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let's go hey everyone John christani here first off always want to make sure the technical stuff is out of the way let me know if you hey everyone John christani here first off I always want to make sure the technically okay there we go let me know if you can see me and let me know if you can hear me just type in one or yes in the chat uh and would love to hear where are you coming from thank you wolf Warrior what's up good to see you wolf Warrior uh I also be interested to know what is your business okay like what is uh if you can throw in the chat because I like I like the discussion what is your business you know what are you what are you trying to do you know are you a Lyft driver are you doing Drop Shipping are you doing you know day trading are you doing uh Amazon you know Etsy eBay affiliate you know love to love to hear what you guys are up to and uh also encourage folks to uh join our Discord uh community and some of our telegram chats uh cool so this time I just want to make it clear this time is about you okay this time is all about you I want to go over your questions a little bit about me in case you're not familiar uh I multi-millionaire marketer been running my own business since uh 2012 uh been working hard you know worked for four years before that uh to create my own business uh currently you know making seven figures a year okay seven figures a year uh from running my business doing marketing I've had uh yeah and it's all free and clear uh so that's what I do I'm pretty good at marketing and I'd love to go over your questions about how you know my my intention is to help you get from wherever you are if you're dissatisfied with the amount of Freedom you have in your life with how you're marketing your business why you weren't growing starting a business getting motivation you know whatever it is right if you're running a seven eight nine figure business even you know let me know how I can help uh ask questions about marketing I'm going to go over a number of things today we're gonna go over um we're going to go over a few things and let me bring up my uh uh let me go over this right here ah uh we're gonna go over your questions we're going to go over the best ways to uh and side hustle ideas to reach 10K per month in 2023 um I'm going to roast a couple side hustles uh because I think there's a lot of ridiculous stuff going on um and we're gonna we're just gonna chat okay so let's go um any questions hey good evening from Gambia colonize Mars in our lifetime I actually think colonizing Mars is uh not necessarily a good idea uh I I'm a huge supporter of Elon and everything he does but uh I believe we live on Heaven you know this Earth is the best place at least we know of in the universe so the goal shouldn't be to settle to have permanent type of colonies I think on other planets I think it's more about taking resources from space and bringing them back home uh I believe elon's doing a sort of PR play right your aunts to him he's focused uh he plays just like the government and the education system and the media plays your mind like a fiddle to get you to believe things that you may not necessarily have cared about like Ukraine I mean who here thought it was crazy how like all these Americans who like never even knew where Ukraine was suddenly came out all in support of this this country in Europe like overnight right all these YouTubers supporting go Ukraine all these all these Gamers you know raising money for Ukraine all these all these other people you know saying we support Ukraine Stand by Your Crane and nobody even cared about it the month prior right so it's getting thoughts implanted in your brain um is a big problem uh and it's very yeah it's very common I think Elon does uses people the same way you know I respect him but you know this Mission to Mars it gives somebody it's it's very press friendly it gives folks something to latch on to to get to space so I'm not necessarily interested in colonizing Mars but uh my life goal is to go to space sorry that was a long explanation um Augustine Vlogs thanks very much I had many tricks with you I'm on a real estate business famous vacation cool who has questions good evening anime TV who has questions who needs to build their business who needs to start a business give me give me give me the stuff um okay preacher's kid what are you waiting for good to say like what what's what's something good you're like I I hope he like blows me away because I if if you're lacking motivation to start like what business are you doing preachers kid like if you're waiting for somebody to like come in and like motivate you to like grow a business that's that doesn't make sense um you know you probably need to remove many things from your life if you're looking if you have a if you have started a business now we can talk tactics and how to grow it right but if if you're it sounds like you haven't even gotten out of the starting line you gotta actually you you can't have somebody motivate you to start a business okay you can't it has to come from within uh follow Portuguese okay uh uh nuts I'm furious about this are there any affiliate networks for Real Estate yeah probably uh you know what we can Google it so we're gonna go over a bunch of tools I have a bunch of tools we're going to go over AI automation sort of tools um real estate affiliate program right just search Real Estate affiliate programs join some I'm sure there's a bunch out there right uh the biggest thing I suggest to folks is just start joining affiliate programs right there's a ton you know there's affiliate programs for anything find companies and you can go about it the other route you could say okay what's a company I like maybe you like Fortune Builders right Fortune Builders affiliate program so if you like a certain company just see if they have a see if they have a affiliate program almost every single company has an affiliate program nowadays okay so if you're looking for something to promote you know things are out there um the most important thing is if you're looking for an affiliate program have you posted content yet okay have you posted because it doesn't matter if you haven't posted yeah I I hear a lot of schemers business opportunity schemers is what I call where they're like yeah you know I'm gonna like I have this great idea I'm gonna like take this AI software and mix it with like a blockchain like then like do pancake Swap and like incentivize people to like all promote everything and like everybody makes money nothing matters unless you start getting content out there okay nothing matters nothing matters okay yeah no doubt winners Club let's go 10K per month let's great topic okay so let's go on over this topic best ways side hustle ideas to reach 10K per month fast in 2023 okay so let's focus on this so what are some side hustles y'all are working on okay now first off let's talk about what is not a good idea to make 10K per month okay not a good idea right driving okay if you're driving that's not a good idea uh delivering right basically the same thing not a good idea um if you are you know working a job that is not a good idea what are some good ideas for side hustles you can make money really quickly is uh you know one let me get a check box here yes right sell data you know sell data or accounts um one thing I found that's really easy is there's a lot of folks out there looking to use Netflix or looking to use some sort of pornography service or looking to use some sort of software like Salesforce you can get you know uh free Netflix uh you know Buy bulk Netflix accounts right wholesale Netflix accounts right um there's a lot of folks out there as as we all know a lot of data has been a lot of people have been hacked have their email addresses hacked have their accounts hacked and you can buy you know accounts you know look at this we're on Alibaba and there's some person on here selling uh Netflix accounts you know four 299.

you know we have automatic delivery Netflix account you know Auto renewal this account for the account for unlimited time right you have there's a whole Market out there of folks selling accounts okay this is for one dollar right Netflix is a year account goes for 80 bucks right so you can actually sell anything anything anything you need to get in front of people you need to be posting if you are not in front of people you are you are nowhere okay if you are not posting on the internet the point is here's something that's worth eighty dollars a year that you can that you can buy for one dollar and how many people use Netflix I mean it's freaking nuts right so the point being is there's a lot of stuff out there you can sell you just need to be moving forward on the internet if I I'm not even going to go on any dark neck marketplaces right now but if you just access the dark net and go through Tor Browser I I encourage everyone to download Tor Browser because you should understand how to um access the dark net okay okay you should understand this if once you are once you are on Dark Net marketplaces you will find an unbelievable bizarre plethora of of items that are in high demand that you can get for a quarter or less of the price that you could buy on the street okay the point being is you have things you can sell whether it's physical whether it's digital instantly at a high markup you just need to get in front of people sitting behind a computer and not accessing folks whether you're dming them whether you're posting videos on YouTube or Tick Tock whether you are uh you know sending out emails or texts you can get in front of people you should be getting in front of at least 25 people a day if you are not getting a sales message in front of 25 people a day you are losing you are losing you are a loser because you are losing time and you are losing your life now what I do what I did when I was starting out and I needed to get in front of people I literally just I I still use a path you know I still use a notebook to this day to track all of my activities but what I would do is I would literally say okay I have to reach out to a hundred people every day and I just do one two three four five one two three four five and I'll just keep filling out you know doing checks to make sure I'm reaching people again if a tree falls in the middle of the forest does anyone hear you know does it make a sound the answer is no because nobody hears it right so you have to get in front of people Tor Browser gives you access to interesting things so I would say sell data I think it's great get in front of people message people let's talk about another um uh let me let me bring this up sorry folks um let's talk about freelancing okay now if I want to make money as a freelancer okay I could do a couple things so if I wanted to get work as a copywriter I have many copywriters reach out to me and they say you know you know hey John could we do copywriting for your company and what I tell them you know I just don't respond frankly but what is better is if you have somebody that comes if if the more specific you can make your offering the better and let me give you an example so if I wanted to sell copywriting Services I might go to a company and say hey do you have and you know I would ask them if they have an email sequence for their Affiliates and if they would Mo you know and if I could offer to create one for them I'd list out a bunch of cert results but I'd say I'll create a a a 14-day affiliate training email sequence complete with videos okay like training videos to indoctrinate you know what whatever audience okay or maybe I go to approach a company and say hey does your small business have a have a uh monthly newsletter I would love to set up and maintain a monthly newsletter and and and have the acquisition of the email address is all automated for you and I'd only charge 500 bucks a month okay charging 500 bucks a month for an email newsletter is much better than charging you know whatever it is 25 to write a monthly email okay the value of writing an email copy for 25 uh is is 25 dollars whereas writing a monthly newsletter for a small business and have the Soup To Nuts program in is worth you know maybe 500.

so you want to be specific in your services if you are free if you are doing uh if you were doing another some other ideas yes sell real estate okay you gotta sell If You're Expecting somebody to make give you money you're you're lame okay don't do that you have to sell either yourself okay you have to sell or you have to sell a a you know something else a product or a service you're selling yourself when you're selling yourself you're selling yourself for a job or for your time right if you're selling a product or service it's different you're selling copy you know you're selling monthly newsletter right um okay let's go over questions uh okay side hustle ideas other things I encourage folks to do um yes chat GPT uh prompt build out okay yes to SEO chat GPT strategy implementation for a company okay I'm just listing out some really hot services that a lot of folks would want to buy right now okay um strategy implementation hitting up small business owners uh you know really anything you know affiliate marketing the top niches are always affiliate marketing right focus on a niche another one is stock trading stock trading for stock trading focus on a single stock single stock that's it just focus on a single stock uh if you're doing Drop Shipping if you're doing Amazon right Amazon Ecom right fine trending products and I'll show you guys Trent My Buddy started a company Trend finder uh let's find this well there's a lot of different ways you can find trending products but find trending products right now Fruit Roll-Ups are trending Fruit Roll-Ups right who would have known um whatever products are trending and for Ecom whatever products are trending is a good boat to hop on and if you're too late top on a certain trending product sell accessories to that product to Hot Products okay selling accessories to Hot Products that came out is a fantastic way to to really blow up an e-com very fast okay um uh an example is in the last few years the crock pot the crock pot has done very well and now all of a sudden we're seeing a lot of accessories coming out and doing extremely well from just you know nobodies you know nobody ever knows who started these companies you know they're just selling accessories um AI is going to take ever Victor asan guy so a Victor assongai asked great question he says um he says John should we be worried about AI taking over a lot of Freelancers work of course of course okay if you're not thinking if you're if you're doing task oriented work where someone is telling you how what to do and how to do it you're done you shouldn't even you're you're not you don't exist okay you're done consider your income zero because it's going to be there soon if you are being told what to do and how to do things there's no future for you I'm sorry but but but it's it's the raw truth and I'm not going to sugarcoat things you need to be doing thought-oriented work start start an Amazon business stock trading you know affiliate you know real estate flipping whatever the thing is AI is going to take over if you can tell somebody what to do and how to do it ai's your job is done okay just consider your job done you should not be earning money and you will not be earning money in a three-year time span smart people and rich people who can hire smart people are the ones who benefit from AI because it gives it makes it easier for us to get more done the people who are action takers and who are innovators and who are analyzing and and iterating in their businesses get more done with AI and automation tools which I'll be going over in just a second here I'll be going over a lot of automation tools that we recently started using and experimenting with okay but if you know Alex Becker so I'm gonna plug um uh Twitter Alex Becker so I'm going to plug this guy Alex Becker he's uh pretty cool okay so we see Alex who here follows Alex Becca by the way all right I've never seen his Twitter but it's pretty good he goes over three things in his Twitter he says [Music] yeah here it is he says if you're a young dude and you are lost directionless or whatever in your career comes down to three things brain deficiency brain addictions and life over complexity far too many of you are using social media uh and looking at news for purposes other than taking immediate action and getting ahead um and let me explain a lot of folks here are addicted to their smartphone your smartphone's like a pathetic dog whistle okay you are being trained to react to this thing it buzzes beep and you go oh here let me go you know oh somebody may have sent me a message oh let me see what going on your brain is literally smaller and shorter term time chunks turn off all notifications all all noises notifications vibrations on this thing this is a dog whistle a dog if you have notifications on you are a dog to your phone and that's a brain deficiency it's bad for becoming an entrepreneur and thinking long term you are not going to be able to get ahead in life if you are if your brain is trained if you are trained to be a reactionary dog okay um the other thing is he talks about brain addictions brain addictions is you know just whatever you know like that's an example of a brain addiction but other things you do instead of work okay is what I'd say if you if you find yourself just longing to get done with the day so you could go you know just you know have I don't know whatever you do you know like drink or play video games or you know you have to get rid of that stuff and then life over complexity don't have too much stuff on your plate right um we're told to finish High School get a job take on debt and I I have an air fryer yeah air fryer yeah yeah that's pretty good CPA marketer air fryer accessories are pretty good too um I read that raid forms was attacked by the FBI uh talk talk with people on dread right talk with people on dreadforms right dread it's a forum it's Reddit for the dark web okay go there okay talk with people get on the dark web okay dread um dread is the Reddit of the dark web okay so go there and find what you need uh in terms of like raid forms raid forms is on the clear net so you're not going to have you know the clear net is is uh just publicly accessible this is why I recommend everybody sign up for tour okay that's why you have to access the dark web you need tor okay you need tor this is how you access the dark net I'm not going to go on this right now because it it's going to route my IP and it's going to cause a lot of latency on this this connection um yeah he sold his company for something like 80 million dollars I'm sure there's an earn out so I'm not sure how much money he actually received but I think it's safe to say that uh Alex Becker has at least 20 million dollars now okay um cool okay let's go over some tools any other questions or is everybody you know again if you are not where if you are looking for value or if you're not where you want to be in marketing or in Life or in your side hustle you should be asking questions again silent silence is the week if you have if you're looking to learn something and also everyone here if you come and meet somebody who's making more money than you you should have questions for them immediately okay you should have good specific questions for them immediately I remember when I was younger anytime I came across somebody who was more success I actually still do this anytime I come across somebody who's more successful than me I asked them what would be your advice for somebody who aspires to get to the level you're at okay and I and I try to surround I work hard to surround myself with folks that are more successful than me right I live in the middle of freaking you know nowhere right like do you see anything right so you should always have questions right off the bat and asking good intelligent questions of folks that are more successful than you is also a really good way to get on their um good side is what I found okay John can you answer my question I didn't see your question winners Club where is it thanks for another episode appreciate the value yeah I don't see your question if you're including links I can't really see it I'll uh make it standard I just made yeah I don't know maybe I didn't see your question okay so let's go over some AI tools okay so first I'm going to put in a i and automation tools so I'm a really big fan of um just to kind of get you to understand where I'm going with this what the biggest opportunity right here today is doing free traffic on social media it still is free traffic on social media if you are not posting I don't know what you're doing with your life but the setup we're doing roughly and this is I've been experimenting around with this a lot in the last month and the setup we are doing in my business to get more content out there is roughly the following 25 times Tick Tock accounts 25 x YouTube accounts 25 times Instagram accounts and 25 Twitter accounts okay all posting three times per day um all unique content okay and 100 percent automated okay this is what we're working on okay now I would if and you can do this you could you could any one of you here can do this okay now some of you might not be able to afford the software so you not might not be able to automate everything but this is a structure to make money again a lot of you folks are not posting anything you are not getting in front of anybody okay this strategy allows us to get in front of tens of thousands of people a day from zero audience I'm talking about starting from zero audience zero audience all reposted content all unique content none created by me bye yeah none created by me um so how do we do this right well I'm gonna again I'm gonna go over software of how to do this but there's a few other things we need to understand about automating social media and what I call this is organic social syndication okay and just to note we are hiring folks in my company to do more of this okay we are hiring people to do more complex versions of this to help us out with this to work on more deep fakes we're going to be creating deep fakes of me if anyone here is interested in working with us on this show us uh I I feel free to message my support right uh supported and send us some of the accounts that you are doing affiliate marketing from on social media okay literally we will not even consider your application we will not even consider you know and put in the headline social organic social syndication but we will not even consider you if you can't show us accounts that are that you're doing automated social media posting on that are working okay we will not even consider your application if you're saying oh I did this for a company I don't care it shows that you did it for a company you're not a self-starter we you know in my company we run a military style management organization we are all hardcore we all work independently but we are hardcore about results and success okay so let's talk about how we can do this okay posting this means what this equals is 300 post per day now we've been building up this how do but what what else do we have to keep in mind what are the problems that come in mind when you are running a hundred social accounts how do you get all unique content how do you how do how does this work okay well there's a few big things a few big obstacles right each residential IP can can handle five accounts Max what does that mean well a residential means a place people live an IP address means an IP address associated with homes okay not an IP address associated with nordvpn so you need to have a way of procure like actually seeming like these accounts that you're using are posting from people's houses you can't have more than five people posting from the same house or IP address okay there's another big obstacle how do you where do you find content ready to find content right there's another big obstacle you know how do you how do you find a ton of content you know or how do you yeah I guess how do you find content is already in there um how do you find content to repost right uh and the last obstacle is how to automate okay so let's go over this right oh the other big obstacles are you know I'd say going going deeper into these residential IPA things not you do not want to show up as spam or be blocked by the social media Networks so let's go into some tools that can make you make this happen yeah Kamal yes I I can teach this but you guys gotta do it okay I I go over this stuff every week uh and a lot of folks I don't I don't know if I like don't pump things up enough but we know what we're doing I make six figures a month right I'm I know marketing but let's go over into some tools that can make this possible so first off you need a brow you need what's called um so let's see you know the solutions the solution okay so one one solution is unique browser fingerprint okay what the heck John okay this is very important if we are doing this we need a unique browser fingerprint uh for for our activities okay a browser fingerprint means if Tick Tock sees that right here me at this computer is posting like three times a day at the same time of day to 25 separate accounts nobody's gonna view my videos nobody's going to view whatever we're posting because tick tock's gonna say oh this dude this Mar you know this dude somewhere is you know he's just Auto posting you know it's going to be low quality we don't want to show Auto posted like AI generated like spam to people so we have to make them the computers tick tocks twitters computers think we're unique and you do that using an anti-detection browser okay and uh unique browser fingerprints okay so use that using something like this this is uh as you see there's a lot of software programs around affiliate marketing now but if you don't want to pay for a program like this just set up five accounts don't set up more than five accounts again if you don't have any money just set up five accounts on Tick Tock five accounts on Twitter five accounts on Instagram five accounts on you know whatever and just post you know post from those okay um now the next level that you need to use is you need to work with a proxy as you see we need to make it seem like our our computers are actually showing up from people's homes okay um a lot of times when you're using uh when you're using like some of these vpns the vpns will show that you are your location your IP address is a data center okay uh hold on one second okay John I have two Instagram accounts on over 30k one is niched in the remote work good money online would you like to sell would like to sell to at least 10 on each account any advice yes I'll go over that in a second uh great question winner winners Club great question I got you okay I got you um so so we have to work with a proxy okay now keep in mind that this will take you down a rabbit hole this is a good rabbit hole to go down though again a lot of folks I that message me or email me literally do not get out of the Starting Gate they don't even have intelligent questions to ask once you get out of the starting date and you start implementing strategies then you can ask good questions like oh can I save and reuse my sock 5 Pro profiles if you are asking questions like this it means you are this close to success this close to success winners Club asked a good question he said how do I get you know I have a Instagram profile in the make money online niche and and the spirituality Niche how do I get my you know how can I get 10 of my audience buying products how can I reach them that is a good question it's specific okay VPN service so good question Chris McDonald VPN Services the IP addresses will be in data centers okay Tick Tock will does not in Instagram and YouTube do not like your content and will not push it if you show up if it shows that a data center based location is posting the content because all they think is oh it's a data it's it's some sort of automation it's spam what you want to do is you want you you need to have you know if you're using nordvpn to log into your Tick Tock profile they're just going to see the same person the same IP address is logging into 25 Tick Tock profiles and Tick Tock will link all of those profiles together and throw them all away does this make sense does this make sense if Tick Tock sees your virtual you know some some data center like nordvpn or even just your single home computer logging into 25 more than five profiles 25 then they will say this is automation this is a this is a botnet and you'll be Shadow banned yes so you need stuff like this okay now the next step is getting a proxy okay unique browser fingerprint number two is residential IP address okay I just explained this one so I won't repeat it but you need to connect the unique browser fingerprint to AIP address they do not provide these these cost money and use something like hydroproxy right residential IP addresses okay folks so who here is is everybody understanding this type in yes or no and for the folks who don't understand what I'm talking about and who think this is too complex why haven't you asked a question yet okay if if this is too complex for you why haven't you asked a question so that you can get value or left okay ask questions again ask questions um so you need to use a Hydra something like hydroproxy again residential IP address so let's go over some other tools um so what we're doing is we're doing an interesting thing so we're split testing we're just in the beginning phases of this process but you'll notice there's a lot of different uh there's a lot of different sites where you can buy accounts buy let's just search by YouTube accounts aged right and you'll see here there's a whole bunch of there's a whole bunch of search results for Aged YouTube accounts aged YouTube accounts aged YouTube accounts three best sites to buy YouTube channels you know buy PVA Zone buy high quality fresh YouTube accounts why are there so many places selling YouTube accounts why are there so many how why does why is there even a market for buying and selling YouTube accounts that aren't even making any money I don't have a step-by-step obdo I don't have a step-by-step I'm I'm working on this as well but it works okay but I'm giving you a free traffic method and I'm giving you probably something more advanced than anybody's ever talked about on the entire YouTube before actually the entire internet I don't think anyone's ever gone this deep into social syndication strategies okay no one's gone this deep on anywhere on the internet yes good job falal yeah aged YouTube accounts are aged accounts there's the reason there is a market for this is because it works and the social media Networks we can basically show if we can have an old account it has more trust than account that then that was just created yesterday if I create 25 accounts today it's going to see even if I have unique browser fingerprints and stuff it might not work as well okay all about the Bing Bong high tech yeah Bing Bong high-tech that's it it's just get it's old school sales it's just getting in front of people we're just trying to get in front of people and not spend any money to get in front of people that's the point right we just want to be in front of people we want to deliver a sales message without having to spend any money unfortunately now you know I'm I'm showing High I'm showing expensive software that can help folks do that better but the point of this is is you don't need money to create a you you know create a YouTube account to create a social media account to create a tick tock account get other people's content so we have we can you know we're doing a mix so what we're doing is we're doing um with with our with my own social media syndication efforts we're doing about 50 50 new aged accounts okay we're actually testing this so we have about 12 accounts that are new and about 12 accounts that are aged and we're just going to see what works the best we've been having thousands and thousands of views a day from new accounts we haven't had any problem with that we're getting about 10 000 views a day with new accounts um so both work next is let's see what else what other softwares do we have um next is we can actually have there's engagement Bots there's uh engagement Bots that can actually give us more uh can I actually have a link for this one um so there's engagement Bots that can artificially boost are you know our videos presence on social media networks Tick Tock YouTube Instagram Twitter this is one of the sites we're using okay engagement Bots okay so we're using Bots to boost our own engagement now you can artificially boost your own engagement um having a group of friends that you say hey can you help me out on social media can I add you to some like text message list like boot you know like to like upvote some of my posts okay you can do this yourself if you want you don't really need to I don't know many folks who really need to do much with engagement Bots we do it to help our advertising nobody dislikes and add more than an ad that doesn't have any comments on it okay do you trust any if somebody's sent putting an ad out I mean how many folks here read the comments on Facebook ads right A lot of people do and if if a Facebook ad has no comments like why should you trust it okay so you should always create engagement before real people have a chance to see something I'm just giving you more more tactics again I'm Relentless at marketing you might say oh you shouldn't fake engagement just don't be an entrepreneur please okay now let's talk about um Okay so this is an interesting thing so this is an interesting software we are experimenting around with munch okay and what's interesting about this software is this allows us to actually uh take this video right here and automatically clip out the best moments from this you know whatever it is one hour live stream one hour live stream I don't have to pay an editor for it just leverages things more and more in the past if you wanted to clip out content you'd have to pay an editor allows us not to this means you don't have to either this means if you wanted a full-time video editor you might have to pay a couple thousand bucks and now you have to pay you know whatever this you know like 50 bucks right again AI gets rid of people who are looking for step-by-step instructions on what to do with their life and career if you are looking for step by if you need step-by-step instructions you're done okay you're done in a few years you will have no work if you are the type of person who needs step-by-step instructions for everything um get start start getting you know start getting education you know my education is expensive you know I have a coaching program it's expensive but it's worth it um if anybody's interested in joining my coaching program and learning from my team we literally guarantee you will make a hundred sales on ClickBank we guarantee you will make a hundred sales on ClickBank okay and we've been delivering you can find out more information in the links in the description I think it's John christani backslash learn or something like that okay um okay so this is Munch let's go over another interesting tool a a d script so we really like I really like dscript here so this is uh text captions for videos so this is another editing tool that we're experimenting with to great success okay it's an AI based tool that automatically puts in captions and videos this increases engagement a lot a lot of folks don't want to they want to browse social media but they don't want to like commit to it right a lot of you Millennials are really scared of commitment right don't get married like don't have just one side hustle have five you know uh you know don't don't put the sound on okay these are like the three things right that like I make fun of Millennials for don't get married have five side hustles and never turn the sound on videos on your phone okay turn this you know so and because so many folks are not turning the sound on because they're commitment phobic what we can do is we can actually put captions over our videos and we're gonna we're gonna have an advantage in terms of Engagement um so that's really good and we're using dscript to do this automatically again I remember I used to hire editors uh to literally go I I used to hire people to literally transcribe two-hour long webinars two hour long webinars I'd pay these people like you know whatever I was paying them like 25 bucks an hour to just write the words out every word I was saying in a in a sales letter or a video and then I'd pay an editor you know whatever it was 25 bucks an hour to write in each line and place it where each each word should be and now we're doing this automatically for free absolutely amazing highly recommended tool here okay microworkers good site hire some you know hire small people to do uh hire small people this is another AI video editor that we've been um playing around with okay AI video editor again suggested I suggest you play around with some of these tools because right now there's such a big opportunity for posting content on social media the other thing we have to understand is that these you know one of the obstacles is that social networks want unique content so what you might be wondering is but John yes yes how do we unique content and everything is reposted content okay how many folks are wondering how these statements make sense and are not mutually exclusive how many folks are wondering how are these statements not mutually exclusive in my opinion bypassing duplicated content is impossible how do we do this right okay yeah so we have so Grand Master UV says uh you know I like wow you know you can you know well you know ai ai is generating a lot of unique stuff yeah rewrite there we go CPA marketer you got it so how we do this is one you know we could we could have an AI video editor you know we create a prompt create a prompt okay generate 25 variations of this video with one percent different contrast right okay now the video looks a little bit different just the the coloring is slightly different and now we have a hundred we could have you know a bunch of different variations of the video we can we can do the same thing slightly different audio Etc okay so we can change very slight things in a video and have a completely unique file a hundred times over yeah and what it is is it's a unique video file on tick tock on Twitter on LinkedIn on Instagram on YouTube shorts right this way we do this with audio we do this with the color blue we do this with the color red we do this with the color green we do this with slightly different audio volume and suddenly we have a hundred variations of a single video that are all unique and it can all be done now they still detect there's we well they can still detect and same platform what do you what do you seeing they detect the most because I've seen other folks doing this very successfully I mean we have we have examples but what what like what I'm seeing other folks doing this so falal explain to me like what what do you think is uh the major problems there we looked at uh one of the one of the students accounts we looked at the other the other week is purely using reposted content of from my channels and this guy's getting thousands hundreds of views a video he got almost a million views in Russia there's the same nobody talks about how they make their first Amelia because usually people make their first million um that's funny so we got almost a million views on this video and it's reposted content okay so yeah I'm full definitely open to to discussing that further I know there is a lot of detection stuff but this is you you start with experimenting okay um now let's go over more AI video editing tools okay let's get rid of this wise cut video um the another video uh AI video editing editing tool is that we are experimenting with is Runway ml um turn text into videos another interesting software is this uh this is another uh anti-detection browser okay now let's let's let's go a little bit deeper into um now where do you find content to repost where do you find content to repurpose well an easy way that we find content to repurpose uh I mean it's super simple um I mean um I mean what we do is we just we just we just search hashtag passive income on on on tick tock and what we'll we'll do is we'll repurpose these videos or we will straight up just we'll we'll uh contact you we just script out their video and we tell somebody else to shoot it for 10 15 bucks 10 15 that's one way we do things another way we do things is I just I look up what videos are getting a good engagement for hashtag passive income you know I see 2.6 million views there and then I just reshoot the video myself I just literally like write down whatever she said on a on my notepad and I just say it right I just say the same things you know I point to the different you know places they want to point this is all I do and it crushes it crushes right I don't I I have like 50 Tick Tock accounts we mainly use them for advertising right so we're mainly running our stuff as ads but I would literally just you know if I want to get big in a niche I literally just script out whatever the top videos are saying and I just copy them you could pay others to do it if you want but I'm just giving you free methods here okay just don't don't try to be creative or original okay don't try to be creative or original if you're trying to be creative or original that's your ego speaking okay don't be an entrepreneur just you know go go you know be creative um but I don't think you'll work out as an entrepreneur um now what's a better way what if you don't even want to do research well if you if you want to promote my own programs uh if you want to promote the make money online news if you want to help people find ways that they can actually make money for themselves because their jobs are going to be taken by AI um awesome excited because guess what I have something special for you we give away all of our Clips right here so oh let me just um we have tons of clips for people and you can take all of these videos and you can just run them okay just take these videos and run them um and the links to all of these telegram channels are in the description so we give folks a lot of videos here's videos from my live streams we give you music that you can download and use with any of these editing tools and create different variations of right here's at least 25 songs right here and I want to shout out falal for helping create this so shout out falal or fell uh for for setting this all together thank you so much man okay now we have you know we have cracked out videos like this these you know if you're if you're working in the biz op make money online jobs Niche these videos are crack right these videos are just eye candy eye candy okay I mean look at these freaking videos right you take these videos you play around and you put in some text that says click the link in the bio click the link in the description whatever platform you're on tell them to go to a link tell them to go to your bio whatever it is that gets them to move to whatever the product is you want to sell okay you'll need to put text over this you'll need to put a call to action that says DM me you know want to know how I did this send me a DM okay for folks thinking about how to how to do this what I just said was for your text okay text overlay right want to know how I did this DM you know something like this right see how I did this you know see how I earned this okay yeah me for more for free trade something like this right doesn't get too complicated don't make things too complicated right you overlay that over a video like this see how I did this oh this is Adrian Morrison this is great this is his house this is in Mississippi oh that's cool we'll go out and visit him um does everyone understand what I'm teaching here how to get free traffic from social media can I say hi to Joe Joe Lachlan are you talking about use canva John I have a couple more questions after you answer my first one oh sorry sorry yeah let me get to your Social account so winners Club you were saying how do I uh how do I get people so okay so winners Club winners Club Q how to 20K IG Channel [Music] with my product promotion okay Winner's club's question was how do I get 10 of people on my Ig channel to uh to actually engage with whatever product he's promoting the short answer is DM okay just DM everybody DM everybody DM everybody DM everybody um how to do that in actuality uh every social media platform is nuanced I don't do much with Instagram I'm not sure if there's throttle limits for messaging people on your own um uh on your own channel who are actually already subscribed but I'd look into what sort of throttles or what sort of spam things they put in but I'd say DM everyone right and you might need to set up might need to set up automation to send you know like 25 DMS an hour for you know like you know whatever like 10 days or whatever it is right whatever you know what is uh you know 25 times 24 times 10 .

You know so like yeah maybe you have to run this automation for like 30 days to DM everyone 25 to do 25 DMS an hour okay does that make sense um so DM everyone and give them a spec you know whatever it is uh I'm not familiar with what's going to work best in dmland but it doesn't matter you don't need to know what works best either because the best test you know test your messaging you know and this is what I teach in the super affiliate system you know it's all about split testing you know my secret to marketing and why I have a system that works every time is because we split test that's it we just split test and we if something doesn't work you we just always take the things that work best so it's we're always improving right it's almost like constant Improvement if you're constantly improving you you can't ever go backwards you're eventually going to reach your goals okay listen to follow knows more about this than me yeah I'd say DM everyone test your messaging 20 times right uh falala saying stories right I've seen a lot of success where folks put up like 10 stories that you know all it's kind of like uh it's almost like the stories are a story so you maybe your first story says something like see how my life changed from I was lonely and depressed to now I am like rich and like I've women like you know I've more women clamoring over me than I can deal with and I'm like I look like a rock star then you have another story right after that that says you know here's a picture of me in 2008 you know I was fat lazy stupid and addicted to painkillers you know and and uh you know I was uh you know no one would date me and I was sad you know then the next story you know here's a picture of me now as you see I am surrounded by you know many gorgeous women and uh you know I I my my you know my pant size has shrunk from 56 to 36.

You know and you have a sequence of stories right and the and the reason and what you have to put up as the solution you know the solution was whatever you're selling okay 10x stories that show problem solution and remember folks want to see the problem solution in one picture one picture now one thing I used to use a lot of for uh you know weight loss is liposuction before and afters right uh because these these images are [ __ ] freaking fantastic right they tell a story okay like look at this image right before and after right this shows the whole story this is where I was before this is where I was after you need to be able to show a story like that because again people's attention spans are going down the drain the good news is if you know the basic principles of marketing people are easier to sell than ever okay um oh that's awesome sweet sweet digital Studio cool um examples of messages examples of messages uh DM go join winners Club and I'm going to tell you the same process that I use for advertising join a Gazette D find a gazillion channels in your Niche and DM them or follow them winners Club find other find as many make money online and manifestation channels as you can follow everyone you can and DM everyone you can to see what you know if you follow them and you don't automatically get a DM then DM them and see if they have some sort of automated sequence if they have an automated sequence it means they've tested what they're doing and that's good oh gosh [ __ ] [ __ ] that was gross oh my god um sorry I just drank some old Thai iced tea what'd you say on household products I have no idea I live as simple as possible like get the stuff you need do not spend money remember if you spending money you don't get rich spending money okay just remember this you do not get rich spending money you get rich saving money okay no one's ever gotten Rich spending money um yeah falal falal knows what he's talking about here um so test DMS test story based promotions I'd have the same story based promotion run every week and I just find a way to DM everyone okay but push it push it and spy on your competition hopefully that helps winners Club okay let's keep going let's go on more tools we're going to talk about more tools here okay so AI automation tools so getting your tools talking to one another is also very important we can have a number of tool we can have a tool to post videos we can have a tool to download videos we can have a tool to edit videos we can have a tool you know chat GPT or whatever writing descriptions for videos but how do you bring everything together so that you don't literally have to lift a finger after you set up the system well you need to use what are called you know like well like apis and stuff okay one uh social automation one is make okay that we're experimenting with another social automation tool that we are we use is zapier zapier is a very common automation tool used by a lot of businesses we use it a lot and then another automation tool that we are experimenting around with is which appears to be the most powerful is this one called air share again automate as much of what you do as possible okay automate as much of what you can do as possible and as I said I'm giving you videos to experiment with the telegram links are in the description of this live stream the telegram links are in the description of this live stream you can all join uh only 80 of you have joined this luxury homes thing okay these videos are great we found these videos sourced him they're crack uh people watch these things and you can change the you know you can add descriptions to them you can you know add calls to action you know these will work best with affiliate programs like my own you know like make money online okay an air share social automation now let's look at some more tools uh I'd say that's about it um I'll take I'll field uh some questions right now uh I'd love to hear questions from you another thing we've been working on is uh just kind of on the side is uh SEO my SEO strategy has been increasing uh increasingly positive we went from getting 100 Impressions a day to you know it's taken a while but you know now we're you know in a month we've gone from like 100 Impressions a day to almost you know 800.

so uh it's starting to work out we're excited about that um yeah we'll we'll see the results of this over time the top selling products on ClickBank E-Business Niche are not really valuable any advice on picking products uh winners Club what do you mean by valuable meaning they're not valuable in the sense of the customers don't like them that you don't like them and what what is I I guess you're saying they're not valuable in your eyes right in your perception okay what is valuable in your your eyes is it something that pays you a lot of money or is it something that uh is it a brand you know customers wise okay I would say they use aggressive marketing but I wouldn't necessarily I wouldn't agree with you but what I would say is then find a brand you like and just join their affiliate program you know I love moleskin it's called our Moleskine right and if I were to just go online right wool Sky notebook an affiliate program right you know Moleskine USA affiliate program you know they don't have an affiliate program but you could go on Amazon and you could join you could be an affiliate for any product you want you know just find any product you like I don't suggest that as a good way to make money though um I would encourage you products that work my product works I I sell the super affiliate system right we've had unbelievable success you know I don't get in front of people day after day because you know I if you don't trust that my product works that my education the super affiliate system actually works then you shouldn't be listening to me anyways right uh uh because it would just be a waste of time both yours and mine you know mine answering and you watching but if you go on ClickBank and the E-Business niche right we have you just go in here and you can just search my last name christani and you'll see right the super affiliate system right there you know it's pretty high Commission you know double digit gravity a lot of recurring Revenue okay now if you're like yeah like I don't want to you know find find something find something you like promoting um if you don't want to promote anything on ClickBank find something else but the way I I but I would encourage you to think of yourself if you're learning get rid of your ego okay get remove ego the world nobody cares what you want and I don't mean to say that in a mean way I mean to say that in a real way your job is to sell when you're doing affiliate marketing your job is to sell the product period okay it doesn't matter what you like now if you aren't if you aren't going to be if you aren't successful as an affiliate yet well you're going to end up having to work a job so and you're going to end up having to sell or work for some other person's product anyways okay I'd encourage you to remove your ego it doesn't matter what you want to sell just sell whatever works best just don't overthink things your job you have a job you have a mission it doesn't matter your personal opinion does not factor in to how much money is in your bank account money will flow to your bank account if you sell products do not put your ego into money into into this whole thing just sell um dude flaw 1K clicks per day shoot dude good job good job dude falal that's freaking dude I'm super pumped for you man super pumped super pumped how many pages how many pages did you put up if you don't mind me asking for all that's pretty neat I'm super pumped to hear that um any advice on selling expensive products to potential customers get traffic uh DMS DMS help bonuses help um a bonus can be something like hey I will personally spend an extra you know hour you know I will spend a few hours Consulting you if you end up joining this program okay um so that's a bonus so you can offer bonuses that's a great bonus if your teeth let's say you're selling a program about stock trading education maybe the program costs twenty five thousand dollars and if somebody purchases the program you get five thousand dollars as an affiliate okay that's about normal well if somebody if you know what you can do is you let's say you have a stock trading related Instagram Channel you could tell people you know in your DM sequence I will give you five hours of one-on-one stock trading training once you sign up okay that's a good bonus uh thank you Victor Glory what are you working on what are you working on in the uh and anyone know any good tools uh to bring folks on my live stream I haven't really looked into it yet um let's see what other questions okay any other questions folks any other questions any other places I can add value again I'd highly encourage you folks to really start taking the bull by the horns and making money tick tock is absolutely open hunting ground right now uh we have SEO absolutely open hunting ground right now okay we have social media like every Everything basically there's no re there's it's it's harder to not get started in business right now than it is uh I I just go out there and start getting in front of people don't overthink things remove social media from your life stop listening to the news most importantly turn off all notifications and ringers and sounds on your phone dude stop reacting to life stop reacting to the day allow others to react to you have many wives have many children produce uh the more children more children than anybody you know produce more money than anybody you know become legendary save everything you make spend as little as possible get called cheap by everyone in your family and live life on your own terms and become absolutely extraordinary be the James Bond version of yourself or be nothing or die trying let's freaking go team clean your room yeah I need to clean my house my I just had my kids here this morning so uh uh yeah these are my these are my daughters in case you guys didn't know they're pretty cute so I got two daughters I got an ex-wife I got a boo uh uh I got I got a lot of I got a lot of women in my life let's put it that way uh and I spend uh very little time with any of them except my kids so let's go where to start affiliate marketing just go to ClickBank and sign up Okay click Bank go to ClickBank and sign up or watch one of my tutorial videos great talking to everyone today again join the Discord Channel Discord group uh link is in the description telegram you guys want free content to post you know getting some viral videos to play around with link is in you know links in the uh description of the chat you guys looking to engage with me on other social platforms add me on a bunch of them I don't really engage with anybody who sends me messages except on Twitter or LinkedIn sometimes if you're looking to learn from me join my training program and learn more about my training program go to the link in the description John christani learn um other than that folks have a great weekend all the best go out there have fun great talking to you guys every time uh and some good questions this time thank you bye guys peace thanks for all great seeing you man bye

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