This Math Hack Made Me Over $1,000,000 In 2023! [Boring Ai Business]

warning the math in this video can and will make you rich if and when used properly pay close attention this video could change your life and that is how we get to t24 e which is equal to $845 and if you can get the concept of making just $845 cents per day then we're going to use this entire equation to help you get rich and it's actually very simple and don't worry if math isn't your strong suit we're going to break this down into bite-sized pieces so that anyone can understand it and use this simple equation to make tons of money and just to show you proof that I practice what I preach here is a domain name that I recently bought and what most people are going to do is focus on this number and this number here and focus on the 19 $100 estimated profit and that is where most people would be wrong because when I bought this domain last week for over $3,000 I had something bigger in mind okay pay close attention we're going to talk about the four most popular investment methods on the planet today sorry Slimer number one is gold if you were to invest one $0000 in gold at the end of the year historically you will have $105 the second most popular investment is bonds let's say this guy invests in bonds and at the end of the year after investing $100 he's going to have $16 this third guy over here he invests in the stock market which historically has performed at around 7 to 8% which means if he invests $100 at the end of the year he's going to end up with about $17 and last one of the most popular ways to increase your wealth in the middle class is through real estate if this guy was to invest $100 in real estate at the end of the year he would have $110 but there's one glaring problem and that is in order to make substantial money you need to have a ton of investment Capital to start with but I'm going to show you a much better way and while these guys are out there investing in real estate stocks and bonds gold and all this other stuff we're going to take a look at two main drivers that can make you very very wealthy even if you don't have a lot of money to start and there's two major factors we're going to talk about today one is time the other is money and using a mix of both of these I'm going to show you a secret math equation that can put tons and tons of money in your pocket but first let's talk about the rate of return if Slimer over here was to invest $100,000 in real estate at the end of the year historically speaking he would have a $110,000 gain on his investment and that all seems simple and easy to understand but there's a few other factors that rich people use that the common everyday folk like Mr banana over here are not aware of and that is remembering that you can actually buy a house with a down payment rent that house out and still get the $10,000 a year average annual increase so say you put 20% down that'd be $2,000 and at the end of the year you will have gained $1,000 that seems like a pretty good gig only you have to qualify f for houses rent them out deal with repairs taxes cost when you have no one to rent I mean the whole situation can get pretty dicey not to mention the fact that you tied up a lot of money for a monthly return of less than $800 which means if you wanted an annual income of about $100,000 a year you would need eight rental properties using this hypothetic iCal example of course that's eight times the money down eight times the taxes eight times the renters to deal with yeah it starts to get pretty crazy and most people can't afford to get started where they're at right now but don't worry old Slimer here has a better strategy and that involves very little or even no investment a little time and effort and a magic formula I'm going to talk to you about in just a second but first a story back when I was a freshman in high school I wanted to go to college and I wanted to be a psychologist the only problem with that is you needed to pass algebra and so there I was working really hard to pass algebra and I was was one of those kids that just got the answer I don't know how I got it I just got it it was kind of like I could see math in my brain where other people saw numbers I saw different squares and images and different amounts of things that I added up visually in my brain and because I did this I was able to Ace every single Algebra test but there was one glaring problem because I didn't show my work the teacher was somehow convinced that I was cheating and so she called my family in and my dad said you know he's not cheating I've seen him do the math and she was utterly convinced that I was cheating so my dad had me take the test right there on a Saturday with nobody else in the room but me the teacher and a piece of paper with some questions on it again I aced it still the teacher wasn't convinced I got kicked out of algebra that day and ever since I kicked my dream of going to a fancy College out the window because cuz without algebra yeah I wasn't going to cut it but my love of math and my understanding of numbers never went away I actually use it a lot in my business today and this one secret is something that changed my brain overnight and once I started using this equation I started making more money than I ever thought possible sometimes I wake up after having gone on vacation and I see four five $10,000 in my account from one day of work and the only problem with that is I was on vacation and I didn't work yet the money kept rolling in over and over and over again like clockwork and I know a lot of people will tell you that passive income is a myth a lie a bill of goods that doesn't exist however they are dead wrong because passive income can be a reality and using this equation I'm going to show you exactly how to put more money in your pocket while working less and following two key principles that will change your financial future forever okay now the first thing we need to take a look at before we get into the domain and how it works is something very important this is the screenshots from one of my YouTube channels where a lot of people think this is my only way of making making money this one actually only did about $90,000 last year in Revenue which for most people is a pretty good living for me it's less than 10% of my income now when we look at this here and we see how it works a lot of people are going to go through and say well you know $90,000 that's a good living I'd like to make that and if you'd like to be able to make that amount type 90,000 yes I can in the box below as a comment now when we take a look at this we have to understand that the 90,000 000 wasn't like a salary it's not like you go to work you get 90,000 end of story there you go no this is something much more detailed since this is based on videos we can see the breakdown of how the videos actually work there was one video I had last year that made about $2400 the rest made less than that so if my top video only makes $2,400 then that goes to show that the income is spread over several different pieces now it gets even better than that because if we were to take a look at one of the videos that I recorded several years before this is a video from 2020 this video was not created in 2022 however it still made $ 58818 and I didn't have to do any extra work now here's where we're going to get to the fun part and eventually the equation first of all if we were to take take a look at this screenshot from the Jeff Bezos backed investment firm for Real Estate we can see that real estate gets an average return of about 10% as I mentioned earlier so let's use that number to kind of take a look at what's going on here if we were to take a look at this number $588 let's say that I wanted to make something that would create $588 a year and luckily I was able to ask chat GPT to make a calculator to show you exactly what's going on on in my head and the equation that's going to make you rich now if we were to take a look at this here and say well my desired profit is $100,000 a year we could put in the time frame say every year or maybe we want to do it every 5 years you can see what's known as the required investment amount if I wanted to make $100,000 over the course of 5 years at a 10% return I would need to invest $200,000 this is what's known as a reverse Roi calculator instead of going through and putting the amount you want to invest the percentage and the time and getting your profit we're putting in the profit and figuring out what we'd need to get now the second line here that I highlighted in red is the numbers if you were to buy a business since most businesses run on a 36 times the average monthly profit then we can see what kind of investment you'd need to buy a business for example if I wanted to purch purchase a McDonald's and make $300,000 each and every year then I would need to invest around a million for that type of business and if we were to take a look at this example here for the one YouTube video that helped me make $90,000 but only made $5.88 we can take and put that into the calculator right like that and say if I wanted to make a desired profit of $588 over the course of one year well then I would need to to invest $588 keep this in mind this is important for later or if I was going to buy a business that earned $588 each and every year I could see that I would need to invest $1,764 and using that example if I was to take $100,000 divide it by $588 I would get 170 which means using the real estate example to get the same $100,000 a year I would need to invest almost a million and using the business example I would need to buy a business for about $300,000 or more which for most people that pretty much takes the idea of making $100,000 a year on an investment and throws it out the window because most people don't have that kind of cash lay around but what if I told you the secret was in the fact that this video that cost me nothing to create made me $588 because then all I would need to do is make 170 videos just like that one to make over 100,000 a year if you're with me so far type with me as a comment because this is about to get really good and it doesn't just stop at videos we can do this with websites as well much like the example up here where I purchased this website for $3,000 again remember you can do this for free you do not need to purchase a domain name a good domain name with backlinks is just going to speed up the process so if we were to take a look at something like WP I can see that this domain has lots of backlinks in the WordPress plugins and tools kind of Arena it also had over 3,000 different keyword rankings in Google and we can see here that this is all on point here's some something about web design SEO Frameworks and themes woo Commerce Google fonts and all kinds of things like that now we can also see that this ranked for all different kinds of keywords related to WordPress web hosting and all different things like that for example we can see here blue host code guard basic where people are looking to get web hosting and they want to know what this code guard thing is and since I know that blue host pays between 60 And1 15 $ per sign up yeah that can make me a lot of money in fact all I would need to do is get five signups a year and I'm pretty close to that $588 Mark we talked about earlier and again that's one 170th of the amount I need to get to 100,000 a year or more and we can go through and take a look here we got a ranking for Astra Pro Eliminator and a lot of these have different affiliate programs in fact Shopify versus GoDaddy both of those have really good affiliate programs and Shopify pays as much as $200 per sale we also have web hosting small business Blu host versus dream host and on and on we go and these are the rankings that the site currently has after being offline while it was on sale now here's where it gets really interesting what I want to do is take this number that I actually purchased the website for $3,100 if you include the GoDaddy fee I'm going to divide that by 365 the amount of days in a year and that is where I came up with our number from the beginning of $849 and if you think based on what I just showed you that I could use this domain build it up with some good content created with AI and make at least $849 a day type yes this works as a comment below because cuz now all I need to do is figure out how to get that number and I'm going to do that quite simply by building up these links creating content and getting the rankings in Google and providing good information to people searching for different things like WP members best web hosting for bloggers and different things like that and you can see that some of these like best web host for bloggers pays $6 and7 has advertisers paying almost $7 a click here's another one down here where the advertisers are paying over $20 a click and if I was to take a look at a comparative site which again talks about all different kinds of WordPress things and hosting and everything like that we can see that the average monthly traffic value is $1.5 million and these keywords are very similar to the ones that I can rank for now am I going to get out of the gate and get all these rankings and make 1.5 million a month month of course not I can go through and take some non-competitive keywords and take a look at what the values are and how I can turn a profit here's one for all-in-one SEO plug-in which I know for a fact makes lots of money because that was one of the first videos I ever made that drove tons of people to my content not to mention putting almost $100,000 in my pocket and we could see that a lot of these have all kinds of traffic and ranking so armed with my little investment of $3,100 Ai and chat GPT I can make this thing work like crazy and not only that but I can even create AI generated videos talking about some of these things to get even more traffic and make money with monetization quite simply if I made this my full-time job and worked it like I meant it I'm sure I can turn this business into $100,000 a year or more but remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed and the average person trying to make money money online makes nothing and the way it's going to work is very simple what we're going to do is a mix of time and money if you have a lot of time but not that much money you could go out there and you can buy a similar domain maybe not one as good as this one but one that does have rankings maybe instead of being in the hosting Niche it'll be about different audio recorders or something like that let's say you invest anywhere from maybe $10 to $11,000 on a domain name then we can use chat GPT and a little bit of effort looking at our keyword tools understanding what's going on to put the time in to make it work if I was going to go through and make this WordPress one to be $100,000 a year or more I would say that I would need about 4 hours a day using chat GPT or if I want to Outsource this I can then pay for outsourcers to build this stuff for me it's actually very simple this is something that I'm doing on a dayto day basis right now while you're watching this video now some of the other numbers we need to look at when we're trying to get to $100,000 a year or more is going to be our investment divided by 365 as we mentioned earlier where we got to the $845 the next thing we want to do is look at our desired yearly earnings and divide that by 365 so if I wanted to make $100,000 a year I would divide that by 365 and get the number of 273 so my daily earnings amount is going to be $273 or roughly $111 an hour so if I can make a business that generates just $11.41 each and every hour then I can put $100,000 a year in my pocket in a super simple Le way but again when it comes to the amount of making $273 a day most people are going to look at this like a job they're going to say I go to work I get a check for 273 that is the end of the story however what I'm going to do is I'm going to look at this in terms of different things that I build that get me to that number for example out of the $100,000 a year that one video that made me 588 last year might seem like chump change most people are going to look at this and say 588 what are you going to do pay a car payment well I know that 588 is just 1 17th of the 100,000 and notice how I also showed you that one of my videos did almost $2500 that year well on that one all I need is about 40 to equal the $100,000 and the same thing works for blog post and everything like that what we need to do is we need to break this down and stop looking for the one thing to make us rich because it's never just one thing for example yesterday I made about $5,000 in profit from my various different websites there were some things that made $20 some things that made $2,000 a couple of things that made2 200 300 500 and it all added up to $5,000 in profit and if I just sat there saying well how am I G to make $5,000 today I would have been stuck in the mud unable to move but because I built these things over time and focused on little tiny amounts that add up well then making $5,000 was pretty effortless in fact between you me and the wall yesterday I was pretty depressed and I didn't do any work I filmed about a minute of this video I had a webinar and I went home yeah not very productive and certainly not worth $5,000 to me however ever I made the money anyway because of the things that added up and when we take a number like 588 the amount I made in a year on one piece of content if we were to divide this by 365 we are going to get an amount of a161 so the question is can I work all day today to try to get61 a day every day I mean is there a keyword on this list that has a good ranking that I can build up like maybe Elemental Pro pricing that would earn a161 a day or more and the answer is an emphatic yes and that brings us to the t24 E total 24-hour earnings because if I was to come to you today and say would you like to work for me for8 hours and get a dollar 61 most people would laugh me out of the office however if I was to say would you like to come work for me and I will give you $300 most people would say yes where do I sign however if you were to take the 161 * 365 588 is always higher than 300 but most people don't think like this they don't think about little things adding to Big gains and this is something that I learned back in 2008 when I first started teaching affiliate marketing internet marketing and everything like that that's why my product is called Simple Sites Big profits we wanted to focus on little sites that talked about little niches that maybe made $10 here each and every day $20 here each and every day or sometimes a hundred 500 or even a thousand because we know that over time that is going to add up to gigantic money and when you take a look at a behemoth company like Amazon Amazon isn't just selling one product and making a half a billion dollars a day no they are selling hundreds of thousands of little products each and every day some of them make $500 some of them some of them make a $100,000 a day some of them make a million a day but overall this adds up to an insane amount of money but if you go out there saying I'm going to create the Amazon and be the next billion doll earner that is where you would be wrong WR and that's not what Jeff Bezos did when he set out to create Amazon he went out and said let's sell books why would I sell books because there's so many different books that I could sell $5 of this one 500 of this one and 50 of this one and still make a pretty damn good living and it all boils down to the 24-hour earnings on each page product video or whatever it is that you're creating and over time this is going to add up and make tons and tons of money but if you're sitting there focusing on how can I make $100,000 a year starting today well then you are going to be very sadly mistaken because that is not the path to wealth the path to wealth is starting with something small and seeing it through day after day and making it something huge and that's not to say that this takes a long time in fact one of my students who had been trying to do this for over 2 years was working on a Blog building it doing all the work she was working like crazy and after 2 years she only had $6 to show for it she started using my method and after about five days she surpassed the $6 and now she's making hundreds of dollars each and every week and she's only been at it a little over a month and this is the kind of thing that we do all day every day here at the affiliate Market marketing dude we are going through and finding businesses that have domains that we can purchase and build up some of these domains cost me anywhere from like $100 I think this sign one was like $9 this one was 300 this one was $1,200 this franchise one here which is ranking for all kinds of franchise words and what we're doing is taking these boring little website businesses and building them up and making something that can make a good living and when we use something like WP or a that already has rankings it makes it so much easier to get traffic really really fast in fact I haven't even taken ownership of this domain yet it's going to hit my account any day but the minute it does I am going to inherit all of these rankings and all of the traffic much like this website that we bought a couple months ago and I built it live on a webinar here on the channel yes you can go back and find the video where I build this site and get traffic live since then I've sold it to one of my students but you can see here it has tons and tons of rankings and it's getting tons and tons of traffic and again if you stay the course build the business find the ways to make the money you can use this simple equation to change your life and if you want to learn more about how this works check out the links in the description and join us tomorrow where I actually build some content for my new website live right here on the Channel smash a like button and I'll see you tomorrow

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