The 3 Non-Negotiables.

what are your daily and weekly non-negotiable action items it's time to do a little bit of a self-audit here because if you're interested in making money online if you think you're actually on the path to making money online we need to make sure that your actions are in alignment with you doing the things needed to make money online so I ask you again what are your non-negotiable daily and weekly action items that you get done no matter what it's a gnarly little storm blowing in right now okay back to the point you're non-negotiables so think about this on three separate levels okay there's your Free level there's your premium content level and then there's your email Free level content you need to have something coming out daily at least a couple of long form pieces of content blogs or videos per week and then use social posts to promote premium content is your lead magnet your products and the sales copy for your products you gotta be working on that week emails at least three times per week even if your list is like 10.

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