The 3 Ways To Grow Any Business … Most People Forget About #2 & #3!

there are only three ways to grow any business in the world and most people are focused on the wrong one let's start by covering the three ways that you can grow any business so first is to bring in more new customers right generate more new sales second is to increase your order value that means sell every sell more on every transaction and then third is increase how often past customers purchase again in the future right so more customers you get more cash flow from every transaction and you get people who bought from you already to come back more often here's where a lot of people get it wrong they're focusing most of their time and energy on bringing in new customers but most of the money they can go straight to the bottom line your business will come from the second two so to increase your average order value you need to be adding on bumps and upsells and then to sell more to your past customers that's all email marketing and when you really focus on higher aov and selling more to your past customers that's when you'll see your business scale

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