My First Time Getting Scammed (What I Learned)

I bought my first scam when I was like 12 it was a an ad in the back of the newspaper make money stuffing envelopes and I took all I think I had like $29 used to help my dad change the oil and yard work to get a little bit of allowance and my dad was like is this SC oh goddamn no you don't do that and I was like no it's my LS I want to do it and they mailed me this little packet and the packet said here's what you do step one run the exact same ad that I just ran that you responded to step two photocopy this booklet and mail it out every time someone mails you a check my dad was Furious he was like fuming and I was kind of let down right but like that's it right it's like buy the thing to go resell the thing I don't care if it's a funnel software and they're like oh yeah Buy in then you resell it you make 40% commissions like it's always designed to get you doing the selling so other people can make the money and uh yeah I was 12 when that first went happened you think I would learn but I've been in i i dabbled in a dozen network marketing companies and failed but I kept getting back up I kept trying something different I kept with it and thank goodness I did

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