SEMRush Review & Tutorial (2023) How to find good keywords step by step

hi everyone it's Greg and keyword research is extremely important to me I have three websites and this YouTube channel and I'm a full-time online marketer so if I don't do my keyword research properly I won't make any money and my family will starve so I take my keyword research very very seriously and that's why I personally use SC rush for all of my keyword research and I wanted to record this SC Rush review and tutorial to show you how exactly I use it on a day-to-day basis in my business and if you want to follow along with me then you can grab a 14-day free trial of rush just click the link in the description below or type in this link that you see here on the screen into your browser that gives you a 14-day free trial which is exclusive to me the standard if you go directly on the SM Rush website is just 7 days through my link you can get a 14 day free trial Rush has got so many functions that it's actually quite hard to cover all of them in one video so I'm just going to focus on it from the perspective of a niche website owner or a YouTuber or someone who needs keywords for their social media media one of the websites that I run is this blog here travel Croc this is one of three websites that I own and I've chosen to show you this website in my tutorials and in my videos this website gets thousands of visitors every single day and the success of this website came down to me using sem rush and I actually love to use this feature called domain overview this is kind of a cool way to actually still ethically steal or borrow other people's keywords based on their domain so for for example if you wanted to look up all of the keywords that my website ranks for you would type in and that would give you a lot of information about my website it will tell you the authority score of my site it will tell you rough organic search traffic 7.5 th000 but again just keep in mind that this is usually way incorrect it's just like an indication of uh estimated organic search traffic per month what it will tell you though is that right now our website is ranking for 21,700 keywords and it will tell you exactly what positions it's ranking for so you can kind of see all of my keywords here along with the position for which our website is ranking in Google search but you can actually use this information to find out your competitors's rankings and I'm going to show you exactly how I do this personally so first of all see how there is an authority score and you can look this up for your own website and my authority score is 31 if you are just starting out your Authority score could be you know maybe 1 or five or 10 it could be lower next thing I would recommend for you to do is to enter the local or the location of your primary target market so for me it would be english- speaking audience and the largest English speaking audience would be in the US so I would click on the US Next Step would be to find some competitors who run websites that are similar to yours and to make sure that the authority score that you're seeing of your competitors roughly matches your website Authority score or perhaps is lower if you don't know any of your competitors I would just type in a keyword search query into Google that is not likely to be extremely popular so for a travel website I would type in something random like things to do in bolognia for example and that will show me a list of competing websites and I would just take each one of them one by one and I would insert them into SM rush and see what the authority score for that website is so right now for example I can see this one 15 plus incredible things to do in bolognia Italy let's take a look at this website I can see that it's sort of like a mom and dad style blog it's not run by a large corporation okay I can click this about link and see who's behind this website so looks like it's where Mark and MIM so this is basically perfect because it's just a a family style blog rather than a large corporate blog all right cool so then let's take this domain the common Wanderer and let's come back to SC rush and and we're going to enter their domain name into domain overview tool so remember that aror score is 31 so let's see how large their Authority score is okay so this one is 43 so it's a little bit higher so we can just continue going down this list until we'll find something with the authority score of about 30 or below all right well perfect I checked a few more websites and I've actually come across this one here life onth mediterranean.

Comom so again we can jump on the S and actually just make sure that this is not like a huge corporate website because that would be pretty difficult to compete with we can take a look at about and who runs this website we can see so it says here when I started my first blog Etc so this is just one person or maybe a family behind this website which is perfect for us and if we look at their Authority life on the mediterranean. comom we can see their Authority score is just 25 and of course travel Croc my website's Authority score is 31 so this one is lower and this is very very important this is a key point the reason why why I I use this approach is because if I take a look at what kind of keywords they are currently ranking for so so just to kind of show you again I basically went down to here where it says keywords 4 and a half thousand I've clicked on this I want to see what keywords this website is currently ranking for the logic here is that if their authority of their website is lower than mine okay and my website Authority is higher if they're ranking for those keywords basically I can beat them because my authority is higher or about the same if I write better content on the same keywords then this is exactly what Google wants and there is a very high chance that I can actually beat them in Google search results all right so we can now see all of these keywords here that they're ranking for Amalfi Coast bolognia Italy St Paul's events where is mayorca ETC and a lot of them actually are high volume keywords that would be bringing a lot of traffic to their website the cool thing about SM Rush is that it actually allows you to apply filters that can really pinpoint and pick the gold keywords for you and let's use some of these filters together let's expand these Advanced filters and I'll show you what I do so first thing that I go for is I go include and under words count I will say greater than and I say for so I want what's called longtail keywords so these are keywords that have got at least four keywords in them or maybe longer they're usually a lot easier to rank for okay so let's hit apply to apply this filter we had about 4 something th000 keywords before now we're down to 1,700 now we want to go here and apply KD and KD stands for keyword difficulty and we want to start looking at the easiest keywords first all right so you can see that very easy and easy is between 0% and 29% so let's just include both of them so I can see custom range from 0 to 29% and guys the way that these work is if you Mouse on over over the I icon you can see that for very easy your chance to start ranking new pages okay is very very easy you can read The Help files but essentially that means that there is very little competition right now in organic search results for this keyword term so if you put up a really decently sized article then you'll have a great chance of ranking for these keywords so 0 to 29 let's hit apply so we had 1,600 keywords before roughly now we're down to 745 so really cutting out from this massive chunk of keywords we're really getting down to the keywords that are extremely extremely easy to rank and every single time I do this guys I uncover some really gems of keywords that there is no other way of finding out now the final filter that I want to apply is positions so where it says positions top top 50 top 20 I actually want to see where this website is ranking in top 20 and the logic behind this is that if uh this website is ranking on like position 150 in the search terms for this particular keyword then I kind of don't really care about it because it means that even for this website it's hard to rank I actually want to see what keywords they're ranking for in top 20 maybe even in top 10 you can start with top 10 and see what you actually get so here we go so now we're down to 29 keywords which are let's just go through the filters okay so they're very very easy on a domain that has pretty low Authority and this low Authority weak domain manages to rank for these easy keywords in top 10 let's take a look well the very first result here is Pino on the Amalfi Coast this is actually a brilliant keyword because it's an information keyword it's a good topic for an article and this website we can see is ranking in position number one for this keyword term in Google Search now let's open this article and let's just see what it actually is so the headline of this article is not even targeted to the keyword okay it says is Pino Italy worth a visit whereas the keyword is is portfo on the Amalfi Coast so this actually tells tells me that most likely very few blogs if any have actually written a fullon article targeting this particular keyword and there is a very easy way for us to double check and I'm just going to do a search quation Mark open East P the Mal Coast close so these searches for the actual phrase on all of the internet for the actual phrase East Pina on the Amal coast and we can see that there are only about 11 results all right so guys this is like a gold keyword if pretty much I'm I'm gifting this to you okay if someone is watching this if you write an article on this on your travel website there is a very high chance that you go to rank for this because there are only 11 instances on the Hall of internet where someone has actually mentioned this and majority of these results don't even have this in the title of their page now one of the things I get asked all the time is what about the search volume but 170 searches a month is not very much what about 30 what about 50 what about 40 if I write an article about this am I actually going to get any traffic well my answer to to this is that any kind of search volume is good because it's better to be ranking for at least something you know even if it's get gets 50 or 100 searches a month rather than to Target these keywords with thousands of searches per month but for your website to be down on page 100 because you're just never going to get any traffic if you stuck all the way on page 100 another thing to keep in mind is that each of these articles ends up ranking for dozens and dozens of separate keywords okay so if you write an article and you end up ranking for East pinao on the Amalfi C you're not just going to be targeting a keyword with a search volume of 170 let me show you what I mean let's take this URL over here let's take it and let's actually see how many different keywords this URL is ranking for so I'm just going to plug this in and click search and you can see that this URL actually is ranking for six different keywords including is Pino on the Mal Co but it's also ranking for all of these is is Pino in aalf Coast is ptoo on aalf coast and see the search volume for all of them actually adds up so if you rank for one of them you'll probably rank for many others and and quite often one article ends up ranking for dozens and dozens of keywords so any kind of search volume is good as long as the competition is low and there is some search volume absolutely go ahead and publish an article on this keyword the second way I like finding keywords is by using the keyword magic tool inside rush now this kind of keyword research tool is a little bit similar to some other keyword research tools but I think SM Rush has got a few advantages which I'm going to show you right now of course the very basic way to use this keyword magic tool is to just type in one or more keywords and it'll show you all the other keywords that contain those keywords so I might type in something basic like day trip this is not going to blow your mind but just stay with me because I'll show you some Advanced tips in just a second okay so if I type in day trip then yes it'll give me 160 th000 keywords that contain day trip again we can apply the filters to actually find some diamonds in this so we can go and for keyword difficult we can say from 0 to 29 just like we did before let's now apply the account filter okay so we'll open advanced filters and word count will say from four apply okay so we want everything that's got at least four keywords to Target longtail keywords and we can even sort them by keyword difficulty over here so if I sort them by keyword difficulty you'll see there are actually some here that have a keyword difficulty of literally zero guys they trip Dublin to Belfast so there could absolutely be some gems in here just doing a basic lookup by typing in something like day trip or things to do in but what I like personally to do which is kind of like a bit of an advanced method is I like to mash up the two and what I do is I go into the domain overview tool and I look up the keywords that other domains are ranking for just purely to stimulate my brain to come up with some keywords that I might have not thought of myself so here is a prime example something like East porino on the Amalfi Coast so if I think about this a lot of people will be typing this scene not just about porino and a malf coast but they'll be typing it in about other countries and other cities and other coasts so I can borrow a couple of keywords from these and plug them into the keyword magic tool so I can say okay so maybe it's a standard structure of a question to say is on Coast okay so let's just see what comes up just out of interest is on Coast like this click search and that will give me all of the similar types of searches that people are asking about other locations and what do you know we've got 49 keywords that I would have never thought of any other way except for doing this combination of the domain overview of competitors and then getting some keywords and plugging them into the keyword Magic to look at this is James from Christina on the coast married okay well that's not really related to travel but here we've got a couple of relevant ones is Lake KO on the Amalfi Coast all right there is no way we would have thought about this any other way here are a couple of others is there halbot on the east coast is Zagreb on the coast Etc so guys the opportunities here are Limitless just do it this way you can go back to the domain overview and if you look at this for example is n in France or Italy you can you can take is in or and use them in your keyword magic tool so is in or and sure you'll get a lot of irrelevant stuff but there will be a few golden nuggets in there for example look at this is text Arana in Texas or in arur okay so this is something we would have never discovered any other way one more really unique way to find awesome keywords is to use the keyword Gap feature you can compare your domain against one or more competing domains and pull out the keywords for which you should be ranking but are currently not ranking let's compare our domain which is in my case is with this other competing domain remember this domain from the previous steps life on the mediterranean.

Comom let's compare these two domains once again the logic here is if you skipped any of the previous steps is remember that life on the Mediterranean has a domain Authority score of just 25 our domain score is 31 so this domain actually has and much lower Authority this is important and you'll understand why it's important in just a second so I'm just going to compare these two domains and if we look at the keyword details for travel Croc okay it will show us what keywords are shared so these are the keywords for which I am ranking as well as the competing domain is ranking but most importantly you can also see what keywords are missing or have weak or strong or untapped positions and so on and the reason why this is important is because if these keywords are missing from my side see all of these keywords it basically means that this competing domain which is live on the Mediterranean is ranking for them but I am not and I should be because my domain is stronger so this is really golden golden information now let's apply a few different filters so first of all I want keyword difficulty from easy to the end of very easy so I want that and maybe I just want to focus on keywords that have got at least 100 Searchers so let's go and click apply and now down here I can see there are 200 93 keywords which is a lot more manageable than what did we have like 4,000 before and we can now apply one more filter which is position and we can choose competitors top 20 okay so we're only interested where this other domain is actually ranking top 20 not on like page 100 and we're down to 54 keywords now so these are realistic okay these are keywords that this domain which is actually weaker than us is ranking in for some good positions it means if we publish a good article we can easily overtake this domain that is weaker than ours so for example we can see best place to stay in mikos day trips from n they are ranking for all of these we just need to publish some content make sure it's good content about the same length and we'll have a really good chance to overtake life on the mediterranean.

Comom the last thing that I think is important to mention is the pricing if you go to the link on the screen or click the link in the description below you can get a 14-day free trial of the Pro Plan of sem rush now this is really important because I'm a firm believer in free trials for software and with SC rush you can give it a really good test drive for 14 days you can find a ton of keywords in those 14 days and of course if you like the actual tool SM rush you hopefully will continue using it on an ongoing basis like I have been now this 14-day Pro trial is only available through me I've got a special offer from SC rush to offer this to you guys to my subscribers to my email list if you go and sign up directly through the SC Rush website then you will just get a 7day free trial you can see here test rush for 7 days free so go to this link or click the link in the description below and you'll be able to grab a 14-day Pro trial for free I've shown you some of the ways that I personally use rush to find awesome keywords it's been a really big help to me personally and I hope that you find it useful as well now guys if you want to find out exactly how I build websites from scratch How I build them up and how I make money from them then go ahead and watch this video next it's a complete tutorial that will take you from zero to actually making money and as always thank you so much for watching my channel I'll see you in the next video

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