The Number 1 Goal Of An Advertisement

if you're getting clicks from your ad and you're not making any sales the ad is probably not the problem often times people think that the ad is this special maker break thing that's going to turn around a business but it's not the only goal of an ad is to get a click everything that happens after that click is no longer really a reference of the ad it's about what's going on on page now I got to add one qualifier here the content the promise the hook the wording on your ad needs to match what's on your landing page if they see an advertisement that talks about how to make purple widgets at home and then they go to your landing page and it's teaching how to tie fishing flies they're gonna be like what like what just happened right if you use a certain type of imagery on your ad reinforce that imagery on your page your headline on your ad often will be reflected on your landing page right the same big idea needs to flow through everything and that's really really key you want people to feel like they're in the right place

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