NEW: Bing Chatbot Sells Clickbank Products Like CRAZY! [Ai News Update]

[Music] foreign ladies and gentlemen today what we are going to do is talk about how to use AI to promote literally any ClickBank product jvzoo product digistore24 product pretty much anything you can imagine we are going to fire up the AI today which we're going to be using Microsoft Bing we are going to be using chat GPT and then you can also use Google bard however I'm not signed into that account on this computer so we won't be using it in this demo but I will show you what I would do with it it's actually very simple we're just going to use this in a very very straightforward way at the end of this training you will be able to go and ask chat gbt Google bard and Microsoft Bing hey promote this product for you and we will get a full on promotion now before we get started I want you to know that yes ladies and gentlemen it is true I have an unfair advantage over you you might call me a guru you might call me whatever you want to call me but I've been doing sales pretty much my entire life from the time I first started a car washing business with my brother when I was a kid to the time I became a magician in my teenage years to the time I sold computers I've always been selling stuff that is a leg up that I have on the competition because when it comes to advertising and promoting things online what they say is that you're going to use copywriting or content that sells now content that sells and copywriting is nothing more than sales in print so it goes without saying that if you don't know sales you're probably going to struggle in this until today because today I'm going to show you how to use AI to basically become me in a roundabout way we're going to learn all the things that I spent painstaking years to learn all the things that I struggled with and we're going to get it in a very specific process I know a lot of my students say well Marcus you know if I was there and I was able to learn from you I'd probably be able to make money this ladies and gentlemen is the next best thing now we are going to cover a lot get your notepad ready we're going to talk about this we're going to show you some real live examples I have some ClickBank products up here where we are going to go through and I'm going to show you the process of selling them so if you're excited go ahead and smash that like button and we are going to Dive Right In but first what uh all right just uh bear with me a second here we are gonna need some coffee all right so what we're going to do today is we're going to walk ourselves through the process of how to sell stuff in a really cool way with AI and I will try not to pour coffee all over my feet that would not be good but what we're going to do is we're going to use AI to promote any product yes when I say any we mean any now what we need to do first and foremost is we need to understand the elements of sales all right the elements of sales are extremely important what we need to do is we need to understand our Market we need to understand why they are on our page why they're searching for what they're searching for and what we need to do next so now that we are armed with our coffee we will step around the danger zone and go back over here and show you exactly how this works this is super super important so first of all what we're going to do is we are going to get the lay of the land I am going to use chat GPT and I'm going to open up a new chat like this you can use four you can use whichever you want this is a basic rudimentary type of skill so I think we're going to work this in a really easy way so what we're going to do here make this a little bit bigger and we're going to say well Marcus you know you were talking about elements of sales what are the elements of a good sales letter or piece of content all right this is going to go through and give us the rudimentary things that we need to look at when it comes to this okay so we have headline sub headline okay this is pretty basic stuff so there's nothing outlandish here so let's just keep going through and what this is doing is it's actually teaching chat gbt how to write a sales letter right because I I basically it's like this if you were to come in here and say Marcus I want to make money I would say okay well what are your skills what do you know what do you like what have you tried and I'm going to get feedback based on what you what you want and what you need and that is going to tell me about you which is going to allow me to help you better ladies and gentlemen sales is helping very important so we're going to get this here and we have call to action personalization all this stuff here okay very cool so now we can take notes on this we can start to understand this then we can say what are some elements of a sales letter like a Johnson box okay A Johnson box is one of those boxes that is on your page that shows facts facts are import if you have good facts you can sell really really well and not facts just to like hey you know the average person makes x amount or whatever no we want to do something more specific and more on point with what our user wants in just a minute once we get through this I'm going to show you exactly how to go through and make it work now say what says is Bing better than chat gbt Bing is running on chat GPT Bing and chat gbt are pretty much like second cousins or something like that I don't know but at any rate they're pretty much the same exact thing one is free one is free with a premium version now I will tell you that with Bing we are going to have an unfair Advantage remember how I talked about earlier hey I'm the guru I got the unfair Advantage I've been doing this 23 years I've been selling stuff pretty much since I was about 10 years old right so I I kind of have a leg up there but what we're going to do is we're going to give that leg up to you how many of you guys are like I want an unfair Advantage type it in the Box put it in the comments say Marcus I want an unfair advantage that is going to teach me how to make this work and the unfair Advantage is the Bing edge browser Microsoft Bing edge browser they like to make it a very long word so what we're going to do here is we're going to see that the regular Bing browser looks like this but then there's like this little b up here which this is what we're going to pay attention to now what I did in preparation for this class is I went through and I found the top ClickBank products that are available from phone detective to Greens to yoga to all kinds of things okay when we get this it's very very important okay we're going to look at this and we're going to say okay maybe I could go to the landing page for this green juice okay now there's several things I can do because a lot of sales letters will have a video now a lot of those videos are hosted on their own like my videos on my site are hosted on my own right right over here you can see that this one that I did here is actually hosted on my own Amazon server which means there's no transcriptions you can't download any transcriptions okay we're going to talk about why this is important and what we can do with it next up we also have other elements like there's not a whole lot here on this page but if I go over to the little magic B all right we're going to call this the magic b nobody out there is talking about Microsoft browser because the everything else is so much more fancy oh I got mid Journey oh I got this well it's all like right here right there it is so what we have here is the ability to browse to a page and click on the B and the B will actually give us a summary of the page so here we're going to get a generate a page summary now what this is going to do is it's going to go ahead and give us the lay of the land okay the lay of the land is super super important now when we have the lay of the land what we're going to do is we're going to get the idea of what the page is about because I don't got all day to read five billion different sales Pages no I need something quick that's going to give me a synopsis of how this works okay so what we're going to do here I put this over here somewhere all right put this right here here we go we will organize it and we'll try not to slip in the coffee all right there we go what we're going to do is we are going to break down the sales page put sales page there okay we're going to break down this sales page we're going to look at what is the headline what is the content what is the benefits who is this designed at this is important because the who of sales is the most important thing if you don't know who you're talking to you're not going to have a good chance of selling it's basically like okay you got 30 seconds during the Super Bowl to sell people well who are we talking to well it might be you know uh people who just like football that's about all we know the more you know about your audience the more you're going to sell very important okay now Mr snuggle says that Google is actively trying to weed out AI content in search ranking that's actually a myth they have said that they don't care as long as it's good content and what we're talking about here is AI human directed AI content this is super important also when we're dealing with sales this isn't just for traffic super super important pay close attention because a lot of people have these ideas and you're going to hear all kinds of oh this doesn't work that doesn't work this blah blah blah blah all right you can have a bazillion why reasons why something doesn't work all I need is one why it does lucky for me I've been doing this a long time I have a lot of reasons why it does this is content that you can use on Facebook on Google on a YouTube video you can use pretty much anywhere this is super super important so when we look at this we are going to come over here and we're going to take a look at what the AI has come up with for the sales page all right so when we come over here we're like okay what did it come up with well it's a green juice helps with weight loss cortisol reduction detoxification blah blah now how many of you guys you look at this and you're like well I know a couple of those my grandma puts the old spirulina in her coffee but that's about it ashwagandha I think it's some kind of tea I don't know much about this stuff which is fine because we're gonna go through and we could say okay uh tell me more about cortisol reduction and what it does all right cool so tell me about cortisol now I know because I've been an anxious wreck for before I got sober now I'm pretty chill but um I know that cortisol is responsible for Stress and Anxiety okay so that's something that people want to deal with if you didn't know it Bing's gonna tell you it's right here on the page it's telling you exactly what this does now I can say please tell me how the product on this page helps with court to Soul or whatever right and we'll try to spell it right okay now I will I into medical stuff so much but you could do this with anything we'll do the same thing with a dog training product so you can see how it works so according to it it does this and helps you with the stress release excellent excellent how many of you guys are like okay this is already making me ahead of what the gurus usually teach and we're going to go through and we're going to use that with this that you have here okay so now I'm gonna open a new chat I'm going to use these side by side nobody talks about using AI side by side except your old buddy Marcus here this is super important using AI side by side is going to get you a much better output tell me some facts about stress and cortisol in USA something like that okay so we're gonna go through here Rebecca says why not MediCal because I'm not a doctor I don't pretend to be a doctor you don't want to go into markets that you don't know about and also you need to remember that when you're dealing with the general public of the internet I mean we're talking you know people who do challenges and and silly stuff I don't want that um you know one of the things I looked at was um you know like when I sold gas powered scooters I finally got out of that market because I'm like yeah I don't want to be responsible for how people use these things so now we're looking at this and we're like okay great now please get let's try let's go back over here and do what are some facts about Stress and Anxiety in the USA okay so what are some facts about Stress and Anxiety in the USA Rebecca says if I'm a nurse so I would keep it very light hey I'm a nurse this is my own ideas of what works for me I'm not telling you what to do but this is what works for me if you keep it like that and you disclaimer it really well I think that's going to work really really good so this is giving us some facts about stress relief and different things like that so we can get a lay of the land now what we're going to do is we're going to say okay now please come up with some keywords that would work well to sell this product okay it's very important that you follow this strategy because what we're going to do is we're going to take some of these top selling ClickBank products and we're going to make this work in a very very simple way so we got superfoods weight loss detox cortisol reduction okay so let's go in now that we see the cortisol and let's say uh core to Soul let's do it in here keywords cortisol and we'll do right like this okay so now we have cortisol cortisol levels High cortisol levels lower cortisol what is it I mean there's all kinds of different things for this which is really good okay again be careful with a health product we'll do this on another one and show you how it works as well but what we're doing do you see how I was able to take the product on ClickBank I was able to take that clickbait product I was able to isolate what the sales page was talking about and then we found our who who people doing dealing with anxiety cortisol different things like that now again remember how I said this is the most important if you don't get this you're going to Forever struggle okay you've got to get the who it's so important that you understand The Who and you understand what is it they want what are they struggling with what keeps them up at night what kind of things do they think about what is their anxiety like what do they feel we are selling to feelings most of the time sales are made by a feeling and then backed up later by Logic made by a feeling backed up later by Logic so we're looking at this and we're like okay this is looking good now we have our who who is our who or who is people looking for cortisol stuff I.E anxiety okay so this is what I call a sales Avenue okay write that down a sales Avenue is a different place you are going to find your customer who wants this and when we're dealing with something like this green product there was lots of different sales Avenues so if we go over here to the sales Avenues and we look at what's going on we could say okay so we got cortisol so that gives us a lot of a lot of stuff now what the majority of people are going to do is they're going to be like well let's let's just take this green juice and let's sell it as green juice okay they're gonna say Okay green juice that's going to be limited right you're not going to have a lot they're looking for smoothies they're not exactly looking for this product okay we might be able to flip them into it this would be a sales Avenue but it's not the sales Avenue okay so we got green juice we got cortisol anxiety we got all this other stuff inflammation immune hydration detox all kinds of cool stuff there okay very cool so what we're doing is we're looking for sales Avenues let's take a look at another one here we're just going to clear out the Bing browser right clear it out we got a new one Let's ignore this and start with generate a page summary very simple okay we're going to look at it and make sure that it works now say what says no demand no that had tons of demand yeah the green juice it's got tons of demand okay so we're looking at that we're like okay this is this is doing good let's get our our page info let's drink our coffee it says dog training program excellent so dog calming while this is going on again if you want to be like me you can have a bazillion monitors going on and you can have all kinds of things there okay um and on this monitor here I got my keywords open so we can do calm dog okay a lot of people want to calm their dog now again remember and this is super important a lot of people forget this a lot of people forget this okay when we're dealing with sales put this over here when we're dealing with sales I'm going to write something down that might shock you foreign matter what does that mean well when it comes to sales and being an affiliate marketer what I want you to realize that it doesn't matter what you sell your job as a good true ethical sales person is to figure out what is going to help the people that are coming to your site give them what is going to help them and make money the problem is people are taking a box and they're trying to put that box into a square Circle whole thing and the Box doesn't fit because it's a square so what do I do do you say well Marcus this product doesn't sell yeah that's what 99 of the marketers do they're like hey the Box won't fit in the circle Marcus you are not a guru well maybe you are but I don't think your stuff works it's because you're trying to put the square and around what do I do well I'm going to go through and I'm going to have all different kinds of people coming what's a trapezoid I don't know trapezoid is like that I think I don't know something right we'll have all these and you're gonna have a lot of people coming to your site but what most people are going to do is they're gonna be like well you know only the one guy fits and he didn't buy so nothing works what am I gonna do well for the square guy I'm gonna make a square hole for him to go through for the triangle we're gonna have a triangle one for the trapezoid we're gonna have whatever that thing is and we're going to go through and we're gonna give the visitor what they want because my job as a content creator as an internet marketer as a salesperson and affiliate is just to get this guy from point A to point B oh hey you don't struggle with anxiety well maybe your cortisol makes you have other whatever okay yeah go here okay does this make sense type makes sense to everyone and and this is what's going to happen and when we understand this is the key this is the key and what we're going to do is we're going to go over here and we are going to look at how that works so let's say I have these people over here that are looking for calm dog okay these are different things calm dog breeds watch this take this go into Bing say what is the intent of someone searching for calm dog breeds okay let's take a look here I'm going to guess they're going to buy a puppy something like that okay they're looking for a dog that is General so they're looking for a dog so if we were to go over here and say well you know Marcus they looked up calm dog breeds they they'd need the dog training product no they don't they don't have a dog yet first they gotta get the dog so maybe a guide on how to buy a dog that is calm not a lunatic like my dog who acts like she definitely needs help with her cortisol but we look at that we're like okay so here's where we're going and the AI is going to do this for us ask the AI exactly how to do this so when we ask the AI how to do this we could say okay let's take a look at some of the other keywords we have how to calm a dog down okay what is the intent of someone looking to how to calm their dog down Okay so we're going to go through like this we're going to find all these people okay looking for ways to calm their dog's anxiety or activity great now watch this how many of you guys are ready for the Zinger and I have a Zinger here these zingers are good all right so when this comes up we are going to take this info and we're going to put this into either chat GPT or something else okay so I'm going to go through and I'm going to go to the dog training program now looking at this search term and intent please make a small sales content for Facebook for this product or I could even do small blog post for this product okay there we go so this should go through and it'll start to get us the lay of the land of like oh hey here we go this is doing good so when someone searches for how to do this they're going to reiterate they're going to show us things that you can do So Physical affection read their body language classical music Aroma okay okay how many of you guys just saw an absolute Zinger and I didn't think about this because I just picked this product this morning and I tried my best not to read the sales page before the webinar because I wanted to be on Level Playing Field so we go through and I'm like okay this is looking good I saw something interesting here okay so now we have put on some classical music hey that's cool I'll bet you over on the old YouTube I'll bet you there's a lot of people looking for classical music for dogs so let's do classical or let's do anxiety music dogs apparently dogs like the old Beethoven all right watch this are you guys ready this is how you do a faceless YouTube channel okay there you go live dog music 1700 people watching 45 million 284 watching and that's more than just watching me right now right uh 134 apparently the dogs maybe there's some dogs watching me I don't know maybe they like to make money this one looks like the image was created with the AI 58 000 11 days ago great music healing mate dog music dog music how many of you guys are like well wait a minute this is crazy so I could literally go through and say what are 15 royalty royalty free classical music songs that would calm and anxious dog okay now again we're gonna go through and take a look at this and look at what's going on because someone said are you sure that's human and not dogs well the human has to find the music unless I mean I don't know maybe these dogs because they're listening to to Beethoven so much maybe they're smart and they're just like I'm gonna Google something or maybe AI knows their bark and they're like that's an anxious bark let me turn on some music for your dog but we're gonna go through and look at this and be like okay so here's some good stuff that we can use now we can find some royalty-free stuff and things like that now very important because just having a dog anxiety YouTube channel ain't gonna do nothing they didn't sell nothing it's just gonna have dogs that are listening to music so what we need to do is we need to go through and take a look at exactly what's going on so we could say now please write a or let's actually let's pull this in so I'm gonna say great so it went through it got us some info on the sales page let's go back to the page let's hit the little sweeper button all right and I'm going to say generate a page summary good okay we're going to get the page summary again this is important because we need to be like remember this page because AI is like it stops when you start something new it's just like boom here's a new conversation um it's like 80d on not Calm stuff right and so we look at this and we're like okay uh here we have this um summarize the text okay so that's not doing a good job no stop clean generate page summary yes like mixture snuggle said it suggested products too so what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at exactly how this is going on we wait drink some coffee sometimes it's a waiting game so we go through there we go this document talks about all right good so this is this stuff here we can even say find some reviews on the products different things like that okay here we go and by the way the Bing tool is free so you can use it free it's pretty cool right so we're going to go through there we have this now please write a 30 second ad for a video channel that has videos on with calming dog music that sells this product okay so if you wanted to go through all right two sides to every coin all right unless you have a weird coin I don't know I've never seen one of those but there's two sides to every coin what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at the two Avenues the two Avenues are one [Applause] Avenue one Avenues Avenue one this is I could create videos okay cool great dog video channel I can make money with it simple easy there we go number two I can run video ads what happens here is when you're dealing with something like YouTube or something like blogs websites say years ago Google figured out something very important they said hey there's all these people with blogs that are ranking at the top of Google and we're just being friendly people linking to this stuff what if instead we put AdSense on the site and got paid for it okay so what happened was they drove the traffic back to Google's big machine got lots of money same thing with video ads so all these people watching videos you can get video video ads for pennies on the dollar and you can write an ad that says hey we interrupt this dog anxiety video or relaxing video to show you how to calm your dog down in the car when you don't have anxious music or whatever it is right and you can go through and you can sell this for the different Avenues we can also create an Avenue a blog post and different things like that and when we start to look at this we start to realize that it gets very very simple gets very simple okay then I I could say excellent so now we have this relax the dog okay so cool I could actually go through watch this how many of you guys want to know how to create a blog post in a couple of minutes that'll get lots of traffic that'll sell this product type blog post in the Box smash the like button let me know that you are interested in this super super important so when we go through we could say something like let's go here and do where'd we go uh we need our keyword tool so under our keyword tool we can do something like um let's do dog YouTube relax okay there's probably people searching for YouTube channels on how to relax your dog let's do uh dog relax okay so where do where a where do pet a dog to relax them relax my dog calm your dog this looks like a lot of stuff like that so what we could do is I could say let's use chat gbt please create a list of the top 25 channels with dog relaxing music on YouTube get ready this is going to be a game changer okay so now we have this list of 25 Channels with dog relaxing music it's gonna make them from 2021 which is fine okay is it not gonna do it we'll go to Bing all right chat you're out for now let's go to Bing I mean chat gbt we love you never never angered the robots sorry there we go so we'll go through and we're going to go in and we'll do a new chat I'll say uh please create a list of top 25 Channels with dog relaxing music on YouTube so it's going to go through and it's going to find those channels for us and that will get us some content that we can use and I'll show you how and where to use this content in a very very simple way let's see is our chat working yeah there it goes okay cool so it is getting that list all right like this okay 24 hour calming music so please find five more right like that it's actually making the the images too which is pretty cool so now what we can do is we can start to put this together now what I could do is I could make a really good list right maybe I can make a website that's like hey this is dog music right watch this so we go through and I'm like okay let's go here and let's do uh dog music dog relax dog music Okay cool so now we have like dog calming music look at the competition it's like literally nothing and again remember I started this training not knowing about this product so we have dog calming music got lots of YouTubes here okay what I could do is I could actually create a blog post a PDF whatever I want or a web page right so what if I had a web page and it's like calming music for dogs right let's see if this would actually hold the deal here right let's do GoDaddy .com okay get this thing rocking I wanna do namecheap okay apparently I am cheap .com okay so what we would do is we just go to like name Jeep or GoDaddy or wherever we want and we can put in a dog calming music let's see if there's any domains for dog calming music okay so we got dog uh dot org okay dog okay let's try it calming dog music okay calming music for dogs calming music for dogs okay uh how about calming music for calming music Fridays calming music right anything so we could have anything like that and there's probably lots of Dot orgs and and things like that and we can get a domain that works if you want to watch my videos on buying domains definitely watch that I think it would really be cool so the idea here is this what I want to do is fix my light because my light's not working all right so fun with tech right you gotta love it there we go what we're going to do is we're going to go through and again remember I started this with no real idea of what I was going to do so we're gonna go through and I'm going to make a website called Dog calming music whatever this website is going to be a resource website much like how I give you guys access to the which has a lot of tools that I've created to help you make money only this one is going to help their dog relax okay so what you're going to do is you're going to have all this music here and you're like Hey whenever you want your dog to relax go to this page and it'll play this music for you with no ads right because you don't want your dog to be like hey I need to get a new mortgage I don't think your dog needs a mortgage on the doghouse we pay for that stuff right but we're going to go through and look at this and we will have different things so what we could have is um a page dog choose your dog's mood anxious whatever or maybe you can have a slider that's like okay how anxious is your dog ten percent fifty percent complete maniac right and we go through and this will actually play the music for them in a very simple way and you can generate the music with AI you could create all kinds of cool things and make it work in a very simple way and then what you're going to do is sell the product right so now all I would need to do is go over to chatgpt and check on what the sales page is now going to look like and we go through and I'm like okay great so now we have these dog things here and we have our other chat which is over here which is showing us if you're looking for so it wrote an ad for us if you're looking for a way to call them your furry friend then you might want to check out relaxmydog on YouTube blah blah blah so we could actually go through obviously we'd change this because it kind of got the sales letter tweaked with the thing um but we can tweak that by just literally changing uh three words okay then we can find other affiliate programs for relaxing a dog and training a dog and all different things like this how many of you guys are getting immense value out of this you're like wow this is something that it's practical we're using multiple AI tools and we can even go through and say okay let's go back to the page here now please create a list of bullet points for people with anxious dogs to buy this product okay so we're looking at this and we're like okay this is cool it's going through let's let's create this okay and we'll get our bullet points now what we're going to do when this is done is we're going to put it to chat gbt because chatgpt is a Little Bit Stronger at handling multiple things and it does a good job of creating an article okay so now we'll have like this 47 bucks blah blah blah blah blah blah still going okay so now we'll just take this and I think there's like even a copy button up here somewhere I don't know I'm not that smart to figure that out but I know there's one somewhere right and then it's going to go through there's the bullet point and it's even doing even more okay so what we're going to do is we're going to go over to chat GPT here good old chat GPT GTP PT there we go all right and we're going to say okay great great thanks now please tell me seven sales letter elements that sell in print ads okay so it's going to tell me seven the sales letter elements great so we're going to go through here Mr snuggle says perfect I already have a fifteen thousand traffic per month dog site this is gonna be perfect for you can use it on Facebook you could use it on pretty much anything you could probably make a really good sales video and sell it as an ad before all those dog training videos because it's probably Dirt Cheap I haven't seen a lot of ads on those okay so now we have all this stuff here and we'll wait till it gets done with number seven okay good mom I have zero patience but we're all right here now please note this text from a product on ClickBank put that in there great Now using the sales letter elements and the fact that the user is searching for calming dog music and make a sales page for them how many of you guys are like dude are you kidding me like see what's happening here is you are going to get a unique output that no one else is going to get this is something that is very very specific right so it's going to go through it's going to create this sales letter transform your anxious dog into a calm companion with a dog calming code then we can go through and see the problem with sales is that everyone's trying to sell nobody likes to be sold to Everyone likes to buy how many of you guys right now on this webinar scale of 0 to 100 100 meaning dude this is the greatest free info ever and one being you're just trying to sell stuff tell me where you're at is it like 100 you're getting value or have I been trying to sell stuff the entire time okay tell me in the Box I think this is important so someone says 101 good does anyone think I'm just trying to sell stuff type sell stuff Guru fake if you think that this whole training is just me trying to sell you stuff okay because I don't think I've tried to sell anything we're just talking about how to sell this to other people so you can get money technically this is a sales piece of content what I want to do is show you that I know what I'm talking about that I can help you and you're going to buy stuff that's how it works right I don't have to sell if you help people you don't have to sell I taught uh my assistant Lauren this we're going on live chat and I'm like all we're doing is helping she's like I don't want to sell stuff and I'm like all you need to do is help people that's all we got to do it doesn't matter you help them if we if we can't help them by selling them the stuff that we have then you know Point them in the direction and we start to look at this and we're like hey now I get where this is going and now she sells really well and we look at that we're like okay this is working I taught my assistant Tina the same thing hey just help people all you got to do is help people help people take sales out of your vocabulary and focus on helping people right how many of you guys find this helpful type helpful in the box or say Marcus helped me or whatever it is and when we go through now we have this okay so now let's go through and let's get something else because this is a sales thing which is good we can make a little squeeze page splash page whatever okay but what I want to do now is say well how can we help them well number one I can help them with my dog calming website all right I can set this up I can make it work I could run press releases I could go to the guy who's got 15 000 visitors we can make a Facebook group whatever okay here's the dog calming music down here instead of saying buy something what we say is go to this page for 10 tips on how to calm your dog 10 tips 10 tips what is this going to do well if you have your dog calming music site and you have a link that says buy this product nobody can click on it you might get three out of a hundred to click on it but I'll tell you what I run lots of banner ads a lot of people don't think that I actually do what I talk about but I've been doing it for 23 years currently every single month we're paying over 10 000 a month on banner ads and a lot of people don't banner ads are dead yeah okay apparently everything is right the entire internet doesn't exist anymore according to lots of people but banner ads are alive and well and and huge right I spend ten thousand dollars a month plus on banner ads and we look at this and we're like okay well when I buy banner ads let's say I go to a new site and I buy banner ads the guy always tells me dude what did you do all of our other banner ads are getting 0.3 0.2 0.05 click through you're getting like 1.7 to 3.

What does that mean that means I'm paying the same amount of money and getting 10 times the traffic why why because everyone thinks banner ads are designed to sell stuff you aren't going to sell anything from a band if you put a banner ad and you're like buy this thing for a dollar No One's Gonna click on it if they do click on it they're not going to buy the thing what we need to do is we need to give them something up front that they are going to like what are they going to like they'd like 10 tips to calm your dog interesting that's something that would be good or download this music so you can put it in the car so your dog's not flying up and down when you're driving to the store or wherever you go with your dog very very very important Like Larry says people say that email marketing is dead I literally made six figures on email marketing in the last 30 days literally you have to look at this and you have to ladies and gentlemen it is your job to run your show nobody's going to do it for you I don't care how much money you throw at it nobody is going to make money for you they're not going to do it they might help you they might set you up but at the end of the day it is your job to cut past all the junk and look at what works people that say oh email marketing is dead yeah how many of you checked your email today yeah that's right like all of you probably 50 60 times already and it's only noon but we have to look at this and say this works we make a good Banner you put a picture of a dog that's all anxious and you say he's calm now here's why download this report people love to download things I don't know why I don't know why they like to download things me I'm a printer I like to print things but everyone else likes to download things and if I say download my checklist for calm dogs boom there you go very simple very easy I make a YouTube video ad if your dog is anxious check out this site it's going to give you tips on how to do it take them to a site with tips don't just send them to the sales page why why don't we send them to the sales page well ladies and gentlemen if we can make this work here this is why because you well not that's not why where's the one that has a y I think it's over here there we go that's why because you're trying to put the square in the circle and the circle and the square into triangle wherever you think the triangle goes instead of just trying to help people stop trying to sell start focus on helping when I make a big piece of content I look at it and I say how can this content help people in a way that's going to make money and I'll tell you what ladies and gentlemen if you help people they will buy stuff and I know because this sign right here I don't talk about blog profit Network much but I put the sign up and all I do is make very good videos to help you make money and this sign has doubled our sales I don't even say anything about it people are like I wonder what that sign is this guy seems to help me they go look it up and they go buy the course and they join and everything like that and it's very very very easy just help how could I help this person looking for the dog training in a way that is going to make them want to buy things and buy they will buy they will and you start to look at this and say okay great so here's our here's our thing here now create a 10 tip giveaway teaching people how to calm their dog naturally and lead them to buy this product okay cool here we go we look at this and we're like hey this is game changing stuff okay and we can embellish on it we can make it better if you want to learn how to make it better watch the webinar replay from Saturday it was amazing all I did was create content right and use AI to create content that is over at um I think it's let me just double check that it's there we just started this new uh part of my business and it's really cool so content profit yeah that's it so contentprofit watch this training okay really really cool now let me let you in on another little secret because we had talked earlier about how to use sales videos on ClickBank to make this work as well so now we have this little thing and it actually goes through and does the sales for us how many of you guys are like dude this is game changing it's this is I can do this I can do this type I can do this in the comments type I can do this in the uh chat whatever uh let me know I want to know if you feel like you can do this so there we have that okay and I can use this as a giveaway I could use this on Facebook in dog groups again we're going to focus on providing value okay now let's say maybe your sales page like this yoga one has a video on it all right and I don't want to watch and break down the whole video I don't want to do that I frankly I don't even want to read the transcript what I could do is I could actually go to Bard I could go to I believe Bing has it as well and I can do this so like let's say we're gonna go to my video here okay we can go like this and I believe it has it here let's see where did it go refresh I believe there's there should be a little microphone and I know Bard does this I'm not logged into Bard right now but Bard definitely does this and I think this will do it too yeah so we have the microphone here so what we're going to do is we're going to start the video where'd the video go there it is okay so we're going to start this video over here watch this okay now it's probably gonna time out because this is a three hour video but Watch What Happens all right how is everyone doing you guys excited to learn about how to make money with AI content it is going to be amazing we are going to have a lot of fun go ahead real quick tell me where you're listening from we've got lots of people on here today this is one of the more packed trainings that we've had of course when I'm literally looking to give every attendee something so there we have it see it's actually translating it and then I can say now summarize what this is about right very very cool money with AI content apparently I can talk to based on my search the AI as well and she talks back to me which is pretty cool hopefully she talks back kindly which usually AI is pretty kind right and we can go through we can see okay based on my search results it seems like you're attending a training session that is folk it literally is dissecting what is going on and expanding on it how many of you guys are like well wait a minute are you kidding me like I could literally open up this yoga sales page record the audio from it and have it create sales Pages exactly for what you want uh Richard said turn your speakers down when you do that I can't do that because the speakers are talking to the microphone that was just a demo so if it was loud I'm sorry but I I can't do that because it wouldn't reach the microphone but we look at that we're like are you are you kidding me like I could literally have it watch the video I could literally go out there I can take how to calm dog I can go out there and I can watch these videos get the transcripts of them and get tips from all the videos about how to calm your dog and it'll it'll translate it it'll it'll transcribe it and then I can use that as content and helpful stuff obviously we don't want to copy and paste and just you know take the transcript here you go no we want to make better what I want to do is be like hey I watched 50 videos on how to train your dog here's what I learned I mean think about that I watch 50 50 videos on x here's what I learned replace x with whatever your Niche is how many of you guys are starting to get this and you're like okay this can create content that will sell it will find people to sell it too that are searching it'll go out there and it will do a lot of the work all I literally need to do is know how to prompt it and make it work and it's very very simple very easy and we start to understand exactly how to make this work and if you like that smash the like button check out over at contentprofit strategy we have a video there's nothing to buy there because we actually sold out so we're gonna have to make some new seats but it's a really good training video on um creating content it's it's all AI driven and I think of course my I don't know how to make this lower but we'll put it in here uh but this video it's like a three hour video and I just went in and created content you can see we're actually going through creating content using AI using Bard going through all this other stuff and understanding exactly how to make it work in a very very very simple way um I think that's that's a game changer you can also go to get if you want to get the notes from that video and see exactly how it works and it's very simple uh oh here we go yeah I wasn't showing my screen but get uh we'll have that for you too it's very cool all you have to do is focus and make it work Mr snuggle says do you have any good AI video products to turn blogs into videos I don't I have tools that I use together like I'll use a audio tool I'll use a note tool so I can get notes from it and then I will compile the video myself because as of right now the AI is not doing that great of a job of of compiling all the different things um and and we can add the human element and once AI gets bigger what's going to happen is you're going to have a bunch of people who are lazy who just want AI to do all the work for them and what happens is when things are easy it goes towards uh break even right you're not going to make any money because everyone's doing it it's simple it's easy that's it but if we add the human element like I showed you today you can get a much much far superior output that is going to sell stuff in an easy way and then I can even go through and say now craft and email series series with each of these tips in an email okay and it'll actually go through and it'll make an email Series so they could say oh opt-in and you'll get 10 tips here we go establish a routine right and it'll do a lot of stuff obviously we're going to need some tweaking we'll put the blog on it but this is something where you could literally have chat gbt Bing and Google bard create your entire content strategy for you and it's not hard to do this is the kind of thing we do all the time you just have to make it work it amazes me how hard you hit a target with Focus it's all about Focus if I know about my market and you don't I win plain and simple I've had people on my sales webinars they say Marcus it's like you read my mind and I'm like no it's not I literally asked you what your struggles were and I got it very very very important and it's very easy you just have to focus and this is going to make emails it'll make video scripts and you go through and there you go right keep your dog moving establish a routine and these are kind of things that would work and you can say please remove mention of the product instead lead them to a link where they can learn more right and this will do that because I never use an email to sell directly I always use an email to get people to my site here's a free webinar here's a free video here's a free download free free free because if you email someone and say buy something the amount of people that click is going to be low and the amount of people that buy is going to be even lower but if I say go get this free thing then it's going to go through the roof and a lot of people don't realize that they're too busy trying to sell the reason you're not selling is because you're trying to instead focus on helping how can I help people get over here it doesn't matter what they want to buy I'm an affiliate I could sell whatever I want right if I if I if they don't buy this I'll adapt and sell them what they will buy again it all comes down to looking at this chart and understanding we are just going to naturally put people where they want to go based on what they want this is the key and this will help you make money obviously the results are not typical implied or guaranteed well I make lots of money and some of my students make good money too the average vast majority of people trying to make money online and make money online with AI they make nothing but if we understand this and we understand that it's about helping people and if you are are aggressive in your marketing and you understand I'm gonna go find the people that are going to want this I'm going to create something for people who are already searching it I'm going to go out there and figure this out because there are literally billions of people on the internet today if you are not making money it's not because there's not enough people on the web people think that getting traffic is hard getting traffic is not hard you can get a credit card you can go get a bunch of ads on Google and and YouTube and all these other places and drive you could probably drive 10 000 people to your site about dog relaxing today you don't do it because you don't know how to sell so if you learn how to sell then you can go buy the ads like I buy ads every day you don't have to buy ads though you can go out there and help people on Facebook you can go out there and do this wherever you want always be ethical always focus on giving your customer your visitor good stuff and the money will follow and of course we aren't those kind of people that are like go make a thousand things and then hope you make a dollar garyvee says that all the time and I'm like no I want to make money now so let's make money on the first thing we do and let's put it together in a way that will do that it's not about finding your passion and doing it till eventually someone pays you it's about going out there and doing stuff that pays you now based on helping people in a very simple way and utilizing AI this could be extremely simple and like introvert wealth said right now I'm literally doing what I'm describing and a lot of people that say well you know it works and it works in every Market every Market if you give something away it is the law of reciprocity where you give something and they want something else right just like on the webinar we had it did go really quick we had an offer where I said I will give you one free piece of content generated by my team and my thinking was okay it does cost me money to create the free content because I have outsourcers and I have bills and things like that but at the end of the day I think it's a drop in the bucket compared to the people who will say this content is Stellar I'm going to buy more and that's a key give them Something Free what if they don't buy well the odds are they will buy not all of them but enough to make it worthwhile because if you look at the numbers and I say well if I give away I think right now we have 264 people who requested it out of 260 I think it was out of 350 people on the webinar 264 requested it conversion rate of about 77 percent right so 77 percent of the people on the webinar got that the others actually bought something so we did pretty darn good on that webinar and we look at it and say well out of that 264.

I think with a custom piece of content I could probably get 30 to purchase so thirty percent of that would be approximately 80. okay so 80 people purchase between 500 and a thousand dollars worth of stuff we're looking at forty to eighty thousand dollars and my risk to make 264 pieces of content is probably less than a thousand dollars probably less than 500 but let's be generous how many of you guys are seeing this and you're like dude this makes sense Anthony says I want to do this in the credit space at the credit space would be perfect right I mean go create good content about credit scores how to improve them and and give good stuff give good good good good good good good stuff um back when I was first starting my business years ago um the way that I did it is I knew that there were people online that wanted to increase their business right they were like I want to get more business and that's what I was good at I got people business online and so I would go reach out to people and I'd say hey I found some things um that can help you make more more money on your website call me and I used um I used a phone right and they would call me and I would send out 10 emails I'd get about six phone calls from the 10 emails and out of those six calls I would sell about two or three people which meant for a little bit of phone work I was making a lot of money and I did that by saying hey you're going to get a free consultation what if you gave stuff away free What If instead of going on Facebook and you're like hey you know what you can buy some stuff oh the gurus lied a lot of gurus do lie but um what if instead you said here's this free thing I will consult with you free right what if right now I was like hey I'll consult with people back uh when in 2021 when everyone knows what happened in 2021 um I was worried about sales because I was like oh hey you know what people are really scared and so I said what if I offered a free 30-minute call to as many people as wanted to do it and my assistants were like you're nuts and I was nuts but I did the free 30-minute call and I said hey you can hop on a call I'll teach you how to do your business and now in order to not make it go nuts I said you pay 97 for the 30 minute call it's usually 500 for 30 minutes but 97 bucks if on that call you don't think it was worth it I will I will reverse it if on the call you do think it was worth it and you want to work with me the 97 is now applied to whatever it is you want to buy that we were literally selling seven out of ten on expensive stuff why because I just said I'm just gonna help people out I didn't have any agenda sure I wanted to make money but making money was in helping them out is very simple help people the late Corey rudel who came up with the the internet marketing Center I think it was called years ago um unfortunately no longer with us he had his book in and this was before content marketing was even a big thing and he said educate inform and sell more educate your Market inform them and you will sell more by helping them a lot of people think it has to do with going door to door oh well you know you want to buy solar for your house no what if instead you're like hey I see 10 things around your house that you could fix in about 20 minutes that would lower your insurance well yeah I'd like to hear that you come to me and you tell me to throw solar on my roof basically what I hear is give me 40 Grand and you'll save a nickel that's what I hear that's what I hear and they go away and they come here all the time I get like 10 people a month to try to sell solar and imagine if you did it differently imagine if we switched from I need money give me money to I'm gonna help you I am going to help you in a very simple way my goal is to help you get where you want to go and my goal and I'll tell you I practice what I preach a couple years ago when we started getting a lot more traffic on on here on the YouTube a lot of people started liking my videos I used to sell a lot more in my videos but I said well what if I just gave away everything I know oh Marcus but the guru secrets are ten thousand dollars yeah that's what they say but are they really like when you look at that thing and it's like this is worth 168 thousand dollars but today it's only 197.

Yeah I I don't know I see right through that but what if I gave you the so-called thousands of dollars in value for free here and all you got to do is watch that's it that's all you got to do but if you want to work with me then you pay right how many of you guys are like whoa I see the shift and that shift revolutionized one of my business to like 5x and it's it's next year it's going to do even better because if a new thing we're starting with that and it has to do with helping and you can use AI to create helpful stuff and then add little sales blurbs and things that that again help people and make money and this is something that anyone can do and if you want to learn more about it check out get it'll take you to the to the video I talked about earlier it'll give you notes on it and you can follow along and start to get results for yourself but focus on what is going to help your market and if you help them and they feel like you care they will Buy end of story so you

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