STOP LONG VIDEOS! Make $10,000 a Month with FACELESS YouTube SHORTS using AI in 5 Minutes

here is the fastest way to grow your YouTube earnings to grow your subscribers at a lightning fast pace and to make ten thousand dollars a month or more using the methods that I'm about to show you in this video and the fastest way to achieve these results is to post YouTube shorts and why is that that's because YouTube shorts can get your views very fast virtually all of my most watched videos on my own channel are YouTube shorts and of course YouTube shorts don't take a lot of time to create I'm going to show you how to create these YouTube shots in five minutes or less in this video and many of my YouTube shorts videos are bringing in thousands of views every single day in the next five minutes I'm going to show you how to implement this strategy step by step smash the like And subscribe buttons below and let's go first let's cover the concept you need to have a channel in a niche that has a need that way you can sell something to your audience or you can promote someone else's product as an affiliate for a commission let's take a look at this and let me show you what it means that your video has to address an audience that has a need let's take a look at this video here it's a YouTube show short and it is about how to watch Netflix in another country this person explains how to unlock Netflix in other countries and inside the video he recommends to buy a product which is not VPN it's a VPN product that allows others to watch Netflix from any country he recommends to check this product out via his Link and he's promoting this product called expressvpn and whenever someone watches this video and they end up buying this product then the creator of this video ends up earning a commission from each of the sales please note that this video has had 848 000 views which means that the creator of this one minute video has already made thousands and thousands of dollars in commissions another example of a niche which has got a large money making potential is weight loss Niche or anything really that's got to do with solving a health related problem check out this video here it has had 10 million viewers and the best thing about this video is that it has no face in it the Creator is not showing his face all it is is just a video that basically has got some text and some images in it this video has had 10 million views and the creator of this video could be promoting an offer such as lplin which pays on average 136 dollars in commissions on average for every sale that is referred so these are the examples of niches that are really good niches that have got a strong need where you can make a lot of money using YouTube shorts examples of bad niches to make YouTube shorts in that pretty much can't earn you money are something like funniest fails because there is no strong need people just watch it for entertainment but they're not there to buy anything and you can't really recommend anything if you make videos like this you might be wondering wait how about earning money with YouTube ads well guess what I've got a YouTube show that has had over 2 million viewers and my YouTube ad revenue from it is just 56 dollars now don't get me wrong it's pretty good 56 dollars is still better than nothing but that's from 2 million views so YouTube ad revenue on YouTube shorts is not that great this YouTube shot has generated 20 000 subscribers for me though so that's pretty awesome but the best way to monetize YouTube shorts is basically how I just showed you earlier which is by recommending products as an affiliate just like this video that I showed you earlier has done where they are recommending the VPN product solution in their comments to buy via their link so you'll want to choose a niche and then post kind of like an army of these YouTube shorts and each one of them recommending a product via your affiliate link and as you are getting more and more views on those YouTube shorts people will be clicking those links and you will be getting commissions from any sales that you refer second let's talk about which tool you can use and that tool that has got new AI capability built into it is a massive update to one of my favorite tools and that is in video guys it's going to blow your mind what these guys have just come up with this update on a rolled out probably yesterday or today and I've just got access to it I've been playing around with it and I can't wait to share what it can do for you and how it can help you pump out these YouTube shorts with very little effort click the link in the description below to get your access for free to this tool so that you can give it a try and if you try it for free and you like it then you can upgrade either to the Plus or to the max membership seriously though it's going to save you a ton of time because it lets you create YouTube shorts videos so fast I'm gonna walk you through step by step how to do this so let's say you've decided to make a Youtube short on this topic about foods that speed up metabolism so you would go into your in video AI dashboard and click on create AI video and then from workflow choose YouTube shorts and here you can enter the details of what should be included in this YouTube short about foods that speed up metabolism I've done a little bit of homework so I've created a description or a prompt and here is what I've said create the YouTube shorts video about five best foods to speed up metabolism include information about fish eggs coffee tea and beans and how they speed up metabolism advise to click the link in the bio or comments for more info now guys this is critical this is what we talked about this is what's going to help you monetize your YouTube shorts videos and make some serious money instead of just making a few Pennies from ads one thing I want to mention is that you don't have to include the actual product product in video AI is actually smart enough to do all of that research itself so you could totally just say create a YouTube shorts video about Firebase foods to speed up metabolism that'll work too but if you want to have a little bit more control then you can actually add a little bit more information into the script asking in video Ai and giving it exact information that you'd like included in your YouTube show I want to highlight because this is a massive feature there are a lot of AI tool that make videos that you can't actually have a lot of control over you just say okay make a YouTube show about this and then it'll include you know five or ten things for you but you might not like those things in video AI actually allows you to specify what you want included alright next thing let's just include gender so let's say I want the male voice and I want it to be perhaps a clear American voice and then I do want to show subtitles so my subtitles they mean those captions that pop up on the screen and they really create a very engaging experience for YouTube shorts viewers so now let's click continue confirm that this includes everything that you wanted and then click generate a video now I'm going to pause the video it'll take about a minute or so for the actual video to get generated at this next step you can choose a few more items such as your audience who is a targeted towards look and feel medium modern bright or professional let's go for bright and then platform that you're posting it for so YouTube shorts Instagram or Facebook I'm going to choose YouTube shorts here let's click continue and now it's just going to generate the actual video alright so we've got our output and now I'm just going to make it full screen and I'm going to play it for you so you can check it out I haven't made any edits to this at all this is directly how it comes out of in video Ai and I think you're going to be super impressed check this out let's make this full screen and off we go ever wonder how to fuel your body and speed up your metabolism at the same time here's a quick rundown of the top five foods that can help first up fish rich and omega-3 fatty acids fish like salmon tuna and mackerel can increase your metabolism and provide a protein punch next eggs chock full of quality protein they can give your metabolic rate a morning boost third coffee that morning cup of joe not only wakes you up but also revs up your metabolism thanks to its caffeine content fourth tea green or black it's a natural metabolism booster with both caffeine and catechins finally beans high in fiber and protein beans can help keep your metabolism humming all day long remember a faster metabolism means a healthier body for more information click the link in our bio or comments stay healthy stay fit how was that tell me that this wasn't really good for an AI generated video the voice is really good all of the media that they've put in actually makes sense and the script is really good as well now you've also got control over all of the elements if you click edit you can edit the script or edit the media and that will then regenerate and will reponounce it with the voice that you've just heard so you can literally change anything that you want in here and you can apply those changes you can also edit the media so if you don't like any of this media that has been selected then you can choose the media from a huge library that Nvidia has so if you wanted to perhaps include a fit woman you know a video of a fit woman that's running at the start instead of starting with a chunk of fish then you can do that just click enter and it will search and you can insert any of these videos or images that are coming up here to perhaps start the video with and by the way with in video you get the rights to use all of this footage that in video has in its library and puts it in for you you get the full rights to have all of this in your video so as you can see guys you can do this in five minutes you can produce a video like this and of course you can make lots of these videos every single day you can schedule them out for weeks or for months and just make sure that you include the monetization the way that I've shown you grab your affiliate link put it into the comments in it as one of the top comments you can also insert that link here in the description just like this person here has done and how I do in my videos grabbing your affiliate link will be different on every platform if you've got access to ClickBank then you can just click the promote button and that will generate the link for you and to another platforms there are other ways to get those affiliate links now you guys might be wondering okay but how do I come up with a good YouTube Niche and how do I come up with a good keyword for which to create the videos for that you can watch this video next here I'm covering exactly how to uncover Awesome YouTube niches as well as excellent YouTube keywords and topics thank you so much for watching my name is Greg conanco watch this video next or I'll see you in the next video

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