Scam Alert 🚨 This Sales Funnel Scam Could Cost You Thousands

look this sales funnel scam is costing good people thousands of dollars per year now to protect yourself you need to understand how the hustle works so here it is step one create an overpriced funnel software tool that nobody actually needs step two incentivize unscrupulous affiliates with gigantic commissions and bonuses and free cars to go promote your product that nobody actually needs now this sounds a lot like an MLM scheme where a bunch of people are buying stuff they don't need so they can go resell it to their friends and family you are catching so what's the alternative well it's simple you just use one of the one-time fee shopping cart systems that you pay for once and you get access for life and these shopping cart systems give you the ability to create your sales Pages your one-time offer Pages your Bump offers your one-click upsells and they give you the whole learning management system so you can deliver your products and courses right there you pay one fee one time and you save thousands of dollars per year

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