Sharing my Big Dream 💛

for many of us we start our online business for more time freedom and flexibility but there's always a deeper reason too for me it was the ability to support my family particularly my younger brother Tim Tim has the best smile loves riding horses and the beach and Tim also has autism what hello hey growing up we were always worried about his future and how we could make the best possible life for him so when I started my online business this was one of the underlying motivators over the past six years I've been fortunate to build an incredible online business and team and impact thousands around the world with our educational programs and I found a home in the beautiful Panama so that Tim and I could spend as much time at the beach as possible but we don't just want to help Tim we want to help other families as well I mean entrepreneurs can't help but think big that's why we're building Tim's Club a non-profit Foundation dedicated to supporting those with autism to lead a full purposeful Life we'll be offering a specialized Day program for adults with autism as well as spaces in education for our local community we'll be leveraging everything we've learned through our online business to help turn this dream into a reality we're at the very early stages of this journey right now but we wanted to share the journey with you and show you that you too can go after your big dreams so now let's go to where I can show you the vision I created this little graphic so I could show you exactly what we're building this is going to be a wonderful space for both our full-time members and for our local community as well it's going to be fun inspiring and a perfect place to develop life skills and connect with our community so as you can see we have a cafe we have a garden outdoor yoga space we have animals and we have two buildings here filled with lots of fun things to do so if you scroll down our website you're going to be able to see each building in more detail so we are going to have a cafe which is going to allow our members to connect with our local community we're also going to have a central Lounge this will be where we do things like cooking and life skills and we'll make sure to have a sensory room as well then we're going to have a library and technology room this is where we'll be teaching new tech skills and be doing things like Tech based games and reading then we're going to have an art and music room for painting drawing singing and learning instruments we're going to have an outdoor yoga and exercise space this will be for yoga meditation Circle time and exercise we're going going to have a garden so that our members can learn to care for the garden and grow herbs and fruits for the cafe and we're going to have a petting zoo so that our members can care for animals on top of this we will make sure to have lots of community events and outings as I said this is in the beautiful Panama so there's all sorts of things that we can do from Gathering local artists for art shows to taking everyone out for surf lessons we have lots of amazing things that we can do and that's it so we couldn't be more excited to bring this to life and we will be documenting every single step and here's how you can help we're going to be funding this project in a few different ways from this point on 10 of all profits from our business will go towards Tim's Club so every time you purchase a course or a workshop you're supporting us achieve this goal we will also be hosting special fundraising events where all proceeds go to Tim's Club so stay tuned for that we have also just launched a virtual membership all about turning your Big Dreams into reality with all proceeds going to Tim's club by joining this club you'll support our mission and get monthly workshops and resources to inspire you to go after your Big Dreams go to to join us today on top of this we'll be fundraising if you would like to support us with a one-time donation or gifts in kind please email hi tim' and finally the center will have its own Revenue generating activities like a cafe and yoga classes I'm so excited to bring you along for this journey I know we have an incredible community so please reach out with any ideas or suggestions that you have for us we're open to all ideas big or small and would love to hear from you thank you so much for your support and I'll see you soon with an update on Tim's Club thank you

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