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Setting Up a Promotional Email Campaign

Using a promotional email campaign is a highly effective marketing strategy for building a profitable business! Read more to see the 3 steps you need to take in order to successfully set up a promotional campaign using email!

3 Tips For Email Marketing Success

Email marketing success is less about the size of your list and more about getting your marketing messages read! What good is a sizable list of email addresses if nobody is even seeing the message you may be sending? Read more to see 3 things you must be mindful of when sending out emails to be sure they are both seen and read!

How Can Realtors Improve Business With Email Marketing?

Sometimes, it doesn't seem as if advertising for real estate agents has gotten any more advanced than planting a FOR SALE sign in the front yard. Few newspapers still have a real estate section worth reading, and even those that do don't have the space necessary to give readers a good idea of what the house looks like. Some local cable access stations have real estate shows, but what are the odds that someone is going to consider buying a house based on a brief clip?

Email Marketing For Afterschool Programs

Remember how you learned about afterschool programs during your childhood? The principal would announce the schedule of activities and the teacher would distribute the information and signup sheets. That was only the beginning of the paperwork associated with afterschool programs. After all, how else were parents and children going to remain informed about what was going with extracurricular sports, theatre and music programs?

Pharmacies And Email Marketing

Generally speaking, the days of a patient running a prescription down to the corner drug store and having it filled with a pharmacist who was on a first name basis with all his customers are gone. While the independent pharmacist hasn't quite yet gone the way of the typewriter repairman, he is growing increasingly rare in a world dominated by drugstore chains such as CVS and Rite Aid as well as super stores such as Target and Walmart that offer a pharmacy with discounted prescription prices.

How Furniture Stores Can Use Email Marketing

When it comes to marketing these days, those who operate furniture stores have their work cut out for them. Super stores such as Walmart and Target have cut into the business of furniture stores and made it possible for people to furnish a house the same place they pick up a quart of milk.

Email Marketing For Collectible Dealers

Collectible dealers are having a particularly tough time with advertising in the 21st century. What was once a word-of-mouth industry in which dealers could rely on customers to generate them new business in addition to such tried and true mediums such as newspapers and monthly magazines is now largely based on the Internet, where the interaction between dealer and customer is no longer person and one negative comment on eBay can result in incalculable losses.

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