The #1 Reason Newbies Fail To Make Money Online

here's the number one reason why people fail online and what you need to do in order to succeed it's allowing perfectionism and overthinking everything to keep you from doing anything okay one way I've heard this explained is allowing perfect to be the enemy of good because the truth is that good enough is good enough and if you've seen my videos they aren't perfect they aren't that polished if you see my shorts they aren't that good they aren't that polished I'm sitting out here with a cup of coffee just sharing an idea with you but if you notice what I've been doing with my actions to build my Million Dollar business online I'm publishing like it's my goddamn job with that said the solution is to create and publish more content than you consume okay instead of comparing what you're doing with other people you need to give yourself deadlines daily content published good enough great publish next good enough great publish next that's how you build the skills that's how you build the brand that's how you build the audience that's how you build a business online

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