My Top Lessons from Creating 6 Online Courses

I started creating online courses in 2016 and since then I've created six courses hit exciting Milestones like six figure launches and I've taught over 2 000 students it's been a journey I've learned a lot and in today's video I'm going to share with you my biggest lessons so lots of people message me that they want to become course creators but there's a lot of hesitations in doing so particularly around the topic of I'm not expert enough but here's the thing you do not have to be the world's number one expert in order to create an online course with anything with any form of success or anything that people want to achieve there's going to be a starting point and then over here is that person you're imagining right now that is what you are considering like the ultimate success but from here to here there are all these mini accomplishments along the way many of which you will have already achieved so those are things that you can help others with in the form of your online course and so what you're doing with your course is you're helping someone get from here booms so you're helping someone go from here to here or from here to here right it's not always the ultimate highest level of success success is a journey and there's so many things along the way that you could help others with because online courses are really about helping people that are a few steps behind you get to where you are now so for example an online business the starting point might be over here you have a great idea for an online business but you haven't started one yet and over here is who you're comparing to maybe they have a 20 million dollar business just because you're not all the way over here doesn't mean that there's not all these other things along the way that you could help people achieve right so that's exactly why I can teach how to organize your business I can teach you how to create your website I can teach you how to create your online course I can definitely help you achieve six figures or more with it right and these are all things that I've done myself so hopefully that all makes sense but basically life and success is a journey and there's all these points along the way that you can help people the second thing I learned is that really clear specific outcomes are best for your students and they're easier to sell so I made this mistake when I was trying to expand one of my courses and make it even better and stronger but in doing so I actually complicated the messaging and I made it more difficult to communicate what exactly was was inside what people were going to get and when you make a course too big like that as well it's difficult for your students to get through and see the success that they want so be careful with this try and get really clear on the outcome you want your students to achieve and create a course all about that rather than trying to cover like all these different Topics in one course container so instead I would get specific and I would create additional courses for the other areas lesson three the person that knows their ideal client best just wins the more you know your ideal client the more effective your copy will be the more engagement your content will get and the easier it will be to grow your business okay because ultimately what online courses are is you are helping people achieve certain results in their life okay and so you need to know exactly where they're starting from where they want to get to what's important to them all of those things is really important for you as a course creator to know so how do you get to know your ideal client well you can speak to them in your DMs on Instagram you can use your stories and the question stickers to get people to self-identify that they are your ideal client and then start conversations with them you can also offer free coaching and advice in exchange for them getting on a zoom call with you and answering some of your questions and talking about where they're at and their struggle goals and where they're trying to go you can also reach out to friends of yours that fit this profile you can take them out for coffee and just ask them questions ask them what they've struggled with most what are their hesitations towards making this sort of change in their life and that is going to give you such valuable Insight that you will then be able to use When developing your course and in your marketing materials as well Lesson Four do everything that you can to make it easier and faster for your ideal client to achieve the result the metric of success as a course creator is not just sales it's how many people are achieving the result so as a course creator you want to do everything possible to help your students achieve this result so this can be going Beyond just Theory and giving really specific tangible examples this can be including as many done for you templates as possible so they have that starting point and they're more so just customizing especially when they're getting started in a particular area and this can be video trainings of every single step so not assuming that people know how to do certain things it's making sure they are covered for every single step lesson five once your online course is complete and your systems are set up your number one job is to Market it courses is more of a volume game so you have to make sure that enough people are actually seeing your online course a standard conversion rate is anywhere from one to five percent so that means if a hundred people sign up for your sales funnel for example then one to five people will actually buy it right so you have to ensure that you have lots of different strategies in place that are sending traffic to it this is actually the number one thing that I see course creators struggle with because business is just a numbers game if you're not selling the volume you want you likely just don't have enough volume going through it so stop getting discouraged that your online course isn't selling enough remember it is just a numbers game it is going to follow a very typical conversion rate okay so it's not about you or your course or how good it is very often it is just the fact that you don't have enough people going through your sales system now here's the good news if you've sold one you can sell a hundred shout out to my student Melody from the launch library for this incredible quote it is something we use all the time now and it's so so true most people can feel discouraged with this model especially at the beginning of their Journey but if you've already sold one that is so much proof behind you already so instead I want you to shift this mindset and get excited about all the other people that you're going to be able to help with your course speaking of selling if you want an instant boost in Revenue start launching even though I'm the biggest fan of sales in your sleep or while you're traveling or at your favorite Cafe I still launch because it's that impactful when I added this in it made a huge difference to our Revenue I have so many launch tips that I want to share with you so I'm actually going to do a whole video on that topic as well lesson nine is online business is like a puzzle and if you can have all of these pieces working together you will have a wildly successful business so most people they will be strong in one or two of these areas but they won't have the entire puzzle complete okay so work on all of these elements and come share with me your results in a few months and actually for many things you're not going to see the results right away you're actually going to see the results of your work about three months later so I really think that any successful course creator is successful because they were able to keep going and push through those periods when it feels like nothing is working so settle into that fact and keep showing up it is in progress of all working and finally get support in strengthening your strategy and seeing your blind spots I have had so much support and help in growing this business from mentors to coaches to online courses that I've enrolled in there's a lot of skills that work together to make the sort of business successful right you have to be good at marketing copy creating content there are quite a few things that fall under this umbrella and yeah I definitely have not done it alone alright I believe in you I think it is such a fantastic decision to create an online course it's one of the best things that I ever did so I am sending you lots of love and encouraging you to go for it thank you so much for watching if you have any questions at all let me know in the comments below and I'll see you real soon with another video [Music] foreign [Music]

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