Saturated Niche? Here’s How New Affiliates Make Money In Any Niche!

three ways to succeed in any Niche even if it's hyper saturated first thing let's reframe this a little bit because your Niche is only saturated with low effort rubbish content people are bulk publishing AI so all you really need to do is create more helpful and more useful content than your competitors which isn't that difficult for example you can search for my free affiliate marketing video here on YouTube it's like an hour 30 and I detail every single step in extreme detail that's the level of content you need to be published second outwork everyone the leaders in your Niche simply have a head start on you and if they're publishing two times per week then you go off and publish five times per week and it's just a math equation at some point you will overtake them and when you overtake them with one higher quality content that we already talked about you put yourself in a position to be the leader third Outlast everyone most of the people who are in your Niche are going to give up within six months when you commit to sticking with it for three to five years which is what it takes you will succeed

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