Protect Yourself Against Shady Affiliate Programs

how do you as an affiliate protect yourself against Shady affiliate programs so I just got news that the second program this year is now cutting my commissions and instead of Lifetime commissions which is what they promised in their affiliate agreement they're now reducing it down to 12-month payouts and that's it and this is after sending a million dollars plus in business to these two separate companies so how do I protect myself number one I brand me right miles Beckler is the brand you never want to build a brand based on an affiliate product that you're producing you want to build the brand based on you so you can promote whoever you want in case things change number two you want to use Link redirect so I use pretty link plugin it's a free plugin on WordPress and now I can go find one of their competitors who is going to compensate me justly and I can go get a new affiliate link and go replace the old affiliate links they're out of there number three know that this is just a part of the game this is what we deal with as Affiliates so start building your own offer so you can stay in control

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