The Power of Giving Back

should I leave it there in the plastic yep hide it by myself no don't care about it because I'm not here for for vanity metrics or things like that I'm here to help you build a business people who are truly successful in this world give back it's just the way it works I'm not going to sell you $1,000 course because I don't need your money because you can find people like myself who are giving all of the information away there are great seos in this world who are giving all of the information away the great people who have really built true businesses and have their hearts in the right place they're not consumed by greed here to just help make the world a better place and if you start building assets you can provide for your family you can become an economic engine for your community you can go help all the businesses right now in your area that are struggling you could help them stay afloat I went down to the farmers market yesterday here I got a tiny fart is a garden market I was like I'm just buying everything I could they're out there trying to hustle sell boom I'm just I'm just buying [ __ ] from them right and I need you to go get yourself into that position so our society can keep functioning

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