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in 1986 entrepreneur and copywriter Joe Sugarman began selling these sunglasses in print ads in magazines specifically using this exact print ad right here now these are blue blocker sunglasses and since then they've gone on to sell over 20 million units of these sunglasses and the prices that I found have ranged from 44 dollars at the lowest price I found them which is what they're sold at today originally they were sold for 59 from these ads right here and they have units that are worth 185 or more for some premium sunglasses today so if you run the math 20 million units of these sunglasses sold at a minimum of forty four dollars each that's 880 million dollars in revenue from direct response marketing okay so this is the real game that the pros online are actually playing and yes we're gonna break down this offer of the blue blocker sunglasses that absolutely crushed it but more importantly you're going to learn some of the secrets to Joe sugarman's success that came before that because I had the blessing of getting to sit down with the old timer at a conference at a mastermind that I was at a few years ago before he passed away and he shared with me the actual secrets to his long-term success but let's start with this concept of buying sunglasses okay I want you to think about the last pair of sunglasses that you purchased how did you purchase them I'm going to assume that it was through a kiosk in a mall a kiosk in a walking Promenade or a kiosk at some sort of an event or maybe it was at a gas station a little Turn Style thing or maybe it was like a Sunglasses Hut type shop and you went in and you put some on and you look at yourself no no not those you put another pair on you look at yourself in the mirror no not those and what I'm getting at is the normal buying behavior of sunglasses is such that most people want to see them on themselves is kind of a vanity purchase so how then do you through magazine ads and this first ad by the way sold a hundred thousand units of the actual item so how do you go from actually writing advertisements that sell things that people normally Buy in different ways the big idea here is a hook okay so what he was a master of is coming up with unique hooks that present products in a different way that make them a I gotta have this thing I've never tried them on I don't even care what they look like or feel like I have to have these things so we're going to start right here on the very top and he calls his headline is Vision breakthrough and he says when I put on the pair of glasses what I saw I could not believe nor will you now in 1992 okay so they had been selling at that point for six years 1992 he had a breakthrough in the infomercial space and if you were channel surfing back in the 80s you maybe saw this infomercial running where it was essentially video of him walking around Venice Beach handing these glasses to people they'd put them on and he'd videotape the responses which was pretty much wow oh man I can't wow you just you can't believe what you could see boy everything looks so clear and he created or he tapped into this desire of clarity of Eye Health of eye protection now what's really interesting is the hipsters Among Us who wear blue blocking glasses at night because blue light messes with your melatonin and your serotonin and if you can't sleep at night it's because all the blue light in your TV and on all your screens so you gotta wear blue lenses to protect your eyes and to protect your brain health yo that was exactly the hook he came up with back then in the 1980s okay so that hook has been continued to be used by new entrepreneurs and by new people has been swiped and deployed and this man is one of the most swiped copywriters in the world so this is one of the first ideas that you need to think about in everything that you're doing every YouTube video that you put out every blog post that you put out every ad every offer every funnel everything that you put out needs to have a hook for example in this video I attempted to hook you in if you're still watching it clearly worked at some level by telling you this story of this gigantic 880 million dollar offer from the 1980s like that's a big deal how did that work what was going on behind the scenes to make that work now I had the blessings and I had the wonderful opportunity to get to meet Joe Sugarman in person before he passed away recently and it was at a mastermind event that's actually he gave me these personally right so he handed me these exact glasses as we were sitting down and chatting and I got to learn the secrets of success behind his actual story now he went from print ad which is today right we would consider this a Facebook ad right so what I would do to kind of make this relevant in today's day and age I'm actually going to do it right here with you I would tear this apart and I would run this much of it as a Facebook ad headline sub headline a little bit of copy and a nice big image the rest of it is actually going to be my sales letter okay so the Facebook ad says Vision breakthrough it's got an image of something people click from Facebook and now they're on my website and what are they doing they're reading my sales letter and the sales letter ends with the logical conclusion of buying the thing now you don't need any fancy sales funnel software for any of this right you can do this on Thrive cart your sales letter can actually be your checkout page so what he did back in the day through print media to sell a thing we are replicating to this very day and then when he moved into the world of infomercials that was a very unique time in technology so the way TV stations used to work back in 1880s is the TV station would buy content from Hollywood right so all the people in Hollywood who were on strike right now that that's because they want more money for their content so these channels would buy content and they pay 500 a thousand dollars per hour whatever it was to get content and then they would sell ads inside of those TV shows so they're 1am 2 A.M 3 A.M middle of the night television shows we're not making enough money in ads compared to what they were spending for the content so what these companies did and what these channels are doing is they started selling 30 minute advertising spots to people who ran infomercials and if you don't know the beginnings of Tony Robbins I mean he was an infomercial marketer who was pushed by guthy ranker right so this whole infomercial World actually was a revolution in marketing today how would you do it right how would we do it we're running YouTube ads okay so this is the technological advancement and Revolution that we have is you know I got my cell phone sitting on a tripod right now that's the technology that I'm technically using and with a few clicks on the Google ads platform I could run this video as an ad now I wouldn't run it as an ad because I'm not selling anything and it doesn't have a high likelihood of bringing back money I'm trying to help you understand the technology that was used back in his day and how did he do it again it was all experiential he walked around with a video camera in one hand he gave these to people and he had to put them on and they put them on they're like oh my gosh everything's so clear and that hook of you'll be amazed at what you see you'll be amazed at the clarity of your vision when you put on these glasses were enough to get millions of people to call in to give over the credit card number to mail in a check to get their actual pair of glasses without ever going down the pathway of trying them on and I want to give a shout out to Dr geek um Dr geek was a Wandering hip-hop artist on the uh boardwalk of Venice Beach back in the 1980s he was one of those street performers who would just kind of walk around and rap about anything and you could give him a tip and he'd rap about you and I mean man Joe Sugarman being the smart guy was he gave the glasses to Dr geek Dr geek laid down some Rhymes laid down some bars if you want to look for and find the actual infomercial I'll link to it in the description it's a great watch but it's a 28 minute advertisement selling glasses in a way that glasses had never been sold before okay so this was his home run right this was 15 years into his career and most times that you're gonna hear people talk about Joe Sugarman and talk about blue blocker glasses this is all they talk about right oh man that home run that one big hit and that's what way too many gurus do these days is they're just telling you about that that one thing they did that boom now I have my 100 million dollar offers because I did this one thing and I try to oversimplify it to make themselves sound like they got it all figured out now when I got to sit down with Joe Sugarman in that Mastermind and hang out with a dude for an afternoon which was an incredible experience he started telling me about all the old products that he used to sell and that's the actual point of this video this is where I want to get you to now and this book right here advertising Secrets first and foremost you see any books from any gurus using this exact titling model I'm telling you I've said it before I don't study the guru marketing Bros of today I don't watch them I don't pay attention to them at all why because they're swiping the old timers so what am I doing I'm digging up these gems from the past of the Old Timers the people that everyone's swiping I'm testing that process here and there but ultimately I just want to learn from where the game started and where the game came from now you can still get this used it's out of print the price on these is going up uh some people are selling these for like 70 and 80 bucks but occasionally you can find them to use for like 20 bucks and it's a great book it's not the best copywriting books not the best marketing book ever but I'm the kind of geek at this game when I know people are making possibly and probably a billion freaking dollars selling these things through advertisements I study it all right like y'all seriously this is I just I'm constantly going into it but let's go a little bit deeper into history story so how did how did he start his business in 1971 so we are 15 years before he wrote his first advertisement for these blue blocker glasses he began selling Electronics from his basement now the dude just liked gadgets he was in the service he was military intelligence at some way shape or form maybe did a little bit of work with CIA not exactly sure about that on that story but he was just a gadget guy he loved gadgetry so that's how he picked his Niche right his Niche was stuff that he loved stuff that he enjoyed tinkering with everything from Ham radios to CB radios to pocket calculators to digital watches remember we're talking like the 1970s okay so CB radios were like New School Technology as were like digital Seiko watches and then he just kind of started getting products and testing offers by selling them through advertisements that sold and again today you and I would be breaking it apart a little bit we run an ad on Facebook and then we have a sales letter on our page the goal of the Facebook ad is to get people onto our sales letter in his day the ad was actually the thing that closed the sale so ad and sales letter were actually merged together now this product right here and this is one of the things I love about this book is it's got a bunch of his old sales letters inside of it so this right here is a pocket calculator now this was one of the first products he really did well with and sold through direct response marketing and you can see the full ad right here with the coupon the call to action again he ran print advertisements inside of magazine ads now a pocket calculator right you back in the day you can get a pocket calculator from the Kmarts of the world from Montgomery Wards or from Radio Shack or whatever the Big Box store was back in 1978 that that actual ad that I have right there was running but if you notice his hook he ain't selling the calculator what he's selling is a pocket Yellow Pages because this was a programmable calculator and what you're able to do is you could actually program it with the names and telephone numbers of the people you cared about so if you had your calculator on you while you're traveling while you're at work while you're on your way back from work et cetera et cetera you need to make a phone call from one of those pay phones like we all used to do back in the 80s you would actually have everyone's numbers right there programmed in your calculator and oh by the way it's also a calculator which is super freaking handy Bingo crushed it right like he actually crushed it again think about the hook here of how he's selling it he ain't it's not calculator for sale and yes at some point there is a story um you know if you if you're trying to sell a horse sometimes put a side out and sign out in front of your farm saying horse for sale sometimes that's enough but if you want to go for scale you can't just say sunglasses for sale you gotta make it a hook that gets people to pay attention to really start to zero in and to think what's actually going on here the next one that he sold very very well is a chess computer and these are two separate ads that ran one ran this one ran the first year which is Soviet challenge where he challenged like the Soviet champion of Chess to to see if he could compete with his USA made uh chess computer uh the the truth is that the uh challenge was accepted and the Russian dude dominated he absolutely destroyed the bot and that's what he shares inside of the ad and it's amazing copy that you get to see in action here I want to show you one more of these real quick if I may and this is his airplane so you can use these skills okay so the man my man at one point had three private jets literally the dude had three private jets he was balling out of control okay these again are these are the guys that I study these folks are dominating in a way that all the modern Guru Bros don't really understand or they do understand they're trying to mimic it but this dude had it on in Spades so his 240 000 airplane everybody was telling him locally you're only going to get 190 000 for it and he was like screw that I got copywriting skills he wrote this exact advertisement right here he ran it in a private pilot's magazine and he got 240 000 which is exactly what he paid for his airplane now I've personally taken that kind of advice to heart so my last rental property that I built out as an Airbnb and it was doing really really great cash flow a few years ago I wanted to liquidate it because I wanted a new property that had more acreage I live on this I'm on 20 acres here I like living large I do not like having people next to me so I wanted to get out of that house but I wanted to get way above market value market value for my house was about 700 725 000 I ended up selling that thing for over nine hundred thousand dollars why because I wrote a big old sales letter following all of these direct response principles and I made a case for based on the cash flow of how much it was making as an Airbnb it deserved to be considered a essentially an investment opportunity therefore it was worth over nine hundred thousand dollars we had like nine or ten offers on this place everybody was bidding each other up and I made absolute legitimate amounts of money from applying these skills for selling my own stuff as well and the truth is whether you're selling on Etsy whether you're selling stuff on eBay whether you're trying to sell your own courses the copy is the most important part of the game because it's the copy is the moment when someone's actually going to make a decision on whether they buy your thing or whether they don't buy your thing so if the copy is the most important thing what's the most important part of the copy it's the hook because if you don't hook them in if you're just like sunglasses for sale and they're flipping through Facebook and they're like sunglasses oh those are ugly those are ugly those won't look good on my face they'll just swipe away right they won't even pay attention but if you hook them in with these being some sort of a scientific breakthrough that's going to help your brain it's going to help you sleep it's going to give all these benefits in your life that you're going to be able to kind of experience from Simply putting on these relatively inexpensive glasses aha now you're hooked into reading the ad and once you start reading the ad you get hooked into the stories and once you go through the stories and you understand all the bits and pieces of how and why these are going to benefit you you get yourself down to that moment where it is time for you to buy and you say yes or you say no you pull out your credit card yes or you don't and you buy and when you get good at this skill of finding or creating products that you sell right that people want and then writing great ads that hook people in and having great sales copy everything in your business can work and this is how and why my wife and I have made over a million dollars per year year after year for many years now it's because we're selling tens of thousands of our own products each and every year how do we sell these products well we email our past customers and our email list offers right hey here's a great thing we use the hook in the email that's our subject line and the first line of the actual email itself and then we can get a curiosity click from the email over to our sales page we got another hook with another headline and then we work down to ultimately ask them if they would like to purchase yes or no this is the game this is the real game behind the game which is why I've been so encouraging for you to a take the art and skill of creating products that people want seriously I've recently invested thousands in my own personal education to get better at creating products that people want and then B it's all about how you sell those products it's the hook it's the copyright now you can learn a bunch of that stuff inside of these books here but I also do have my breakthrough sales letter template which is one of these products that I created where it walks you through the nine conversion components in order it's a 19 course that you can get access to the link is down here in the bio I didn't think I was going to offer something here today but I feel like it would be rude not to to help you understand that through my 15 20 years study of all these copywriting books there's a pattern there's a process to it and I've built out a little template that is a Formula that I use over and over and if you want to try to shortcut your way if you're trying to sell stuff and your stuff's not selling go get my breakthrough sales breakthrough sales letter template implement it I'll give you six months to work with it if it doesn't work for you if you don't like it if you don't find that it's helpful if your sales letter you write with my template isn't better than what you're using currently to sell your stuff just send me an email I'll give you 19 bucks back because I know it's actually going to help you and once you understand the structure once you understand the process once you understand what these dudes knew about how to create and sell products you're able to write your ticket you're able to create cash flow on demand you go create a new great product or you go find a great product I don't care if it's Drop Shipping can you find sunglasses blue blocker glasses to sell through Drop Shipping absolutely are there a bunch of other dudes swiping this guy selling sunglasses right now absolutely I personally would prefer to be unique and do something that most folks haven't done yet let's look at two more of his offers real quick before I let you out of here because there's a couple of them that I love so this one right here that says unfair copy so this is a knock off watch yo so back in the early days of these kinds of like digital watches so that ad is from 1978.

um the Seiko chronograph was like the 150 standard that was like the pimp and watch of the day right so this thing is like an 80 knockoff and what he says here is unfair copy the watch shown here is a copy of the world Vegas World Famous Seiko chronograph alarm unfair you be the judge it's really a shame the watch shown above is a copy of the Seiko chronograph alarm and he talks about how good that product is and how great the Seiko is but yo if you can't afford the Seiko you can get this one for less than half price that's brilliant copy right he went and got a good deal on a bunch of these remember he's selling the stuff out of his basement when he started eventually he had a warehouse and he was getting all his own stuff created from Taiwan and shipped over and this is what the FBA people are doing today right like it's really easy to go on Alibaba and find some products I got friends all over the world who go to China and they have specific unique products made from motorcycle accessories to pickleball accessories and on and on and they ship them over to a warehouse we have fulfillment is completely integrated they build out a Shopify store but here's the thing that separates those who are winning at the game of selling stuff and those who are losing some people just try to list things pickleball paddle for sale pickleball for sale pickleball net for sale and they don't have a hook and they don't have sales copy and there's no reason there's no differentiation there's nothing that draws people in to thinking like damn I gotta have this thing like man I've been trying to get better at pickleball I kind of suck I always lose my friends but if your pickleball offer is saying that you got the secret that's going to get me to dominate my friends and all of a sudden I'm going to get Prestige I'm gonna get status I'm gonna get all these psychological things that I as a human need for good brain chemistry to keep me moving forward now I'm gonna buy your pickleball stuff because I ain't buying it for the pickleball stuff I'm buying it so I can beat my friends on the court this is the kind of stuff that copyrighters want right you don't buy these sunglasses because you need sunglasses you're buying these because you want to improve your vision you want to take care of your mind you want to sleep better at night all the benefits that these specific glasses give you and the last one I gotta give a shout out to my man's pickle power yo so this ad right here just ran it in magazines rechargeable batteries and he tells some story about how pickles can potentially be used to hold power and they don't there's no pickle inside of it at all he just literally found a hook that was this story that he learned from the engineers about how acidic the acidity of pickles and blah blah blah you could read the whole thing and get the actual hook but he's talking about pickles all through it until it's like oh yeah by the way there's no pickles in these rechargeable batteries but if you need rechargeable batteries by the way these are the best rechargeable batteries in the world so people are flipping through magazines just like today's current age people are flipping through Facebook and all of a sudden pickle power shows up on their Facebook they're like what like hooked it's so unique it's so Contra it doesn't make sense so they gotta read more they see the first three lines on that Facebook ad they're like man I gotta know what this is about they click read more all of a sudden they're learning more and more and they get posed with a moment and a question of do you want to learn the secret to these rechargeable batteries boom they click now they're on the sales letter if they read through the rest of that sales letter they get down to that moment where they're prompted to buy the actual thing and on and on they go and you sought here in action today ethically honestly morally I hooked you in with the story of how my man one of the best copywriters alive and one of the best entrepreneurs alive in my personal opinion because yeah he was a copywriter For Hire he wrote copy for people professionally but he created he bought he found he licensed his own products and that is what my man made my man rich and I'm talking a billion like three private planes Rich yo like how many gurus of modern world today they're trying to flex in rented planes right they're just using like cheap Jets or netjets or whatever and they take all these selfies the one time they're in a plane my man owned three private jets yo so that's kind of what I like to really focus in on in this is great products and then unique hooks with wonderful sales copy when you get that all dialed in right just like how this video it was a 880 million dollar offer hook you've learned a lot this video has been educational you understand the business model you understand the fundamentals of copywriting you understand the power and the importance and a bit more about Hooks and by the way if you want my shortcut to writing sales copy that works you also heard my pitch for the Breakthrough advertising sales copy and when you understand what happened here and you run it through the lens of what he's talking about and what all modern gurus are talking about the same damn thing too they're just stealing my man my dead old man you know this old boy's stuff and they're regurgitating it as if they made it up or as if they know all this stuff when Folk's been talking about this and working about this for a very very long time and when you understand the game and you actually play the game you play the right game you're not just hustling up traffic for hustling up traffic because because SEO traffic and ads and traffic like that game could come crumbling down but when you get good at creating finding um licensing really really good products to sell and then you get really good at writing ads that sell and creating sales pages that sell that's it you can print money money on demand that's the name of the game that's how I live my lifestyle that I love and that's how you can live the lifestyle that you love as well I hope this has been helpful if it has get at me in the comments let me know what you think ask me questions in the comments like it thumbs up it do what you do I appreciate you and I look forward to catching you on the next video Until then be well

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