The Secret Behind This $32,000,000 Sales Funnel

in the early 70s a man named Joe carbo self-published a book titled The Lazy Man's way to riches and he went on to sell millions of copies of this self-published now remember this is the early 70s so this is when the game was very very difficult how did he do it step one make a product that people want step two he went and crafted a sales letter that sold the product effectively step number three he advertised his sales letter in newspapers all around the country and that's it that's the funnel that's the big idea behind his 32 million or so in Revenue that he made from this exact book so I want you to ask yourself are you making your business more difficult than it needs to be I'm living proof that you can make millions with the same business model today if you keep it simple create products that people want write sales letters that convert and drive traffic to your sales letter through advertising it works

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