Sales Funnel Gurus Don’t Want You To Hear This!

my whole goal here with this sales funnel content is to help you avoid the hype behind those Shady sales funnel softward that are trying to convince you that you need some $300 a month sales funnel tool the only reason they're all trying to convince you that you need that is because the Affiliates are making 40 50% commissions on it and it's just a bunch of greedy people selling you [ __ ] you don't need trying to get you convinced that that's the solution when the truth of the matter is that when you get really good at creating products that your audience wants and then communicating those offers aka the sales messaging when you get good at those two things everything else starts to work and a sales funnel is simply linking together the products that you know sell with a copy that you know sells them you just simply link them together in order and you can do that on any modern shopping cart

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