Publish These 2 Types of Content or You’ll Go Broke!

there are two types of content that you must continue to publish or else you risk going broke first is engagement content so this is content that you publish that's designed to grow your audience it's the useful and helpful content that you're publishing and what this does is this content woes the different algorithms into showing your content to new people to help you get discovered by new folks in your Niche second is conversion content and this is your calls to action this is when you let people know about your lead magnets and where they can go to opt into your list this is also when and where you promote your products and your affiliate products this is when the money actually happens but you can't just only publish conversion content it has to be paired with the engagement content now great copywriting and great sales copy and sales funnels can actually include both types in one experience and that's why they say that copywriting is the most valuable skill on the planet because you can engage and convert in one single session

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