The Secret To Success for Affiliate Marketing Beginners

affiliate marketing works when you help other people get what they're searching for I'm going to say it again because that's so damn important you earn income by helping people get what they're searching for okay if there's a busy mom at home who Now is working from home when she used to go to an office her kids are now at home because she's now home study teaching them and she can't go and get food on her way home every night she's learning to cook and she realizes she has kitchen knives and she wants to learn how to get better knives and she needs better knives but she doesn't know anything about kitchen knives so she goes to Google and she searches for the best kitchen knives for whatever her situation is whatever she thinks of in that moment She searches a phrase she finds a blog post that reviews the different ones if she trusts the blog post if she clicks on the blog post if that title compells her to click and she trusts it she's going to click through and buy because it goes to Amazon she's already Prime member anyway she knows it'll be there in a couple of days that's when affiliate marketing works is when we think about our audience members we put our audience members needs first

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