My #1 Advice for New Bloggers

now here's one of the biggest Keys one of the biggest tricks I can give to you is don't go create a list of 30 posts or 90 posts or don't even make a list of 10 posts or five posts come up with one and do that one take it to completion get it live and then work on the next one and then do that post and take it to completion and then go back to your research tool and find that next topic if you fill your brain with too many ideas early you're going to overwhelm yourself and overwhelm is absolutely one of the main Killers there's a second one which is called the chasm of death that I'm going to tell you about in a minute and it it it's where people end their careers do end in the chasm of death but I think overwhelm is one of the biggest things that people get into and they're like okay cool I'm going to do all the key research I'm going to plan out my next hundred posts and they don't write anything and they spend one week two weeks three weeks researching and not doing and again this game does not work if you're not publishing content

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