The Treasure Hunt – How To Go From Product To $10k/mo

all right welcome back so at this point you've gone through the brainstorming video and in this video Kevin and I are going to kind of like further discuss a few of the ideas that we went over I picked up a little Sasquatch hat I don't know if you noticed that do you know just honoring the fact that that these kind of almost goofy things are interesting enough to um for me to jump on and so we're going to talk about you know we're going to come to a conclusion on what are we going to build here for you guys to follow along and we have not had this discussion uh we Kevin and I haven't really talked about any specifics since the last video on purpose to really allow you to have that fly on the wall moment with us here uh so we're not only going to kind of come to a decision we're also going to rough out the strategy that we're gonna follow uh and you know every roughed out strategy is just that it's it's enough to get us going into motion and we will absolutely be uh adjusting as we move forward uh the goal is just take that next step that next step uh with that all said how are you today Kevin good man how about you I'm doing great I'm excited about this so uh do you want to start with what you're thinking I might know what you're thinking because you were pretty excited at the end of the last call but what if what have your thoughts been since we last talked well I I so I will say one of the things that we haven't talked about and I'm not trying to introduce a new idea here as we're about to do this work but oh please do uh one of the one of the things that as you've done this more that you'll start to think about is you'll be a little uh uh less well I won't say less in addition to being product focused in your mind you will become Market focused and start to realize the person and think about the person that is behind the buying behavior that you're looking to to create and so the reason I say that is that in the last call we talked about the conspiracy theory um idea and and newsletter shirts hats all that sort of stuff was the thing that I got excited about and the reason that I immediately got excited about that is because I understand the psychology of that market and that buyer and that is one of those um a hyperbior radical buyer markets which are very powerful to be involved in as a seller and in many cases those markets are ones that get mined by the big companies um now many times those companies start out at small companies and because they're mining in a in a rabid hyper buyer Market they become big companies like for instance the example that everybody always gives is golf right well yes golfers have traditionally been hyper buyers and they're rabid and all this sort of stuff I'd say a little it's on the Wayne today but through the you know 70s 80s 90s in particular it was a fantastic Market to be selling to um but what's happened is you know the big boys have sort of Consolidated uh around each other and it's and they've they've cornered the market on the manufacturing side of things as far as golf clubs and and the media right so Revolution golf was kind of an Internet startup that that grew did really well and it got bought out by uh CBS some huge media Golf Channel right so yeah I know this story very well I know Justin so yep and so and I think we also see that in some senses in the internet marketing space right there's there's a few few gurus who have absolutely risen to the top of attention share and uh yeah there's some come up trying and trying but boy it's really difficult to get a funnel software off the ground into Mass Consciousness because of how strongly rooted they don't even have a great moat it's just the I mean the motives maybe the Affiliates but it's that kind of idea um how much of this in your thought process is about the identity of the people like to me you know the The Conspiracy Theory world like these people want to identify as like I don't buy into that [ __ ] and they almost want to display that they don't buy into the yes and I think that's one of the things that makes them a hyperactive buyer and we're we are really deep psychological but it's you mentioned the curse of knowledge um or or the blessings of knowledge we could even say but having done this over and over and over being able to be like okay that's an interesting idea but the Persona who would buy that ooh they would probably want to buy all of the things in that space which means as far as um from from product to business right because a product does not a business make but when you get enough products together in a brand around it it leads So you you're able to see that like oh there's potentially a pathway here now for for folks listening to this and like ah I just thought soap would work like hey Dr Squatch is selling millions of dollars of soap um but B you also can we can banter about this right like you can ask our coaches about this in the group that's what that's a part of what the support network is and getting into action building something going through the full kind of cycle to be a merchant to become an entrepreneur to entrepreneur like I want I want to make that a verb how do we make that but like to do the work of actually creating value in the life of another person where they pull out their credit card and they buy from you that's all that matters in the beginning and when you do that enough times in enough places you start to see the pattern and you start to see the world the way that Kevin and I are talking about can you I totally derailed you and I apologize about that but I would like I wouldn't like you yeah yeah well the the point I'm making is and to your to your um initial point there yes I think that the the self-identification in that Niche is strong I think that the big boys have the big boys are are um cornering the market on the left versus right stuff right and there's a lot out there on that that's the big media companies and even the uh you know all all the way down the chain on that but I think that the interesting part about the conspiracy theory type Market is that it's I would say possibly underserved considering how rabid these people are about the stuff which is where you find a real opportunity I think um when you find a hyper buyer rabid Market that's being underserved that's when that's why I got excited because I was like oh wait a minute you know I I can't think of of uh a major apparel brand that's selling you know the aliens are are out there T-shirts they walk among us that's right I mean that's that's not a thing and and there's plenty of people that would wear that shirt and believe that and you know it's it's it's no more Fringe than Dungeons and Dragons is right and and yet there's plenty of apparel for those kind of things right and some could say less Fringe because like the the pentagon's even coming out and saying like oh yeah by the way it's it's real like and this has all been like like peppered up papered over by by covid stuff and and fear tactics on there's a a lot of distraction in the media but literally they've come out and been like yeah we pretty much know that there's life out there we just don't know about it but we don't want to make it yeah there's a comedian called Nate bargatzi who is a pretty funny sort of deadpan uh comedian from Tennessee who has a Netflix special right now and he was talking about 2020 and he's I guess kind of an introvert and he's like it's the best year ever he goes but he goes it's uh he goes you want to know how crazy 2020 is um there's aliens he goes and nobody cares because I went up to my wife and I was like hey baby there's alien she goes yeah well okay whatever yeah because there's aliens and nobody cares right finally like said yes so it's funny you know uh that that is a thing so what was his name Nate bargatzi b-a-r-g-a-t-z-e I think all right he's real he's a really funny guy um but what's interesting about the whole thing to me is um you know it takes a certain kind of company to like to me this is sort of like a more mainstream version of this that is being well served is the Soldier of Fortune prepper um you know which is sort of a kissing cousin to The Conspiracy Theory Market I would say um or maybe they are the market and those guys have just figured out the best way to monetize it is sell and include right and and free knives from from uh Ryan dice's uh free plus shipping funnels right so then to contrast this um I I feel personally one of the best ideas to me is the crypto World um but I think you nailed something in and I wanna I still I'm gonna discuss out the whole idea but I think what hinges on here is the underserved side of things and there's so much content about crypto there's so many people who are who've caught the bug flat out have caught the bug in whether it was the 2017 cycle the 2014 cycle you know everybody dates went oh I bought my first ones back you know like so it I don't think I would consider it an underserved audience now with that said there's a large barrier to entrance on the uh like how to and what the is this side of things okay like so we were kind of joking about the birds uh like birds aren't real uh they're all drones they're all cameras thing it that's a kind of an idea you hear it I just explained it you get it whether you believe it or not doesn't matter like like the idea is digestible in a very simple way the idea of blockchain Technology um sound money hard money um pristine collateral uh distributed ledgers like these things that are what make crypto very very unique and and very much a technological Revolution that we're living through they're really freaking complex uh which so uh and for the viewers like you get this right like we're kind of bantering about things that we get but for the viewers the fact that it's technically complex means there's a need for education and I'm an educator if you've ever seen my YouTube channel like that's all I do like I don't entertain like I got my fancy gray wall back right like painting going on other than my dual Sasquatches going on at the moment but really it means that there's a gap in education and if I believe which I do that billions of people are going to onboard into a digital uh decentralized currency type system um that means that from where it is today with I don't know 200 million wallets or whatever it is to 5xing the number of wallets education is what gets people there and what is education is content and what am I kind of innately good at just explaining [ __ ] on video like it just it's natural for me so that's why I lean towards that but there's other people who are full-time in the space they have been full-time in the space they have brands in the space they've been committed to space a lot longer than I have and they can explain it better than I can because I'm still like almost mildly overwhelmed the path I've seen is literally like charts on mugs t-shirts playing that same kind of starting game to really kind of dial in the memes and the directions and the angles that work then from there I could see a um I'm assuming you're familiar with Drudge Report oh yeah there's a website so I I think a website that just had a bunch of links to interesting helpful content right not necessarily being the content creator in the first few phases but actually like consolidating content there's another one called and it's like you look at the website it's like 1995 just pupils right and so you can aggregate ideas and then from there I could advertise my shirts I could also have a course and then with a course the upsell from a course would be a newsletter where I could do like um you know I'm gonna invest a thousand dollars a month and I'll tell you every month in a new paid newsletter uh pay 15 20 bucks a month and I'll tell you exactly what I buy and what percentages and if you want to do more you could just 10x it you could do 10 grand a month if you want to do less you could do 100 bucks a month but I'm just gonna I'm gonna essentially make take a separate account start from zero call it like the catch up or the catch up account and I'd put you know some percentage and I would change it every month and then that would be my ongoing So in theory I can see a path from mugs and shirts to organic content that could potentially build brand to a course that could be kind of a front-end sale to an ongoing uh membership type thing now um you want me to shoot holes as I said yes and and I I think there's a lot of freaking work in there that's the first hole is I I have two businesses right I have my business my wife's business you and I are collabing on this so I technically have like three uh so literally the amount of energy to get there um but I would love for you to shoot holes in that because that's just been one of one of the holes is that uh crypto is against the terms of service on okay that's YouTube and Facebook so which is why I've been scheming up it's like what is my path to getting organic traffic uh because technically I would have I would have to build that component um which means for everyone listening so what Kevin's saying is you are going to have to be slower with a shovel until you hit oil and that hole might be 40 feet deep before you hit oil and how long is it going to take you with a shovel to dig a 40-foot hole to find oil versus the other approach which is literally like offer add does it convert offer ad does it convert offer ad does it convert you just kind of keep tweaking that until you find the things I do which is kind of the equivalent of like bury a piece of dynamite light it do we have oil pouring out yet no go bury another piece of dynamite over here light it do we have oil no and on and on so so big structural changes is what we're talking about and um that's always a thing for me is is how fast can I test it like how fast can I Prospect or Wildcat for the oil because um the difficult thing is if you're if you're gonna have if you're not positive that you have oil which I I think with crypto it's pretty positive that there is oil um but but I think that you have to be someone like yourself who's willing to do that work and put up 700 videos to build the audience that's going to buy and build that that revenue for you ongoing the second hole that I see the racks his shotgun again that's right well this is just a in your back end I think a course that teaches the basics of crypto is a viable front-end or or core offer for sure like how to set up a wallet you know I I do think that the masses are going to come to this and they're going to need to have the basics but I think that any sort of ongoing subscription where you're talking about um the the thing is about what you're doing in the market or having them in there talking about what they're doing in the markets I think that there's a real gray area around people that are actually giving Financial advice right now yes and I I think that there is going to be a Crackdown well I think that there's so much with the crypto markets that is um outside of the realm of what is regulated at this point that when they do start regulating then what mistakes are they going to make and that generally they they they come in with a Broad Sword and and hit hard and then they eventually back it up and figure it out but I I feel like um there's a lot of people that are making money that are probably um uh crossing the line as far as giving Financial advice even though they say you know you can say disclaimer goes on the front that you pre-roll the disclaimer but still um yeah like like there's so many people operating in the gray area that like the the best current operations status is the gray area and so to kind of like give another idea from um to the viewer to explain this in another way is like what is the potential of your future of your efforts today because all this stuff takes effort right to build this stuff out what is the potential of that effort getting literally shut down to zero because of something you can't control and and Kevin's saying there's a risk there okay so it's like okay miles you dedicate yourself to this um I still think it can be done uh because what I would be showing is what I'm buying and I'm like I'm not saying you should buy this I'm just showing you what I'm doing in my personal fund that for me there's my gray area and I'm happy with it but what Kevin's saying is when that bandhammer comes down there's going to be a lot of collateral damage and there's going to be people who were on the clean white hat side of the gray area that might get caught by that van hammer in that scenario um and you just as Frank Kern's known uh Russell Brunson got in trouble with the the government at one point like Kern got in trouble you know like there's a lot of people a lot of uh the forefathers of our industry and people we've observed you just you just never want that phone call you never want to go down that right like we do we pay our taxes we do things legit above board on purpose because it just makes life guaranteed to not have uh bars involved at any point in time and I'm talking about yeah and and ultimately the other thing is that the most aggressive of all of the regulatory bodies out there is the SEC you know when it comes to like um you know when I told the story about watching the early crypto documentary the guys who went to jail right they they went to jail it they were tried in New York state in New York City like the people that are afraid the most right now are banks and financial institutions of this stuff and so they are the ones that are going to come in and try to really you know set precedence in the law because those precedents are how all future cases are judged exactly and they're going to come in I think hard and fast and so what what generally happens the reason I say all this is not to say that that Miles giving uh his portfolio or any of those things would actually that you might end up in jail but what happens when they come in hard and fast like this is okay YouTube says any crypto channel is against terms of service and so all the crypto channels get shut down whether you're being good or bad like I don't know that you would ever do anything that would get you on that line although I do know guys um uh I know a guy right now who is giving people specific advice about their portfolios and he's making a lot of money that is Financial advice I mean he is he is crossing the line and doesn't even know it and I've told him Hey listen you need to like get legal advice about this but but the the long and short of it is that if you're making a course on like how to set up a wallet or something like that I think that's a lot different than when you start talking about specific cryptos and things like that right totally um the only third hole I see is for the merch um I think crypto is a lot more protected and trademarked and copyrighted than you know the the birds or what you know what I mean that's just that like like I think we were was it me and you that were talking the other day and hodl is uh is is trademarked you know we looked at that on on the USPTO for sure and there's some of them are open sourced which means they've open sourced their pieces but other ones aren't and and yeah there's there's there's a lot of little gray areas and and it being so new I do think it's able to be ruled out I still do believe that anyone watching who's infatuated with that it it could work it just takes a little bit more uh a somebody might just be already like my life is going this direction anyways but it does take a little bit more um finesse if you will and maybe potentially finding a great legal person on your side to work with on upwork type thing yeah and again I I'm not against crypto as a as a potential oil well I think that that there are things there but it's like anything there's always a give and take right and there's always this this tug of war of what you're looking at and it's smart to to to look at all the sides of it when you when you're going in to start because that's how you figure out okay this is what I'm in for and you make those decisions based off that and as long as you're cool with it then hey man how about it totally and uh if I didn't have so much going on I think I would be uh uh much more willing to to draw my line in the same just to yeah just to be committed to it because it is one of those things that is all consuming for people and the byproduct of that consumption is like I'm reading so much stuff so I could put the best articles up right I spend so much time reading about Investments at this point like I could I could I don't have to write the content so there's ways for me to take the byproduct of my personal interests and what I'm doing on my cell phone and tablet at night reading listening watching podcasts and I could lay it out I want to actually show this website to people real quick um because it's the fast-moving current like that's the thing there's there's certain things where the water is just dead and you got a paddle there's other things where the water's going in the other direction and you gotta really paddle against the stream and then there's somewhere it's like the currents going with you and so you just are you just got to get in just yeah right so here this site is uh like I said 1996 vomited all over this website I come to this website a lot like like this guy so what he does is he just he these are other people wrote well he actually wrote this one um but most I would say 90 of the content are just links to other things he has it broken up so I could do um you know newbies I could do D5 I could do nft I could break it up to the different stuff I find interesting economy in the stock market and then he sells so what he sells is these are all sponsor all the sponsors here um and so like uh just for people like I'm I'm modeling something that that like although this is disturbingly ugly this site gets massive amounts of traffic uh he has still like the old school websites do a website counter 450 million visits 479 million visits to this website so my wife's website I've driven we've driven maybe um if I was using the visits number we're probably getting close to 100 million visits and we're pretty freaking good at the game and then Drudge Report people may or may not know it is one of the most visited websites in the world oh yeah is um it's just a list of uh articles right they they don't write any of their own content it's just I have my ad blocker on so it blocks everything it's just a list of headlines of things that people who want to follow so it's kind of like it's it's there's some modeling going on in my idea aggregators yeah total aggregators a couple of other things I wanted to to drop that um I was asking my wife afterwards obviously uh things that that we've purchased uh gift boxes for nieces and nephews we've purchased on Etsy which someone took the time to put three or four things into a box and then it becomes a gift box and and the service they provided us was like oh we get to get this thing for our nephew um Barnwood I'm looking at literally like putting like wood on the and people are literally selling like pallets of barn wood uh reclaimed barn wood to do walls I'm not going to do that plants my wife has ordered I would say uh 100 or so permaculture plants these are permaculture plants or plants that their annuals or perennials they come back every year and they're vegetables so edible print is not common to find at your local Nursery there's this whole world of people growing plants and then breaking the tubers or whatever it is and then selling them on Etsy and we've been getting just package after package after package of freaking plants for people who like to make plants right so it's um and I just want to throw out a few more ideas because I've had it like 50 new ideas of like since we talked I'm like oh [ __ ] well along the lines of that so we were thinking about buying our daughter a horse farm um earlier like in like six months ago and um yeah well you know it's uh well it's a long story but um but but I was looking online at farms and stuff and I went down this rabbit hole and there's all sorts of amazing um uh to your point about these plants uh there are people that are um uh growing like little uh seedling type plants in their in their basement and taking those to the local grocery stores and farmers markets and things like restaurants the micro greens yeah yeah yeah so it doesn't have to be like a digital online thing even it could be like just an oil well that you want to run in in your own way you know personally yeah yeah and and there there are people who are making their full time living like six figure living just growing these weird little things like wheatgrass or whatever I I don't know if wheat grass is one of them but that kind of thing very rare organic um herbs and things like that and selling them and uh so at the Sedona Arizona Farmers Market used to have a place in Sedona the guy he was from Cottonwood which is the next town over he rented um industrial space he so he would not only sell there he would use some flowers and broccoli sprouts and all these fancy sprouts sprouts want trays has racks of them with an LED light and a tray and led lightning tray definitely make them 10 grand a month and so he was selling to the super high-end restaurants and he had his hot because they want these beautiful little top piece they just put two that's right they were selling to the restaurants too on the on the thing that's right for the high-end restaurants because they want those fancy Little Sprouts that look perfect on top of everything and he loved it and there was another guy there who sold mushrooms you can get these uh mushroom inoculation kits you put them in these bags and essentially like sawdust and then you just have to keep them in a climate controlled room that has that's really sterile uh because you can't mold them like if you're growing A fungi um do you like do you know how much a pound of shiitake mushrooms goes for like 19 20 bucks a pound for some of these high-end mushrooms all the way up to 30 dollars per pound for some of these really high-end mushrooms and they dried some so they would sell them fresh and whatever they didn't sell fresh they'd take home dehydrated put it in the bags and then they'd sell them as dried they literally get lighter and easier to transport and smaller as they dry them and they didn't change the price at all and they just they they had a basement where they just did their thing um Mr Money Mustache who are you familiar with him at all yeah that was a huge Vlog yeah so his wife what's that thing called um uh the fire move the fire movement yep Financial Independence retire early so his wife was making those logs of soap that were sold on Etsy so she would make like three logs per week or per day she was making three 400 bucks a week just making a few of these logs of soap and she would sell them on Etsy and so she was being the wholesale provider and other people were buying them and slicing them and putting little wrappers on them and selling them at boutiques and things like that and it's um yeah there's a million and one uh ideas around um crystals is another thing I bought a ton of online and stuff um any other ideas that stuck with you or are you pretty much are we like is it like let's let's get this conspiracy theory every game going no no I I'm not I like here's the deal like I said we don't have to do the conspiracy theory thing I'm sure that I'm gonna do it uh I literally am like I'm I'm multi-set I didn't actually do this on purpose wifey made the mug uh I just this is obviously my favorite mug I live in the forest by the way I you know I'm just surrounded by millions of Acres of uh Timberland so it's and I'm pretty sure I've actually heard Sasquatch in my life and that's no joke uh that's actually a very serious thing uh so did my neighbor it was uh yeah so um I I think it'd be fun start a conspiracy theory like with the way things are these days like the way the guys did the birds I would love to do it in rugs so we got a test let's so and this is to think down that rabbit okay so then if you wouldn't mind Kevin uh how does this turn into a business that makes 10 grand a month what right so like like let's just totally roughly like I did with the crypto and I was like oh well um what do you see this path being like um and obviously you know we'll adapt it just as we go but I'm curious like okay I get it so so mugs and hats I'm already there with you on that but but where does this does this go digital it doesn't need to by any means but do you see a password so yeah so I I could see I could see so number one is this feels like a uh uh an underserved yet giant Niche that people are one-off selling things but no one is really serving it like that I know of um so so the the big question I always have is like what's the tip of the spear what's the thing that's the first purchase that we can get people to make right so um I don't know which direction it goes but to me it feels like there being a um uh at some at some level the the idea in my mind is there's there's merchandise and and things like that but then there's also um uh I think a newsletter is a real component to it and I think if you could do profitably a physical newsletter it's even better like I have these physical newsletters I did and I did it with old typewriter font print and all this stuff and it just felt good like you know so I think that um that that's a thing and then I think that it would be very easy uh to have like special events and workshops and things like that that you sell to these people um live or online right uh like they don't have that uh they don't have as much of that um uh connection because I I can tell you as someone who believes some of the conspiracy theories um you know you're the nut ball you're the one that's a lot you're you're alone all the time so I can see Community yeah Bill you're you're building and selling community and whether you do it in a in a monthly fee or if you just do you know events where people can come to it or or whatever it is I think having a community would be a powerful thing right like Comic Con became such a thing like conspiracy con um the conspiracy of the month box okay here's your here's your conspiracy oh dude that would be awesome and you had I feel like a goofy mind yeah like that could be a total thing have everything about Sasquatch in there well and that's kind of the idea of the conspiracy of the month type thing right you could you could mix up from one thing and it could have a newsletter that kind of explains what this one is and and where the roots of it came from and and it's it's like you know the um National Enquirer like it's still one of the highest selling Publications in the world so anybody who's like listening to this like I don't know but like literally The National Enquirer is literally one of the highest volume selling Publications in the world still to this very day and and if anything like they're still selling physical stuff when newspapers can't they haven't bridged the Gap in our digital age at all so so there is something there um well like it's you know I was joking the other day but like the movie Conspiracy Theory you know each each newsletter that he put out he'd have like five different stories that he had researched of things that were happening in the news right then yeah right how hard would it be to have you know people submitting stories to you and if you use their story you pay them a hundred bucks and and so so the the difficult thing about a newsletter is writing the newsletter right it's the content but these guys would love to be you know like like citizen journalists that get paid to have their story in the conspiracy letter totally I mean the earthquake swarms in random parts of the country the the boom sounds the the lights that are showing up everywhere um I got a few stories uh I love it and I I think you're right in the underserved um World okay so then to get really tactical about first okay one other question totally random at this point have you run Reddit ads before have you done any advertising on Reddit not recently but yes okay I to me I'm like oh that sounds pretty nifty so like and I'm gonna I'm curious if you think for um early steps or next steps is like you know come up with a couple of ideas for potential products like hooks like little little Snippets little um memes if you will like pop culture references that that can go and then literally go on like Fiverr or upwork and hire three designers and give them all the same tasks see who comes back with something that looks good fire the other two and there you found your designer and from there it's literally design idea design throw it on Etsy basic SEO run some ads and and play literally just just Loop that around until something Rings the register on the regular and then from there consider owning the transaction and maybe selling it from a straight sales page using your own shopping cart uh running it with an ad to Reddit or if it whatever wherever the ad goes and then ultimately then you're kind of taking the data from the platform that has people increasing margins owning the customer relationship all of that and boom that that's what potentially becomes scalable building the customer list who would ultimately want to buy the newsletter or the the box of the month club in the future so the test bed is this little iteration cycle over on Etsy and then when things really start to work can it slash does it scale on Reddit ads Facebook ads other types of ads is that yeah and I would say figuring out if we could possibly if these lists are rentable or viable um you know like there might be people that have lists like this um and you probably don't know how to uh sorry for but they probably wouldn't have great ideas on how to monetize them right like this isn't necessarily a uh like oh I have internet marketer list how do I monetize this which like they just buy everything like right so and if you could get said list somehow then having that as a retargeting list on like this stuff isn't against terms of service which is nice right like there's nothing that stops you from advertising Bigfoot stuff on Facebook right so um so there's there's lots of potential ways to to turn this into something cool okay I'm being brutally so I'm on next Mark um which is like this is kind of an old school list rental place Kevin you're like yeah of course I grew up you know like but for folks looking so what we're looking at is these are people who rent lists and before traffic was so easy to obtain through internet like it is today this was like the place that direct response marketers went to obviously there's a few of them but literally list Brokers is kind of the idea so I'm just going to type in conspiracy I'm just gonna see if anything shows up at all yeah and so what we're looking out to the library and you would grab there's a book called the srds right I've actually tried to get that and I no one has that thing anymore but like right here conspiracy theorist investor list like literally shows up on the top the national campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton showed up that is obviously for certain types of things um wow these conspiracy theorists openly contest social economic political happenings that most would never think into questions um where did they come from uh 90 90 male so literally okay so for everybody watching what I'm doing is scroll down to that scroll down again the demographic information yeah I look at average income that's huge so what I'm doing for everything Kevin's like onto something and I'm I'm the new one to this idea okay this is an idea that Kevin like instantly clicked with so I'm now Gathering data points based on other people's work and it's freely here 51 year old men that means generally speaking a 51 year old man is going to have more net worth than a 19 year old kid who's infatuated with Robin Hood and crypto I like that average income of a hundred thousand dollars the same sort of a thing here I'm also as I started this whole thing off with I was like dude we're two dudes right like we're gonna look at the world through the lens of two dudes um well this is an audience of dudes so the the ability the potential for us to connect with this audience and brainstorm ideas that are going to work with the audience is pretty high because we are this freaking audience right I'm younger than this but I'm also making more than this and I have a higher like so like on these types of things so the data is multi-sourced using a variety of channels using questionnaire Services okay so now what I want other people to look at on this this is this is good-ish um when you find a list that is buyers uh like like magazine subscriptions people who have bought something that's a more valuable list okay so this is potentially a compiled list I would say and that is going to be like maybe a lower value list but in theory they've done some way to scrub this and what Kevin is saying that we can go from this company here we can for email list 75 dollars per thousand so if we wanted to go get 10 000 emails addresses off of this list there's no recency we can't say give me ten thousand people who bought within 30 days which is one thing I'm not a huge fan of but for 750 bucks we have 10 000 people we can go plug that into Facebook we literally can start targeting these people we can do the same on YouTube and Google because we can upload those lists there then we can make look-alikes off of it we can try batching it five thousand five thousand make lookalikes off of both we can do a one percent two percent three percent four percent on each we literally could make twenty audiences or one giant audience but there's ways to slice this and dice this throw them through some sort of lead gen funnel right a free plus shipping funnel on the front end of this I mean how many people are going to go for something free then this is our way of filtering who are the buyers okay because there's no there's no filter yet that says these people buy things that's what we have to do over time which is where the second layer thought of owning the transaction and actually building this out in a way that we build this buyers list because once we have a buyer's list of a thousand two thousand everything's gonna work better on our ads but then we can start to craft our second third fourth offers for that same group and that's that is how we go from product to business even in something that almost seems arbitrary and random dude this just got a lot more exciting seeing that and I think I I guarantee we could look at um uh what what was the Tabloid I was just talking about um yeah let's do National Enquirer or whatever UFO so so I'll tell you this I think if you uh UFO Fanatics of the nation yeah see that's perfect and then where do they come from [Music] um the pack okay so they like to go to events yep um track records check out Illuminati see if there's anything for that and I'm going to show a couple others that are um okay nothing there so I want to show like let's just do astrology yeah so let's say I was going down the world of crystals of tarot anything like that look at how many lists come up just for astrology Okay and like you're like okay so so tarot astrology there's not a perfect overlap I know that I'm just being really uh loose here so we have astrology I want to find um so astrology responders I'm trying to find something where we know that they bought something um well also um just so that you know if you build one of these lists so much business you can be on the selling side of this transaction to people who want to advertise to these people eventually too see if there's anything about crypto yeah on it man because that was the other thought I had was like leveraging the affiliate marketing game on cryptocurrency um right like getting other people to promote it because so many people have these lists but um even then it's a relationship game um oh it sorry just went to astrology buyers so let me go to interesting six hundred dollars per thousand esoteric and spiritual believers that's a small list they have to be buyers of some sort for that yeah that's expensive yeah okay so they they must have like purchased a lot of these things or something huh interesting um interesting and we're still waiting on the cryptocurrency to load so yeah oh there we go again Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors right here is the top one hundred per thousand uh email list yeah I do this is uh personal investment and Bitcoin go back like a personal investment Bitcoin publication and product products there you go good eye good eye um I was skipping that red arrow so one here's what I'm talking about on the recency right so one month recency here uh you this is an additive thing right so so we're adding all these numbers up so we go to the base rate and then we can do like so it's one month hotline but one month recency that just means that these are people who have responded in a month that means they're warmer right it's a hotter lead and then if I wanted to Target the high income people that's an additional ten dollars per thousand so there's a way to take this 105 per thousand and jack it up to 150 200 per thousand if I want to um Bitcoin product buyers so this is um pretty powerful possibility and and this is you know like for for everybody watching like we're on a journey together at this point in time right like we're at the beginning of a journey um this is like Kevin you've reframed my looking at the world my business like I got oil wells everywhere my man like literally in different niches I've got books that were public domain books sitting on Amazon that are generating sales on Amazon that are that are also paying making money on uh ClickBank affiliate offers that are embedded in the books I got all these little things and it's this idea that is supporting my lifestyle and so for people watching and I know that's that's your story too right that's that's how this is uh this is fun that's what keeps it fun right it is like to me finding like like the treasure hunt is what I I'm I want to run the treasure hunt not the museum yeah you know that's the part I want to be Indiana Jones I don't want to be the guy back in the the administrator back at the college right that's that's running the thing it's funny that Indy was a professor but um like no I think that's what it is and there's so many you know of the the greedy gurus and I like to talk a lot of smack about these folks but they create this course they make it sound like this is all there is and this is the only way to do it and it's just arduous content and like what Kevin and I are engaged in here is we're building something from nothing we're taking you along on the journey we're going to help you build your version of it and we're going to test these and when this thing's firing and we're like okay uh let's do another one we're gonna do another one and I will once again throw the crypto into the ring but I think right now like everything says to this this conspiracy theory is like this is gonna be fun like I'm I'm ready for more t-shirts already myself any any last um comments or ideas here at this point Kevin well I would just say um what we're doing now is is just our process of sort of bantering and batting this back and forth but um the the little things that we've done like looking at uh next Mark or any of those things that's just validating okay can can like can we get this out of the ground easily like um we're pretty sure there's oil because we have enough experience to be able to look at the land and see but now we're trying to get to the next piece of it and like the stuff that we were doing with the crypto that was us assessing okay how it's going to be a little harder to get that out of the ground that doesn't mean that it's not worth it because the oil well might be bigger right there might be a lot more oil there but ultimately for the the purposes of this demonstration it doesn't make sense for us to embark on something that might take six months to actually be able to show you guys results so it goes to flex a little bit and to show like like this can come together relatively cookie I also think Kevin is worth noting that at this point in our careers and our lives um like this sounds fun like literally this sounds kind of fun and Goofy and like if it ain't fun I ain't doing it I don't need the money anymore in my life um uh so the fact that we're showing up so like it has that fun thing and like the crypto would be like if I didn't have an actual core thing and I was a Believer like I I could I mean that that could be a full-time that could be a big full-time thing I just don't need that I've already got that I've already built that my life so I'm blessed in that sense and and so are you in that sense um yeah and and some guys I mean like the guy that's uh bit boy crypto um he was he was before he became bit boy crypto which is a big YouTube channel and podcasts and all this stuff and he's got like he showed his poor portfolio he's got over 10 million dollars worth of of coin uh that he's acquired um before he was that he was like an administrator at a non-profit in Atlanta I mean he was probably not making a hundred thousand dollars a year and just was a guy who believed in it went all in and it's literally changed his life so 100 my audience on YouTube I have so many people who've just like built Mega businesses 20 50 70 000 per month businesses and they were just they were working a call center like [ __ ] I was doing customer support like answering phone calls getting yelled at professionally alt tab working on my website and I'm the the goal here is to show you guys the fast path and the fast path is being very strategic it's using a little bit of paid traffic we don't want to dig our oil test holes by hand with a spoon okay we want to maybe bring an excavator out maybe throw a piece of dynamite under the ground and see if we can get some oil bubbling up from uh these kind of bursts and then when we find it that's what now we know where to dig right we're gonna dig some test holes first and and Survey the land and that's that's what we're getting into next um I'm excited Kevin uh yeah final thoughts before we wrap this one up no man this is fun I'm excited about this I think this is going to be like really fun well good I need some more hats as obviously always need some more hats and I want a Sasquatch hat I'm gonna have to get one of those yeah don't forget the mug you know I'm gonna get aliens I'm gonna get it all this is awesome all of it I love it yeah wifey and this is another cool thing on my you know wifey's all into some of this stuff too so we'll it'll be fun to Banter around some ideas and we're gonna keep recording these so even when we're bantering on shirt ideas design ideas we're gonna we're gonna bring you in because you can watch what we're talking about it's gonna spin off ideas it's gonna spin off like like it's idea synthesis right you are having idea sex with what we're talking about and then your life and your interest in the garden something pops up and then you can bring it into the community please leverage the community that's why I said please leverage the coaches that's why they're there and we will help you refine this ultimately the ultimate refinement is put up an offer run some traffic did they buy it yes or no we are going to get to that point very quickly and we're gonna iterate did they buy that one yes no this one yes no this one yes no and the faster we can iterate through to find the one that consistently right strike lightning once is level one strike lightning every day multiple times a day every day aha now we're on to something now we can build systems and infrastructure to drive Mega traffic to maybe go hit it with an email that all those bigger things they're all there we are just gonna be literally digging holes throwing dynamite in and uh let's see what we can get to Bubble up dude I'm excited all right man see you on the next call Kevin and thank you for joining us

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