The Enemy

now first and foremost I'm not talking like comfort in you know I'm on a comfortable couch or I've got a comfortable bed or you know ergonomics and the comfort of your chair right it's not a physical comfort thing I'm talking much bigger picture in your life if you're comfortable in your everyday life that is absolutely the enemy to success and that is the enemy to you making progress in your business now can you still make progress if you're comfortable sure we'll go into that but first let's go a little deeper into this concept now it's widely known that in kind of the entrepreneurial space it takes an incredible hunger and an incredible fire inside in order for somebody to kind of muster up the energy and to break through that mental barrier the fear of failing the fear of putting yourself out there and being vulnerable it takes this really kind of intense fire in order to propel somebody to that level of pushing through and then to stick with it for six months a year three years five years to truly achieve success if you haven't heard the the catchphrase that it takes 10 years to become an overnight success and tell you it's 100 True takes a whole lot of work before anybody even notices you blipping on the radar but it's worth it in the end so what is it that sustains people through that it's an absolute hunger and nine times out of ten that hunger comes from a very dark challenging deep up against the wall place I got a friend I know kind of back in the day this guy Ray he was in the real estate space I've got a real estate history and our stories kind of coincide they parallel a little bit he was flipping houses in FLorida back in the day and he was on the line for something to the tune of like 20 to 30 000 a month in mortgages in costs and holding costs for the houses now when the real estate market was going well he was killing it right he was flipping houses left and right he was putting buyers in houses everything was going great so he was scaling up the number of houses he bought real estate market crashes what happens he's holding the note for four houses or five houses that he literally cannot afford and like the debt collectors come a knocking and he had a moment of Reckoning and he literally I've heard him tell the story before um and he had I think one month's rent left literally he had one month to cover all the costs or else he was gonna have to go into bankruptcy his credit was going to get destroyed he was worried about his marriage and his relationship [ __ ] was hitting the fan right he was very uncomfortable so what did he do he doubled down he started an internet-based business he actually went into the network marketing industry it's not I don't I don't vouch for that industry by any means I'm just telling you a good story here and He Came Out Swinging he put in 15 16 18 hour days he talked to everyone he could he marketed online he marketed offline he marketed a warm Market he marketed the cold market and again this isn't anything to do don't get hung up on the niche I don't that's not what it's about what it's about is how hungry he came out and I like the term He Came Out Swinging right he was up against the wall He Came Out Swinging and you know what happened he actually freaking made it right he didn't get foreclosed on and it was it was sketchy for months and months at a time so then fast forward he kind of stuck with this he he didn't have a choice he stuck with this kind of aggressive pace for long enough that it flipped and then all of a sudden a few years down the road he was able able to get off the gas a little bit and boom his business just kept growing because he built up such a bulk of momentum for me what was it honestly for me my father worked for the same Corporation he was a union worker he worked in the newspaper industry for 33 years and he was fired or let go or laid off or whatever you want to call it a year and a half before retirement he's 62 63 years old and he gets fired so they could bring in someone for half his pay and with a tenth of his knowledge and he was just let go and they didn't have to pay him his whole vesting and they didn't have to pay him his full retirement because he didn't make his full 35 years in the union this pissed me off at a level that I cannot explain and I cannot explain without using explicatives that I'm not feeling like using right now I was Furious and enraged to learn that a corporation would do that to my father it got me to think about where I was going in my life and I had an oh [ __ ] moment to be honest there's the explicative it came out anyway sorry anyways I had a moment of like I can't trust the system this system that my dad always said go to school get a good job give it 30 years and you're good right the on the Rich Dad Poor Dad scale of things he was not from the rich dad mindset side of things and that was the the kind of Credo that I grew up with was school job 30 years you're good when I saw that it didn't even work for him how's that ever going to work for me and at that moment I knew I had to figure this out and I had no job I had 30 40 50 000 and counting it was up to fifty thousand at its peak in student loan debt and that was my fire that was the student loan debt collectors were coming I had six months of a window when you graduate college they give you like six months before you have to start paying on your student loans and I was like I can't go into a corporate job I ended up getting a job to supplement because I my business wasn't far enough along and then I worked nights I worked weekends I put in an extra 20 to 40 hours a week on my side business and it was because of that discomfort of knowing I can't go down this path because that's gonna they're gonna F me over the first chance they get and I can't ignore my student loans there's literally there's no you can't go bankrupt on a student loan you can't just let go they're never forgiven they stick with you forever so you've got to kind of man up and make it happen and that's what I did I doubled down and made that happen so I tell you these stories and I'm doing this video because I want you to look at your life right now if you're comfortable if you're like miles I love your ideas like you're a good communicator I kind of get hyped up and I enjoy thinking about or dabbling in the internet marketing world but you know I've got a pretty good job things are going pretty good wife's happy everything's kind of happy I'm telling you that is the enemy and that's the point I'm trying to make here is that level of comfort in your daily life of you know I go hit the feeder bar that's my term you go punch the clock you do the hours you got to do you get the paycheck the paycheck's enough it ain't super amount but you're not digging a hole you're not going into debt and you're just kind of Getting By here's the problem you're going to be getting by for 10 years maybe 15 years you might not be getting any skills and at some point automation a robot or a cheaper college graduate willing to do the same job you're doing right now for cheaper is going to come up and you my friend might get the short end of that stick and they might pull the rug out from underneath you so I'm trying to fire you up a little bit right now and getting you to really check yourself and really do some honest honest soul-searching here are you setting yourself up for a potential disaster in the future now I'm not wishing that upon anyone I just want you to be prepared right number one get your emergency funds set if you don't have your emergency fund I did a video on it I'll link to it below here get your emergency fund dialed to buy yourself a few months in case the [ __ ] hits the fan for you number two start building something with a fiery fervor with this passion that you have to figure this out because it's my opinion we all are gonna have to be entrepreneurs in 20 years there are going to be no good paying jobs if you're an employee right now they're going to fire you and bring in a contractor instead and you need to pull the trick out you need to figure this out before your corporation does because if they figure this out before you and they make the move first you're in reactionary mode and you're the one who's getting effed if you put in the work if you get motivated and you dig deep and start laying the foundation now you'll be in the power play you'll be able to walk up to your boss one day and say you know what boss man I love working here but I've done this thing on this decide for three or four years and guess what it's paying me as much as you guys are paying me I'm out of here by the way if you want to keep me around as a consultant you can pay me 200 bucks an hour and I'll consult you for five hours a week see what I'm getting at here you can keep that relationship you can keep some cash flow coming in but you become the power player in the situation you're not reacting upon what the corporation is willing to give you you get to make the rules and that's the position you need to be in so if you're comfortable right now in your everyday life check yourself are you going full speed towards a cliff right Everything feels good if you're just floating along in the River of Life and you're in a kayak and the water isn't moving smooth you know deep Waters Flow Smooth you're like all right this is cool everything's good right then you hear something off the distance what's that sound sounds like water sounds like running water and the water goes faster and faster and the river accelerates and at this point you can't get out of the pole of the river the river is stronger than you and you're too far down the river and you've been kind of lazy rivering it for a while and you didn't realize you're headed towards a freaking waterfall boom and it hits and it feels like it blindsides you but I'm telling you right now I am your warning call right I am that warning shot for you at this moment in time [ __ ] is gonna change in your life for you whether you're ready for it or not so my friend get ready let's do this build something on the side I know you can do it rant over I apologize if I got too crazy on that one I will step down from the soapbox that I am on but I do appreciate you and it is from my heart that I say this I'm being 100 honest that I really do believe you need to be building things on the side before there's any sign of danger right if you could hear that waterfall coming on I'm not saying it's too late you can get to shore you can figure this out right if if you're in that position don't freak out just start taking consistent action if you can hear that waterfall double time it right put in Double Days that's what the pros do you know football squads come back from spring training what do they do they they do morning and evening and it hurts like hell but you know what they make up for lost ground for a few months off in the off season so maybe that's where you're at if you're just thinking things are going cool and you found my channel and you're just like wow this guy seems cool like I'm enjoying his videos let this be a true honest sincere warning for you that you do really truly need to be considering your future because your corporation hates you your boss hates you they're looking for a reason to fire you they're looking for a way to replace you with an app with a robot with an AI with a freaking intern who will do it for free and if they get the opportunity they're gonna take it and you my friend will be the one kind of like whoa what happened and I'm giving you this moment so you don't have to go there you can build it on the side get momentum going before you need it thank you very much I am officially for the second time getting off of the soapbox give me a thumbs up if you like it if you have leave me a comment low why if you loved it give me a comment let me know why subscribe if you haven't I'll catch you on the next video because I got some cool stuff coming up for you thank you again for your time and I will see you on the next video

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