The Only 3 Things You Need To Start Affiliate Marketing

you're not running like a real company where you have to support your customers you're selling other companies products so you don't have to deal with support you don't have to have a business you just need to have an internet connection and be a person you don't need a website because the other companies like Amazon they have the website they have the website people buy from and another reason you don't have to spend money is because you don't have to have Merchant accounts you don't need a merchant account you sign up for a merchant account they're going to take fees out of you 50 bucks every single month just for having a merchant account active and operating yeah you don't you don't need any of this stuff it really get down to the Bare Bones what you need what do you need to start with affiliate marketing well you need to sign up for an affiliate Network you need an internet connection and you need to get a link from the affiliate Network and you'll need to sign up for some social media sites you know Facebook Tik Tok Google

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