The power of sticking with it!

and here we have it this is really the main graph that is showing you the power of compounding and the power of sticking with it so this orange line is where I started and you can see back here I've got videos I was having 10 12 minutes viewed 55 minutes viewed right in these early days I went from 54 minutes viewed in a day to 54,000 minutes viewed in a day and that's what happens when you continue publishing in this orange line I was publishing a video a day each and every day to about this Point here the curve didn't even start growing until almost 9 months into my first year when I did a video every day for 3 months then I did three videos a week for 6 months it was literally after that whole process of about 9 months of hard work before I really started to see a noteworthy climb in my growth and you can see the views it wasn't even a million views in the first year I did about 250 videos in my first year now I'm getting 2.7 million views per year on average at this point in time

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