SamCart vs ThriveCart & Why I’m Switching

Thrive cart versus Sam cart which shopping cart is right for you in your business to help you get to the next level personally I use both of these shopping carts in on multiple Brands I've run over four million dollars through Sam cart I've run over a million dollars through Thrive cart and I actually use them differently and that's what I want to help you understand is the best use case for each one so you can figure out which one is right for you we're also going to talk a little bit about the company histories from both of those companies so you can get an idea of the trajectory they're on and what direction that they're going you're going to learn where to find the best deal on each or both of these and then also you'll learn about the bonus that I'm willing to offer you if you sign up through my affiliate link I am an affiliate full disclosure but my main intention here is to really just help you choose the right tool for the job so you can move forward confidently and the first question that most people have is Miles why aren't you using one of the super hyped over hyped and promoted all-in-one funnel Builders like click funnels or go high level or whatever the next funnel builder of of the month club is and that's a great question so I have tried those before but what I've found is that when I'm using an all-in-one system that manages my landing page it also manages my checkout Pages it also manages my product delivery and it also manages my email system if there's one glitch inside of one of those components I literally have to throw the entire thing away and move 100 of my business to a new platform okay this is like looking at the machine that runs the cash flow of your business as a disposable item now I use click funnels for quite some time and they were very glitchy in how they managed my recurring transactions and several customers who were not paying me were actually getting access to my ongoing products when their system should have removed that so instead of being able to just go remove the shopping cart component and switch it out with a new shopping cart I had to literally migrate everything away so I have kind of designed my business so my landing page builder is just that it's a landing page builder if they give me problems if they jack up the prices too much if they glitch out and literally just don't perform appropriately all I have to do is go switch out my landing page builder same with my email autoresponder system right and my email autoresponder system starts glitching out on me or if they give me problems I download my list I go to a new email autoresponder system I upload my list and I'm back to work and I don't have to fiddle with all my products and I don't have to fiddle with all my delivery pages and the same is true for my shopping cart okay so with each and every one of these shopping carts if if they give me troubles or if they keep trying to squeeze more money out of me and I'm like I don't know if I want to pay all that extra money from y'all then what I'm going to do is I'm just gonna go take my products and go replace them with a new shopping cart and I love this modular approach to building my business I feel like it gives me the most freedom and flexibility moving forward which is why I like having a dedicated shopping cart that does nothing other than convert sales and it allows people to buy in and get access to their products and that's one of the cool things so both of these shopping carts technically do the same thing you can set up your products you can set up recurring charges you can set up beautiful landing pages and checkout pages when they purchase they both have like learn centers so they actually will be your learning management system so they can deliver and fulfill those orders when people purchase you know from a technical standpoint they're the exact same the one use case that I think thrivecart has an advantage over Sam cart is on recurring memberships and recurring charges so the way that thrive cart handles and processes recurring charges for me as the actual like CEO and CFO of my business it's a superior model because what thrivecart does is Thrive cart creates either a stripe ongoing agreement or it creates a PayPal ongoing agreement at stripe or PayPal now in Sam cart Sam cart manages that monthly recurring payment inside of Sam cart which means if I decide to go move and replace one of them I lose all of those recurring charges that are all built up so if you go get a hundred customers on your membership program paying you thirty nine dollars per month like high five you're getting residual cash flow which is great but if you're on the Sam cart you're kind of stuck on Sam cart if you move to a new shopping cart you lose all of those ongoing contracts for where all the money comes from whereas try cart Thrive cart doesn't manage those internally on Thrive cart Thrive cart actually allows you to manage them directly with the processors that you own now that's a really geeky and Technical thing but this is why I use Thrive cart for all of my products that have all my memberships everything I have that that's recurring um right the recurring rebuild type products I like to run on Thrive cart but that's really the one and only use case that is different between them it kind of comes down from there to what deal is best for you so let's first jump on my computer and then I want to show you one of my checkout pages from both Thrive cart and Sam cart you for the same product so you can kind of just see the defaults of how they go so right here we are on Sam cart okay and this is for my opt-in template book and you can see it's a beautiful checkout page so we've got a two column I like to use the two column they all have a bunch of different templates uh Sam card has way more templates than Thrive cart does but that doesn't really matter to me personally I want to find one consistent template that I can use over and over and I go with this kind of a two column style I like to have a headline up here and then I've got an image and then I've got some bullet points I repeat my 100 money back guarantee and then they got their checkout area and you can see down here I can run multiple bump offers on side of Thrive on-site inside of Sam cart excuse me on thrivecart you can only run one bump offer at a time but all in all it's a beautiful page these pages are extremely simple and extremely quick to build if I had to uh tip my hat to the one that is fastest to create a beautiful looking page it's going to be Sam cart so for the iPhone users who are okay paying more money for the same thing because you like iPhones and pretty things and that matters to you Sam cart is the direction that someone who really cares about all of those kinds of style based things now this same page built out on Thrive cart it looks pretty similar right it's a little bit less clean you notice that the columns are not equal width here I've got a little bit less bass on the left column but if we go back and forth between these two I mean it's not that much of a big deal I honestly kind of like that I have more width here on my bump offer I think the bump offer actually displays a little bit better here but I've got a lot more customization potential on Sam cart for that bump offer than I do and I've tested on my wife's brand we've tested up to like four different um bump offers and we've found that three two and three works very very consistently people will absolutely add more and more products so what that allows you to do is increase your average order value right so this is a nine dollar product but when I've got a 17 offer and a seven dollar offer there um we can actually get them all the way up to 38 excuse me it's 14 for it uh on this test I test prices a lot um so you can see that I can actually get my average order value up or my my cart value up to 38 dollars because I have multiple bump offers which is great over here if I add on this is a different bump offer so I get one thing so I'm trying a higher value bump offer here and you can just see it they're both clean they both work they're both very very simple and that's what I like about them now if you get into kind of the fancier stuff where you want to run bumps and then you want to run upsells and you want to run multiple upsells or multiple upsells and down cells they both can handle that like a breeze um it's really easy to set up it's a little bit different in each of them I would say that the user interface and the dashboard on Sam cart is a scotch cleaner Thrive cart feels a little bit clunkier but honestly thrivecart being a fixed price a one-time fee versus having a monthly payment that might be worth dealing with the tiny bit of clunkiness again I think it's worth reiterating they're both bulletproof right like I've run millions and millions of dollars through both of these and they just work they they don't fail transactions they just freaking work which is obviously when someone's got their credit card in hand and they want to buy from you you need that thing to work in which when click funnels was glitching out on me over and over and over again I was like oh my God I had to change my entire business around so looking at the businesses and the companies themselves now Sam cart has done two VC rounds and VC stands for Venture Capital but I personally like to recall uh I I like to think of VC as vulture capital okay and you'll understand why in a minute so at this point Sam cart has raised 95 million dollars from outside investors and these are generally people from Silicon Valley who want to get a high return on their investment okay these are the people who hope they put money in at a 95 million valuation or they put 95 million in and they want to pull their money out when it becomes a billion dollar brand they want to have another unicorn on their hands and Thrive cart has also taken on some funding okay they took on 35 million dollars in funding so both companies have now said to the vulture capitals of the world bring me your money I want a Payday and I want money in order to expand but what this means is there's now a group of investors who are expecting to get paid which means I'm expecting both of these platforms to squeeze me more and more it's much more apparent on Sam cart right now than it is on Thrive cart so Sam cart is really pushing a lot of their alternative things so if you want premium priority support now you got to pay 19 bucks a month in addition to their monthly fee on Sam cart if you want Advanced analytics now you got to pay extra money to get analytics Advanced analytics and they just seem to be raising their prices and squeezing and oh if you want educational content now you got to pay for the Creator University and it's one of those scenarios and I don't love this and this is one of the things that repulsed me from um click funnels to be honest was like now that you're buying their expensive software that's supposed to give you the solution now you got to buy this and then you gotta buy that and then you gotta buy this and you gotta buy that and it's like good Lord like get out of my wallet y'all just just go be a great shopping cart tool and let me go sell my products and let's just let that be so from that perspective so far to date Thrive cart's doing much better now Thrive cart is currently a one-time fee you pay once you get access for life and there's a lot of people like myself who are wondering if that's going to change are they going to change it over to a monthly payment option because if thrivecart becomes 95 per month boy that's going to really increase the lifetime fee for users so right now you do have the ability to get full lifetime access to thrive cart at one time fee and it does appear that that's going to be grandfathered in and locked in excuse me thrivecart is now offering a pro level so there's like a 195 upsell for the Thrive cart Pro Thrive cart is also starting to offer um Advanced learn options so I upgraded my learn which is where I deliver my products because I needed the ability to upload and import customers and if you want the ability to import customers then you got to pay that 195.

But all of the upsells that I've seen inside of Thrive cart are still one-time fee so what my hope is is that thrive cart actually kind of remains as the one-time fee product and they like allow that to be a part of their branding and a part of their positioning whereas Sam cart everything's monthly or yearly and they keep trying to add on more and more and more monthly and yearly things for you to buy now I do over a million dollars per year in my business and I have done for years on years on end I don't like spending 50 bucks more or 100 bucks more I grew a Frugal I don't know what it is but like when I feel like someone's just squeezing me because I'm doing well with their tool it just makes me want to create a tool that's not going to like squeeze me and try to take advantage of me because I'm actually being successful and that is something that seeing that Sam cart has taken on 95 million dollars in two separate VC rounds right they did 10 million and then they did like 82 million I don't know where that other three came from but that just has me more worried about the long-term direction of where they're going because we've seen it with Infusionsoft or keep we've seen it with uh clavio we've seen it with so many different companies that are service providers for us internet entrepreneurs that they you know bootstrap together a piece of software it works they grow an audience who gets good with it and then they take on outside money and they just tighten the screws and they just try to squeeze more and more juice out of each and every customer and I just that business model kind of annoys me and repulses me maybe it's because I grew up in the Bay Area and I've seen a lot of what the VC industry can do to a city if you look at San Francisco if you look at an area I mean it is not all roses and rainbows and unicorns in the vulture Capital World from my personal opinion but moving forward let's talk about the deal okay like what is the cost to get into both of them because surprisingly it's actually less expensive to get into Sam cart now as an affiliate for both of these um I have the ability to go find the best deals within the affiliate dashboard right their home page doesn't actually give you the best deal so on Sam cart if you go to forward slash Sam cart bundle you'll find this particular offer here and again if you order through my links I'll talk about the bonus that you'll get here in a minute because I will give you some of my products as a bonus for signing up for either one of these if you sign up through my affiliate link right because that becomes a win-win scenario I get a commission you pay the exact same amount and I'll give you some of my best selling products as well at no charge to you so the Sam cart bundle Sam cart Dash bundle link is in the description what you get is you get a lot of their courses and a lot of their content to teach you how to really step up your sales letters how to build off of their Frameworks how to write a sales letter that's going to convert and I like that I do appreciate when a company that runs a tool is going to give me the educational content that I need in order to succeed with their tool on Thrive cart you just get the tool okay it's it's Bare Bones and and here it is and figure it out and there's some helpful there's a lot of helpful YouTube videos it's not difficult to figure out by any means but you know you get uh Brian Moran's one-page master class right the one page Workshop this is the idea of build your sales page and your checkout page together in one that's what you're seeing here so this is technically a one-page funnel right so it's the sales letter and it's the checkout page all in one so he teaches you how to build that out in his style they've got their traffic tactics course they've got the one-page launch formula so you can do the launches you get his swipe file you get the product creation masterclass so if you're not great at creating products yet if you haven't created a bunch of products and you're like yes I want to sell my own products but I don't know what I need to create with my product and I know I need the software tool Bingo Sam cart just Rose to the top of your list because they do have wonderful educational content so this product creation master class is designed to help you create a one problem solution product okay um those would generally be like low ticket entry level products which convert like freaking crazy this is what I use I use this all the time my wife and I have sold millions of dollars of products that were seven nine eleven uh 27 and under 47 I would say over half of our five plus million dollars of our own products that we've sold over half of that has been products that are less than forty seven dollars because we follow a very similar approach to creating these very specific solutions to very specific problems which means you can create the courses quickly you can create the products quickly you can test them and sell them quickly and it's helped us build a large inventory of digital businesses so from that standpoint of learning how to create create great products learning how to craft great sales letters how to put it all together how to test a bunch of ideas to find those two or three products at scale that you can run over and over and over honestly I kind of think that Sam cart has an edge on that side of it Brian Moran is a great marketer he's been a great marketer for for decades at this point he's old school internet marketing and so it's not just a tech geek who decided to create a shopping cart which appears to be more of what thrivecart was this is a internet marketer who is very skilled he was in the baseball Niche teaching kids how to play baseball earlier um and he had other Niche sites as well but he created a shopping cart that he wanted as a marketer so he could do bumps multiple bumps upsells upsell down sell chains etc etc you get coaching calls you get into their Facebook group you get their upsell blueprint you get their Facebook ads Academy so you get all of this uh I don't actually think the total value is fifteen thousand dollars I think they're just making [ __ ] up at that point in time to be perfectly honest with you but it is there is is a lot of value on this and you can get it started for just 349 dollars today and that's for one year and that's a yearly fee so that means next year you would have to pay 349 dollars as well now when we contrast this to thrive cart Thrive cart is going to cost you more in the first year but you ain't gonna have a payment in the second year okay and that's something you need to think about but you're also not going to get the educational content on Thrive cart that you would on Sam cart now this breaks down to just over like it's just under like 30 bucks a month right so 30 bucks a month would be 360 per year so from a software tool perspective for a shopping cart it's not a not a very um it's not a bad deal right it's actually a good I'll call it a good deal instead of call it a not bad deal right that's a pretty good deal um personally I skipped the one traffic hack but what you need to know with Sam cart is you might need to upgrade to their grow platform and so their grow platform is 950 per year and in order to get the upsells that's where you actually need to have the Sam cart grow so this is the package that I signed up for with Miles Beckler in order to have the add-ons and the upsells if you're just trying to get your first product to sale you're trying to find that lightning strike and you want to catch lightning in a bottle you want to create your first product and get your first sales and you don't have uh inventory to add on as bumps and upsells yet then the smallest level of Sam cart launch will work for you but you need to know once you have three or four products and you want to add a bump and you want to add an upsell and you want to play these kind of fancier games that's when you're either going to need to upgrade to Sam cart grow which is an additional 600 per year and then if you want to get their affiliate module if you want to turn on the digital wallets meaning you want to accept Apple pay and Android pay and those kinds of things which I have tested and it has actually increased my conversions then you need to go up to 199 dollars per month which ends up being about twenty four hundred dollars per year okay so the Top Line top of the game Sam cart level is going to cost you about twenty four hundred dollars per year now if you are not selling products yet if you're early on your journey then you might be in a position where Sam cart could actually be more helpful for you as a beginner to start to create and test and sell products to figure out what works for your audience earlier this is what I used on the miles Beckler brand okay so when I first started going right here on Sam cart that's what you're looking at I was on I literally bought this bundle myself that same bundle I'm talking to you about and I've been testing things and I've created probably about 60 or 70 small products like my opt-in template book I have a bump template Book You'll see some of my other templates because that's a part of the bonus right I'm giving you a bonus of all of my templates to make it easy to create the different components for this for you so I've been testing all of this on Zam cart and now that I really feel like I've got kind of my main idea on what I want to do and I want to add on a recurring I'm going to start a mastermind program where I'll start to do multiple calls each and every month with students so I can be there to help students answer the question the fact that I'm going to be adding on a recurring fee product to the miles Beckler brand and now that I really have tested so many different things over the last year or two I'm actually moving away from Sam cart on to thrive cart because I don't want to go up and pay twenty four hundred dollars per year to have an affiliate program to be able to accept Apple pay when all of that is actually included on thrivecart so if you get going with Thrive cart forward slash Thrive cart is my affiliate link um you get a lifetime account but with the lifetime account you immediately get the ability to sell to have your bumps you have the upsells are built right in okay you would have to upgrade on the Sam cart in order to get those two components so everything else the same and you also get Apple pay okay so you get the bumps the upsells the Apple pay all of that stuff works out of the box with the 495 one-time fee here on um Sam cart now you're gonna notice if I click the lifetime account they have an upsell which is the pro upgrade I haven't upgraded to Pro yet okay they're they they have special Dunning which is um if someone's on a subscription and they fall off of a subscription an email series that goes out to say hey by the way go update your credit card information right there their credit card expired and so if you want those kinds of automations you can add it on for 195.

and then on the learn side I do believe they have a 195 upsell in there but to the best of my knowledge the highest that you would end up paying on all of Thrive cart as of this recording is about 750 and all you need to get started to to figure out what sells and what you're going to sell over and over and what can I add as a bump and building all of this out um then the 495 package is perfect so out of the box you're going to pay more than to get started with thrivecar than you would with Sam cart and this is why I was like I have to make a video about this because this is like confusing right like you have to make a decision and there's benefits to both directions so my Approach through all of this was I'm going to start with Sam cart I'm going to go with there personally I knew I wanted to run bumps and upsells immediately so I went with Sam cart grow out of the box because I knew I wanted to be able to sell a seven dollar product on the front end have a nine or a 19 or a 20 bump and then show a 47 upsell because for me I needed to be able to have my cart value right and I needed to be able to make sixty seventy dollars per customer in order to run Facebook ads that's the cost of running Facebook ads because I gotta pay per click and it costs more and more to run ads so I need the ability to increase my average order value and that's kind of why I went with Sam cart and also it really helped me a ton to be perfectly honest with you um it helped me a ton to to learn from these guys like they're really smart marketers so if you're currently doing coaching you're doing one-on-one Consulting you're doing one-on-one sessions with people and you want to start offering you want to keep that going and you want to start offering like one-to-many or uh digital downloadable products and you want to try to codify and productize what you do so you can start having automated sales the fact that you get all of these bonuses on Sam cart may actually be the deciding factor of why Sam carts a better value for you to get going I think personally excuse me personally I went straight to the epcar upgrade to the Sam cart grow because I knew on that first year I wanted all of it and I didn't want to have to pay full price upgrade later um if you're just trying to get started and you just want to start selling one-off products uh the Sam cart launch just getting all that education and getting the tool to sell this technically is everything that you need over here on Thrive cart It's a Wonderful deal if you already have products if you already have if you're leaving one of the funnel Builders and you have a few things going on already and you're just like man I want to go take what's working over here I'm tired of paying 297 a month for glitch funnels I want to go get something else I mean hell like literally glitch funnels is 297 dollars a month two months of glitch funnels and you're you're like literally done for life you're paid for life so if you have a few things going on if you've tested you know your core products you have a bump you have an upsell you have some things at work Thrive card is the fastest way to go plug in play and go but if you don't know what you're creating if you don't know exactly what you're going to sell if you haven't proven that you can get lightning to strike and when I say lightning strikes I'm talking about making sales right if you can't make that cash register ring yet you don't know what to sell you don't know who to sell it to I think Sam cart is the the earlier option and so what I did is I got going for a year and my one year is coming up fairly soon and I'm closing one of my Sam cart accounts I'm going to keep the other one up and running and I'm migrating it over to thrive cart because I now have the data I have the information I have the insights to do um I don't have loyalty in that sense to their brand I'm not here to shill their brand only to you I'm not here to drink the Kool-Aid and join the cult of scammers at glitch funnels I'm here to build up in business if you know what I'm saying right I'm the CFO I'm the CTO I'm the CEO that means I'm the Chief Financial Officer I'm the chief technology officer and I am the Chief Executive Officer of this business I need to do what's right for my business I have to monitor how much I'm spending I need to monitor how much I'm earning I need to look at my partners my tech Partners where are they going what kind of squeezes are they going to put on me in the future and I need to make executive decisions now for my other brand that I have my bigger brand that's run over four million dollars through one Sam card account there's no way in heck I'm changing that okay so if you have a really high volume business meaning you're making dozens of sales a day you're making hundreds of sales per week what thrivecart doesn't have that Sam cart does have is some really cool split testing options you have the ability to split test your opt-in pages and you have the ability to split test your upsell flows much easier upsell and downsell flows much easier than you do on Thrive cart but in order to actually take advantage of that technology you need to have a lot of conversions coming in so my wife's brand does well over ten thousand I think it's closer to like twenty thousand sales per year transactions per year so for us the ability to test bumps to test checkout pages to test upsell flows that really helps us maximize and improve our conversion rates because we have enough data right in order to have enough data you have to have statistical significance which means if you don't have hundreds of sales coming through the data behind it a split test won't make any sort of sense right if you're only getting three or four sales per day or uh 10 sales per week or yeah 10 sales per week it'll take you 50 weeks to get 500 sales which is the kind of data you would need to have statistical significance from one of those split tests so all of that just really means that if you have a really high volume business if you if you are making hundreds of transactions per week there is also potentially a little bit of an advantage so for wifey's brand I spend the 2400 per month or I mean excuse me per year for the top level of Sam cart and it earns back more than it costs me due to the fact that I have tens of thousands of transactions coming in and we're able to test things faster and faster on that so those are the main ideas I hope this has been helpful let's talk about the bonus that you can get if you purchase either one of these from my uh from my link specifically so again in order to claim the bonuses what you need to do is you need to buy through my link and it needs to show up in my affiliate dashboard that you did purchase so clear your cookies from your computer from your browser before you do this make sure you're not running an ad blocker make sure you're not running a cookie or a pop-up blocker and then go through either Sam cart Dash bundle the link will be below or go to forward slash thrivecart in order to buy that and you'll get my affiliate link there and then purchase once you get your receipt with my affiliate ID after purchasing through mine you can email your receipt to support guys just support and send us your receipt and what we'll do is we will add this template bundle to your email address that you purchased through and you'll get access to my Thrive card account right so I deliver all of this through Thrive cart because I've done kind of completed that migration over it's really not that big of a deal to migrate everything over again the benefit of thinking about my business modularly right I have an email system for me to move my products from Sam cart over the Thrive cart I didn't have to touch my email system I don't have to touch my tags that I have set up I don't have to touch any of my automations I don't touch my landing page Builders all I got to go do is just change my links from my Sam cart links over my Thrive cart links you know it's a afternoon or an evening of work um honestly my virtual assistant is doing everything for me it's something my VA can do everything but let's go ahead and wrap and talk about the bonuses here so um you get the high converting opt-in page template um that's actually the first book that I showed you the email opt-in template this is to help you maximize your list growth I think even though we're talking a lot about shopping carts here you got to grow your email list and this High converting opt-in page template will help you understand how I create opt-in pages that convert 60 to 75 percent of visitors into subscribers um the Facebook ad blueprint templates right I did a deep dive study on over a thousand Facebook ads on what works what doesn't on Facebook ads how to write really good ads that won't get your account banned that's all in there the email list list growth Mastery course this really goes into the nuts and bolts behind growing your email list you get the million dollar Oto template so this is the page that we show after someone opts in this can be displayed on either a Sam cart one page checkout or a one-page funnel or on a Thrive cart one page funnel you can do a one-page funnel on both of them the one click upsell template obviously once somebody out you show them an upsell this is my template for creating upsells that thing crushes it I mean some of my upsells do 38 to 40 percent of people who bought product a also add on product B and it just increases my average order value the bump offer template you saw the bumps you do need to go to a higher level of Sam cart in order to get in order to add on one click upsells and to add on bumps if you sign up for the basic level of Thrive cart you can get uh you can start running bumps and one click upsells immediately so you can Implement and use my templates but the bumps are those little check boxes on the checkout page and I show you my template for how to get those done the Breakthrough sales letter template if you have a great product and your sales letter stinks you're not going to make any sales so you have to write great sales letter copy so this breaks down the process of writing a full sales letter kind of block by block by block it makes it really simple so we zero in on the headline you get your headline done you zero in on the lead you get your lead done you zero in on all the bits and pieces in the correct order and it kind of prompts you and gives you some fill in the blank template so you can kind of just go through the book and write out with notes and based on the promptings as you go and you're going to have the shell and the outline of a sales letter that has a really high likelihood of actually working and again the reason I'm giving you these is you get similar stuff to this if you buy on Sam cart right like they actually do offer their version of the one-page masterclass the one-page workshop which is essentially a copywriting course and it's essentially going to templatize their sales material but if you sign up for Thrive cart you don't get any of that okay and that's why I was like I need to add my stuff as a bonus because I do want you to succeed with whichever tool that you decide is right for you um the three Secrets vsl template this video sales letter just absolutely freaking crushes it so you can get that template there it also works as it's got kind of a um a full sales funnel component because you can create an opt-in page and the opt-in could be free video reveals the secret to blank and then the video that they just opted in for is your three Secrets vsl right it's a video sales letter that reveals those three secrets and then it turns and it closes them it's similar to a webinar but it's just kind of an on-demand video then you get my email autoresponder template and you also get the million dollar copywriting course this is uh where my personal copywriting Mentor Terry Dean who's brilliant he's taught me so much about copywriting I had him on for my private members and he taught his five-step process for crafting sales copy that converts so you can get all of these templates as a bonus again it's a 1600 bonus here for these templates um to claim the bonuses again you need to clear your cookies you need to buy through my link and then once you purchase you send your receipt to prove that you purchased through my link you send it to support give us a little bit of time we are going to then um log in and make sure that we actually see your transaction showing up on my affiliate dashboard to see that I did indeed actually earn that affiliate income on that and then once we confirm that we will send you access you'll get a link you'll get an email from my Thrive cart that'll have either your password or it'll have a link so you can go set up your password and then you can log in and you'll have access to that full bundle inside of the learning management system right there inside of Thrive cart ultimately to grow a business online as a Creator where you're selling your own Services your own products your own Consulting your own coaching your own Mastermind if you're selling your own stuff you're going to need to have a shopping cart right you can go with one of those all in one funnel systems where everybody seems to be in a cult and they're all just raw-rawing it but just know that most of those people who are raw rawing those as the ultimate best shortcut you're just one away it's the greatest thing in the world they're all paid chills okay those are all Affiliates making gigantic commissions by selling you stuff that isn't actually in your best interest and yes I am an affiliate but I've really wanted to take the time to lay this all out for you in a way that you can make the right decision for you if I wanted to maximize my conversions and I wanted to maximize how much money miles Beckler was going to make as an affiliate marketer right here and right now I would be selling you some sort of a scam like glitch funnels or go high level and I'd be convincing you that you had to have the all-in-one super extreme because they have the highest affiliate payouts which is why you see most people Shilling them over and over it's not because they work better it's not because it's better for you in your business for your long-term Security in your business they're promoting those to you as the ones you need to use because they make a load of money from it and that's their way of extracting more money out of your wallet and putting it into their pocket for overpriced software that you actually technically don't need think about your business modularly be the CEO of your business be the executive decision maker be the CTO the chief technology choose the technology that fits your goals better and be the CFO the financial officer choose the one that's actually best for your budget for your brand I personally believe that Sam cart and thrivecart are both wonderful options I don't think you can go wrong with either of them long term there are some nuances to how much they cost today Sam cart's a little bit cheaper you get a lot of training it's probably going to help you get to where you're catching lightning striking over and over and over faster Thrive guard on the other hand you'll never have to move away from it in the future you get going it's a one-time payment you're done you're set up you are getting all of my templates to help you as best as I possibly can to really build that all out in a way that you will see conversions but long term the cost of Sam card over the course of five years gets noteworthy especially if you grow right you could literally get up to twenty four hundred dollars per year which means uh five years at twenty four hundred dollars per year that's ten thousand dollars pause for impact that's that's those are real dollars right ten thousand real dollars like that's noteworthy like I could buy another Sim racing rig right I could buy an old VW and start playing with a you know fixing up like a old 1979 Volkswagen Rabbit or some fun car for 10 grand uh whereas Thrive cart you pay 4.95 right now you're in you're going then you do need to learn how to create the products yourself uh that is kind of the one the one differentiate tour if you have questions you can get at me in the comments below um you can also send questions to support and we will get you access to your bonuses once you get going as soon as we possibly can I thank you I hope this has been helpful let me know what you think and I'll catch you on the next video till then be well

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