These 3 Skills Make Over $100,000/mo Online

these are the three skills that allow me to run my hundred thousand dollar per month business with just a few hours per day number one is driving traffic I started by learning SEO and blogging to drive traffic from Google I have since learned YouTube and also paid advertising I recommend you go all in on one are you more of a writer are you more of a speaker choose the one that's most in alignment with your DNA and go all in master that platform skill number two is growing email lists it's not enough to just have traffic because then the platforms own you you need to get traffic that you own that's your email list so this gets you into the world of crafting offers you need to have a lead magnet follow-up sequence it's not difficult work but it's work that must be done to guarantee long-term profits for your business number three is persuasive copywriting you must be able to persuade people to take action especially when it's in their best interest if you can't persuade people to take action through the written word you're never going to make any money I teach all the how to freely here on my YouTube channel

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