The Key to Escaping the Daily Grind

the core belief or the core philosophy of what makes a business a business is that the business grows without the effort of the owner so it's the next level of systems that I've been working on and this is really where I'm at in in my business today is refining the systems of how do I get things to stop needing my input at all to where the writer is finished and then the project manager is able to get it over to the layout people and then there's someone to do the quality assurance at the end and the team is able to get everything done on their own and you know you've got this going well when entire projects are able to initiate themselves and move forward get tested and implemented with little more than your yes go do that right and this is really the philosophy that I want you to kind of involve so the big idea is to shift at some point you're going to need to shift from doing the work to essentially using systems and teammates to get them to create the results that you have personally created on your own

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