The Hardest Part to Earning $100,000/yr Online.

so what's the hardest part about making your first hundred grand online you know it's not choosing a niche it's not choosing a method because the truth is pretty much every Niche will work pretty much every method will work as long as you work the method so if just about every Niche works and every method actually does work then why is one percent maybe of people making it to the big times 100 Grand a year or more and the answer is because it's difficult to stay focused on one thing one audience one brand long enough to achieve your goal on the one hand you've got the greedy gurus and all their advertisements trying to convince you that you're missing something that they have some secret and then they get their hooks into you boom you're gone you've just jumped to something else and or your ego mind starts to doubt I don't know if this is actually gonna work boy I've been putting working on this for three months and I haven't seen any results but once you realize that it's a three to five year plan pouring your heart and soul into helping another audience get what they want and that's how you get what you want that's when you're on the right path really just takes discipline over long periods of

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