The Secret To Making Money Online as a Creator if You Aren’t an Expert

here's the secret to making money online as a Creator even if you aren't an expert and the key lies in the fact that no one is an expert when they start as a Creator the process of publishing hundreds of useful pieces of content over time to a blog or a YouTube feed that process is what makes you into an expert so step one is to choose yourself right go all in on your audience and commit come hell or high water I'm going to be the most helpful person in that audience's world to bring them the answers and the solutions that they seek step number two is go find out what are they looking for keyword research and then you do your research to create the blog posts and the YouTube videos that they are actually going to find helpful at this point you're growing an audience you're getting traffic and now you can run ads you can grow your email list you can promote affiliate offers you can create coaching Consulting newsletter you can sell them all kinds of stuff once you have their captive attention but just remember you gotta choose yourself and step up to be the most helpful person in their world and then you'll become the expert through publishing

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