My Secret To Making $471 A Day With MidJourney & Ai Art

So lately everyone's been talking about how to make money with AI art like this or this or even that one dude is talking about how to make three hundred thousand dollars a month with simple little patterns created in mid-journey and this gal is talking about how to make 400 a day selling AI prince online that's not to mention the countless other people talking about making money with AI art on Fiverr and apparently we can get rich making AI art clothing but what's the actual truth can we make money with this and if so how ah if you give me just 60 minutes of your time I'm going to show you exactly how to use programs like mid-journey and other AI art programs to turn a huge profit online yes this stuff actually works what you're about to learn is based on over 23 years making money online and when it comes to AI art it's really not all that different because what we're going to do is look at the data the data is going to show us exactly where the money is so sit back relax and let me show you exactly the real way to make money online using mid-journey all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today what we're going to do is talk about making money with AI art and I got to tell you I went through this stuff the other day we actually had transcribed tons and tons of different videos I comb through these with a fine tooth comb looking at these with my experience of what I've been doing over the last 23 years and how it's worked for me to make money online and I got to tell you the amount of stuff I underlined the amount of stuff that actually works was pretty daunting it was not good at all so what I did is I decided you know what I'm gonna fire up the old webinar or live stream software as it were and I'm going to show you exactly step by step how to make money with mid-journey with AI art and everything like that so if you're excited about this smash the like button let me know in the comments this is going to be a doozy because not only am I going to show you start to finish how to fire up mid Journey how to use this stuff to make money how to actually Build and Grow grow and make a big living online but I'm actually going to go through and I'm going to give you what I believe is a 1 million dollar a year Niche with AI art so someone can take that and run with it as you can see here I'm going to give you the niche the idea the marketing plan and literally everything yes if you are paying attention you can actually use this I'm gonna use it you're gonna see how it works it is very very simple now what we're not talking about is going to Etsy and uploading some stuff and hoping that you make money no no no this is a strategy when you've been doing this business as long as I have you're going to find that there's strategies and there's tactics tactics might make you money for a little bit and they probably are only going to make one person money but strategies will make you money for a long time so if you are in it to win it if you are tired of the fluff and you're ready to make money let's get this thing off the ground now you're going to get a lot of stuff in this video all right like I said 60 minutes if you got 60 minutes I will show you how to make a living online and what I believe is the closest thing to an actual guarantee so what we're going to do you give me 60 Minutes I give you a business sound fair enough smash a like button if you leave early you might miss it if you get distracted you might miss it what we're going to do is talk about the real world stuff where the rubber meets the road this is stuff that you can use and take to the bank doesn't matter how smart you are doesn't matter if you've ever done anything like this before doesn't matter if you're not tech savvy because we're gonna go over to Mid journey and we're going to show you how the whole thing works now let's go through here we're going to go over a lot of stuff is where you can go and get notes from the video do that after the video because they're not ready yet we actually have people standing by right now making notes of this video so that you get all the links and URLs and stuff like that a lot of other people are talking about a lot of stuff when it comes to making money with mid-journey they say you can make coloring pages patterns one guy said you can make 300 Grand with patterns books print on demand Fiverr logos images stickers and more what we're going to do is talk about the real world where the rubber meets the road how to make money because you can't just go over and say mid-journey make me a pattern and expect to get rich we've tried stuff like that it doesn't work so there needs to be a strategy here and maybe someone will get lucky we'll talk about that in a minute first off we need to give you an intro to Mid journey mid-journey is a little weird I gotta admit I'm not a Discord guy I don't know much about the Discord server I used it once when I took a YouTube course and I didn't even know how to really do it but I was able to figure out mid-journey it was actually pretty easy and what I found is that on mid-journey on Discord there's lots of different things there's public forums there's people making art and there's a lot of distraction and distraction is what we do not need we need real world stuff that is going to work to put money in our pocket this is very important there's lots of distractions AI is a distraction I've been doing this stuff for a long time it's the same thing AI just helps us do it quicker that's it right that's it and we're gonna do it quicker where I use to have to be a tech guy to make this background now I just ask AI to do it boom there we go where I used to have to hire people to make content now I just ask AI to do it so it makes it easier but the strategies and the long-term play is the same now when we're looking at Discord you're going to see that there's all different things on the side all right when you log into your Discord this thing is going to be full over here let's see over there somewhere where does it go that way right there right right there there's going to be all kinds of different stuff so what we're going to do is we're going to use this link which is to the private dashboard for Discord that means I can talk to Discord I can get what I need without everyone else seeing it that's very important we're going to have that in the notes it's going to be all laid out for you like I said pay attention this is real world stuff that actually works now what we need to do is understand how it works and what we're going to create all right we could go to Discord and what we're going to do is type slash imagine right so I could do slash I don't know if that comes up but we could do slash imagine and then type in something like unicorn coloring page now you're going to see here this is not a unicorn coloring page the AI missed the mark on this so I got to do a little bit more prompting and there is a reason I chose unicorn coloring page more about that in just a minute and like I said we are going to reveal a one million dollar profit plan now of course the results are not typical implied or guaranteed but I believe if I was to go all in on this Market which you are about to see I'm going to show you the strategy I'm going to show you what I'm going to do I'm going to show you the actual domains that I bought and everything I think you're going to see wow this actually works and I believe if I did it I could turn it into a seven figure business just like I've done with several other businesses now when we look at this we say okay this is how it works now I prompted it a little bit and I said imagine black and white outline style unicorn coloring page like in a coloring book that did a little bit better for me now I got to thinking well what are we going to use this for I mean I could go out there and I could put unicorn coloring pages everywhere and maybe people will be interested in them maybe they will I could even go out there and make a unicorn coloring book all right now the problem here is that if we go to Amazon and we look at stuff like this if we go to like a jungle Scout here let's see if it'll log us back in Jungle Scout is going to show us what is out there right so I could go here product research product database and I could type in unicorn coloring book and what this is going to show me is how many sales does this actually have because these other guys in the other videos are talking about this stuff and we need to know if it's real so that you don't waste your time how many of you guys by show of hands smashing the like button you're tired of wasting your time on stuff that doesn't work you want something and you would actually go out there and spend your time if you knew it actually worked so what we're going to do is take a look we got unicorn coloring books now right here we can take a look at the monthly revenue of these coloring books so eighty thousand dollars for a Fashion Angels unicorn coloring Sketchbook that's a pretty hefty one and it's been around a while here's another one so we see there are some here but what we have is what we call a taper Factor what a taper factor is is it means basically the people on the top are making lots and lots of money and then it starts to taper down and by the time it gets to us there's very little money left in the competition's huge and you can't make anything right how many of you guys have heard of the taper and you're like hey yeah that taper thing it sucks because it's going to take most of us out of commission because it drops down and already we're at like fifteen hundred dollars and on and on we go and the competition is literally crazy right we look at the competition and I think it has competition in here it's got a little rank and it shows exactly what it's doing so we're looking at this and we're like yeah the competition is pretty hefty right it's going down here we're 1800 and it's only down a little bit so the top guys are making all the money the rest of the people are not and I'll tell you that the top guys are actually out there and it's a pretty hefty book like that's not something you're gonna make in mid-journey that's like a fashion kind of thing that takes a while to make so what are we going to do right how many of you guys are out there and you're like Marcus dude what are we gonna do how does this work how am I gonna get out there and actually make a living how am I going to do this in a way that I can actually turn a profit real world no messing around stuff that you can take to the bank well you're going to be glad you tuned in Smash the like button and stayed for this entire training because it's about to get really really good number one we are going to use the AI mid-journey to create our stuff now we need to be very specific about what we want it to create we need to make sure that we don't get distracted one of the things we can do I tested it out saying hey make me a little hockey helmet guy all right you could do this and make little funny hockey sayings and sell these on Teespring again the struggle is going to be what are you going to sell two of them a year you know maybe you'll get lucky and go viral Now ladies and gentlemen if you stick around long enough I'm going to show you how to deliberately go viral yeah not like oh I hope it works let me just make a thousand of these and hope that one day maybe something will work that's called hope marketing I don't do hope marketing I do strategic marketing that always works it's practically guaranteed to work but again remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed most people don't do anything and most people give up before anything happens so here's the deal anyone in the world can make AI art if you got a computer and a free account or 20 bucks a month you can go to Mid journey and you can make art till your hearts content anyone can so if you have 8 billion people on Earth and like 800 million of them are making AI art how many people do you think are going to want to buy your AI art yeah not that many so what we need to do is figure out a way to make this work and we need an edge we need an edge if you're taking notes write down we need an edge we need something different we need something to rig the game in our favor that is going to work in a real way something I could go out there make some AI art and turn a profit now again this is about to get really really good you're going to learn some things you never even thought of before so if you forget anything after this training go to get the notes and you'll be good to go now how do we get that edge I'm glad you asked come on come on up here we're going to talk about how to get that edge because this is what's going to make the difference between making nothing and making a living making one sale a year and making tons being able to go on mid-journey and make stuff that's going to profit and making nothing okay we don't want to just spin our Wheels here we want to spend our time wisely time is the only thing you can't get back you can get more money you can get more people to work for you you can make more AI art but you can't get more time so we need to use our time wisely how are we going to get that edge well let's say we're going to do coloring books I was watching a lady the other day she was over here in the notes that I threw back there and she was like hey you're going to make 400 a day making coloring books put them on Amazon bada bing bada boom you're gonna be rich now over here if we were to look at ahref's keyword tool we could see that coloring book or coloring books is looked up about 192 000 times a month that's quite a bit now what you're going to see again ladies and gentlemen is the theme of the taper now the taper up here was about money this taper is about traffic so what's going to happen is you're going to have the first keyword coloring pages okay and then the other words are going to get a paltry amount of traffic which means that the Big Ten sites ranking for coloring pages are in it to win it they're going to make money and you my friend are not so we need to get around this taper thing you want to learn how to do that let's do it so right here we have lots of stuff coloring pages coloring book now what I would do if I was in the coloring book thing I'm gonna need an edge all right let's let's talk about these edges here and how they work okay the edges are very very important because what we need to do is focus on what our Market wants so if you could go out there and make any kind of image with mid-journey okay A lot of people are going to be very basic they're going to say I want a unicorn I want a soccer ball I want an alien riding a camel in the Sahara all right that's not so specific but they're going to have all this stuff and what they're going to have is no why why would I want this it's like that old Seinfeld episode right you see that one where they're like well why would anyone watch this show and George says because it's on TV and then he says not yet that's what they're doing they're thinking that because the art is good people are going to pay attention to it yet we all know that artists lots of artists have no money they struggle to make money so how are we using AI art gonna compete it doesn't make sense but because it has AI everyone gets all excited and they say well forget about all these people starving trying to make money you know AI hey it's good it's great but what we need is a y I tell my kids all this time this all the time because they're artists and I'm like hey make a y and ladies and gentlemen you are about to learn the why all you got to do is smash that like button we're gonna go over here and talk about it all right you ready here's the deal what we need to do is say well a coloring page book we could put it on Amazon and hope we go to the top and hope that it works or we could give it a why what if I went out there and said right here what if we did Anxiety Relief coloring pages or meditation coloring pages or oddly satisfying color art or all these other things so what we're going to do here is we're going to find an edge based on what people want now using this method I actually found an edge which you guys are going to learn in just a minute that you're gonna love it's going to make so much sense because a lot of you guys already know this Market exists but this is something that's so obvious people don't see it so they don't do it they don't think about it and well you're going to get to so what we're going to do here is take a look at this okay so when we go out here we're going to look at our keywords and we're going to see exactly what's going on so if we go to ahrefs and we do like meditation okay coloring okay meditation color very low all right what about what about like relax color pages okay again not much traffic Marcus what are you trying to say here I mean I'm looking at all this stuff you say it's going to make a bunch of money but there's not that much traffic I mean even if I got all those people to buy a 10 coloring book that's still only 700 a month oh wait a minute because what we're gonna do is we're going to take a look at other places where these people are because you might be looking at it and saying well the relaxing color pages is pretty low but the people that want help with anxiety is pretty high right if we do like uh let's do anxiety calm or something like that anxiety calm twenty thousand people a month want to calm anxiety all right now how many of you guys are starting to think differently and you're like wait a minute so you're telling me the anxiety market right let's look at this so here we have this market and most people are like Yay here's what's going to happen we're going to make some color pages of a pirate ship and hopefully I sell my pirate ship coloring pages even though I'm competing with Disney who practically owns all the rights to every pirate that ever lived all right what if instead because this ain't gonna make much am I going to sell a five dollar coloring book ten dollar coloring book to you know everyone that's looking for all the stuff that all the other people have anyway now what I did is I just said well hey I'm using these color pages I've got to move over here to get people into anxiety help ah now anxiety help is a huge huge business meditation help is a huge huge business but Marcus what does that have to do with mid-journey how does this even work well the way this works is very simple we're going to go to mid-journey and we're going to create relaxing coloring pages so here's what I did I went to chat GPT and I said tell me some images well let's load it there we go tell me some images that will help with calming anxiety right I said what are the best images for calming anxiety nature scenes forests mountains Meadows waterfalls beaches ocean waves Sunset sunrises very simple so all I got to do is go over to my mid-journey here like this and I did some sunsets right I was like okay Sunset bathtubs and different things like that pretty cool right like oh well so I could actually go through and make these work and then I can go to chat gbt and ask it to write me a description of these images then I could put them on a website I could build a coloring page book out of them and make something that works but wait this is about to get really good you might go well markers I I've built coloring pages and you know it doesn't really work all right that's because you didn't watch Marcus's entire training I mean you got to watch the whole train again smash the like button because that's where the rubber meets the road so what we're going to do is we're going to use chat GPT for the description and then we're going to do off-site traffic very simple all right a lot of stuff sounds complicated Again download my notes it's actually very simple I actually went through and and I tested it I went to an outsourcer okay someone who's uh does outsourcing for me costs like 75 dollars a week and I said put a bunch of images on Pinterest for this specific thing she's already got 2300 visitors a month to the pins okay now Pinterest images mid-journey coloring pages see the connection exactly so what we're going to do is we're going to promote this in simple ways and we're going to use the stack method more about this in a minute because what we need right now is we need something to give the people what we need is ah a specific folder of mid-journey images to use okay very important now come on dude come on up here because we're about to talk about something that for the right person this could change your life and it's actually very easy I remember years ago when I started internet marketing I didn't believe so I I didn't really understand how I could make money online I knew it was out there but I was following every video every tutorial I bought courses I bought this I bought all this stuff and nothing clicked but then one day I was like oh wait a minute that's it this is your moment if you're paying attention and if you're paying attention let me know because this is a big one so what we need is a folder of specific mid-journey images to use what I did is I went to chat GPT just like I asked for calming images and I asked them for Law of Attraction images now if you've been following me for any time you know that I think the law of attraction is nothing more than a marketing gimmick right we're not going to manifest everything I mean you got to go work for it right that's a deal it's like oh you if you didn't manifest it then you didn't think hard enough no you just didn't go to work it's very simple if you want to manifest anything you want in life all you got to do is stay consistent learn and do things that are going to get you what you want you want self-esteem do esteemable acts you want money do things that make money consistently on a regular basis it will change your life however lots of people still think they're going to manifest a Ferrari or a Lamborghini which is fine we can help them out we can make some money we can do all this stuff so what I did is I went to chat GPT and I said make me a list of things that would be used in a law of attraction vision board oh wait a minute okay Marcus and now now you're speaking my language I've heard about this stuff these old vision boards vision board boom check this out now we got 239 000 people every month looking for vision boards now how many of you guys are paying attention because you are about to learn something that is going to blow your mind smash the like button if you're ready for it we need to get those likes up around 200 because everyone needs to like this video all right you are about to see something that is so diabolically simple so non-techy so easy that anyone can do it now I do have to disclaimer this because someone's going to go out there and do one and say why did I not make a million dollars well because the results are not typical in blight or guaranteed the average person trying to make money online makes nothing however what you're about to see is so simple it'll fly right over your head if you're not paying attention so pay attention check this out what we have here is vision board vision board ideas vision board template examples we got all these people looking up vision board okay again this is about consistency you go to Pinterest you're going to see vision boards like crazy go to Google vision boards like crazy you go to to YouTube people are over there and and they're out there and they're cutting out little pictures and making vision boards vision boards are things that people are obsessed with what is a vision board it is something that people use to put the things that they want on the vision board so what if instead of a vision board I said well the key to the law of attraction is to chill you need to relax if you're all bent out of shape trying to get all this money well you need to relax so what I did ladies and gentlemen is created a law of attraction vision board coloring book that way every day you're coloring in the image of what you want to manifest what's going to put it front and center in front of your mind more than actually doing a task that relaxes you that gets your mind in what you want to do ah okay cool so what I did is I asked it for things that would be on a vision board imagine the things you want to manifest such as a new car Dream Home successful business affirmations positive statements pictures of people who inspire you pictures of places you want to travel to there's another idea let me write that one down people all right we'll get to that one as well all right we have a statement and stuff like that so what I did is I went over to the old Discord I fired up mid-journey and I said make me some images of these things people would want to attract and it everyone's the same they either won a Mercedes a Bentley a Lamborghini or a Ferrari most people do like that's the law of attraction is synonymous with over-inflated expensive cars all right we also have um this one here and what I did is I said make a coloring play page black and white outline coloring like a coloring book of a yacht did this one here of a mansion did this one here with the Lambos very simple so imagine making something very simple where you go through and you're like Hey we're going to take the stuff you want you can even customize these you want a customized Law of Attraction vision board coloring book well then pay fifty dollars and I'll make one for you you tell me what you want we'll outline and then we could go through and put quotes on it you know hey um Warren Buffett says if you want to get rich be consistent or whatever Warren Buffett says right and we go through and we're like wait a minute now what we did is we actually went out there and we added a y this y is what's going to make you rich now I know a lot of people talk about oh you need a y in business why you are in business that's all we're talking about nobody cares why you're in business what they care is why do they need what you say they need very very important so what we're going to do is we are going to get the edge by adding two we're going to add to whatever it is the mid-journey images are going to give us whether it's a coloring page for Law of Attraction whether it's a meditation coloring page whether it's an anxiety coloring page whether it's a slideshow of anxiety images or something like that maybe you create a little tool that they pull up when they're anxious and they look at the app and you know it shows them some images that are proven to reduce anxiety or whatever it is so we're going to add two and we're going to create a story what is the story behind what we're doing so I take the art I make it work now when you do this what's going to happen is you're going to create a cult like following right people are going to love your stuff and they're gonna be like I like your story I like what you offer even though it was made in Ai and it took 20 seconds we like it because it creates something else therefore we'll buy T-shirts and coffee cups and things like that more about that in just a minute okay so when we go through here and we look at our stuff we're like okay now we can get this list of Law of Attraction stuff I can create this Law of Attraction coloring page example okay so we're going through here and we're like okay this works I can make these photos I can make these coloring pages I can make all this stuff about Law of Attraction now what that's going to do is it's going to take us from simple little market of what am I going to do with these images maybe put them on a coffee cup and pray that someone wants to buy them or we could be deliberate and I can go over here and see all the people they're doing vision board stuff and imagine what would happen if you went out there and you're like hey here's your vision board stuff now download the coloring page book now what you could do is several things and we'll talk about the money in just a minute I think but first of all let's talk to you about how to get these prompts okay when you go over here what you're going to do is you're going to be very specific what I typed here was imagine prompt coloring page black and white outline like coloring book Lamborghini boom it put it up there okay very simple then we have a mansion then we have a yacht Bentley Mercedes and on and on we go again I'm going to have a list of these prompts that we have over at when we look at anxiety we're doing the same kind of thing we say what kind of things can we do for anxiety give them some coloring pages right there you go we got these here we got the bath we got the meditation different things like that now these can be used for lots of different things we can use them for Law of Attraction meditations bible stuff success quotes workbooks activities puzzles and desktops desktops would be like make a desktop scene that makes me calm make this or make that okay what we're going to do is we're going to make this very very very simple then what we're going to do is we're going to think about the end game The End Market what is it okay so we want law of attraction these people spend money on stuff okay so we're going to do Loa put them into this I actually met some people years ago at a business conference what they did was take a bunch of stock images and make a little tool that made Vision movies so instead of vision board it made like a little video and they'd watch the videos they made like 20 million dollars very fast using this so I know the money's there it's very simple people are spending money like crazy on this stuff because at the end of the day they want to manifest what they want okay anxiety same kind of thing people are spending lots and lots of money on this stuff so what we're going to do is we're going to find the money okay I'm going to show you this in just a second it's actually extremely easy do not over complicate this stuff it's actually very simple all you need is persistence continue on and know how you're going to make money with it because a lot of people when you watch stuff about mid-journey and AI art it's all about t-shirts and selling books and selling selling selling selling selling and you guys are like well nothing seems to be selling I put them up and I don't get any sales so what we're going to do is show you the strategy behind making this work now for the making money part as we mentioned earlier you could put these on Amazon and hope for some sales now I probably will put my coloring book on Amazon but I'm not going to focus on that as my main strategy because if I just put it up there like everyone else that has access to Mid Journey we're going to have a very difficult time making money with our AI art and stuff like that now I could go out there like the pattern guy said he said oh hey 307 Grand just make some patterns I found some patterns that were twenty thousand dollars on the oleti and you know we got to look at that we're going to use our tools we can go to marmalade here we're in say pattern see if these patterns are actually selling as much as people are saying because a lot of times you got a guy who made a million dollars over 10 years that's only 100 Grand a year and he's the top guy it's like okay well how are we gonna do it how are we going to do it well the way we're going to do it is by taking a look at strategies and finding a different avenue to make it work instead of going over here and looking at all this stuff like phone cases the number one for pattern pattern here and I think it's got some other keywords behind the word pattern but again what's going to happen is you're going to be in an isolated box and when you're in an isolated box marketing the only way you're going to do better is by having a better product or a lower price okay and sometimes even at a lower price no one's going to buy your stuff so what we need to do is we need to do what we're talking about over here by gaining an edge which will cover again in just a couple minutes now when we look at this we see that there are some pattern things again not a whole lot the person out there that's making a lot of money with these patterns they're nailing this thing like crazy right they're like boom here's here's how it works and they're probably not using AI because they've been around six years and mid-journey's only been around less than six months so again you gotta compare this Apples to Apples and look at the strategy and it's actually very simple now we could take a look at that we could look at jungle Scout look at patterns and things like that or we could go and look at what the sites rank for if you're to look at Amazon and you isolate the keywords they rank for related to coloring books you're going to see lots of coloring books now again there's a problem here we got um Disney we got we got food we got Sonic so there's some things out there that are trademarked or things that are super competitive can we use this Maybe maybe let's do Etsy if we did Etsy and isolated the word coloring Sonic Valentine's okay Valentine's it's a little competitive at 30 but there's some stuff here okay this is not what we're gonna do we might take a look at some of this what we're going to do is we're going to be in a market all of our own when I mentioned earlier that those people who made I think it was called Mind movies The Law of Attraction movies they were in a market all of their own everyone else in the market was like oh you know I got a vision board I got this I got that they were like we're gonna make a movie for you you just click some buttons and boom there you go pretty simple now they were in a market of their own because no one else was doing it they came up with something different and that's what you're going to do because if you go into the baseball market and you're like Hey we're gonna sell a new baseball bat you're competing with all the other baseball bats you're hoping that it's gonna work instead what if you went into the market of you know how to hit better with baseball or whatever it is right how to what do they call that bunting or hitting or something I'm not a sports guy but at any rate we look at that we're like okay we could do this differently most people are going to say well let's create a coloring page for unicorns that does happen to be the number one word for coloring pages okay now we can do that here's method number one for money okay money method number one pay attention to these take some notes because this is important okay so money method number one is going to be make a theme color site okay there's lots of coloring pages sites out there what you're going to do is you're going to have ad Revenue so you have like mediavine you can have ezoic you can have AdSense whatever it is and what you're going to do is you are going to get a bunch of themed coloring pages unicorns drafts farm animals whatever the bible stuff Law of Attraction whatever it is you're gonna have these themed coloring page sites now everyone I believe needs one of these if you're doing this method it's not hard to do you can pay an outsourcerer to do it you can do it yourself you can have ai do it it's not hard okay what you're going to do is you're going to stay on point and you're going to tackle the words in your market so if you do like unicorn coloring okay unicorn coloring page we can see here we got lots of people looking this stuff up now here's the problem the problem is this stuff is primarily free right they're going there they want to print out the thing color it right now they don't want to wait for Amazon to to bring it in like an hour that's that's too long right so what we're going to do is we're going to run ads and stuff like that now we're going to double it by taking all these things we have on our site anyway and we're going to make a book out of them and we could put that on Amazon or Etsy and on every page on our site we're going to link to it built-in traffic super easy bada bing bada boom there we go same kind of thing when we're dealing with any other stuff we could see here that we could build a mailing list we can send them different pages things like that now we can monetize it with ads and related offers and as you can see here a coloring book page has an estimated annual revenue of like a million to 2 million gets 4 million visitors a month site's doing pretty good ranks for all different kinds of stuff unicorn you can see ranks for all different kinds of stuff very important now what we want to do is think in terms of what kind of offers we could put in addition to this maybe um if it's a a different audience you could do like a life insurance plan or maybe if it's Law of Attraction you can do manifesting or home business or something like that okay we need to think about where these people are going to go because years ago I will never forget this marketer comes to me and he says Marcus you know this thing over here you need to look at because it's not a buyer market and I remember it clear as day I was going into the market which was smiley faces which is why I have my Smiley mug here this this little dude made me a lot of money millions of dollars and I was like I'm going to make money with with emoticons and he said that's not a buyer Market you're not going to make any money and had I listened to that like a lot of you guys are listening to other marketers who are giving advice on things and they're saying don't do this when in actuality I did the exact opposite and back then every marketer was saying you need a buyer Market you need buyer traffic you need people that are buyers and I thought to myself well you know just because someone isn't buying something on a page doesn't mean they don't buy other stuff and that literally changed my life because I was like wait a minute so you're telling me these coloring pages it might be like a mom or a church leader or whoever it is looking for coloring pages now that person spends lots of money right like on on insurance and and cars and things and stuff they're spending lots of money so if we can start to think different like I did with the smiley faces and emoticons which now hold my coffee quite nicely then what we can do is say hey wait a minute most of those other marketers are wrong they're telling me to sell this stuff when in actuality the money is going to be made by giving away free and so what I did is I said here's this site here's these smiley faces and I gave them away and I found a company got paid for them and I think the first week we made 300 a day with free traffic like that now I was astonished I was like wait a minute are you kidding me this is actually working all the other marketers said no I took the risk and it actually worked fast forward we made like two million dollars on that site evolved it into other stuff again with millions and millions of visitors of non-buyer traffic okay now when you think about non-buyer traffic everyone's going to be talking about it however some of the videos you watch on YouTube maybe you're watching like you know Mr Beast which is doing crazy cool stuff and you're like wait a minute well why do advertisers pay to be on that or why do people pay for an ad when I watch The Bachelor right they watch The Bachelor and they're gonna add these people want to do is watch some entertainment they're not really buying things but that company understands that it's not about them buying something right away it's about understanding who the market is so when we go through and we make our coloring page site or whatever what we're going to do is we're going to look at ways to monetize okay Law of Attraction we'll monetize with Law of Attraction um maybe make money or or budgets or whatever we're going to do with maybe credit cards or something like that and there's lots of offers I have other videos that go into that definitely subscribe if you want to watch those but now what we're going to do is we're going to talk about the stack method because to make this work we need to stack everything on top of each other so to recap what we did so far is we we found our Market by asking chat GPT to find different things people can use coloring pages for here's some calm ones for anxiety here's some for a law of attraction we used our keywords to look up stuff like vision board or Law of Attraction okay we see that lots of people are looking this up it's very simple just keep it basic we don't need to do crazy stuff okay then what we're doing is we're like okay let's stack this up we could go get a niche or a domain based on our Market so for me I think I got like anxiety I got um law of attraction or vision board something like that okay then what we're going to do is we're going to get multiple traffic points okay so we're going to go out there and be like okay well I need to get people from this these sites we'll do SEO maybe make a video okay all of this can be done with AI very simple you already got the images all you gotta do is load them into something or get a little camera film yourself coloring you don't have to say anything put a little music behind it make it relaxing and then say hey if you want this coloring page go to my website or buy my coloring book on Amazon if you do this enough and you're consistent it will make sales the problem is is people are doing the wrong thing and they don't do it enough and then because it's the wrong thing and they didn't do enough of it they don't make any money what we have to do is we have to do the right thing enough times for it to work and if you're doing this it will work it's just a matter of time if you're looking at the keywords and what we can do is create themed images show people how they help again it's all about what we wrote over there on the chalkboard that the story and adding two we got to have the story we got to add two show how they help sell and drive traffic so what we're going to do is we're going to drive traffic to the things that make us money you want your coloring book to do well on Amazon Drive traffic from YouTube or Pinterest or whatever it is a mailing list whatever okay or your website that's how this is going to work because if you just expect Amazon to promote your book just because you know Jeff Bezos is so rich he should promote my book that's not going to happen that way they promote the stuff that sells the best because it sells the best and that's why it works and that's why you put yours up and they're like we're not gonna We're not gonna put this in the search results because this isn't exactly what people want however if you rig the game Drive other traffic to it boom there you go where do you get that traffic YouTube Pinterest Instagram SEO Tick Tock Facebook groups and Facebook we could literally go through and color pages make you think if you went out there and made a hundred different pages or a thousand different pages and you're like watch me color these Law of Attraction page just here we go eventually I'm going to color in my Lamborghini and I'll get my Lamborghini because you're making money using the special method again results not typical implied or guaranteed but you get the idea this is something very simple you need to keep it very basic very simple and you need to follow what works you need to look at each and everything and say hey here we go I'm going to do this vision board and I believe that if someone does this you can go out there and get traffic for something like vision board and you can actually become an authority in your Market using simple images from mid-journey having chat GPT write a little blurb about them getting them ranked making videos if you had all this content out there you could make the kind of money the other guys are promising but they don't really deliver on that promise because they're not telling you exactly what you need to do this is exactly what you need to do and if you appreciate it and if you appreciate it smash that like button check out and if you want to work with me personally because I've been doing this for a long time and you guys see that I know what I'm talking about and I know what works check out or high ticket right there on the screen high you can work with me we get you a domain we help you get traffic we get you some content and we walk you through the whole process if you're in it to win it thanks for being here smash the like button and check out the videos in the description

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