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early this year I spent thousands of dollars on free earlier this year I spent thousands of dollars on AI tools that promised to help me make tons of money online and after testing these out for the better part of a year I've learned a few interesting things first of all yes these tools do help speed up some of the processes involved in making money and yes some of these tools will shortcut your path to success if you know how to use them and that's a big if and in this video I'm going to talk about some free tools and a process that I use to make tons of money yes you can get the same exact results with free AI tools I'm talking the free version of chat GPT Google bard Microsoft's Bing AI chat bot and yeah that's about all you need and earlier this year when I spent tons of money on Jasper copy ai ai Rider Frazee shortly content bot content at scale and Surfer SEO and countless other AI tools well not only did I spend close to ten thousand dollars but I also discovered a process that you can use to make money online for free wait a minute did you just say free yep exactly I'm going to show you how to use these three free tools together to get results that are oftentimes even better than what I'm getting with paid AI tools and that goes to beg the question these tools cost lots of money millions of people are paying for them but why and the answer is very simple because people like me want to be able to do things faster better more efficiently on a deeper level and all different kinds of stuff that helps business owners make more money and yes ladies and gentlemen to show you that I put my money where my mouth is here is a screenshot from Saturday on Saturday I took a little leap of faith and I said you know I wonder if I could sell the output that I get from free AI tools yep that's right using nothing more than a team of outsourcers and a little bit of my own personal input I was able to get this Bank over twenty thousand dollars selling AI content in just three hours and of course the results are not typical implied or guaranteed the average person trying to make money online doesn't make twenty thousand dollars in three hours in fact most people make nothing however with what you're about to learn about how to use these three AI tools together I believe if done correctly you can turn a pretty handsome profit but don't take my word for it look at all these tools they're making money every single day some of them millions of dollars each and every month so if they can make millions of dollars every month and I can make twenty thousand dollars in just three hours well then I think this is a video you're going to want to pay close attention to so smash that like button let's dive in and I'll show you how to use these tools to put money in your pocket all right so first off we need to get a lay of the land let's take a look at the three tools that we're going to be going over today first of all is Google bard you can go to Google type in Bard sign up and use Google bard for free now there's a couple of new things that Google has put in Bard that are super important first of all down here you have the plus sign this gives you the ability to upload all different types of files and get data about those files and have the AI talk about them summarize them pretty much do whatever you want to do with those files also they have now added the ability to talk to AI live yep that's right I can go over here and click the microphone button and say something like tell me about the top AI tools that were released in August of 2023 send so as you can see here it showed me the top AI tool in real time not only that but I can actually click up here and get a voice response from the AI here are some of the top AI tools that were pretty cool right not only that but there's a couple of buttons down here that you want to pay close attention to number one is this button where you can modify the response I can actually change the response with a click of a button and say make it more simple and it'll simplify the response in a very easy way this is perfect if I'm making notes to create an article a video a tutorial a news report or even a big list of tools or we could use more casual longer shorter or even more professional then there's another button here that they took right out of the chat GPT Playbook this is share and Export we can actually go through and Export this to a document we can share it via link we can share it via a link to our friends outsourcers or pretty much wherever you want to share it or we can even draft an email and send it off and have someone write a report about it there's all kinds of things you can do with these tools the next tool we're going to look at is of course chat gbt if you're using the free version of chat GPT you're going to be using 3.5 which is just which is powerful enough to start making money but if you want to really Splurge spend the twenty dollars and get GPT 4 that way you can use plugins you can add files and do a lot more things with gbd4 now chat GPT unlike Bard and the next tool we're going to look at is actually running on the 2021 data set which means it was trained on data from like two years ago so if I ask it something like what are the best AI tools today it's going to say well I really can't give you them today but here's some that came out two years ago which in the world of the internet is kind of bad we need up-to-date information that's why we're going to use these three tools for what they're best at all together the third tool we're going to look at is one that hardly any AI person ever talks about and that is the super powerful Microsoft Edge Bing AI chatbot browser wow that's a mouthful we could actually see here that Microsoft Bing browser actually allows us to use files right like this you can drag and drop files you can use the microphone to speak to the AI you can use the recommended questions here which is going to help you prompt different things you can use the new topic button and you can even have it expand on whatever it is you want to expand on this is all super important however my favorite part of the Bing browser tool is that I can literally go to any web page click the little B and get a synopsis of what that page is about this is super important because we can go through and say generate a page summary this is going to go through and make a summary of the pageron this is super important because if you're compiling information and making your own report for a video an article a blog post a PDF maybe you're writing a book this is going to allow us to do things at a super fast pace and since the strong point of chat GPT is to be able to write based on different stuff like this I can go through and say something like I am going to send you eight sets of text please analyze them and make a report chatgpt is then going to say yes please give us the text I can go through and say one copy and paste this info here right like that then I could simply go to the next page then I can simply go to another page right like this say generate page summary and let's get one more right down here generate page summary and notice how fast I'm able to get notes on all these pages with just one little click go ahead and write a report on these three please chat GPT is then going to go to work and it's going to make a report based on all the data in these three different sets now we can even go a step further and have it create charts summaries tables and all kinds of different things let's see how this comes up with this report utilizing the different tools together and of course while we're waiting for that we can go over to Bard since Bard is actually online live right now getting real-time data and I can say something like list me 25 statistics about divorce in the USA for 2023 it's going to go ahead and get the statistics for 2023 about divorce all right here are 25 statistics now I can take these statistics right here like this I can go into chat GPT and say now please look at these statistics and incorporate them in the article please one time in the article have a small table with some stats it's going to go through and rewrite the article based on what we found using MSN Bing with live web pages the statistics we found live using Google bard and using the strong point of chat GPT to actually create the article and write in a really good way and while we're waiting for this article to finish we can see that it's actually doing a fantastic job of creating this article I want to show you why this is actually worth money to a company like mine where we actually buy content on a daily basis you can see over here in hire Riders we've gotten over 5700 different completed jobs anywhere from 10 to 40 to even a couple hundred dollars per piece of content or over here on iwriter we've spent anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars or more per piece of content and we've gotten over 5600 of them and even using AI tools like content at scale you can see that I've spent well over 50 fifteen thousand dollars on AI generated content and I've even purchased transcripts of videos to the tune of over ten thousand dollars now why is this important this is important because it shows the demand for transcripts reports articles blog content and pretty much all different kind of skills that I'm showing you right now how to do using free AI tools so just to show you how this works let's take a look at an article here where I paid 100 so here is the article that I paid a hundred dollars for it goes through talks about 25 different AI prompt marketplaces and different things like that and I can even see that some of these aren't actually marketplaces which means they didn't even do a good job for the hundred dollars now I wasn't going to complain because out of the list of 25 I pretty much got what I needed however think about this for a second if someone was to come to me and say I want a list of different places that I can sell AI prompts I could do AI prompt Marketplace I can go right like this and MSN Bing is actually going to start making the list for me right here for free I can take this list put it in chat gbt make a report like that I can even say find me some more and it'll go on and find some more so the power of being able to compile different things really really fast in a unique way that's going to help your visitor or your client or whoever it is that needs content hey maybe it's your own website to get data super super fast I mean you can even do this with videos using the three dots right here I can click show transcript then copy it right like this put it into Google bard and say please summarize this transcript and at the blink of an eye I can summarize a video in just a couple of seconds I can do the same thing with Bing or chat gbt please summarize this transcript not only is this going to allow you to get data really really fast and learn things at a rapid Pace but it's also going to allow you to compile things in a really fast way so where I used to have to watch 20 videos make notes and then come up with a topic and idea of my own now I can have ai do that at the blink of an odd and we can see here it's doing a very good job talking about the five nickels that are worth lots of money then I can even go through and say now please list 25 other coins worth lots of money and it's going to go through and do the work and I'm gonna have content to my heart's content and you can see here these kind of videos don't even have a person's face it's literally just pictures and stock images and they're getting tons and tons of views or let's say the video doesn't even have a transcript like this one here I can probably open Google bard hit the microphone button and actually play the video a couple of months ago I put out a video about how you could make money creating and selling simple AI generated content in an effort to put my money where my mouth is I put this to the test that's the exact same kind of transcript I used to pay over a dollar fifty a minute for wait a minute what yep and to show you the demand look at all the people looking for Content writers transcriptionists blog writers and more so as you can see this stuff is super powerful and people are looking for AI tools and all kinds of things like that every single day but what if you could do a better job using the tool to get them the output and make some money while doing so yep that's right this is a skill you're gonna need to learn right now so let's go ahead and check on that report we had right here about the divorce causes we could see it did a great job of an overview put the causes it has lots of Statistics all kinds of cool stuff there then it goes through and has the statistics for 2023 and a conclusion and we can even go through and expand on it and compile an article super quick please expand on Section six it's going to expand on Section 6 and make an even bigger article and this is the exact same thing I'm doing every single day selling content creating content for my own sites to get rankings and search engines and sell stuff and make all kinds of money in a very simple way and as you can see expanding on this section made the content a lot bigger which means this article is now going to be closer to like 4 000 words instead of just a thousand then I can say expand on five and it's going to go through and do the entire thing and I could stack these methods on top of each other to get a better output by saying something like now please add a chart of the top reasons for divorce it's going to go through and make a little chart and as you can see now I have a nice little chart to put within the content this if you're selling it to someone is going to increase the value if you're using it on your own blog or website it's going to make people more likely to read click on the links and make you more money I can even go through and say something like now provide a table about top reasons for divorce this is all going to add to my content and make a really good article that's going to get shared liked published and generate tons of traffic for me so I can sell affiliate products Drive ad clicks and all kinds of different stuff like that and as we can see here this is doing a fantastic job of compiling the article and all I would need to do is open up word and start putting the pieces together to make something that I could sell or use on my own to make tons of money and this is a kind of service if you wanted to get clients on Fiverr you could do that you can go to one of these writing services you can run an ad on Google you can advertise in groups on Facebook to help people with content you can message people directly and say I have content that will help your website or you can help local businesses the sky really is the limit and if you want to learn more about how to make money with free AI tools check out the links in the description

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