The Easy Way To Make Money Online

as long as you get these three things right you will have no problems making money online to make this super easy to remember I've nicknamed it the ATM process and know that I do have a deep dive video on my YouTube channel that goes into it I'll link to that video in the comments okay first up we've got the a which stands for audience in order for you to make money online you need to go help other people get what they want so committing to an audience and committing to being their helpful guide to helping those folks get what they want is the first step once you've committed to your audience you've got to build trust with them so this happens two ways number one it's through the content it's just being helpful number two get them on your email list so there's a lead magnet and a landing page and that's the first value exchange where they give you something and this is on the pathway to the m which stands for monetization and that's when you start offering them the things they want to buy it could be merch it could be coaching it could be info products it could be affiliate products that's the easy part once you build your audience and you build Trust ATM

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