business you know that'll be my intro right um cool okay there's a little thing looks like we got some responses guys throw it in I will uh everyone said yes cool cool cool um so I got some responses and what I'll do is I'll just send everybody an invite to a zoom meeting at 9 30 on Monday okay um but I need 10 people 10 people okay other questions other questions about affiliate marketing and getting started in affiliate marketing or anything we can talk about how to find profitable affiliate niches okay and guys type in if any of these speak to you we could talk about mastering keyword research we could talk about building a high converting affiliate website creating compelling content using email marketing talk more about social media you could talk about SEO what do you guys want to talk about conversion optimization just general optimization finding the best offers I think we already talked about this negotiating higher commissions building trust you know if you have an audience you know Advanced affiliate marketing techniques which you guys are not at you know most you all don't even know how to set up a website okay right so based on the questions oh ra Wealth Partners great yeah ra Wealth Partners the guy who started that company uh uh uh basically pulled an exit scam okay um so the guy who did this uh did an exit scan okay he exit scammed everyone so I would not I would not uh Gallagher Regal asset FTC Dubai yeah so so what happened with ra Wealth Partners is the guy exit scammed all of his customers I think they received yeah look at this they received 500 million dollars in Investments right um and they paid out Affiliates really well I think uh Affiliates got something like seven percent uh of all of this money so affiliate marketers for this company made 35 million dollars okay affiliate marketers for this one very little and unknown company made over 35 million dollars I personally earned over a million dollars promoting this company okay just to show you the sort of size and amount of wealth you can create with affiliate marketing so this is the article but this is what happened right this is what happened to Regal Assets is The Great Gatsby of gold took took their Millions and vanished you know interesting article um if you guys want to read it um sort of fascinating who here was part of uh their affiliate program oh this article just came out too from the outside Tyler Gallagher had it all a three and a half million dollar house in Beverly Hills two cars a gorgeous wife uh and one of the hottest Esports teams in the country this is all true I've been to his house a high school dropout who lived in a homeless shelter at 16 also true Tyler Gallagher was nothing and he made he learned how to use the internet to make a ton of money okay blah blah blah he called people up and told them they should invest his money in them he started an affiliate program yeah and he got Affiliates to send him leads okay here he is I think he's in Dubai now look at this from a single customer a single customer he made over half a million dollars blah blah blah blah he disappeared I turned people's money into gold yeah interesting article yeah here he is yeah we used to party together um the guys will Riot you know the guy's a riot you know he it was a fun guy to hang out with you know if you were on his good side like obviously I was one of uh their larger Affiliates for a while um he was extremely generous and uh very good to deal with okay other questions John sane shorts without funnels there are no sales without funnels there are no sales you want to have funnels you want to utilize time with other individuals in order to get sales just as if you would want to spend time at multiple different locations with a woman or a man if you are looking to make a sale you know what I mean okay is Tick Tock into a funnel the best opportunity right now uh the best opera not you know generally but like keep in mind it doesn't matter where you start it matters that you start somewhere that's amenable to you okay um experiment with other everything okay experiment with everything um generally speaking yes Tick Tock organic is the money right now into a DM funnel right or into a community funnel right if you do Tick Tock you know tick tock organic into a you know a community funnel you know that's difficult right because you have to actually like spend time maintaining the funnel if you do Tick Tock organic into a DM funnel that's great too right but you have to sit there and you'd have to like watch the DMS come in right you know Tick Tock organic into a Lincoln bio funnel yeah that's you know you know Lincoln bio funnel right that's great right but you lose some of that believability aspect than if you know if somebody if if let's say you're doing like a 30-day fitness challenge or you're teaching people how to make money and you DM them and there's no response that's not good right so they they need to feel the reason why DMS are better than Lincoln bio is because if you do if you do DMS right which takes a little bit of marketing experience if you do DMS right people will fully believe that you are just a person trying to help okay you are a person who went into the internet found a way to make money and now you are telling the normal people how it is possible and how they can do it right because they they're just conversing with the real person who's trying to be helpful right now if you have more social experience a community funnel is the best because at its height you know done correctly you get people into a Discord group and everybody's talking about yeah John you know there maybe everybody's saying oh wow this this fitness program really works and like it's so cool it's like I found a way to like take the fitness stuff and like like I combine the fitness stuff with a with a with a notification on my my phone to time you know my my you know that I'm doing the fitness program and I I'm also combining the fitness program with this health meal you know with with this sort of healthy eating here's some of my recipes and people in the community are in and it's like not even a question of whether the product work gets works right so if you have a whole community of people in a Discord or a telegram group that are like oh yeah you know the affiliate super affiliate system works and like John costani knows what he's talking about and it's not a matter of like if it works it's more so a matter of like what offers are you promoting bro or like what what you know what methods are using right then it's like oh I gotta get John's program okay so Community but again to get a community funnel you need that social know-how you need that you need that social know-how to do a DM funnel you need a little bit of the social know-how to do link and buy you don't need anything but Community funnels are going to be more higher conversion than DM funnels are going to be higher than Lincoln bio the other reason why I say oh look Tick-Tock organic might not work for you is because maybe you're in a really weird area maybe you're in Sudan okay now Tick Tock is going to show whatever content you maybe you're in Sudan maybe you're in a country that doesn't speak English but you're trying to Market to old white people who do speak English in America well the problem with being in Sudan is that if you are just a basic marketer um you know tick tock tick tock's gonna explode your content where you are first okay um maybe you're better served doing Instagram okay because in Instagram you just tag you know Miami or New York City or Los Angeles and then your content is going to show up more in those cities rather than that so maybe you don't know how to use residential IPS and proxies maybe you are bet maybe you are good at creating videos you're good at YouTube you know something to teach Tick Tock organic might not be the best for you it might just be just doing shooting some 10 to 15 minute long videos and actually getting traffic okay so what is best varies by person because every single person is unique and thinking about what is best is a horrible mentality because it also means that you are scared you're a scared little [ __ ] okay and you don't want to try your your your you're worried and you you want to mitigate risk mitigate okay Warriors do not risk mitigate you know or maybe to a degree right you have to be willing to charge into battle you must as a warrior be willing to run in and understand that you there is a very likely possibility you will die and you will die everyone will die you must be willing to charge in and try things out the folks from my experience teaching people I've seen I've I've had many people say John you know what's the best what's the best I don't want to do anything other than the best because otherwise I'm wasting my time and you know and and and it's it's it's you know if I'm doing the best thing then I know that that I can't fail and if I do fail I'm gonna Blame You John and say you're a scam okay that's kind of the thinking and it's fear of failure it all goes back to this fear of failing okay what we're doing is we're working with computers we are taking computers and we are squeezing money out of them there's no room for fear there is no room for your silly little emotions none computers don't care you must remove fear of failure from the equation and charging and try things out if you run into battle and you get chopped down and you spend six weeks posting daily on Tick Tock across three accounts and it's still you you're looking at what's what content is working better than other content if you spend six weeks daily posting content and you are not making getting any traction any seeing any Improvement seeing any movement towards money then yes you died you failed but you have to be willing to act so then you would change to a different you know maybe try doing YouTube or Instagram or some other traffic but you must be willing to charge in and fail for six weeks at an internet business and be consistent and be daily and try to find your flaws and assume nothing's gonna work before you pivot okay the biggest reason I see people fail is I have so many students that I that that they try out affiliate marketing and they try out one of my tree traffic methods one times you know like three years ago and it didn't work right and they didn't try anything else after that it's the equivalent of walking up to a woman and saying hey you're beautiful can I take you on a date and she says no and then you say ah women they're a scam the whole thing women are all a scam okay because they've tried and failed once it would be the equivalent of saying women are a scam if you tried and failed ten times to get a date okay it's not a matter of if it works it's a matter of you you have to continually continually continually be posting and pivoting and optimizing and doing this until you are seeing views you are getting clicks or DMs and you are getting sales and if it only takes you six months of daily work to do this then you have done something that makes you a legend because it took me four years it took me four years of overthinking of doubting myself of trying things out only to switch what I was doing after two days of continually doing the same thing over and over without even thinking of whether you know without even analyzing whether I was what I was doing was working of of four years of spending money on software programs and training programs and then doing nothing with the training program that I just paid money for six four years of of of of paying developers or people on Fiverr or on upwork and you know paying software developers you know paying software providers for things that I would never end up actually using to make money four years of this over a lot of overthinking right a lot of overthinking always you know flip-flopping around that's how long it took me Focus on one thing for six weeks you know what screw that read a book and see if you even can focus I bet most of you cannot sit through and read an entire book and that's the reason why I encourage people to read a book because the biggest thing that is messed up is your brain and your brain has no attention span because you're on these things okay let's go into questions they want an affiliate marketing Viagra everybody does everybody likes affiliate marketing by hack okay if you were to do a keto channel on Tick Tock how would you curate the content great question great question let's get let's that's a great question asakura nihongo International hi yokata okay I learned Japanese and uh in high school and I had a Japanese girlfriend in uh College uh uh I like the Japanese culture so let's go so the easiest way let's let's meet this mute tab so asokula-san asakura-san what you want to do is you just want to look up hashtag Keto okay download a bunch of these videos and like edit them in the tick tock editor and like put like different music over it or like change up the text a little bit okay change the contrast just change the video file a little bit okay does that make sense and just repost them uh sakura-san it is not difficult okay that is how I would curate the content again I would do hashtag keto I download a bunch of these videos and I would change them up a little bit okay personal brand oh great question Henry Vera Henry Vera let's go okay Henry Vera asked question um okay yeah ASA Corazon don't over complicate things in the beginning okay I talked about reposting content that's how you find the trending content for that for Keto right for really anything okay not hard ryoko asakurasan what you can do in other ways is you can find other keto content from YouTube and Instagram you could find what's trending on Instagram and repost it to tick tock you can find videos that are trending on keto on YouTube and then you just clip them out and put them on Tick Tock you know it's very simple okay just but but you know just keep doing it okay so let's go over this question from Henry uh personal brand versus business brand what to build first personal can be the face of any brand in the future however business can be sold in X years Henry you're overthinking things okay you're overthinking things it doesn't matter is Elon Musk a personal a question for you is Elon Musk a personal brand or a business brand actually anyone is Elon Musk a personal or business brand guys type in the chat type in the chat is Elon Musk a business brand or a personal brand okay personal okay Elon Musk is personal about business and life yeah I'd call him a business brand I mean I think he's getting people to move money you know like uh so uh I I don't know I I it doesn't matter Henry you flip a coin you know the the answer the answer is it's easier to build a personal brand that's about you know it's it's it's far easier to build a personal brand and yes it's still sellable um the difference is which is the part I struggle with it's it's you you know people say oh you can't sell a a personal brand okay um the answer is you need to know really really really rich people that are in the investment community no matter what you want to sell okay just because you built a big business brand by no means means you can sell it okay Russell Brunson build click funnels into a big brand a big business brand but the problem is is that he doesn't know any ultra high net worth individuals he hangs out with people that are worth you know you know that are worth you know millions or tens of millions at the most okay and some people like Tony Robbins but he's not hanging out with the financial Illuminati okay the answer is it doesn't matter but if you want to sell a business if that's your intention state that you know it it that and that's good you want to sell a business you need to hang out with active investors that are in the Venture Capital private Equity or Angel Investing communities okay so it doesn't matter what sort of brand you build but to sell a business you have to hang out with the right people okay does that answer your question Henry does that answer your question like answer like your real question too hopefully okay I'm working on this right uh you know I've built a big business brand personal brand all these things but you know I'm working on getting in with these people um and also keep in mind that everything about selling a business is about you it's about do they like you are you in with the right people all it is um okay let's look at uh nitw Vlogs okay next question how can you find make money make money online content to repost just join my telegram groups like look at this stuff right just join my telegram groups right this is the JC Supercar group right or you could just go to or you could just go to tick tock and search make I mean let's zoom in here okay so you can see exactly what I'm typing where is this right hashtag make money online all right here repost this content okay or we could go to Instagram right #make money online okay content to re let's find some videos the videos where's the videos well however you find videos I don't know how you find videos you get the idea okay just go on Tick Tock go on Instagram go on YouTube and you can find content to repost and you guys have permission to repost any content of mine yeah so Henry another another way to kind of think about things um you know or put things in a framework that maybe makes sense uh is is uh the further away from present that you get the more inaccurate every literally everything uh all of your thoughts are gonna be um I I've I've experienced you know I experienced this just as much as anybody else but uh you know just focus on you know people you know like focus focus you know give yourself bite-sized chunks to go towards right so my goal with my current company is to sell it for a couple hundred million okay a couple hundred million or billions okay advance pay my software company that's the big goal right so we have like a large goal but that but we also have to have a small goal and this is this is a really expertly this line of thinking is really expertly demonstrated in uh the book The Alchemist um particularly the uh the mini story and The Alchemist where um the boy goes to the wisest man on top of the mountain the wise man on top of the mountain and asks him what the meaning of life is and the man tell gives him a drop of oil in a spoon and um advises the boy to walk around his castle and look at all of the art and look in and wander around all of the gardens and subsequently tells the boy that the meaning of life is being able to have your long-term goal which is your oil of spoon to be able to uh have a grasping of your long-term goal represented by the drop of oil in the spoon but also to be able to enjoy the present and be able to see you know the beautiful art and the gardens and the plants um so it's that mixture of short-term and long-term that he says is what is brings true happiness or fulfillment or whatever in life um how do you chat GPT for affiliate marketing how much money are you making in affiliate marketing so far if it's nothing then there's nothing chat GPT can do to help you okay um chat GPT is what's called a Long Hammer okay if you do not know how to build a house okay no manner of tools will help you okay does this make sense does this make sense if you if you you know let's say you want let's say you want you know uh uh you want to sleep with a what you know you let's say you want the women that you sleep with to absolutely enjoy your sexual prowess in the bedroom so you go out and buy the Kama Sutra to really uh increase your level of sexual prowess in the bedroom but the Kama Sutra is not going to help you be better in the bedroom if you do not have anyone to sleep with this makes sense now if you are not making any money with affiliate marketing any number of tools that you buy are not going to help you giving a you know if I were to give a forklift to someone who has no idea how to operate it's just AI doesn't help people who aren't making money in fact if you're not making money on your own right now I think you're absolutely nuts and you should be working with a sense of urgency that goes beyond you know starvation level hunger okay there aren't any opportunities for you if you do not have skills and you're not you're not going to try to make money on your own like AI is just going to put so many it you you need to be making money right you need to be starting somewhere AI will help you I just showed you an example AI can help you find keywords AI can help you write ads but if you don't know how to do marketing if you're not making any money already it's not going to help you because you don't even understand what prompts to give it okay if you you need to know how to talk to chat GPT you I mean you train it right you have to tell it you have to give it an identity you have to tell it look you walk chat GPT you are now identify you are now known as John christani and you write in the style of John Kristan you know you have to give the AI you have to I'm not going to go too deep into AI but but give it an identity give it a way to write tell it it thinks and writes like Leonardo da Vinci and it writes marketing copy like John christani and you know you have to give it like an identity you really have to spend time forming its identity okay like yeah we're using chat gpt4 we're using chat GPT 3.5 we're using chat GPT for a number of things in my business it works very well but you have to know how to prompt it right you have to already be skilled in something um the main the main thing is give it an identity and train it and give it command words okay AIS are you have to think of them like very stupid human beings um you have you you use hypnosis techniques on them use NLP techniques on them use command words create you know use command words you know we tell our our AI we say okay whenever I say the word Admiral this is a this is this is a command to log everything that I've written into your storage right into your short-term memory right or whenever I use the word pirate what that means is to recall all of your previous memories and we we give we feed it information we force it to remember the information we have it right in the style that we wanted to write you know Etc yeah the prompt used is important it I I'd say the most important thing is actually training the AI before you prompt it most people do not train the AI for how it thinks how it feels how it experiences the world what Memories it has before they train it I mean before they prompt it okay but it's good you're experimenting around with chat GPT High ticket clients I I don't understand the question it just says question mark okay okay folks guys what'd you get out of this what was what was the most interesting thing uh was was I helpful today and if so I'd love to know what was the most helpful thing that I did and what did I talk you know uh for me it's important you know just I like interacting with you guys but I want to know how I can be best of service right my personal motto is be the most helpful you can possibly be okay if you're on this Earth trying to be anything less than 100 of what your true potential is then you're crazy okay and the things that are going to dumb you down the most and ruin your potential and cause you to be a nothing you know cause you to be Dust in the Wind the most are these right the more time you spend on this the less of a human being you are and the less you're going to reach your potential okay so you know what I've done to limit myself as a forcing mechanism is I have been a I've disabled mobile data I don't have any mobile data all I can use this thing for is on Wi-Fi I can only use this thing on Wi-Fi only on Wi-Fi I've disabled myself right Tick Tock affiliate marketing uh please please ask a more complete question when's the next stream the next stream will be next week make sure you guys enable notifications make sure you guys subscribe um spend advertising dollars to make for your 6X back again please phrase things as a question how to link a tick tock short to Lincoln bio with your affiliate program you just tell people go to Lincoln bio okay you just tell people in the video go to Lincoln bio right look there's like like like see how it like you just say like see how there's text there you just say like go to link and bio okay what's one conspiracy theory uh you believe um I actually don't really like conspiracy I I don't like the term conspiracy theories um there's a lot of things that people think are conspiracy theories that I know and I I know are true and I believe um I don't know let me just put it this way most people are brainwashed okay um most of what you hear in the mainstream media is a version of the truth right it's a flavor it's only a flavor of the truth okay another thing you have to understand is that I uh I believe uh here's here's here's one maybe um there is a clear attack on the family structure and even the willingness especially women social media affects women far more than it does men and social media and the mainstream media around the world is being weaponized to cause women to unconsciously or subconsciously not want to have children wait until later I'm gonna wait until I get a promotion or I'm financially stable right um I believe there's a very clear attack um the best thing we can do is just have a lot of kids and completely ignore the mainstream media um okay folks good one talk to you next week all the best guys links for the Discord uh are in the if you if you want to join our Discord group um guys join join our Discord uh we'll be posting more content in there if you want content to repost if you want more content to repost links in the telegram links or in the description of this if you want to learn from me and uh apply for my mentorship program you have to watch sit through a 30 minute video go to johncrestani backslash learn sit through the 30 minute video fill out the application and you know speak with somebody on my team to go through the one-on-one mentorship and uh before I go type it in quick um and uh I'm trying to think what else I have for you uh that's basically it um and I encourage you if you have if you are skeptical about anything I say oh here join these networks Max bounty uh if you want to promote my new affiliate program join cash Network and join Guru media my new affiliate program will be I'm launching another affiliate program it will be on any of the all three of these networks so join anyone or join all three and the last thing is if you are skeptical about anything I say or if you don't want to do anything but you have the self-awareness to realize that you have focused problems and you are not where you want financially in life then read this book okay okay there you go uh and top skills to me okay we're gonna go I didn't see before you go okay hi guys I'm out see y'all bye have a great weekend

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